Setup (2011) - Action, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



A group of friends become involved in a potentially deadly diamond heist.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Mike Gunther
Stars: 50 Cent, Bruce Willis
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 47 out of 89 found boring (52.8%)

One-line Reviews (82)

It really is a total waste of time.

Setup, unfortunately, is an "arid" and plain story with predictable events and dull ending.

The only enjoyable parts were Willis' scenes.

"Setup" is an "action" flick, filled with every cliché in the book.

I questioned why Bruce Willis would take a role, with come many cliché lines.

The movie was a waste of time and i am really disappointed.

)The friendship between Sonny and Vinnie wasn't even close to being believable, I would have never picked them out as buddies, as dull as both of their performances were.

This is a waste of your time.

There are plus points, such as the occasional humour in the script, but overall, awkward is probably a good adjective to describe this disjointed and strained film.

Is this movie predictable?

But this movie is something else, I haven't seen something that bad in a while, in fact I can say that for the first time a fell asleep towards the end, there was nothing to keep me interested.

Formulaic Crime Thriller .

Very predictable and worn out plot.

Of cause 50-in-da-club cent survives, not because he is 50, and bullets just bounce off him, but because of cliché number 2: He is saved by the cross he wears around his neck.

Its bland.

i really gave it a chance and watched all 90 min but it was a waste of time.

the movie is stupid predictable nonsense stay away by all means this is a movie trap , Sh(i)t inside!

Don't waste your time on this.

The acting, plot, writing, and characters are outrageously cheesy, extremely predictable, and poorly made.

I don't know how, 'cause I had dozed off for a moment, but cliché number 6 will now appear: The hardcore gangster boss.

Bruce Willis looks bored and they must have paid him a great deal of money to be in it.

U can wait for the DVD to come out and if one day you are really bored, and need to get your mind off something...

You can see all the "twists" coming a mile away and the rest of the plot was really predictable as well.

combined with the "random acts of kindness and charity" around every corner makes me feel like the movie is just Bible Thumper Propaganda.

The movie was totally disjointed, and was completely devoid of anything that would grab the attention of any audience with an IQ greater the date of the month on which they were unfortunate enough to be subjected to this, for want of a better or more appropriate phrase, B-Movie.

The remainder of the movie is filled with confusing, poorly explained, overlapping plot lines.

Besides the fact that I couldn't get into the movie because of Jackson's acting, the movie was very slow and seemed to go nowhere.

I found the film to be poorly directed, the acting wooden and the storyline predictable if slightly erratic.

Jesus what to say about this rubbish just writing more lines to save you from losing your time there's no plot there's no acting there's no camera work no action nothing also i like to say that there are so many holes in this movie like the swiss emental cheese , also 50 cent was acting like a stupid donkey that taking drugs the man has no talent in movies ,also Bruce Willis has fallen too low in my opinion to participate in such b class movies.

Enter cliché number 5: the "muscle".

I rarely comment on movies, but this is possibly the worst movie I've ever had the misfortune of sharing the same room as, far less, watching.

The boss is played by Bruce Willies, but it doesn't matter as he is only in the movie for 5 minutes, his character is boring, and his lines could just as well have been written by a tween.

What Vincent doesn't realize, however, is that the bullet intended for Sonny was deflected by a crucifix he was wearing and upon recovering a minute later has filled him with a intense desire for revenge upon the man who betrayed him.

Otherwise, don't waste your time or money to see this on the movie theatre.

This was mostly a waste of time.

The script is abysmal, and includes some genuinely laughable moments - which would have been a plus except for the fact that they occur in scenes which appear to be serious (Im referring to the dialogues between Sonny and the priest, which are ridiculously contrived).

At first I thought the sound recording was poor - then I realised that its just Curtis 'fiddy cent' s voice is completely monotone - when his mate gets shot, when he gets shot, when he's about to shoot somebody....

The other two young actors indeed tried very hard to play the roles but since the screenplay is so formulaic and so predictable, they are just two very uninteresting characters in a very boring predictable movie.

Added to the fact that both Willis and Philippe had a clear disdain towards the script( Ren and Stimpy had more depth in theirs and they only puked in certain episodes) which showed during their acting performance that would even make Soap opera stars turn around in their graves made this one of the worst movies I've seen in quite a while.

This is probably the worst movie i've seen this year.

So, If you want flashbacks of more enjoyable moments when you were horribly sick, give this one a try.

It has no story, everything happens in a random way, the plot is almost inexistent.

Every character is bland, unappealing, and onedimentional.

The story is nothing new, it's predictable and plain boring, and that music score!

Boring movie and I really don't know how I managed to see it through.

Characters walking in and out of the scenes is very predictable.

The bar has been set so high that it's unbearable watching movies that aren't up to par!

Willis, the most surprising cast member of all, is probably the most enthralling member of the, ahem, set up, doing his wise cracking character thing to entertaining effect.

Don't waste your time and your money watching this movie.

The slow religious scenes involving 50 Cent should have been left on the cutting room floor.

I mean, hell, THE TOWN was over-rated, dry, and slow as hell!...

His acting is so pretentious with limited emotions and passions, without even trying to break some new ground for his later day acting transcendence or enhancement.

Simple Review So you don't waste your time .

Ryan Phillips presented another dull performance similar to others he's done recently, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson merely played another version of himself he does in all his movies.

So my final conclusion is that this movie is a waste of time, money and space.

Bruce Willis apparently stars in this movie for 5 minutes, which leads me to believe he found out how horrible the movie is and decided he had better things to do, like watch paint dry.

This is a very predictable and very forgettable old movie with a new title and different actors.

I enjoyed it and gave it 5.5.

Worst Movie Ever .

Predictable in the worst way ever.

For me the worst movie I have ever seen with Bruce Willis in it...

Unfortunately this film took Bruce Willis and dragged him down to 50 cent's level of acting, poor show all round.

Fifty now has to chase him in another boring action scene.

In reality, Jackson is at best average as Sonny, with his monotone narration.

is a BORE.

That means there's a bad soundtrack made up of dull rock and uninteresting rap, badly written character drama, mostly bad acting (Phillipe's performance could be called bipolar, as he goes from committed to looking like he doesn't want to be there), plot points like a pseudo-religious angle that go nowhere, plot holes the size of craters, and no reason to care about anyone or anything that happens.

Predictable and just...

A formulaic screenplay with boring plot development .

empty, and he really isn't bringing any soul to his character, and I've got to say, I really hope he gets better than this, because I know he's going to keep trying.

I would not waste my time, but after I got halfway through and wanted to turn it off, I had already invested 40 minutes of my life.

Worst movie ever .

And for god's sake, don't waste your money.

You'll see the plot points coming at you from a mile away and yawn.

If You're Bored Stiff.

The heist is cliché number one as it is one of those "Rear end car with truck, shoot stuff, say bad ass sh*t, and get out" sort of heists.

Now cliché 3 can take place: The hunt for revenge!

Mix all this with a terribly-predictable storyline and tattoos so fake they look like they were put on with Sharpies right before shooting and you have Setup.

A very very disappointing and slow movie.

Decent script, poor acting, predictable .

The plot is confusing, the characters shallow, the dialogue mediocre.

A very thin story line, bad acting and many boring moments.

It's tries to be cool and slick but just comes off dull, corny, lame and boring.