Senna (2010) - Documentary, Biography, Sport

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A documentary on Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who won the F1 world championship three times before his death at age 34.

IMDB: 8.6
Director: Asif Kapadia
Stars: Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 2 out of 124 found boring (1.61%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Summary Intriguing, poignant and quite gripping, this is well worth a watch for anyone even vaguely interested in motor sport.

Everything about this was so fascinating.

It makes gripping viewing and Prost comes out of it OK in the end!

These scenes are actually very intense.

Director Asif Kapadia has however managed to produce an interesting, gripping and ultimately poignant tribute to the much loved driver, which will be enjoyed by anyone with even a passing interest in the sport.

An emphasis of reality, good acting and other factors make it more exciting, more appealing ...

Powerful, engaging documentary about a true champion .

Much of the film follows the central battle for supremacy between "the Professor" Prost and Senna and it's fascinating.

This really is a gripping film even if you couldn't care less about motor racing; the footage is gripping and in some parts shocking.

To relive the moments of Ayrton (the idol) in this emotionally gripping documentary was unbelievably comforting.

It just took a bit of time to justify, in an articulate manner, just why I had enjoyed it so much.

Its makes for a very engrossing movie, you feel like you are living through Senna's life, bit by bit, and understanding his troubles, his competition, his interest, his dreams and his happiness.

There is plenty of footage of Senna's personal life, including his charitable work in Brazil and a fascinating clip from a Brazilian TV show where the blonde presenter unashamedly chats him up!

The cars were racy, twitchy and on the edge, the politics of Jean Marie Balestre remind easily how Max Mosley came as a welcome relief.

The documentary dissects Ayton's persona in a subtle way, making it the most compelling Biography of all times.

It really focuses on his intense rivalry with Alain Prost throughout the movie.

Formula 1 is a edgy and compelling sport and films about Formula 1 or Motoracing for that matter are heavily scrutinised for their lack of content and unrealism.

It avoids every kind of genre cliché, eliminating the use of a narrator, talking heads, lame re-enactments and a slow-paced look at the subject's childhood.

"Senna" does just that armed only with hours of archive footage, a magnificent soundtrack and a compelling tale of triumph and despair.

Informative, passionate, and entertaining, this does more than a documentary needs to.

This makes it exciting, even for those with no interest in the sport.

Such as getting a drive for the best team, living on the edge of the rules regard the setting up of the car and even trumping your team mate.

The archive footages are engaging and you don't feel like you are watching a documentary.

And with Senna, a profoundly moving and thoroughly exciting film, it has blended documentary film-making with drama, action and a genuinely touching rags-to-riches tale that goes way beyond the sport of car racing.

Having said that, it is indeed a thoroughly enjoyable peek into the life of a legend.

Senna is a intense documentary about a three times F1 World champion.

The most engrossing part of his story is the back and forth severely competitive race Senna had on and off the track with Frenchman and sometimes teammate Alain Prost.

A movie which leaves on the edge of your seat, leaving you with the most extreme of emotions, ending with a fitting climax and warranting a tissue or two.

Consisting almost entirely of video clips recorded at the time he was racing, Senna is a fascinating look into this racer's life that benefits from hindsight to piece the video clips together and the full story.

it brings back all those wonderful, exciting times .

So, no big budget pomp and circumstance, no overblown hero worshiping, just a right good story, well told and gripping from first frame to last.

Thoroughly engaging documentary .

A powerful documentary about a fascinating sportsman, and although it's not going to get me into the sport, I certainly have a new-found respect for it.

If you are looking for a thrilling, extremely interesting documentary, than this is for you.

The competition between Senna and Prost is thrilling and as I couldn't recall who had won each season I was on the edge of my seat.

It's an unsurprisingly interesting look at a man, but an unexpectedly fascinating portrait of a sport that often provokes indifference amongst the uninitiated.

If you are familiar with Senna's story, the movie still offers a compelling inside look at a sport and the man who changed it forever.

Perfect narrative, thrilling documentary, wonderful music, pure emotion.

Riveting from the first, this makes you feel like you know the man - both the good and the bad.

A tragic story but a really engaging and well-told one.

What makes this documentary so engaging is how eventful his life was.

Adrenaline-charged beauty .

I'm a Formula One fan, and while there have been many truly outstanding drivers in this incredible sport it is no exaggeration to say that perhaps none have been as talented, fast, intense, intelligent and enigmatic as the great Ayrton Senna.

Just watched this film a couple of hours ago and I enjoyed it immensely.

I am very into cars and went into this film with a decent amount of knowledge about F1 and Senna, but I watched it with three other people who didn't know anything at all about the subject matter, and all of us found this documentary to be compelling.

Senna was a genuinely fascinating person.

It is exciting and you learn the truth about Senna .

If you don't know who Ayrton Senna is, the documentary "Senna" is a riveting drama that profiles the legendary Formula 1 race-car driver and his determination to win.

A great movie for followers of motor sport as well as anyone with an interest in fascinating life stories.

Anyway, I liked this documentary, even though I have to admit I found it a bit dull when it puts the focus on Senna's personal life.

Ultimately I found this film frustrating, the subject matter and footage are there to make an exciting an interesting portrait of an undeniably charismatic sports man.

Memorable sentences from the documentary: Senna: -¨Formula 1 is too much money, too much politics¨Jean-Marie Balestre (FIA ex-President): -¨The best decision is my decision¨It's so exciting to see the rivalry between Alain Prost and Senna, possibly one of the greatest duels on the history of sports.

The result is an inconspicuously gripping narrative arc that creates a genuine emotional impact despite (or more likely because of) the inevitability of the tragedy that shrouds the film.

Intriguing, poignant and quite gripping .

Gripping, moving..frightening .

It has the advantage of being true, and a fascinating story told well that happens to be true is always going to be that little bit more special.

A gripping tale of talent, rivalry and tragedy .

Stunning, powerful film that everyone will enjoy, not just motorsport fans .

Overall a very well done movie that is gripping from start to finish.

This documentary is flawless, it's narrative perfect, it's thrilling, I could not imagine another way of depicting this awesome history.

The film is intense and thrilling simply because the footage is real.

The movie is very intense and almost left me in tears at the end (rarely happens with a documentary).

Director Asif Kapadi and his team have constructed an in depth and poignant picture that follows Ayrton Senna of Brazil from his humble Karting beginnings, right up to that fateful day on 1st May 94 when a country as one sank to its knees in mourning for the man who was their one joy in a country full of hurt and political confusion.

There are many ups and downs he had, some so interesting and unpredictable they could easily make for a great movie.

The world of F1 that this film shows us is of a lost era, before the elaborate motor homes and dull press release spewed drivers comments.

They were the two best drivers at the time and their rivalry was so intense that they eventually stopped speaking to one another after many racing incidents between them.

It is engrossing and so beautifully crafted, I am sure that you'll salute Senna too.

I highly recommend it, to racing fans and film fans alike.

Since his death Senna has been praised as possibility the greatest Formula One driver of all time, because of his many fast actions and intriguing passes of other racers, so he is missed by many in the field, and with new safety procedures there have been no fatalities since his.

Director Asif Kapadia (whose past films range from the Bollywood actioner "The Warrior" and the Sarah Michelle Gellar scare-'em-up "The Return") had tons of racing footage at his disposal, and he makes Senna's races as exciting as if they were happening live.

The movie itself captivate the viewers by the smooth flow of the movie, every moment is gripping, attention to details can be felt everywhere.

for a truly entertaining movie.

This is truly remarkable and fascinating documentary that plays more like a great movie.

The film builds to its obvious emotional climax, but some how avoids being completely predictable.

When this is edited with the external broadcast images it makes for compelling viewing, especially as we build up to the known climatic ending.

This film uses past video of old races and current interviews of some of the best-known names in racing to comment on the racers driving and how to this day some of the videos are still exciting to watch.

The thoroughness and effort that has gone into this pain staking documentary is truly admirable, and as a result it is deservedly absorbing through out, drawing you into it's subject and the world he inhabited very well.

It is at times a bit slow,a bit boring and the sound is a lot of time too loud from one frame to the next.

This is a solid, often fascinating documentary about a man's passion; in Senna's case, racing for the win.

Added to the fact I didn't have a clue who won what, it was made all the more exciting.

At 1hr 45m the theatrical cut does an exceptional job by always being compelling with not a dull moment in sight.

It is a compelling story of a driven individual and his desire to be the best at his sport.

Disappointing and boring .

To see someone with such a passion for winning, or maybe more appropriately stated, "improving on every win" was awe inspiring.

More than that, 'Senna' also provides a fascinating insight into the impact of money and politics in F1 - questions with a wider resonance for anyone who loves sports, not to mention sporting widow(er)s.

It's gripping, thrilling, moving and frankly unmissable.

Thrilling documentary about a captivating man .

I like the car racing video games very much, but I find it boring to watch them on TV (not to mention that I hate driving in the real life), so I was not interested in the Formula 1 races during the '80s, when they were at the pinnacle of the popularity.

The narrative emphasises and brilliantly characterises the dedication of Senna to win races and the intense rivalry he had with four times World Champion Alain Prost.

truly mind blowing movie .

I was left wondering how such a stunning driver could be defeated by such a seemingly trivial problem.

There is also an interesting inclusion of footage of Senna as a modern hero of the Brazilian people, he's shown as the racing driver who transcended the social and political problems of a nation on the edge of poverty and economic instability and provided them with ray of light and joy that was unfortunately extinguished on the 1st of May 1994.

Deeply compelling celebration of a sports star .

I'm not a great fan of Formula One motor racing and wasn't intimately aware of the life and times of the late Ayrton Senna but I've always admired sporting geniuses with a touch of the maverick about them (think George Best, Alex Higgins, Seve Ballesteros, Muhammad Ali and others) and after seeing this rivetingly exciting documentary, would certainly grant the same status to Senna.

This movie has amazing footage of Senna's races, with scenes of his exciting victories and also film of his crashes.