See No Evil (2006) - Action, Horror, Thriller

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A group of delinquents are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain - a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ago - band together to survive against the brutal killer.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Gregory Dark
Stars: Glenn Jacobs, Christina Vidal
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 52 out of 186 found boring (27.95%)

One-line Reviews (152)

However in this case, I'm sure anyone who's seen a horror even once can predict that this movie is low grade and predictable.

The last half of the film, based on sequences of the killer chasing them around the upper areas of the hotel is a pure blast, containing a series of suspenseful stalking scenes mixed in nicely with great action that includes the final manner of disposing of the killer and the final fights.

Don't SEE NO EVIL, unflinching mayhem that only produces yawns and distilled chuckles, no career insight for Kane .

Overall this is a really horrible movie, and you definitely shouldn't waste your time with it.

I enjoyed it.

This film is definitely worth watching, even if only to witness one of the most bad-ass slasher-antagonist I've ever seen.

In one kill we follow this hook to a person's neck, but the problem is the camera is moving so slow behind it that we don't feel the impact of the hook going into the neck.

The plot is the worst i have ever seen if you can say this has any sort of plot, the film starts nowhere an ends nowhere id rather watch paint dry off my walls than go back in time an re-live the nightmare i had watching this absolute piece of crap.

Directed by Gregory Dark made an routine but sometimes entertaining sick horror film with black humor and a few creative death sequences.

Bad acting, no plot, and useless gore.

I found this movie as a convincing horror,because i enjoyed it from the point of view that it wasn't so bad a movie...

And there's a lesbian couple (which has quickly become a cliché in low budget horror films).


Overall it is a good movie, I enjoyed it and I will definitely watch it again.

totally predictable you know from start to end who will die and who is involved.

Steven Vidler is a good actor who is wasted on a dull part.

On the downside however the whole plot was so incredibly bog standard you get bored with it early on, stop really caring who's going to live or die and just try and enjoy the visuals.

All in all, this is just a complete waste of time.

This movie will leave you on the edge of you seat.

The film on the whole is actually not all that bad, but when you start to see the same old clichés again and again, then it does start to become very boring.

There were some gross-out gory parts, some effect atmosphere, some unexpected ways of getting killed, and for me anyway a surprise in some of the twists.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it tremendously.

You can usually count on the gore in these types of movies to at least provide some sort of visceral thrill but, with the exception of a few moments, it is all dull.

There are quick cuts which break the action that I found rather tiresome, to be honest.

Kane's character was a completely uninteresting killer.

I give this movie 3 out of 10 solely because Kane plays such a terrifying character and this movie did keep you on the edge of your seat.

Soooo predictable.

Very Entertaining .

Anyways, save your money...

enjoyable slasher flick .

The tired old cliché of a monster like man that acts out the tormented over religious self righteous up bringing trust upon him when he was a child by his over bearing domineering mother.

Sure, it's total trash, but still quite enjoyable in its own rubbishy way .

It's just very predictable.

See No Evil put you on the edge of your set with a chilling soundtrack, the lighting and very fearful sound effects.

It was pretty predictable.

Hollow and empty...

Frankly, it's starting to get boring.

The dialogue is pretty bad, there's the pointless female nudity (although it's pretty tame) and some gaps in logic that are frustrating.

The others are a bit paper-thin, but enjoyable to watch and not annoying for the most part.

predictable .

It just seemed to cliché and looked like nothing new.

Boring really.

If i had of known this movie was going to be as stupid as it was, I would have stayed home and done something more entertaining.

The film is fast paced, not too long.

It takes the whole cliché of homicidal religious fanatics and teams it up with a group of kids getting into trouble.

It's realistic, suspenseful and gory.

Save your money and time.


on the contrary, it was very unpredictable.

It was really just a bunch of clichés and everything was predictable.

It seems like it sets its sights fairly low - aiming to be a disgusting/entertaining late-night flick.

It's not completely without plot, with an extremely loose philosophical underpinning, a vague explanation of the characters motives and back-stories, and the obligatory plot-twist, but all of these elements felt cliché, predictable and/or generally uninteresting.


This has to be the worst movie ever made.

Now I went into the movie expecting to see a very predictable movie.

The film is completely predictable throughout, right up until we get to the end when the film pulls a twist out of the bag - although it only came as a surprise to me because I couldn't really be bothered to pay attention.

The acting is pretty bland and unremarkable.

Without going into details of this movie, I will just say that other than a few dull moments in the beginning, this movie kept me thoroughly entertained.

Enjoyable Stupidity .

The movie sports a few intriguing death scenes (most of them are just more of the same old stuff), especially one involving a cell phone (very creative) and the gore is used quite effectively.

I definitely suggest watching this film because it is entertaining and true to the horror genre at the same time.

It was fast paced, violent, and unintentionally funny.

Kane pretty much kills everyone with his hook on a chain and then gouges their eyes out, which gets repetitive by the second time he does it.

Don't waste your time...

What I got however was a fairly thrilling tale of Jacob Goodnight.

The story somehow follows the slasher flick route, but there are enough "popcorn" moments to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ridiculous but entertaining.

The movie is also predictable.

It's entertaining enough for 80-90 minutes and horror fans should be somewhat entertained by it.

It fits nicely and for a horror fan like myself it's entertaining.

The dialog is stilted and delivered with wooden rigidity, the premise is predictable (there are a few decent twists) and characters remain 2D for most of it.

Too cliché-- from deaths to characters.

If you're the fan of "RAW" - you will love this, but if you a true horror fan - don't waste money and time.

It was gory, yeah, but I was pretty bored.

Yeah, I do know the genre and I am aware of the fact that B-movies aren't the best movies in the world, but there are only two words to describe this one: hollow and empty.

Kane smiling at the girl hanging upside down yelling is soon to be a classic, and a few nice kills makes See No Evil enjoyable to the horror aficionado.

Averagely good movie, some remarks, but generally enjoyable.

He is extremely scary in every way and the death scenes are very intense.

I have to admit some of the deaths are entertaining.

The movie has no plot, per se, except for the ever-present dark and brutal atmosphere.

While borrowing every cliché from its predecessors, the filmmakers forgot what works about those films.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever created.

TERRIBLE - cliché shock flic, nothing new or original .

Sadly, many of the scenes are terribly repetitive and predictable.

I love horror films but this one was torture (for the viewer) I walked out in less that 30 minutes.

so cliché that its not even scary .

It tries so many of the tricks implied by its predecessors in the genre that it comes off as predictable; veteran horror fans will easily recognize some of the gimmicks ahead of time and even those who have only seen a few flicks should tell what happens next.

Things ease off a little as more predictable slasher plot elements emerge: we're introduced to a cast of delinquent teenagers who arrive at a burnt-out hotel with a couple of token adults to clean it up.

a fun ,thrilling slasher flick .

The ending was boring and predictable.

Giving it a 1 on the ratings scale is far far to good a score to bestow on such a horrible waste of time,money and everything else.

Starts of as fun dopey B-movie, but soon gets too tedious to be enjoyable.

The dark atmosphere instilled in the movie gives off that feel of terror initially, but as you get towards the end, it somehow feels out of place and gets tiresome quickly.

Its a pathetic attempt by the WWE, the production company or whatever ad firm they hired to hype this ridiculous waste of time.

See No Evil is predictably unpredictable, at times.

It is entertaining.

To be honest, for a movie that was made with a budget of roughly 8 million dollars, the sets look really great, if a little repetitive.

Moreover, I didn't really think running, hot water in a hotel which has been empty for 30 years, to be credible - either.

this movie is a continuous ride of horror madness and a certain uncertain unpredictable element that worked really well.

The reality is that See No Evil is a mundane slasher that holds no surprises, offers nothing original, and even holds out on any decent nudity (shame on you, Mr. Dark).

These here make the film really enjoyable, as there's not a whole lot of flaws in this one.

I recommend this movie to all horror movie fans :) This had much more than i expected, it is very entertaining, gory and Kane did a wonderful job as the killer, he looked so mean wow great acting job and for this to be his first movie is even more surprising.

Than of course follows the running, screaming, gore, blood, Kane getting hurt once in a while but still attacks them, and the boring etc. The acting skills of this cast could use a little more time in acting schools or maybe they just need a acting coach.

But why worry about something as subtle as character development when there is no plot to develop around?

Now As For The Movie, I Believe There Can and Will Be Sequels That Will Be Entertaining.

I am a horror fan that does not go for a major story, as long as it has me on the edge of my seat.

Some intense and disturbing scenes, with typical violence that comes with a blood spewing slasher flick.

My 14 year old brother could write a more intriguing script than the one used for this eyesore of a film.

Absolutely the Worst Movie I have ever seen.

No acting talent, no budget, bad writing, no plot, hard to watch...

"See No Evil" is an incredibly waste of time and money, still I'm pretty sure a handful of sequels will inevitably follow.

"See No Evil" is a fairly methodical, formulaic horror film.

In conclusion See No Evil is a waste of time unless you are a fan of endless blood, gore, and unique graphic violent methods.

"See No Evil" is another dark and very raw TCM-rip off, but it's probably the most unimaginative and pointless one I've seen thus far.

I like this movie, it's more enjoyable than A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Black X-Mas remake, Halloween remake, and Halloween Resurrection including part 6.

This was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

When I left the theater, I was a little bit disappointed.

The killer was so very mundane and generic that it was almost embarrassing to watch on the screen.

But Enjoyable .

Knowing that he has virtually no story, Gregory Dark, a famed porn director, overdoses us with every "cool" camera trick he can think of.

Waste of time and money .

Kain however is a really good silent killer who I could see being a Kane Hodder type of character actor if he ever wanted to leave the squared ring.

I went in expecting nothing, and what I got was a somewhat entertaining nothing.

Even if you're a die-hard slasher-flick fan, it will still manage to bore you.

The last flaw in the film is the fact that there's a back-story given for the psycho change, but it's a tired old cliché that doesn't make the killer all the more frightening and makes no sense as to how it can lead to such a change in personality.

There's a lot of action, and the chases between the killer and the victims are all very well handled and reasonably exciting.

Nonetheless, I gave it a 7, which makes it enjoyable to watch.

Even the predictable twists surprised me!

We have cliché characters, predictable situations, bad acting, bad script writing, bad directing, zero atmosphere, and surprisingly not as much gore as there should have been in a movie like this.

Boy i was gonna fall asleep.

The plot line with the killer and why he kills is slow to develop and its not even believable.

It was very, very predictable.

This is just supposed to be a cliché slasher film you take a date to, or WWE wanting money because no one is into fake wrestling anymore.

It's entertaining, with a decent story, and plenty of set up to serialize See No Evil until the 15th installment if they wanted to and I say bring it on!!

So it comes unexpected and almost unwelcome.

Nothing new, no plot, nothing.

Most horror films do very bad with critics, and this movie is horrible even for it's genre, what I've said will be one of the best reviews, I can only imagine what critics are gonna say, but even the critics' dull puns will be better then anything in this movie.

This was THE WORST MOVIE I have EVER seen in MY LIFE!

the whole plot was completely predictable,since the first minute.

This is a good, gory, entertaining slasher flick, the plot is good, and i love the setting of the abandoned hotel.

The characters had cliché personalities and whatever relationships this movie portrayed between them were resolved with completely hackneyed solutions.

no story or script to take seriously.

It's a shame it will probably be lost in the massive sea of thousands of slasher flicks out there as this is one that stands out as well made,fun, exciting & has one terrifying killer.

Someone on here mentioned a cliché storyline...

) The slaughter-action pacing is intense, fairly non-stop, and well choreographed (perhaps owing a little to Mr. Madigan's writing for WWF Smackdown!

Most scenes are anticipated, cliché, and badly acted except where Kane is involved.

It features atrocious writing and acting but the death scenes are pretty good and the movie proves to be entertaining.

I'll Admit, This In My Personal Opinion Is A Mindless Horror Movie But It's Entertaining At The Same Time.

The 'twist' near the end of the film is laughably predictable and the climatic battle unsatisfying.

I definitely recommend this movie, it has cheap scares and is very entertaining.

Full of cliché's, bad acting, and horrible one liners.

For instance, our lead girl Kira (Samantha Noble) was built up as a likable character, and by the end I was hoping she'd live (would it be crass to mention her stunning looks?