Season of the Witch (2011) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Fourteenth century knights transport a suspected witch to a monastery, where monks deduce her powers could be the source of the Black Plague.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Dominic Sena
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 48 out of 242 found boring (19.83%)

One-line Reviews (216)

Suspenseful- it constantly kept you guessing, wondering who was the bad guy and who wasn't.

It's fun, exciting, scary at moments - and well worth a watch.

And perhaps the storyline become too predictable, descending in a more traditional fight between good and evil by the end.

dissecting each and every role to the point of sheer boredom, while trying to out act everyone else around him.

Mind blowing I actually made it to the end of the movie watching and writhing in Mad Magazine nauseousness.

I expected a rather ordinary medieval movie with the usual clichés and the boring same fight scenes at always the same places in the beginning seemed to prove the lack of imagination and tension in this movie.

I walked out of the theater so thrilled to have spent my money on a Nicholas Cage movie.

The movie plods along with little plot development or character development, and dishes out a grab bag of trite scenes and dialogue.

In conclusion, Season of the Witch is bad movie which kept me very bored despite a few moments of involuntary humor.

But the characters are fun to watch, even a little engaging.

The two assets that spoilt it for me were the cheesy, anachronistic writing and the characters, that were both bland and clichéd.

Sure, he was dreadful in this film, but over all I enjoyed it never the less.

Corny tosh, but quite entertaining despite itself .

It seems like such a simple request and yet time and time again, "reasonably entertaining" is too much to ask for in movies like this.


And it gets wrapped up with a too predictable and too quick battle at the end.

So far, it's the worst movie I've seen all year.

The script is dull and not much of it seems to be spoken in a way that I would imagine Templar Knights saying it.

but this is so badly done that it is only entertaining as a joke; it makes Lord of the Rings seem like an art film.

This fusion of psychological thriller and occult horror set in the Medieval times offers a fascinating plaguing plot outline that combines emotionally taut tension and a more layered action thriller.

And yet, the biggest compliment I can give Season of the Witch is that I was never bothered, bored, or annoyed.

A waste of time.

Season of the Witch could have been interesting, but it comes off as a bland blockbuster with very little to go for it.

If you wanna see pretty visuals with a meandering pointless story, go see Tron.

For example, I thought the 'levitation' shot in the original trailer looked stunning...

Season of the Witch is just that, an enjoyable movie.

"Season of the Witch" is a genuinely suspenseful and thrilling start to the 2011 movie year.

That is the reason why I went to see Season of the Witch, Sena's most recent movie, with few enthusiasm, and unfortunately, my pessimism was justified, because I found it to be an uninteresting and very boring adventure film.

The movie was entertaining.

First of all for those who rate this movie as a bad movie..i don't know what was all of you were expecting because this is a very nice entertaining movie for those who really enjoy "dark fantasy" movie...

waste of time .

There is a bit of a disjointed feel to some scenes, and perhaps this is the reason for it.

With a cast comprised of screen veterans and relative newcomers, this period piece about witchcraft and true nobility will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Their previous collaboration, Gone in 60 Seconds, was a bland Hollywood summer blockbuster- also a remake I should add- and their latest Season of the Witch doesn't do that much better, though as a reject after being made by the studios has been dumped in January, and the first week no less competing against the likes of the even blandy-McBlandpants Country Strong.

If you like dark adventures with good actors and an unexpected twist you will enjoy it.

The movie is boring at best.

However, I found them unexciting and predictable.

The Medieval cinematography (castles, dungeons, villages, dark forests and breathtaking mountains) is mind-blowing and the two protagonists are great with their amusing rapport.

For being such an entertaining sci-fi fantasy/action-horror, I give it a solid 7.5/10 including the ending.

I came into the theater expecting a cheesy horror film with which to waste my time while my wife saw another film that I had already seen and disliked.

The narrative is a run-of-a-mill, if rugged journey tale, which sadly is rather uneventful and poorly pitched with a slumbering Nicolas Cage act as a deserting 14th century crusader who finds he transporting a women suspected of witchery and who's believed to be responsible for spreading the Black Plague.

Very enjoyable fun.

And the very ending with the kid and the "unpossessed" girl was just so cliché (hello...

The camera work by Amir Mokri in this film is dangerous and thrilling .

A contrived concoction of pious warmongering, witch-hunt hysteria and bad hairpieces, Season of the Witch is a laughable lark.

A very entertaining historical action film.

All of the actors look bored, and I understand.

Unfortunately the last 20 minutes or so, the film goes over the top in a strange , pointless , exercise of CGI effects.

This lame swordplay, much like the earlier Crusade battle scenes are supposed to pass as exciting entertainment.

If you happen to see it in the scheduling once it arrives on TV, do yourself a favor and watch paint dry.

- was predictable and played like a bad horror film.

First, the characters are simply too stereotypical and cliché.

While it may not be regarded as a great film, and seems to have slipped out without much fanfare, I have to say Season Of The Witch is never dull, very entertaining, and well worth watching.

A film about a small group of people who must defend or go on some kind of journey always seems enjoyable to me.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Very entertaining.

The direction lacks proper cohesion, and is aimless, sluggish and duller than a wooden spoon.

Stephen Campbell Moore was just a total mistake in this film, his role to the story was predictable and unneeded.

Practically every cliché ever conceived about this period in history is present in this film.

The picture packs great loads of action , special effects abundant , horror, breathtaking combats and a little bit of gore and blood .

So, the gang is all here and so they go forth on their unexpected journey.

Season of the Witch was an enjoyable watch from beginning to end.

Entertaining introduction of Claire Foy .

Nay, this is more in his kind of bland-form of work.

The opening scene was thrilling!

Simply an exciting adventure yarn.

And as it would turn out, 'Season of Witches' is a very boring movie.

It reminded me most of the kind of old movies you see on Mystery Science theatre, with bad dialog and bad acting, but still compelling enough to watch.

There is no real excitement in the action scenes, the heroes are curiously unconcerned by the plague that they encounter everywhere, and evil creatures of various sorts are dispatched in a predictable manner.

It kept us on the edge of our seats.

After a gripping prologue which establishes that witches do, in fact, exist and can be quite deadly, the movie dives straight into the heart of the Crusades in the mid-14th Century, the stage for some of the bloodiest and most brutal battles in history; and also some of the greatest abuses of authority by the Christian church.

This is an entertaining movie, just look past Nicolas Cage's one and only facial expression.

Stunning battles scenes illuminate the full-blown adventure with a plethora of engaging action set pieces on the combats in which the heads and limbs are slice off here and there and everywhere while other parts of body are slit open .

Other great things about this movie is the action, which was choreographed well and entertaining with suspense and tension, particularly the moment where the characters have to cross a deteriorated wooden bridge, the cinematography was lovely with some gorgeous scenery and the special effects were superb.

I deduct one star for brevity, but Season of the Witch, as it sits, is a really entertaining bit of escapist dark adventure.

I was almost kicked out of the theater for laughing so much at this movie; in all honesty, it is quite possibly the worst movie I've seen since "The Phantom Menace.

I liked it, that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The settings and locations are beautiful, breathtaking like what you could find on a traveling postcards or national geography documentaries - this movie is for you.

It's an exciting story plenty of battles , action and excitement .

The opening prologue is at times so dark and dull in its lighting that I found myself squinting, trying to pick things out.

This thrilling film deals with 14th-century knights who transport a suspected witch to a monastery, where monks deduce her powers could be the source of the Black Plague which spreads death across the lands and villages , decimating life across Europa .

It gets very slow in the middle.

Cliché-Ridden Tripe.

Using the imbalance of reality and fantasy, the slow twisting plot keeps the audience off balance as to who to trust, though the script twists seem to leak out perhaps too much in places.

It is weirdly entertaining in its own way.

As to the movie itself: yes it's horribly cliché, yes the all-American accents are pretty irritating, and yes the end is horrible, including the cgi-demon and the "riding off into the sunset" parts.

It comes off as a slow, old fashioned swords and sorcery tale, without any pretentiousness or flashy gimmicks that personally I found more involving than a lot of flashier, more style over substance action films out today.

Either way, the action and intensity of the movie was great, however, once particular things are reveal they storyline become just like the rest of those action packed witch movies.

Enjoyable B-Movie Popcornfest .

A very boring adventure film .

For some people, just having Nicholas Cage and his absurd deadpan delivery and ridiculous expressions in a historical movie is inherently entertaining.

The best part was watching Ron Perlman finally cut through the crap, drop the pretence of being a medieval knight in this dire waste of studio money - and headbutt the demon.

Mokri's cinematography and "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" production designer Uli Hanisch's drab settings mute whatever scenic grandeur that the Austrian, Hungarian, and Croatian scenery provides.

I heard from a unenthusiastic review (one of numerous scathing reviews out there, as anyone with the internet can tell) about the on screen shenanigans with Nick Cage and Ron Perlman were so enjoyable that it made the rest of the movie bearable.

The performances are dull and listless, the dialog is uninspired, the color palette is relentless shades of gray, the score is unmemorable, and there's virtually no production design, as almost everything occurs somewhere in the nameless central European out-of-doors.

The kind of cliché crap you'd hope the filmmakers would be able to not put their characters through.

I recommend this movie for those who want to sit back and enjoy an entertaining movie..if u do, this movie won't disappoint you...

Look out for a thrilling rope-bridge crossing a la "Sorcerer" (1977).

If only it gelled together better, if only it realised whether it wanted to be a rousing medieval fantasy or a creepy horror and got a better handle on its tone, heck if only it wasn't aimed at a younger audience with its PG13 certificate so it could get away with a few actual shocks.

Whatever you do don't waste your money on the DVD.

I enjoyed it more than expected.

At the beginning of the move, I told my friend, "If that witch raises an army of the dead, I have all rights to call this movie predictable.

In fact, it was much akin to watching paint dry.

An absolutely uninteresting group of generic actors that look like they've purposefully made their own costumes for a 'Game of Thrones' convention.

He was criticised as being a boring director then, and regrettably does little to shift this label now.

The central part of the film was a tad formulaic - it dealt with heroes coping with the hazards of the quest/journey, and getting to the end of the journey against the odds etc etc. Not exactly "Lord of the Rings", but it was I suppose competent, albeit somewhat predictable.

This was the first movie released in the year 2011, and it sucked just as hard as the worst movie of 2010 (Skyline), maybe even worse.

The two buddy warriors have to escort a witch to another village far away for a trial & that's the mission it's our story nice & simple & it's about the dangerous journey across dark forests fighting off supernatural wolves & it's all good gothic adventure fun & very enjoyable.

The fights were on the whole exciting and the great thing was that you could actually see what was going on, a huge positive in my books in an age where tripods are harder to acquire than a sackful of diamonds.

Predictable and laughable .

And it's dull, so dull.

The pacing oscillates between exciting and bland.

A long long film very predictable and boring.

The problem is that the more the characters walked, the more I felt that the story was going nowhere.

That is not really high praise considering the quality of his previous work, consisting of dull, run of the mill, "action" films such as Swordfish and Gone in 60 Seconds, which is coincidently the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep watching it.

Conclusion: Uninteresting.

There is also a lot of stunning alpine scenery.


The worst movie of 2011 so far .

After the demon escapes, I was miffed that this thing wouldn't end, so I'm assuming the entire audience was feeling like I did: "That was exciting!

The ending is fairly predictable and the only reason I saw the end is because my wife said she was liking it when I asked here about 20 minutes in.

Schut have settled for predictable plotting and a deplorably downbeat ending.

This is an action packed horror thriller.

Rating : Acceptable and entertaining film that will appeal to Nicolas Cage fans .

Accompanied by a scouser, a boy, and a priest called De Balzak (snigger), they begin their pointless journey.

While the action was both intense and suspenseful, it didn't give enough room for the character's to develop more and become someone who you related too.

The film leaves a few loose ends untied, a draws upon cliché to try and create drama and suspense.

I have to say this movie is neither fun or boring.

The acting is functional, the makeup and costuming is good (and often revolting), there is lots of action (which often coyly turns its head rather than display any real violence), there is a sense of production value which may be partly illusory, and there is an opening montage of fighting during the Crusades which goes on far too long after it has made its point.

Like Watching Paint Dry.

In the end you get "another one of those movies" that follows every cliché in the book.

This makes for a tedious watch that would be better spent picking peanuts out of poo!

It was confusing because I wasn't sure if the director was taking us to a castle in the middle of nowhere to save the witch-demon-devil or if we were taking her to Middle Earth to drop her in the fires of Mordor ...

The only thing saving this movie for me are the thrilling fight scenes, and this one suspenseful scene where the group are trying to cross a shaky, rotting, wooden bridge.

Everything comes across as a failed attempt to sound serious, but as non-monotone as possible.

This movie was clearly trying to be formulaic, and with a concept such as the one at hand, I had no problem with that.

I thought there was a lot of tension and had me on the edge of my seat for a few scenes.

My verdict – A gripping tale of courage and defiance is a definite to keep you on the edge of your seat through out this film.

What makes it entertaining in the end is the sustained air of suspense while being on route.

It will be marginally more entertaining.

Season of the witch starts off on the tempo it would continue to maintain; cheesy, cliché, and predictable.

The film is entertaining and not as bad as many critics and viewers have written.

It looks cheap, it's full of plot holes, the action is poorly filmed and most of the acting is subpar but it's quite enjoyable due to it being laughable in places and it's not overly long.

Behmen has his doubts but agrees to take the girl (Claire Foy), who is billed poetically enough as The Girl, on the long, dull, and dangerous journey so that she may have a fair trial against her charges.

And a very thrilling ending it is!

While the latter was a by-numbers Disney effort (plenty of effects, a general lack of heart), Sena's latest work manages to also be quite a bit boring and occasionally ludicrous.

I expected (and hoped for) a reasonably entertaining midnight drive-in action film.

While there were parts that were really entertaining, the film suffers from a poor script and a lack of chemistry between the actors.

So I must say I enjoyed it, I just did not fell in love with it.

Very enjoyable .

That's about it, nothing special, but that's not my problem with the movie, my problem is that the movie is really boring.

"Season" is the more conventionally entertaining movie and anyone who appreciates Dark Ages-based flicks are highly encouraged to check it out.

season of the predictable .

Most of the other characters were also quite complex, escaping the cardboard cliché of doom and enriching the script.

It's unexpected and I loved it!

But it's also a lot of fun with a brisk pace, unusually good comic timing and a gripping final fight.

There isn't much to this film that makes it interesting or entertaining, and overall it is filled with cliches and is quite boring.

The plot was so predictable and derivative it merits an environmental award for recycling.

Season of the Witch is another "quest movie" focused on the tedious path from the point A to the point B.

Behmen, sick of pointless killing, resists, insisting that he's pledged that she will get a fair trial.

But from a positive point of view, the mixture of different styles made this movie quite worthwhile, charming and especially entertaining and I didn't see the minutes pass and could have continued to watch this movie for a while to know more about its diversified characters.

Entertaining and not as Bad as many Critics and Viewers Have Written .

It's a kind of ho-hum story of a couple of knights and a priest and a would-be knight and guide escorting a supposed witch (well, who wasn't then if one was a woman basically) to a monastery.

Its well enough shot to conjure an effectively macabre and misty mood at times, while Dominic Sena handles his directing duties with fair adeptitude, making for some exciting and sporadically stylish action.

Very enjoyable .

A Rather Dull Season .

) It would have been far better forget everything about witches and stick with a demon theme or, alternatively, change the title of the movie to something more appropriate, like "A waste of 95 minutes of your life"Throughout watching this movie you will be constantly sighing with disappointment as you have already predicted the next steps of the movie.

The banter and friendship between him and Cage was enjoyable.

The acting was drab and seemed forced, the CGI effects were ridiculous and not at all believable, and the plot - Oh!

In fact I found it immensely enjoyable from start to finish.

Musical score by Orvasson is evocative and spectacular .

Season of the Witch has very interesting ideas, many well executed, and I would deem it as worth watching.

The story of this movie is good and entertaining, and the characters are somewhat interesting.

" So what the characters embark upon is a rather predictable narrative.

Well at least it's a fast paced movie that is close to a hour and 30 minutes.

Conversely we are presented with Cage (post-'Kick-Ass'), weak characters, dreary interchangeable plot scenarios and a third act that decimates the entirety of the film that preceded it.

It's not a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Sure thing is also that the ending is quite predictable after a while and I found that the ending was too much focused on the rather unreal special effects that didn't quite have the magic I was longing for.

Terrible F/X that wouldn't pass in today's video games, a script that seems like it was originally out for laughs but was edited against that idea, and overall just a boring story that's poorly executed.

In parts the plot reminds a disturbing lot of the really enjoyable and - again in parts - intelligent film " Black Death "(/title/tt1181791/), released last year...

Bit slow at the start .

The story is good, creepy at points, and has a rather good, unexpected twist at the end, so I can't say much against it.

The supposedly exciting scenes, like crossing the rickety old bridge, the attack of the wolves and even the Grand Guignol-style face-off with the demons at the end, were plagued with unsatisfactory special effects.

The biggest demon with wings is a rather dull looking flying reptile.

I mention this as when the trailer first appeared for this film, it looked like a gripping medieval horror type of film.

After 30 minutes, I was hooked into what I thought was an intriguing exploration of the moral dilemma that the Nic Cage character was facing, i.

Ron Perleman as Cages sidekick is outstanding, and worth watching.

However, oddly between the engaging dialogue there's some forced jokes that are ill-fitting at times and borderline cringe worthy.

January is notorious for being that time of year when the worst movies hit theaters.

Also the ending was a little unexpected and if you are willing to give it a try you can leave the theater talking about important topics such as religious fanatism, intolerance and self-forgiveness.

Did I really waste an hour and a half of my life on this?!

 Over elaborate set ups aside the film is entertaining, the opening scene truly eerie.

In summary, while I quite enjoyed it, it was pretty cheesy, and not worthy at all.

Save your money until it comes to your nearest Wal*Mart discount binds.

Intereting and Action Packed, But Predictable.

If you want a good entertaining movie with decent acting, a decent script and a decent plot, then you will enjoy this.

The religious overtones to the plot are probably inevitable given the subject matter, but the treatment of such themes is one-dimensional and banal.

Nothing particularly special about this film, but it a very decent effort that does a good job in laying a foundation for the heroes actions and has a very intense climax.

While nothing about the movie is particularly remarkable or ground-breaking, the cast all acquit themselves as talented professionals and for most of it's running time Season of the Witch is an entertaining and watchable effort.

which showed, to extremes, when it came to Hollywood honoring his as some fantastic actor for a whole boring evening that was actually televised.

It was very entertaining.

watch it, keep all expectations low and i hope you enjoyed it more then me.

The films effects and visuals look somewhat dull and cheesy.

Even though most of it is CGI, the outdoor settings, especially the landscape and the woods, are breathtaking.

Perhaps if there were scenes of unintentional humor, it would have better but it isn't funny in the slightest and overall, it is dull and boring.

OK, this may be entertaining for a lazy afternoon, where you can simply turn off your brain and watch it to while away the time.

"Season" hovers on the edge of clicheness fairly often.

An entertaining mixture of genres .

Very slow moving at the beginning and the person I started to watch it with wasn't impressed with it and left about 1/3 of the way through the movie, though if they had stayed they would have enjoyed the ending.

Just like Drive Angry, Season of the Witch is a bad film that is entertaining enough to warrant a viewing.

And was the ending predictable?

Well, I almost fell asleep several times throughout the movie, because it was so hideously boring.

Talk about formulaic.

The overall plot is a bit daft and thematically agnostic but is made entertaining enough with some decent performances and enjoyable action sequences.

The action is competent, the effects are just good enough to be entertaining, the costumes look great, and the locations are spectacular in their own way.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat!