Serenity (2019) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A fishing boat captain juggles facing his mysterious past and finding himself ensnared in a reality where nothing is what it seems.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Steven Knight
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 89 out of 481 found boring (18.5%)

One-line Reviews (243)

I guess my subconscious really enjoyed it

A pretentious mess .

But a large part of it was predictable from the beginning.

And in the end, it even does not surprise that much, since by the middle of the picture we may guess what is hiding behind the intriguing plot.

A strange, eerie story--like floating in a dream lulled by a warm sea breeze of hazy mystical uncertainties.

Before I start, to use this as a prequel to the Firefly series is a total waste of time.

I was able to guess the ending half way through which was a little anti climatic for me but I still enjoyed it nonetheless because the two leads are phenomenal.

It's clear to me that the producer/director Mr. Knight had 2 movies in his mind when he made this and that's why it's a big entertaining mess.

The story is about a happy go lucky always dull fisherman Dill who is obsessed about catching a particular fish.

The story is pretty engaging, and the huge twist is just unexpected.

I think Matthew McConaughey is good at making the mundane seem interesting, and they nominated Djimon Hounsou for an Oscar twice for being able to support these "movie stars" while doing...

This movie is very enjoyable to watch with more than one plot twist.

I saw three films in one day, and this was a complete waste of time, poor story, poor acting, I mean really, takes place in the virtual world, don't waste your time and money

It is a story within a story, but the connection between the two stories seems a bit contrived and illogical.

The performances were attempting to evoke a noir feel but came across more John Waters and the camp factor alone was a fascinating hybrid of cringy and hysterical.

Instead, it is a tedious thriller that is forgettable.

DISLIKES:Waste of Characters Pace Editing Lack of Excitement Going Nowhere Too Bold On Twist?

When in fact it should have portrayed it as mysterious, confusing and dramatic.

It was predictable and struggled to make you care for the characters.

As for the story itself, well it's pretty bland.

The start was very slow and the speaking at times was inaudible.

and a suspenseful plot.

But like a flick of the 90's, you see yourself going through the end of the movie because 1) it still enjoyable because of the scenery and cast 2) you force yourself to believe that it will have a "second part" like a wake-up from the production.

Don't waste your time .

Mind blowing and Complex film that beautiful done .

Worth watching?

I very much enjoyed it!

Carrying on in the same vein as Interstellar, ensuring nobody knows what's actually really going on (thanks Matt), the film is really captivating and intriguing.

One of the Worst Movies I've Ever Seen.

A boring film with nothing to keep you invested in the characters, a huge waste of talent.

Well I enjoyed it .

As another reviewer commented - it's definitely an entertaining watch.

The story is quite simply boring.

I expected to dislike the movie, not a big fan of drama, but I enjoyed it.

Interesting plot, good acting and unexpected end!

Sadly, the film falls flat as a mystery thriller that tries play smart but gives you an empty satisfying result.

She offers him a large sum of money if he will kill her husband (played by Jason Clarke) who has become unbearable to live with due to his consistent abuse.

Actors did their jobs but characters felt empty and shallow.

waste of time .

Enjoyable and different .

I read one review saying, just about enjoying a film and I really enjoyed this film, always like something unexpected and this film gave it to me....

It truly is best discovered on one's own I will just say I enjoyed it which certainly seems to put me in the minority of critics and film viewers.

The last thing is that it's too predictable.

The first "GOOF" listed on this site describes Baker as swigging the last of his drink, then taking ANOTHER final swig of his drink, which should've been an empty glass.

It seems like it's aiming to be some sort of modern reality-interpreting experience that will get you thinking and pretty much comes off a bit forced and overall not interesting, even boring at times.

However once it gets going it becomes very intriguing and had me fully engaged.

So this movie that takes routes and goes places, has a slow pace and may feel weird at first.

Uninteresting .

Basically, it was beautiful and well acted, but incredibly slow.

Serenity overcomes it's dull first half and some bad dialogue with a committed performance from Matthew McConaughey and much more interesting and unique second half with a great twist.

The worst movie I've seen all year.

Some parts are confusing.

a total waste of time....

Watchable because of great cast, but ultimately hollow and pointless .

Without any exaggeration, I think this is one of the worst movie twists I have ever seen.

The music in the film is absolutely stunning.

But you have to make it through a boring hour or so to find that out.

Definitely reminded me of Shutter Island, but more bright and engaging.

Really really enjoyable.

Please don't waste your time.

Plot is contrived and unbelievable.

It doesn't have any kind of depth, it's boring, and a waste of the talented actors present in the movie.

However its is overall original and compelling.

It was well done, the acting was great and, do consider, that if you thought it wasn't, maybe it was great in that the characters you were watching were actually supposed to act in a way that you would mistake for bad acting, or for cliche acting.

Overall though this film is a waste of time as star power couldn't save it.

In my opinion better than some Oscar nominated boring stuff.

Just so bad, worst movie I've seen in awhile.

There's an intriguing and meaningful story to be told deep down in this messy screenplay.

Because of this slow approach - particularly on the lead-up to the 'big reveal' (and the ham-fisted clues along the way) the denouement clumsily presents itself long after you've pretty much come to your own (invariably correct) conclusion anyway - a bit like being slapped gently in the face with a soft toy fish, rather than being hit head-on by a speeding shark (if you'll excuse the topical analogy here).

I was enjoying the first half of the movie, with an interesting noir build up and a compelling character played by Matthey McConaughey.

I was quite surprised with this one and really enjoyed it.

This is one of the worst movies that I've seen in along time.

Overly dramatic and mostly unpredictable with sudden surges of seduction.

The pace of this is pretty slow because a big part of the film is spent trying to drown you in emotion.

this is probably the worst movie i have ever seen.

What a waste of time and money.

This film could've easily been "Let's film Matthew McConaughey during a fishing trip" and would've been a much more compelling narrative.

But it's definitely worth watching.

Again, this misses a key plot point (and a morally intriguing choice made by Knight): the characters in the game are gradually achieving some sort of consciousness through machine learning.

When it comes down to the deed, an unexpected turn of events take place & we find Samsun awaiting orders from the bridge.

Intense and funny .

It has nice suspense, thrilling till the end and teasing the audience with little info to find finally build up the story.

Dull boat in the Ocean .

The very end was quite unexpected and hit me hard, as I hadn't processed Patrick's intentions with changing the rules until you see the parallels between the game and real life at the very end, and I also hadn't considered that Dill actually died at war, which adds another layer to his character and Patrick's devotion to him.

This movie had ups but mostly downs for the most part I kind of enjoyed it I thought Matthews and Ann's performances were pretty good.

With acting to take the lead and a story to try and blow your mind, these are the qualities one needs to keep in mind when going to see this film, (use the mantra of There is a Twist, There is a Twist) Still by going on this twist, the usual components that people go to the movies for is loss to mundane tactics and odd approaches, alongside a repetitive collection of complaints and plot points that are difficult to swallow.

This hurts the rest of the film, with the twist dragging and becoming dull (not to mention extremely hard to accept).

By the time we get there, I'm far too bored to care.

It starts slow, then it has a mind-blowing twist and then it becomes too weird...

Felt like a waste of time.

Where Jeremy Strong's oddball suit and tie wearing Reid Miller, a teenage computer wizz, telepathy and video games comes into the equation is best left for viewers to discover, as this thriller's rough yet often enjoyable journey on the high-seas of high concept movie-making takes place.

As a straight noir thriller it is dull and predictable.

Fascinating .

The whole suspenseful (albeit sometimes unclear) plot comes together at the surprise twist/climax, which for me I did not see coming.

Well worth watching.

Don't waste your time you will not get it back.

Like I said, I can't really say whats so bad about this movie without spoiling the twist, so I'll just say the only reason you should waste your time with this movie is if you love bad movies and want to see one of the dumbest twists ever created.

Save your money.

Otherwise hold out for something more exciting in the near future.

Good pictuer but Waste of time.

But I found myself completely immersed in it right to the end, right from the beginning.

I liked it but I got a little bit bored in the middle.

might not be to everybody's taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a film that sets up a hugely predictable twist that is filled with flaws.

Beautiful empty vessel .

The movie goes in a completely confusing, boring other direction.

Yes, it needed a rewrite but, I enjoyed it.

Well, the movie it's a little bit confusing due to it's mystery and the need to keep it slow to not share too much information too soon.

However, I'm also the first to affirm that if a film fails to deliver a captivating story with compelling characters, there's no magnificent cinematography or mind-blowing special effects that can salvage it.

If it followed the advertised plot and carried out an expected end, it wouldn't be so unique and exciting.

Plus compelling acting -suspended my disbelief as the incongruities in the script began to unravel- I still didn't care!

The performances were attempting to evoke a noir feel but came across more John Waters and the camp factor alone was a fascinating hybrid of cringy and hysterical.

Compounding the pain, my wife - who had wanted to see this - fell asleep an hour in and that meant that I had to soldier on alone.

It certainly stands out as an unpredictable story.

The storyline was bad, and it was very boring.

Really, really enjoyed it.

But me and my dad were bored and it was the only movie showing so we went.

Fascinating story that will leave you in wonderment.

A bit tough to grasp at first but worth watching.

This film was a fair attempt at offering film viewers unpredictable plot.

This was soooo boring, It's as if the slowest, most boring person you know, took several Valium and attempted to put together a puzzle.

It's no award winner, I'll agree, but I found it fascinating at times.

Waste of money and talent.

The two are very similar, confusing at first, every character has a deeper meaning, and a jaw dropping twist.

At times bordered on boring.

The film mostly feels bland, dark and gritty.

Really enjoyed it on several levels.

But this movie was enjoyable.

But if you like seeing authentically unusual movies, then ignore the haters: the story is a fusion of disparate genres, its sentimentality, and its weirdness, Serenity is actually worth watching.

As sad and boring as that would be, it would be infinitely more exciting that this heap of warm dung.

This has to be the worst movie I've actually ever seen ever.

The forced suspense & peculiar behavior from the characters is tedious and distracting; moreso when they start spoiling the twist themselves.

Different from Shutter Island as many pull in as parallel, this movie is boring and predictable to a huge degree.


I was on the edge of my moral reasoning seat- is killing the man the right thing to do?

The scenery sets are breathtaking, great use of color for a small island.

It's still (original but) dull.

Such a waste of time!


It's such a shame it's been so badly panned, as I enjoyed it for what it is; a sad and lonely boy trying to find his moral compass through his dead father, that he's created in a video game.

There are many times you will throw out your arms in confusion yelling, "what the f*ck!

It's really well done and entertaining as hell.

It starts out with a cliché tsunami; not a regular tsunami, ergo the island we visit remains safe.

While these were probably intended to be clues to the twist that comes about an hour in, they don't feel like clues, instead developing confusion (and probably some laughs).


Don't waste your time on 'Serenity' I'm sorry to say, there are bigger and better fish in the sea.

This was and enjoyable movie.

Far from perfect and has holes but for the most part its entertaining, intriguing and very well acted.

The story was stupid and again boring.

The film is engaging from its first moments.

What a waste of time , did someone actually read the script and said yeah this will make a good movie wtf it soooooo stupid

We enjoyed it.

Compelling performances by seasoned actors, contrast in a surreal surrounding, upstaged by a clever writer and director, Steven Knight.

Huge waste of time.

nice package but no script.

The setups are paid off half way through the movie, and then your left with the paper thin characters trying to put the pieces together of a mystery the audience has already solved, and the way the characters go about is so mundane, and so stupid.

The plot certainly needs to be pointed out since it comes around with an unpredictable and creative twist halfway through the movie that changes your perception of everything that has happened up to that point and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the memorable bittersweet ending.


Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I'm a computer programmer myself and know that we are not many years away from creating virtual simulations as portrayed in Serenity??

Now, now, before you deem my review outrageous due to the score, I have to say that it's enjoyable for the fact that everything is borderline hilarious.

Delivered an interesting mind bending concept but an empty satisfaction of the results.

The acting was very good considering it was a boring storyline.

Its a complete waste of time.

Most of the story you're possibly getting from the trailer where Matthew plays a freshman that seriously intense at time, his ex-wife played by Anne Hathaway who turn up out of now with asking for him to kill her Abusive husband played by Jason Clarke.

Serenity is slow, no doubt, drawn out in a drama like film that starts to get lost in the director's vision.

Trying to execute the original concept, led to lines and sends going very oddly, and by getting lost in the convoluted ideas, the other areas the movie wanted to go for fell short, sinking into the sea of the mundane.

The film shifts into a sort of Body Heat type of thriller when his ex suddenly shows up, and it's all engrossing and mysterious.

It's a borefest and since you know where the story is going from the beginning you kinda want it to be over asap.

It starts off ok but once we had 'the twist' it just went nowhere and I was like "meh".

We are left to wonder if the confusion of the story is intentional - and if it is, the message is a bit too jumbled to make sense - or is that the intention?

It was so boring.

Don't get me wrong, the story a tad bit farfetched but overall it made sense and was enjoyable to watch.

The script was tedious and not worthy of the actors in it.

Well, it was different from most genres' crime/thriller, rom-com, sci-fi highly repetitive scripts/plots.

The ludicrous twist that occurs completely derails the movie and makes everything that comes after it essentially pointless.

All in all, the incredible acting performances and breathtaking scenery makes this movie worth a trip to the theatre!

Yes the plot takes a twist completely unexpected.

It was intense, and it was never predictable.

The direction is kind of dull.

Definitely worth watching, if for no other reason than that it is a unique and bold project where you'll find a wide variety of opinions on it.

I wanted to leave the cinema 10 minutes after the movie start.

There were occasional snappy lines of dialogue, such as one of Diane Lane's character Constance, who asks Baker, "Are you going to take him out," which may be read on two levels: (a) Are you going to take the evil stepfather Frank Zariakas out on a fishing expedition, or (b) Are you going to take out Frank, as in taking him out permanently by killing him and feeding him to the sharks?

Not a perfect movie, but entertaining overall.

Also evey scene was so engaging, never felt bored and with amazing performance by Mathew and Anne Hathaway including wide scenery and nice background score, it was fine movie packed with suspense, drama and crime.

Gross, boring, discombobulated and finally big disconnect on video games leading to alternate dimensions that are also magic.

The story is very predictable although I don't think is was meant to be predictable.

One of the worst movies i have ever watched.

It remains though a funny mixture, with the opening hour in retrospect rather pointless given the direction it takes.

Very boring .


The only thing I didn't enjoy was the semi-graphic, and overly long sex scene, other than that, I found the film to not only be extremely entertaining, but very intriguing, even though I figured it's multiple twist out in advance, the film itself is still so off-center, it doesn't get dull if you figure these things out ahead of time.

6/10 for the acting, the ambition and the technical work, also because I still recommend it as something quite unique and found it entertaining.

Waste of time and money.

Stunning film .

Lines and scenes blend together as the stars get stuck expressing their disdain of their lives, which sometimes makes the scenes boring or repetitive.

Entertaining and very stylized .

A complete waste of time, and shocking acting to boot.

Although it channels film noir classics, such as "Double Indemnity" (1944), "Body Heat" (1981) and "Out of Time" (2003) with its steamy sex and murderous agenda, "Serenity" emerges as a dreary morality tale about adultery and murder.

Seriously, don't waste your time.

Great references to classics like The Old Man and the Sea (1958) mixed with the future of technology and games, at the same time a tribute to gamers who are totally immersed in a game, I do not see how to have continuation, more if I had really would go to the movies.

Why give even more reasons for someone to leave the theater frustrated?

I am honestly quite sad to read all the other reviews on this movie stating it's confusing.

It features compelling performances, intriguing sets.

To summarise deftly before I go into any detail: this is a bad film, but a film I consider to be worth watching.

Matthew McConaughey is Baker who's an island fishing boat captain and a guy with a haunted past which involves his bleached blonde ex wife Karen(Anne Hathaway) and the past is slow to figure out only it involves their son and new husband.

The movie starts with good premises, the plot and the characters sound intriguing enough as to engage the viewer, but as the story unfolds, it gets confused, the thrilling side is badly blurred by a kind of science-fiction drift, as to get an uncontrolled and messy sci-fic thriller.

Incoherent, tedious ...

Waste Of Time .

So far, so predictable.

This way, the later portion of the movie is a tedious will he-won't he, followed by a utterly predictable conxlusion.

I can see why so many have taken to Knight's film as an early contender for the years worst, but despite all its flaws and strange choices, Serenity is always watchable and a sometimes wickedly enjoyable thriller with a difference and a heartfelt message, offering a lot more than many of its other by the numbers counterparts.

Not what I expected, but intriguing.

It became curiously intriguing.

It's literally a waste of time.

Waste of time .

A great cast and story and definitely worth the watch.

Here it is: this movie is worth watching.

Worth the watch.

Very weak confusing story line- it's all about Matthews amazing body at times- it is over acted, doesn't make any sense until the last 2 minutes of the movie, what a 3 Star our iof 10 Star movie- very poor 😌

Enjoyed it.

Clever movie and yeah it's slow but do all movies need to be fast paced.

One of the most entertaining films in awhile .

This movie is a total sham beginning with the pretentious title itself.

Probably the script is not that bad but the direction makes this movie dull, uninteresting and childish.

I just couldn't get engaged with the film, and got bored pretty quickly.

An utter waste of money, but more importantly, time because that's something your money just can't buy and you can never, ever get it back.

Very compelling and plot twisty .

The only problem with this is that I found the major twist incredibly predictable with the film basically giving it away far too early.

The only thing why I wouldn't give this more than a 7 is that the story's main twists were actually a bit too predictable - slightly less hints might have done wonders.

Deffinetely worth watching.

Then, a somewhat predictable plot twist changes pretty much everything since our perspective is entirely different now.

Not a good film, but one that's worth watching .

My only real complaint is that the film drags on far too long after the climax is concluded.

Pls don't waste your money and wait and see it in normal TV or online after couple of months.

Night Shyamalam -- a convoluted, incoherent, pretentious mess that's part Double Indemnity, part Jacob's Ladder, part Sunday School film.

The twist was just bizarre and made the movie absolutely pointless.

Alful boring film.

Mind boggling .

Worth watching over and over!

Love the mystery concept idea about the story but the direction is dull, script is flat with characters, and it is forgettable.

I like thinking through the show as it unfolds and I enjoyed it.

It was so boring and empty that it wasn't worth watching.

It starts with a waste of certain characters, each intriguing in their initial introduction, but quickly dropped to mundane characters who appear at the oddest times.