Seven Days in Utopia (2011) - Drama, Sport

Hohum Score



After a disastrous debut on the pro circuit, a young golfer finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas and welcomed by an eccentric rancher.

Director: Matthew Dean Russell
Stars: Lucas Black, Robert Duvall
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 12 out of 41 found boring (29.26%)

One-line Reviews (41)

So what if it was predictable?

Also, it was a slightly entertaining deja-vu of 'The Karate Kid" (from the 1980s) and "Cars".

At least when it was boring it wasn't being offensive.

Worst Movie Ever .

Don't waste your time.

Although the opening scenes in which Luke self-destructs on the 18th hole of the final round of a very important golf tournament for him -- when he foolishly listens to bad advice from his very bossy, caddying father -- was very contrived, at least something like that conceivably could happen.

At the end of the movie I felt I had been bombarded with Christian propaganda, product placement (there was Callaway on everything!

Way too formulaic.

The love story was soooooo boring.

Truly absurd and conspicuously contrived.

So when I left the theater I didn't mind the money spent because I left feeling uplifted, encouraged, and over all good.

It has dull acting, entirely unbelievable characters and far too many clichés to be listed.

(And to all you whiners taking a break from your angst to write flailing but miscued negative reviews, you can revel in the fact that you star in this movie too: you're the ones who symbolize the call to mediocrity, while confusing it with propriety.


There is a half constructed love story, but like any bad film, it's contrived and unnecessary.

Basically boring, with a religious tinge.

I really enjoyed the film with its fantastic cinematography of the idyllic landscapes of Utopia (if indeed it was the film location), the slow and quiet pacing of this small town in Texas, the light and gentle relationship of main characters that left so much to the imagination about how it may turn out.

So dull, you'll wish you were watching an actual golf tournament .

Geraghty is too good a young actor to be playing this contrived antagonist role.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Bland writing, directing, editing and acting - a perfect storm of blandness.

The most stunning thing to me was the meta-story.

Trite, clichéd, predictable and dull, here's "Seven Days in Utopia".

He looks bored stiff and who can blame him?

Entirely predictable, with an infuriating ending.

Can you imagine the boredom of a seven year old while he watches preachy dialog scenes, themes that go way over his head, and then be bribed of an efficient ending?

While not technically a poorly made film, the performances are, for the most part, lifeless, as the actors portray characters who are flat and simply uninteresting.

"Major Predictable Spoilers ahead!

Luke is fed up and takes an unexpected detour through the not-so-subtly named town of "Utopia" in Texas.

I liked the movie, it was entertaining, no sex, no murders (spoiler?

The concept could only be an obviously contrived premise to market this putter.

This film walks an incredible tightrope of telling a serious story,while still making it entertaining and most of all....

The movie was enjoyable to me.

Without critiquing Johnny's unusual methods, or their likely effectiveness, I'll just say that this all adds up to an enjoyable and often amusing film.

This was seriously one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I have seen my share of bad movies.

I felt that it was a very shallow and predictable story; the comments about it being just like Pixar's "Cars" are correct.

My wife enjoyed it most of all because it was clean, meaning it had no profanity, and the romantic leads were not rolling in bed ten minutes into the movie.

This character is not only frustrating, but the most formulaic, self-help guru in recent film history.

Yes you can tell it is a low budget movie, doesn't have great star power, and has some cliché characters.

Predictable and rote come to mind.

Entertaining family movie that deserves to be rated for what it really was, a good wholesome family movie...