Session 9 (2001) - Horror, Mystery

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Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Brad Anderson
Stars: David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 129 out of 500 found boring (25.8%)

One-line Reviews (350)

Moreover, I am really surprised that people are lauding this film with terms like 'genius' and 'fascinating' -- 'Session 9' is neither.

The same potential for being a good movie ruined by the need to throw in the cliché'd insanity ending.

Session 9 is one of the most intense psychological and horrific movies since Stanley Kubricks, The Shining.

Effective Slow Burn .

Mike discovers both a tape player left behind and also some compelling tapes from former patient (#444) Mary Hobbes, who had three personalities, "Princess," "Billy," and the disturbing "Simon.

If you are looking for high intense, gripping, what-is going-to-happen- next movie, Session 9 will be the right choice for you.

The biggest one, second only to the unabashed unoriginality, is the sheer boredom of the film.

Boring drama .

A bit too slow you could say, since there isn't really an awful lot good, tense or freaky happening in its first hour or so, when you really start analyzing it.

Perhaps it was because the story gets fairly convoluted and is at times difficult to follow because of time jumps, or maybe it was simply a rocky story structure.

Much closer to Blair Witch or The Shining in feel and Erik Skjoldbjaerg's Insomnia in perspective.

i thought it was the most boring movie ever made.

And as far as the confusing ending: pay attention to the opening of the evidence box and what "Simon" says about where he lives in the end to understand it.

suspenseful buildup, anticlimactic ending .

Session 9 is as unpredictable as it is frightening; a movie that will surely mess with your mind.

Naturally it will lose some of its initial shock value and become subject to intense scrutiny as the viewer tries to nit-pick the clues that point to the unholy conclusion.

But in the end, I found it worth watching for the great set, and for that alone.

I mean seriously, even though its a cliché joke used in a lot of cartoons those movies would be just as scary if some 60's pop band was singing while one of these slasher film baddies was chasing the teens around ala Scooby Doo.

The idea is okay, but the production painstakingly slow and predictable.

The most memorable scenes are the slow zooms over some tall grass onto the hospital walls against blue sky.

Don't waste your time .

Kudos to Brad Anderson was directing the intense and gripping drama.

But a slow buildup isn't always necessarily a bad thing, as long as it has a good payoff.

Long, Drawn Out Story With Very Little Payoff In The End.

All of the character development (as boring as the characters ultimately are) and story are thrown out in favor of the ol' reliable "multiple personality disorder".

Worst movie i have ever seen .

Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.

fascinating .

Half the creepyness comes from slow watching things unfold as the movie progresses toward it's chilling conclusion.

Session 9 is one of those movies that I believe will become more entertaining upon multiple viewings.

Tone is set from the off as being slow burn, this is perfect as it allows us to get a grasp of the characters, their psychological make ups and narrative worth.

The screen becomes a window into reality and we as viewers find ourselves strangely invested in the mundane aspects of the asbestos work.

I had high hopes for this one, reviewing messages in this board, with people saying it was really creepy but it was very slow.

The movie was so slow to get going if it hadn't been for the quality actors I'd probably have given up with it.

this film is obviously an attempt to craft a slower, more atmospheric, spooky thriller.

If you can sit through 20-30 minutes of it, and just walk out due to bore of the movie, I would give up posting reviews forever.

On the other hand - it is very entertaining to see how Phil was talking about Gordon behind Gordon's back (sort of mobbing him)...

There is no story, no script, no ghost, a worst cliché movie ever made.

Fell asleep .

Instead of relying on cheap scares this movie ultimately shines with its slow burn.

Session 9 is about a bunch of guys who are employed to reclaim a derelict mental hospital, which, although it appears so, is far from empty.

So if you're tired and bored of the predictable...

The closing scenes are gripping and depressing and the acting of Gordons character is incredible and especially heartbreaking in his moment of realization.

If you are looking for high intense, gripping, what-is going-to-happen-next movie, Session 9 will be the right choice for you .

Going nowhere .

" I found it to be extremely intriguing and interesting.

While you might catch a slow zoom from a sixties or seventies movie, it is severely underused these days, which is really too bad.

After an hour of an unwatchable film we decided to put it on fast forward and stop when things begin to happen.

Session 9 isn't too bad, but it is a very slow going "thinker" of a movie and if you don't like those types of films then you'll hate this.

It is a tedious, boring drama about azbestos workers.

I wish the movie's timeline is shorten to increase the intensity and make the ending even more compelling.

)Take every horror cliché and put them into a barrel of monkeys, shake thoroughly, and spill them on the table.

) It's a truly intense, compelling nightmare about decent people and how, under pressure, their flaws and vulnerabilities and moments of bad judgment may lead to horror and tragedy for themselves and everyone in their orbit.

It's a little intense for the young ones, believe me I found out...

that one scored 8/10.. only because it was a little slow at times.. does anyone have advice how I can get around this ten line rule?

The dialogue is unintentionally hilarious at points, but it's still some of the driest and most uninteresting dialogue I've ever heard in my life.

Despite the great premise, there are glaring holes in the story and some obviously contrived dialogue to set up future events in a very obvious way.

Engrossing Should not be missed by any fan of this genre.

I don't know what was worse, the tedious plot, the bad writing, or the absolutely absurd editing.

Well acted, but very tiresome .

It's a horror film aimed at a certain horror fan, the one who has the patience to enjoy slow burn psychological pin prickery.

One of the worst movies made.

No plot, no tension, no point in making movie like this.

While watching it me and my friend constantly had to make jokes because the script was so boring.

Scary, intense, eerie, disorienting, disturbing, nightmarish, and above all else, original.

I never jumped from my seat, and I can imagine that with the wrong expectations, this movie might be boring to some.

More like a boring soap opera with an all-male cast.

A terrific ensemble cast is headlined by David Caruso (TV's "CSI: Miami") and Scottish actor-director Peter Mullan (MY NAME IS JOE), both of whom give committed performances as men on the edge of despair, and strong support is given by Josh Lucas (THE DEEP END), Brendan Sexton III (WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE) and co-writer Steven Gevedon as the hapless co-worker who stumbles on a series of audio tapes which contain ultra-creepy psychiatric sessions involving a former patient suffering from split personality disorder.

Despite the story is really slow, it is perfect for make us put the picture together.

I will not sugar coat or lie to anyone reading this, THE BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME EVER.

Anyone who has experienced intense pain only to have the pain scoffed at by someone not realizing its intensity know how immediate the violent response springs to mind.

Session 9 is just another predictable, generic, typical, unoriginal, cliché psychological horror film.

But the film suffers from a weak script, disjointed pacing, and a sub-par cast.

No acting, no production values, no plot and definitely no scares!

Clever and Intriguing .

Creepy, suspenseful and actually scary.

Or if your after real psychological terror combined with stunning deep focus photography try the original HAUNTING.

I really wanted to enjoy this, but for me, it was just too slow and it didn't really go anywhere interesting.

Still, I guess I enjoyed it up until the end.

Forget any references to the "Blair Witch Project" as the back of the cover dares to suggest, Enjoy for yourself, and become immersed in the dark shadowy thrills and chills and Discover just what Session 9 is all about.

It is boring, there is no payoff, for the fist hour I kept thinking there has to be a point if i keep watching another 10 mins something HAS to happen.

For me, this just went WAY too slow.


This is one of the worst movies i've seen.

Well worth sticking through an otherwise slightly boring movie to see him act and also to see how the Director can be so innovative with what he had for a budget.

Gordy was confusing, Mike was the best out of em all.

I hate the usual teen slasher movies (yawn, another mutilated body) so I was impressed with this movie as the horror is around you and not just on the screen.

Music permeates in the background with a disjointed disturbing score encapsulating the dominating sense of disquiet.

The movie was drizzled with a sense of claustrophobic doom: characters fleeing down the hospital corridors as the lights go out behind them; the constant oppressive rumble of generators; the slow leak of coins and last effects from a hole in a wall.

an empty jar of peanut butter.

The film DOES pack a punch, but the snail's pace and the self-infatuation with the set and the background ends up taking away from the story, not adding to it.

The characters are boring and have a lot of pointless development that is not interesting, they should have cut about 30 minutes from the film.

brad anderson is an excellent director/writer, and if this film, and 2001's fun and enjoyable "happy accidents" are any indication, he has HUGE things in front of him.

But if you like a good thriller you should probably see this one and as a bonus it features David Caruso ;)It kind of looks like a B-Movie or Television series and can be a bit boring now and then if you prefer action over drama.

the dialoge is horrible, and the plot is predictable (my friend with me, thinks it wasn't that predictable, so maybe it was just to me).

After reading up on its history it is painfully obvious that an opportunity wasn't fully taken advantage of, and that a so-so story was placed inside of a historical structure with a deeply fascinating background.

We thoroughly enjoyed it.

I recommend this to anyone, but be forewarned, it can be quite intense.

We begun getting mad after a whole our of nothing happening.

The actors - who by and large do a good job - cannot rescue a script that is illogical, confusing and erratic and that leaves the viewer in constant confusion as to who is where and doing what to whom at any given point.

As some one mentioned in another review, the pay off at the end is so obvious and boring that the entire movie is spent trying to throw you off the trail even stooping to dream sequences and non-linear chronology.

And don't get me wrong, I AM a fan of movies with a slow build up, but this one was just boring.

tension is always a tough cookie to crack, and when the pace of a film is slow, it is easy to slide right over into boredom.

"Session 9" is being described as the most intelligent horror film in years, genuinely creepy and amazingly atmospheric with unpredictable twists.

The ending feels a tiny bit flaccid but that is the most minor of complaints from an otherwise genuinely gripping and powerfully scary movie.

Hearing of the rumors that it was slow and awful ending, I was already at that point sketched out.

i was at home, the clock was 03.10, i was bored, and looked at my computer, and then i saw the film, i was not scared much, a little bit maybe, when the one person is walking around in the sewers alone.

Though the movie has a slow pace, the suspense is built up amazingly well through light sound effects that keep you on the edge of your seat.


This is one of my all time favorite horror movies, I love the atmosphere and the slow burn...

The tension between the characters and the breakdown of trust is intriguing to watch.

The stories of this country's mental institutions are absolutely horrific, yet fascinating to me.

It was completely engrossing.

Quite boring and uninteresting.

This movie was an hour and a half of monotonous, boring, poorly-written, uninventive garbage.

Flat, derivative, unimaginative, and absolutely predictable.

" The suspense is often unbearable.

Although I don't think so, some may consider this movie to be slow, as you don't really know what is going on until the end.

The performances by Caruso and Gevedon are especially of note, and along with the carefully considered plot movement, make this movie anything but dull.

It was somewhat unexpected, because even though he had been behaving like he was very stressed, he seemed to be the most no-nonsense of the crew.

Once you get to the point in the movie where the characters have been established, and you are starting to get into the scary location, which it is, i mean an abandoned mental institution with a fairly descent bit of thrilling music, thats it.

When all is said and done, I was left cold, yawning, and confused.

Despite slow development and lack of outright gore, it is quite a frightening little piece.

I highly recommend it.

The Danvers State Mental Hospital was the only star worth watching in SESSION 9.

I really just thought this movie was rather lazy, boring and a bit unflattering!

But, to add to that, the pacing is so slow it's nearly unbearable.

The most disturbing moments of the film are slow, and paced.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to be challenged.

Spooky, low budget, worth watching .

The characters are dull, uninteresting.

For all those people who thought this film was boring, you obviously don't understand fear as much as you say or think you do.

I was bored.

Climax Golden Twins provide a suitably jarring score, where disjointed noises and elongated tonal strains further enhance the pervading disquiet.

The slow, sinister drip of water in an empty corridor, remnants of former patient's possessions strewn on the floor, shadows moving across the wall of an empty room...

Reading the back of the video cover this sounded as if it could be an excellent movie, but it was slow and really didn't have the eerieness I expected.

Most of the movie is just slow and boring, it barely keeps the viewer interested in the plot.

7/10 worth watching again.

e foul mouths, empty minds, etc. The Scottish/Irish/British actor was by far the best and most interesting.

ok its real simple if you did not like this film take the pepsi chalenge i dare you to watch this movie in a large house all alone at night, i mean i did and i was scared i mean wow, a horror movie staring only men in there 30s how original, i enjoyed it and many of my friends are to scared to watch it, i would say its the scariest movie ever or at least in the top 5!

The middle part is full of weird slow camera work which honestly had me feeling bored pretty soon because used far too often.

Don't waste your time.

The plot is slow through the first half of the film then descends into clumsiness towards the end.

To start off, movie is toooo slow to be a mystery, yes there are a few high moments.

It also was very hard to follow at times and the ending is so bizarre and not very well portrayed or explained.

If you are looking for a suspenseful little flick that builds the creep and fear factor, enjoy.

The most scary moment for me was about mid-movie, when I realised what a waste of time this movie would be if (horrible) events did not start happening soon.

I had been meaning to get around to seeing this movie for about a year, and having just seen it last night, i really really enjoyed it, it was well paced, without giving you too much, allowing audiences to use there imagination and work out the twisty plot.

or at least something infinitely more mundane that it had us believe during the buildup.

show 'Millenium' blows away this entire movie (this is directed at all the reviews praising the psychological aspects of this film)In summary I found it boring, Not in the least scary, a crude practice in building atmosphere that leads NOWHERE.

Hank's discovery of the hoard in a wall outside the morgue, for instance (ominously stressed by a compelling backward tracking shot inside while he scrambles, out of shot, for the dusty loot).

Brad Anderson's real success is in dropping compelling characters into his haunted house.

The method that reached me was a build up of an intriguing story and suspense encapsulated in the setting of an old mental hospital.

It's a devilishly odd thing to say, but as the story and characters are given room to breath, the audience who have immersed themselves in the picture will start to feel claustrophobic, and then for the night time sequences, even achluophobic.

All of this is revealed in the OTHER most cliché cinematic shot of the thriller genre where the character comes to the realization in a series of flashbacks where supposedly unrelated throw away earlier behavior now has significant meaning.

So, despite its drawbacks, the film is sufficiently chilling and worth watching.

But then, the story becomes extremely predictable.

I found it to be just pretentious.

This was just a waste of everyone's time.

For those that find the movie confusing, I think the movie makes perfect sense on one viewing.

It isn't very original, and it isn't very terrifying either, but it's quite entertaining, the actors are just OK and it's been elegantly filmed.

Each of the five main actors has a distinct style; Mullan is sullen and unsettled, Caruso is dark and intense, Sexton is hyperactive and talkative, Lucas is loud and cocky, and co-writer Gevedon is quiet and introspective.

After all that build up, the film goes out with a wimper by employing a hugely predictable plot device and compounds the folly by leaving lots of loose ends unexplained.

" The second in command (David Caruso) lost his girlfriend to the "devil may care" worker character (Josh Lucas) with all the contrived tension that would entail.

As far as the film's ending goes, let this much be said- Anderson deserves credit for willingness to follow his dark vision to the intense and unsettling end.

If you want to watch a suspenseful movie that's not cheap and actually has some originality to the plot, then Session 9 is a movie for you.

Being a fan of the survival horror game series "Silent Hill" and a rabid hater of boring stupid slasher flicks like Jason XI: Jason vs.

absolutely boring, you will die in boredom.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

The bad comments I have found on IMDb have said the film is confusing, whereas I can not find anything confusing about the film at all.

I'm not even trying to pick on any of the actors, this was just one long drawn out movie.

the movie was very slow moving,boring in fact.

I'm usually OK with a slow movie, I actually prefer a movie to start slow, so it can set the scene and the characters.

A boring film that made little sense, eliciting yawns instead of chills.

Borrowing liberally from such site-specific horror films as "The Shining" (in terms of plot devices as well) with the volatile, quirky character development of "Insomnia", it's an offbeat horror flick with enough character going for it to win over just about any post-Blair Witch cynic.

the movie sort of dragged on for me.

When the doctor asks why he did that, he answers: "Because they let me, Doc," with a manly and very cliché smug-villain-voice, which is too bad, because it takes all potential scary out of it.

My wife got up in the last 3rd and left the room out of boredom.

Overall, the "spooky atmosphere" (very well-lighted places aren't spooky, by nature) and the "brooding" (read "boring") story-line, were totally ineffective and all that were left were a few (very few) "Wow, that's kinda creepy" moments.

Its such a pointless film, the payoff at the end is boring and predictable, I don't know why it has such good IMDb reviews.

I enjoy the adrenaline rush.

I was left wondering what really drove any of the characters, but I was left ultimately impressed with the absolutely crisp, colorful and moody photography and delirious, gripping sound.

The story itself gets very confusing as it goes on and it's a bit of a struggle not to get lost somewhat as it jumps about, especially in the last 20 minutes or so.

His mind is destroyed by guilt, remorse, confusion and self loathing.

Some viewers, desiring a more typical horror movie, might find the slow pacing and lack of action a bit dull.

the most boring movie ever made .

Intense and frightening, I recommend this picture to anyone wholikes character driven, intelligent films.

For me, I expect a plot that is well constructed; all the nice lighting and good acting pretty much is invalidated if the story itself is too flimsy to be engaging.

Slow paced and boring with only occasional interesting parts.

On most occasions I can handle a thriller/horror and get bored at times.

However, it took too long to get the story going and I started to get bored about half-way through.

This film is very eerie, and just unsettling, in invokes confusion with it's atmosphere.

' parts, in a 'need to know way', the ending was to me quite unpredictable, so it keeps you hanging right on till the end, a definite, must see 'twicer' to realise all those crucial plots.

Initially, the movie is dragged a bit.

Intense Scottish Peter Mullan plays their foreman in the strongest performance in the film.

Anyone interested in seeing a well crafted, creepy, intelligent, suspenseful, psychological thriller should rent or buy Session 9!

It was interesting, but it was hard to follow.

If that's the case, I'd hate to see them on a slow day).

If they're making a comedy, they just use an overabundance of generic sex jokes and have some nerdy teens do predictable off-the-wall things.

Very enjoyable .

Anyway, this is a very entertaining little film....

He comes back that night to take them home and, disappointedly, disappears after he is attacked by an unseen enemy in possibly the most cliché cinematic shot of the thriller genre.

I'm so glad the director deleted certain scenes (from the DVD features) as it may have been harder to follow and confusing any other way.

"Silent Hill" does this good, though, while the movie had me struggling to stay awake.

It goes from being haunting, to tedious pretty fast.

Creepy and Worth Watching .

Session 9 is a unique bit of minimalist horror, slow burning it's way through a paced story that seems like it's not really going anywhere, until out of nowhere it's got you in its chilling grip.

The actors failed to make you believe that what was happening was true and at times their conversations were dreadfully boring and didn't make sense.

The actors were well cast, and David Caruso in particular, as an unpredictable character in an unstable setting.

The movie contains much dialogues but it never bores you, and also some breathtaking scenes which are remarkably directed.

yawn/ignore any recommendations for this movie .

Brad Anderson Brings Back the Slow Zoom – 8 (the fumes make you crazy) .

In fact, I'll take Robert Wise's original The Haunting over almost any modern horror film out there, but there's slow and deliberate and then there's slow AND SLOW Now, I felt the writers ALMOST pulled it off in the end.

For me, this gave the film an 'empty' feel with no depth.

It's slow though for the majority of the movie.

The plot was unexpected and interesting.

the movie is pretty amazing and has you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what happens next.

This was just plain dull.

but when jeff freaked out and ran to gordon's truck and ate his oreos i had a confusion moment because it was obviously gordon by the way jeff was reacting.

A big factor is the sanitarium, which is a wonderful location, filled with many dark hallways and drab, vacant rooms.

They goof off, kill time and wander the empty halls of the massive building, and one of them finds dusty old tape recordings, containing psychiatric sessions with a severely disturbed patient.

Anyway, the film is slow and don't expect a lot of blood; which gives it its creepy charm.

I HIGHLY recommend it.

Soon enough, though, the slow zooms, uneasy facial expressions, and the awkward silence betray a creepiness that has been hidden underneath.

It's slow and leads nowhere.

Because it's slow paced.

Dragged Me to Ridiculousness .

You'll be on the edge of your seat, anticipating the answers to these and many other intrigues.

But the ending was predictable and weak.

Anderson favors long, deliberate camera movements and wide-angle shots which transform the Institute's vast empty spaces into an oppressive, tomb-like structure, using the widescreen format to impressive visual effect.

Don't waste your time with this one.

The fear soon turned to anger when nothing happened until the very end of the movie (and they did not need to bother with the ending, it is royally bad).

Intense, creepy, scary, without the hokey humor.

How dull that would be.

Sure, you wonder what will happen next, but more because of boredom than anything else.

Waste of time...

Its just a bunch of idiots talking and talking realizing that they just have to do waste our time talking some serious nonsense so that we can be glued to the suspense music, while there is no suspense at all.

It was disjointed, poorly developed, and the red herrings only served (imho) to fill up space and distract the viewer from the fact that nothing else is going on worth paying attention to.

Session 9 has a slow pace that might bore some of you, and indeed in the first few moments of the movie, I myself struggled to keep watching.

This movie is completely dull and horrendous.

Session 9 is a slow movie.

Still, it was a rousing bit of entertainment.

Problem for me was that they were so ordinary they were boring as well as falling into two-dimensional.

However, for those of us who appreciate a "slow burn" this movie is perfect.

Session 9 is a disturbing psychological horror that twists and turns leavings the viewer on the edge of his or her seat wanting to know what's going on.

The camera work is solid with some nice slow-panning shots of the compelling interior of the institution.

This is the kind of bad movie that you watch, and then you have to struggle to remember what happened in it because it is so horribly bland that you can't remember.

As is usually the case, I enjoyed it even more and got quite a bit more out of it.

The characters are boring, their conversations are more or less irrelevant for the plot (if there is supposed to be one).

It seems it appeals massively to the pretentious folks out there who put themselves up as superior beings.

All in all, it was a movie that was moderately absorbing (from the strength of the actors, all of whom did well), confusing up until the end, and lacking the vital ingredient of good horror - a sense of overwhelming dread.

This brings nothing new to the genre, it is un inspiring and even the camera work is very boring and even distracting the DOP or director does not have a good eye for angles or mood, the rhythm is all off.

It was a long time ago since i saw such an entertaining movie.

This, however, tends to cause a lot of frustration and confusion in people, which is why they call it a bad movie.

The characters are very ill defined and the film, although very atmospheric, tends to be confusing and sometimes even boring just because we don't really know or care who they are and what or why their undefined fears take control of them and actually what even happens at the end.

Obviously made on a shoe-string budget (read no special effects and a cast of 6), this film falls into the same trap as so many other movies: all the action takes place in the closing stages of the story - the first hour or so is squandered on pointless dialogue and wasteful cut-scenes.

Expect The Unexpected.

You must expect the unexpected.

Overall, as "slow burn" horror goes, this is very good.

And the rest are Anti-Mainstream people who pretend like every movie that is slow paced must be good.

Director Brad Anderson, who also co-wrote the compact and intelligent script with Stephen Gevedon, relates the absorbing story at a slow stately pace, takes time to develop the well drawn and distinctive main characters, makes deft use of the splendidly eerie and desolate asylum location, ably creates and maintains a potently spooky atmosphere, astutely nails the tremendous pressure of the waste disposal business, and does a spot-on job of crafting a strong feeling of pervasive and overwhelming dread.

i fell asleep with about 5 minutes left in the movie.

This one'll keep you guessing throughout so I won't give any spoilers, but I did want to leave a review (rate for me) as I was unusually impressed by the depth of the acting.

A notable attempt at breaking the boring current trend of teen schlock horror.

It's very suspenseful but at the same time very predictable and rather slow moving.

The director carefully crafts his story, building a sense of dread and tension to the breaking point, but never relies on the ever disappointing, predictable, and LAZY scare tactics so popular in horror movies today (how does the cat get into the closet, and why does it always jump out?

A little something here and a little something there, but overall, the first bit is rather slow.

Session 9 is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This movie is not mindless entertainment, it's a gripping internal horror movie that is as much about your horror as it is about the characters.

However, Brad Anderson has breathed new life into this cliche'd horror subject.

Worse yet, the ending is so predictable, that the movie spends most of its time trying to throw you off the track.

The only thing we're left with now, is trying to figure out if the villain here is stressed out Gordon, or his work-mate, intense Phil.

Yes, it is a slow movie to get into at first, but then it gets intense.

It's like the writers pulled ideas from lots of other movies (Shining, Sixth Sense, Blair Witch), mixed them up and ended up confusing themselves as to where to go.

The only emotion that this movie made me feel besides boredom was laughter (so that's an action not an emotion, sue me), due to the infamous "F*** youuuu" scene by David Caruso and the "SaTaN rUlEs" graffiti that was "ominously" scattered all over the walls of the asylum.

Though initially confusing, "Session 9" develops into a fairly straightforward horror-mystery.

The descent into madness was engrossing and I will likely see this film again.

Nearly two hours of my life wasted on THE most tedious, yawn-inducing rubbish I've ever had the misfortune to see.

A psychological thriller that has its moments, but much of the movie is boring and a bit meandering until the big payoff in horror terms at the end.

Bad acting (yeah, some of it was Caruso's), highly contrived/unnatural dialogue, and scenes that go nowhere adds up to a frustrating and often comical film.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

So stop being so pretentious!

It was a slow burning psychological drama, that like Brad Anderson's other film, The Machinist, has many clues towards a completely shocking ending.

The movie "Session 9" is more of a exciting thriller rather than horror, so let get that out first.

Horror movies started to make a serious comeback as the new millennium progressed, and mostly remakes of classic films highlighted with much more graphic and intense violence filled the theaters.

The tapes, Gordon's flashbacks, the 5 men (and if you watch the deleted scenes on the DVD, it is even more confusing).

The main issue that I had with the film was that there was no substance or creation/build up of tension whatsoever mainly due to the majority of scenes glaring with natural light and also the large empty spaces and rooms that the scenes were set in which lacked decoration and scenic detail.

I actually turned it off halfway through and put it in the bin I was so bored.

Session 9 was not scary, creepy, interesting or worth watching in my opinion.

Fans of only the teeny bopper pseudo slasher films like I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and SCREAM will find it mostly boring and too difficult to follow ;)

All in all, Session 9 is a powerful and intelligent psychological thriller that is immensely entertaining, and terrifyingly creepy throughout.

I like movies that are twisted and confusing as long as I feel fulfilled at the end.

You might like this if you like slower, atmospheric suspense movies.

At the end of the movie I had the same ho-hum feeling I did half way through it.

My favorite part was how much thinking I put towards the characters and certain scenes which kept you on the edge of your seat.

Those that find the story confusing, you may have been trying too hard.

:-( There are many other thriller/horror movies out there that are much more engrossing and chillingly frightening than "Session 9.

When your watching some of the characters walking in the dark tunnels just anticipating whats going to happen next keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Clearly, to me, the only drawback was the slow start of the movie, which really came off like a bad Lifetime movie except everything was even more depressing and dreary...

My two favorite things about SESSION 9 are (1) the scenes shot in broad daylight, and (2) the slow zoom.

The storyline is obvious and the ending is predictable.

It's intelligent, well-written, it's completely unpredictable, it looks great (I didn't really notice until the second viewing how well the editing and the photography work together), and the soundtrack is downright creepy.

Apparently a separate story involving a female inmate was removed as it was felt to be too confusing for viewers.

The acting was awful and the scenes that probably had to be the scary ones were so slow and dull that made the film even harder to watch.

The movie is kind of slow in the beginning and gets a little more creepier as the movie progresses.

I have to wonder if the marijuana reference in the movie meant that you had to be stoned to passively ride the predictable plot till the "a ha" moment where the revelation finally presents itself.

With a brilliant premise, "Session 9" is a slow build of genuine atmospheric creepiness.

I also want to give a shout out to Peter Mullan, who gives a fascinating performance here.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and my heart was beating so hard 'cause of the fear that I got from watching this movie.

My thoughts are if nothing happens during the first 5 minutes then the movie is a dud, and was I ever right.

and the dialog was fairly bland at some parts.

Every member of the superb cast gets you rooting for them and sympathizing with their characters (even Lucas as Hank is engaging in his own sneaky, self-absorbed way), so their unraveling has real emotional heft (unlike, say, the snarky, cocky trio in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

A fine slow paced movie.

Avoid SESSION 9 unless you like long, slow, boring dramas masquerading as horror movies.

I highly recommend it.

Session 9 is a slow-burner; it builds up a dense atmosphere and sense of dread until the final act becomes exceptionally creepy and intense.

Boring begins to sum it up...

Genuinely gripping .

It rambles on for a good 1 hour 30 minutes, inviting said pretentious folks into believing it is some how highbrow.

Also, much of this movies dialog is incredibly cliché.

From the hapless way the characters' associations were built, to the pointless sessions with Mary and the introductions to her many personalities, I felt this movie was an ATTEMPT at a psychological thriller that failed miserably.

What's the point of all this mystery and secrecy when the whole revelation is dull and disappointing?

Creepy, bone-chilling, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspenseful!

It starts out slow with drama thrown in and slowly developing the characters.

If you have some sort of stupid desire to waste your life on viewing a carbon copy of 30 films you've already seen (which were all carbon copies of each other to begin with), then watch Session 9.

Once inside the grim old complex, surrounded by peeling paint, water stains, graffiti, creepy old equipment, and the various patients' memorabilia from the old days, Hank finds a veritable treasure trove in the morgue's incinerator, Mike finds compelling audio tapes of a multiple-personality patient's sessions, and the place's overall eeriness begins to work everybody's nerves.

I'm sorry, but there is nothing scary about a cheesy plot that I've literally seen hundreds of times, pumped to overflowing with absolute stupidity and cliché conventions.

it should be in stupid comedy/ridiculous waste of time.

Call my attention span short, but this movie simply moved at too slow of a pace for my tastes.

some have problems with the movies ending and how predictable it seems.

The created tension between characters and location is tangible to the point that you are immersed in the institution itself, jumping at anything that moves.

Good plot and slow build up to a conclusion you may not see coming.

True horror fans dismiss it as slow or `cerebral', with none of the trademark gore and cheesy scare-tactics they've come to expect.

So boring with lots of pointless dialogue and music.

another good thing about this feature is the atmosphere it creates (it has something of the cine-verite meets mockumentary camera work of the Blair witch project) by using long shots, steady cams lingering and slow tracking shots.

It starts off slow and builds it all to a horrifying climax.

However, the plot is crappy and trite...

But i should warn you that this movie is kinda slow, and there many unrelated events in it which you might not understand until the end of the movie.

I can´t be any more exciting than it already is, and Caruso is such a great actor, the surrounding set i just remarkable, it´s fantastic that it excists houses like that still.

A couple of other commentators claim that this movie is brain candy, but my brain got bored after the first 10 minutes and decided that it wasn't needed to figure this one out.

It leaves the film feeling strangely disjointed, as if Wes Craven finished off The Shining for Stanley Kubrick.

Well Worth Watching.

;-)If you like movies like "Scream", "I know what you did last summer", or "Urban Legend" don't waste your time watching this movie.


It looked intriguing, so we decided to give it a chance.

While you're watching this it's all very interesting, well-paced and exciting, directed by the talented Brad Anderson, with a crisp Kubrick-like style.

There's something unquestionably compelling about fly-on the wall documentaries, after all.

In retrospect, the story could have very easily been made into a boring, underwhelming or overly-gorey film, so I have to applaud the team - everyone from the writers to the sound-editors - for putting together an effectively scary and engrossing picture!

Having seen this device used many times now, I've come to feel that it takes more than a tidy peek at the answer key for me to forgive a director his contrived roller-coaster narrative.

Very enjoyable movie.