Secret Obsession (2019) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Recuperating from trauma, Jennifer remains in danger as she returns to a life she doesn't remember.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Peter Sullivan
Stars: Brenda Song, Mike Vogel
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 231 out of 615 found boring (37.56%)

One-line Reviews (375)

Weak acting, weak script, predictable plot.


This is a slightly confusing mess of a movie.

Don't waste your time

I mean it was watchable but predictable from beginning to end.

I felt it was slow and the story could have been better.

Terrible plot holes in a boring, done-before story .

I want my 1.5 hours back Worst movie everKill me please The director should kill himself after what he made

Don't waste your time.

That reviewer got sucked into the suspenseful music when he appeared clearly.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Extremely Predictable .

Brenda Song and Mike Vogel (Lee Strobel in The Case for Christ) are both excellent and intriguing actors; they certainly play their parts in a way that draws us into this chilling nightmare.

Predictable from the beginning.


Predictable from the beginning.

Boring, embarrassing and not worth your time.

Predictable drama since the first minute.

So intense.

Very suspenseful.

want to make someone suffer a slow and painful death?

You can skip the 1.5 hour film and watch the three minute trailer--nothing happens in the movie that you didn't already see.

Everything about this one is as predictable as it could be.

In conclusion to avoid sitting through this boring movie I recommend not seeing this movie because it is a waste of time and a waste of space on Netflix.

Instead we get a bland story in which a stalker convinces a woman who's been in an accident that he's her husband.

This movie was very predictable and the acting was pretty cheese.

Between the trailer giving away all plot twists, and just waiting for the detective to break out into an insurance commercial ("This was no accident"), the movie was totally unwatchable.


So boring .

Overall movie was predictable and hilarious!

Poor writing; cliche, unrealistic, not a very different story.

Waste of time .

But the ending is predictable right from the beginning so when it comes to offering up some thrills, it's not very thrilling.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Overly predictable and horrible horrible acting .

What a waste of money and time.

Don't waste your time you will be disappointed .

You WILL regret wasting 100 minutes of your life on this cheesy, predictable, pathetic crap.

But hey, at least it qualifies as the worst movie so far this year.

Suspenseful .

One of the worst movies i have ever watched.

The weird thing about my experience with this movie is that I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

I knew this film was going to be pretty bad but it went above and beyond with how bad and pointless it actually was.

As usual movies like this are very predictable and annoying.

Don't waste your time.

It's all cliche garbage dialogue.

Every cliche you can imagine is in this film, it is riddled with plot holes and netflix need to up their game if they are producing rubbish like this!

Storyline, absolutely phenomenal, very engaging and realistic characters, despite others finding some parts hard to believe (I for one know several women with amnesia who can pick locks with hairpins).

So many plot holes, so much information missing, poor acting and incredibly predictable.

Super predictable.

Watching this predictable and boring movie was such a waste of time.

You basically know from the previews what happens in the movie.. but besides that it's the most predictable non-twisting plot line I've ever seen.

Nothing, save your time and watch something else, no story.

Pointless .

Don't waste your time...

Predictable from the opening scene.

A complete waste of time.

Dont waste your time .

This has to be one of the most boring and predictable films ever made, the bare bones of a thriller without any twists or excitement, the trailer is the movie and once you have seen that there isn't much point in watching the rest.

Absolute crap, don't waste your time, it's so predictable and boring


Great idea however film was very predictable, badly written, badly played.

no plot twist, just a poorly written script with bad acting and no coherence what so ever.

We were never told or maybe I missed it due to boredom.

The film is predictable and have forcing despite this, the idea is quite original.

Watching paint dry is more entertaining, to be honest.

These are confusing times.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen- too many ridiculous things to even list.

Poorly acted, bad plot, predictable and cliche.

Before I even started watching the movie- I knew it was going to be predictable.

It was sooo predictable, my nan could have done a better job creating a film and she's dead.

I mean its too obvios, predictable.

Don't waste your time.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worst movie ever .

What a complete waste of time and effort.

This is one exciting movie!

I was pleasantly surprised at secret obsession I don't really care for those type of movies because they are creepy but this one was done very well it gave me goosebumps and I was on the edge of my seat excellent excellent movie

The film also features perhaps one of the most mundane and generic mystery plot ever, making it not much of a mystery at all.

Predictable and hammy.

I don't even know where to begin, this is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was very well done and very suspenseful.

Everything was just too predictable -1 if I could

Absolutely the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

And then there are movies that are painfully boring, not even good enough to be cinematic NyQuil.

This film is shot decently, but the settings are boring.

Even without the trailer, this movie's predictability is predictable.

Boring .

Sooooo cliche .

It was completely predictable, completely unimaginative, no twists and turns, you knew from the beginning that the husband was fake and the bad guy.

The slow reveal includes a Sad Cop who is battling his way to redemption, a Nice Nurse who must be making a billion dollars a year because she seems to be the only person ever working at the hospital (although she also finds time to conveniently be in a car park for an accidental path-crossing) and a Mysterious Tattooed Guy who....

Brenda Song is Stunning.

The acting it's just horrible and predictable from the beginning to the end.

It is predictable but still fast-paced and enjoyable to watch.

I could have planted a tree, watched paint dry, counted how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop, seen the yard grow, made 90 bowls of minute rice.

What a waste of time!

What a waste of time .

Too many holes in the film, so much information missing, would waste my time watching it

Worst movie ever .

One of the worst movies I've seen.

The movie was predictable and I found myself counting down the minutes until it was over.

Nope, all supposedly thrilling scenes were predictable and super ridiculous and cheesy beyond belief.

Worst movie of 2019.

This could be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Incredibly boring, predictable and it left out so much detail.

This makes it hard to watch and it was even boring.

To predictable, and boring .

Painfully Predictable .

Cliché spree.

I was expecting a twist but nothing happened and the whole movie was as predictable as my wife's cooking.


I was on the edge of my seat from the first five minutes, which introduce us to a woman on the run from a killer before something unexpected happens, getting her in even more trouble!

So predictable and miserably acted ....

trust the cop to survive waste of my time and effort!

Worst movie .

Lastly, did you have to use EVERY thriller/horror movie cliche ever thought of?!?!

Another bad Netflix movie so boring my bird fell asleep hating it.

this is the most predictable movie I have ever seen.

Its VERY predictable though.

Worst movie I have EVER seen and I've seen a lot of bad ones...

But this really had potential for some twists and turns and sadly it was very predictable.

But still enjoyable.

Trailer spoiled it.. predictable and loose ends .

Besides an A list cast and a riveting plot line, the thing that most stood out to me was how on the ball the 1rst Ad must have been.

Forever and Day watching this boring movie .

The design was truly boring and uninspired, which was worsened by the unflattering camera work and abysmal direction of the actors within their space.

" Total waste of time!!

I honestly enjoyed it until I read the reviews about all the plot holes, and now I'm like...

Predictable .

Boring ^^ .

Writing Quality: As I said before, the plot is a bit predictable.

Cliche and boring .

There's a lot of movies that are predictable and still very good.

Don't waste your time.

Predictable, cringy acting with no connection to these vague characters.

This film was totally predictable, boring, bad acting.

Don't waste your time

Waste of time.

Very intriguing and suspense thriller!.

Don't waste your time.

All in all, this movie is boring and ridiculous.

The movie is a total waste of time not even deserves to look at.

Another "Netflop" waste of time content .


worst movie I have seen in a loooooooooong while .

So unbelievably Predictable!.

Was extremely predictable from start to finish .

Predictable from one scene to the next.

It was a little boring, mostly because of the choice of music.

Predictable and terrible .

Not worth watching, don't waste your time.

So poor and predictable.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen!

Secret Yawn .

I felt like I just watched out from pure boredom.

Perfect waste of time .

Don't waste your time with this dross.

The Worst Movie 2019 🤢 .

was a gripping drama .

Complete waste of time.

One of the worst movie I have ever seen.

Who the heck has such a predictable password for their computer?

there is no real plot twist, as it is painfully obvious whats going to happen/what it will be.

The worst movie i've seen in 20 years .

The story is predictable, they should've added more twists.

Suspenseful thriller.


This movie is a waste of time, would not recommend.

The movie entertained just a little bit, but it is pretty much a waste of time.

Most Cliche Film you could expect .

Too predictable .

If you want to waste an hour and thirty-seven minutes of your life then watch this film.

Literally the worst movie ever.. They should be so embarrassed that they should remove the movie.


Suspenseful .

Waste of Time .

So predictable and if you've watched the trailer don't bother watching the film, it's shows the whole plot and you'll not lose 90mins of your life!

Don't waste your time on this garbage!

So cliche .

Waste of time!

Every second was intense I couldn't stop watching!

Brilliant acting, thrilling psychological horror movie .


So predictable from the outset and the acting is cringe worthy.

Literally nothing happens.

This is a movie you´ve already seen, only quite more boring .

Just a waste of time.

I was bored and didn't have anything else to watch so I wasn't expecting much.

A bit dull .

Predictable, poor written script...

What a waste of time.

Quite entertaining .

Shes great in general, this film is just dull.

It's been a long time since I've seen such a predictable movie.

Genuinely the worst movie I've ever seen.

This is in the top list of worst movies I've ever seen.

Boring and predictable .

Don't waste your time.

Painfully predictable .

What an embarrassment and complete waste of time.

WARNING SPOILER:With all of the other predictable, loose ended bad things about this movie, the single dumbest thing that I noticed off the top was the fact that neither the patient or the fake husband had to provide ID OR PROOF OF INSURANCE.

Don't waste your time.

everything is too predictable

Don't waste your time .

Obviously from this moment we already know that this man is lying, either because you saw him in the trailer or simply because this movie is too predictable and gives us too many hints.

The character's were all very standard and predictable.

Predictable .

predictable & bland .

Predictable and silly.

A waste of time .


Third, Nonsense and boring.


This was the worst movie i've seen this year, the acting is the worst i've seen in years and it only deserves 2 stars since i actually managed to watch the whole thing.

Horrible, stupid, and predictable.

A very confused and badly made movie, not worth watching,a waste of good time!

OMG The worst movie !.

This is the worst movie ever and doesn't even deserve 1 star.

I felt like it took every ounce of my well being to watch this predictable, boring movie.

Suspenseful and interesting .

Worst movie of 2019 .

Dont waste your time.

Horrible acting, implausible plot and overall waste of time.

Very predictable from beginning until the end.

Predictable and boring .

Don't waste your time.

The movie is a joke and so predictable, with lots of unanswerable questions.

Too predictable.

The most predictable and non credible thriller ever made .

It's really one of the worst movies I've ever seen, the idea of the film is childish and the execution is hilarious, I barley made it to the end, I saw the bad reviews and i thought it can't be that bad so I had to see for myself, a little advice don't do that to yourself it's not worth it, just believe the reviews and move on.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was 97 % predictable and not worth watching!

The soundtrack is so over the top and makes the "suspenseful" scenes utterly boring and laughable.

The art direction was sterile, unbelievable and boring.

It was very predictable from the jump but It was still entertaining.

The plot is bland.

Don't waste your time

After Jennifer pass out, the film completely bored to freaking death!

Predictable .

The movie is also so slow, and there's not much of a plot.

This is by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This movie is way to predictable, as soon as the movie started, I already knew who the real villian was.

This movie is that predictable that Netflix spoiled the punch right in the preview!!

Cheesy acting and a predictable storyline.

Literally the most predictable move I have ever seen

Don't waste your time!

It is predictable and suuuupre cheesey.

Just seems like a pointless death given the fact we have no idea who he is or what connect he has to Jennifer.

I figured it might be just a little different from the usual plot, but it was so terribly predictable.

Waste of time !

It is unbelievably predictable and boring.

Movie was HIGHLY predictable.

Terrible movie with more plot holes than I've ever seen, but it's worth the watch to then read the reviews.

I enjoyed it very much.

Don't waste your time.

Its just waste ur time bruh, just watch another good movie like aaaaaaaaaaaa idk man, just watch another movie.

Worst movie of 2019 .

All I will say is this is an entirely predictable and ludicrous movie full of plot holes and easy and convenient solutions in a style so overdone I have no idea why this was ever commissioned by Netflix in the first place.

Waste of time.

Worst movie Ive seen in years .

Enjoyed it .

Maybe the worst movie of the year .

:(Honestly felt like a waste of time.

Great movie to fall asleep to...

The whole film was predictable as I sorta knew that Jennifer's husband was...

Worst movie ever.

This movie has been one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

It was absolute torture to watch.

Between the familiar plot, far from top rated actors, and predictable ending, we couldn't tear our eyes away from the desserts sitting in front of us...

*Spoilers ahead* Predictable?

Utter waste of time and disappointing about netflix .

How do you even spoil a predictable movie.

:/Brilliantly stunning filming location, lots of eye candy there.

predictable, without script, no connection between the stories, plot holes and boring.

What a waste of time!

Enjoyed it .

Very predictable and dull story line.

The script is terrible, Don't waste your time on this one guys!

Predictable af, save your time and watch the trailer.

The rest is entirely predictable.

High on my list for one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

There are so many unanswered questions and pointless points to the film.

The acting is so cliche as is the very predictable story.

Don't waste your time.

it's too predictable.

Predictable .

This is a good average movie with the most predictable plot ever.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen In my whole life.

Worst movie netflix has ever produced, and they've produced a lot bad movies.

One of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Worst movie ever.

Waste of Time.

I would have canceled my subscription.. Don't waste your time please!

But if you need some tedious background ambience for scrolling through Twitter or something you are too lazy to pause when getting coffee (or walking the dog) while still being able to follow 100 percent, then Secret Obsession is the one for you.

A bit predictable but still enjoyable.

I understand that most movies will have a couple of unrealistic things in the plot to keep it entertaining.

I don't mind things that have been done before, I don't even mind an average movie, because sometimes average is very entertaining, What I don't like is everything being utterly predictable.

We enjoyed the 3 leads and while it was predictable and had many 'face palm' moments, it sucked us in somehow.

The worst movie I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Literally the worst movie I think I've ever watched.


Totally predictable.

I just made an account to rate the worst movie Ive ever seen.

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time.

So predictable and the trailer spoiled the entire film

Don't waste your time.

Total waste of time .

The house (where we spend most of our time) is so clean and empty you can you can almost feel the producers breathing down the necks of the art department, reminding them to not change the house up too much so that they can get their bond back at the end of the rental.

Unless you can enjoy a cheesy movie, just for the sake of it, don't waste your time.

Watch it if your bored.

It has a good plot, and there are several unexpected twists.

There is no message and it seems to be very budgeted movie with so many shooting mistakes.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

This movie has every straight to TV drama cliché.

Was this a test to see just what kind of cheap, pointless garbage you can get away with?

The review states the movie is predictable.


Write a "scary" movie cliche board, and drink each time you see one done predictively and badly in this film, you'll be tipsy in no time.

Don't waste your time.

It was suspenseful enough to keep me watching and wondering what was going to happen next.

Besides that, it still was entertaining because of the great choice of actors.

Don't waste your time watching this, there is absolutely no chemistry between the actors as well.

Predictable .

And also, day before this i watched movie called "The Nun" and compared to that movie, this was a thrilling masterpiece.

Easily the worst movie I've seen this year.

Not just that the spoiler told you the whole story in a nutshell, it is sooooo predictable and some of the scenes make absolutely no sense - PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD HAVE FRIENDS to ask around (something that is missing in lots of movies and TV shows though) I miss my good old days with Presidents Palmer, where was Jack Bauer to save the day?

Somehow this title manages to be rife with plot holes and impossibilities yet also be completely predictable and utterly boring.

I rated it a four because of the beautiful setting, but, truth be told it dragged on interminably.

Cliched and boring.

Either way, this was possibly the worst movie/documentary i've seen in a long, long time.

The trailer just simply gave the whole plot away making this a predictable movie

It's slow, it's not exciting it's just poor.

So bad and predictable.

what a total waste of time!

Shouldn't that be something like Jenniferlovesme or something cliche reflects what a total creep would do.

Although, the acting - shocking - wasn't bad, and the directing was decent - those two always make a movie entertaining.

It was so unoriginal, completely boring, it's disappointing that Netflix is determined to turn out enormous amounts of mediocre product for profit only and that the entertainment factor and artform of film has been completely lost.

Bad since the beginning, the script and the performances are just poor, lot of clichés, too predictable.

Poor acting, predictable story line.


Yawner .

It a alright watch, all the cliches are here one by one they all come together for a ending that is perfectly predictable.

Just don't waste your time with this ridiculous movie.

Overall I had a lot of fun watching this movie and I was on the edge of my seat.

This is an enjoyable film that's just exactly what it's supposed to be.

Don't worry though, by the end of the film we can see that he has moved on, despite his limited screen time and having had nothing happen to him to encourage him to move on or grow as a character.

This was a completely predictable movie with no real suspense.

Boring .

A MOVIE whrere EVERYONE are Stupidely incompetent, this will let you so angry, so dont waste your precious time like i did.

Kept my interest for the most part.. but it was SO predictable.

This movie is boring, silly and predictable even for the genre.

I enjoyed it.

By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I get why someone at Netflix thought this might be an entertaining way for someone in the universe to spend 1 hour 37 minutes of their lives whilst this story unfurls to it's highly predictable conclusion.

I only made it 45 minutes into this movie before it became too unbearable to continue.

Don't waste your time if you're looking for a good thriller movie.

Nothing thrilling, everything predictable.

Formulaic pablum is why network TV resorts to hackneyed sitcoms.

Worst movie i've seen in years.

Its predictable and boring.

Also, as I was getting ready to leave this review I saw an article about a sequel.

It made it entertaining

Boring and waste of time in my opinion.

The lead character is a bland vehicle for open mouthed bewilderment.

Honestly this movie was so boring I was kind of hoping for a dark twist ala a Beauty and the Beast like take on Stockholm Syndrome.

It was a good but predictable movie with heavy Misery vibes, my issue is that no one wants of the sexual assault towards the end.

Netflix give lifetime back its movie lol waste my time once again.

It is a waste of time.

The plot is just like every lifetime movie except more predictable, and the acting by the lead actress is just so bad it's hard to watch.

Don't waste your time!

I mean the outcome is obvious but still a awesomely suspenseful and great plot build up!!!!

Overall, this movie is a cliche pathetic/creepy/sickened-obsession story and is straightforward with no twist.

Worst movie .

It's too predictable and if you watched the trailer, you've basically seen the whole movie.