Seven Swords (2005) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Hark Tsui
Stars: Leon Lai, Donnie Yen
Length: 153 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 31 out of 99 found boring (31.31%)

One-line Reviews (103)

Seven swords did nothing for me, in fact I nearly fell asleep several times during the over 2 hours of my life I want back.

All in all, Seven Swords is a major disappointment, even the most intense action scenes failed to impress, and moments of what were, I gather, supposed to convey great emotion, were just laughable or pitiable.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this are the weapons, both those used by the villains that are more bizarre and outlandish in design, and the actual Seven Swords from Mount Heaven.

this is a fantasy movie, the movie had HIGH STYLIZED action with amazing cinematography and was ALL ruined by the crappy shackey camera work and therefore making the scenes utterly confusing most of the time and you not knowing what is happening over half the time in a battle scene.

) character an elaborate, cliché ridden melodramatic background.

Unfortunately, the main villains as well as all the "Fantastic good guys" are flat, banal and unimpressive.

I'm probably the only one who's going to rate this movie poorly, so i suggest that you do watch it, and if you agree with me you'll know that in future flicks we may agree on what's boring or not.

The slowness of the introspection/flashback scenes, despite their necessity, made me start thinking things like, "Get to the POINT already.

The unique strength of the film is also the visual stylishness that incorporates the jagged, disorienting camera and editing in order to create the confusing reality especially in the middle of the furious fight (with the camera right in some characters face or even under the water) so as to give the feeling as if you were part of the actual fight to the point you'd feel the attacks, pain and sweat on yourself.

The landscapes, the love affairs are simply breathtaking.

The story is very one dimensional and the storytelling/editing is very linear and drab.

So, on a final note, this is a massive, expensive and very well made action fantasy that delivers a fitting bland of drama and action.

Its a confusing movie that is more than likely going to put you to sleep before its ending.

We don't get wirefu, sword magic or any of those superlatively goofy elements, while there's more than ample evidence suggesting the project suffers from the same pompous self-importance afflicting previous bores of a similar ilk, to wit again Hero and Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

The whole story is confusing and not well told.

The story is simple, but fast paced.

The breathtaking and landscape, the beautiful set design and colourful frame, the brilliant composition of images, the mesmerizing cinematography and skilled editing superbly come together.

That and lots of pretentious dialogue, stock character development, and a poorly structured story makes the original intented themes of betrayal and heroism a 'who cares' film.

The pacing and editing is extremely uneven and disjointed, the cinematography is uninteresting at best which is a complete shame as the locations seem to have a lot of potential, the story is slightly tacky (although i think that under a better director it could have gone somewhere.

While the flashback and introspection scenes were vital to the progression of the story, they were slow and disrupted the pacing--ESPECIALLY since most of them occur right before a fight scene, which in turn detracted from the fights.

The most intriguing character which is the evil woman with the Gothic look, dies way too soon in this movie.

I lost interest at that point and almost walked out.

Scenes which should go by faster is dragged on and on while scenes that should have more is ignored.

i did find it confusing as regards keeping track of some of the characters.

The film is profoundly artistic by its symbolic nature and defying of the genre traditions and developments in terms of the characters or the story, but at the same time it's incredibly entertaining.

This film is too long for its own good and should have been a cartoon, because at least its semi-acceptable when heroes never die.

A blazing action epic is quashed by a sea or boredom .

The Story gets disjointed a bit without much reason for a character to do so, like the Rebel who you never find out the motive of why he is the betrayer.

The fighting scenes are innovative, well-choreographed and absolutely entertaining.

Don't come to this film expecting a mindless entertainment, in all probability you'll just end up bored and confused.

not quite what I expected, but still enjoyable...

However, be aware that if you find yourself entirely immersed in this fictional world of seven swords throughout the movie you won't be disappointed in its powerful end...

The action scenes are OK but the real Achilles heel of this movie is the editing and the angles of the shots themselves- they are stale and boring.

As I sat, drenched by the tumultuous waves of dialog, I found myself being invaded by that empty feeling I get when I repeat a word a hundred times over until it loses all meaning.

The sublime, painstaking craftsmanship is plain to see in every frame – the film is astonishingly beautiful – but it's so very, very dull.

it gives you more than enough to think, imagine and enough adrenaline for lots of complex action scenes and leaves you fully entertained.

Its not bad, its just incredibly dull.

Let me tell you that Seven Swords is a revelation for eyes of a moviegoer, a magnificent film of beauty and violence with breathtaking moments that might be stuck in your mind forever.

This movie started off slow and moved even slower.

For a period of what feels like forty minutes, virtually nothing happens, that is to say, nothing of particular interest or necessity to the story.

Despite some good action scenes this is a snooze fest .

Boring right from the start.

boredom is inevitable .

In either case, more fool him: boredom is inevitable in this painful and over budgeted mess.

Instead of being dramatical, the story changes to an empty and boring filler between poorly filmed action scenes.

But wait, who cares if it is dull and boring as long as the fights are kick ass right!!

The rest of the film is bound to make the viewer fall asleep.

the fighting scenes are entertaining but far from good, it is obvious that they have used wires and stuff like that because it looks like the actors ar'nt ready when they make a big jump and they are kind of dragged away.

Until then, I'll continue to appreciate with great pleasure the steady flow of truly entertaining work coming from most notably China, Japan and Korea.

Just wait if you want or see this fascinating and magnificent jewel immediately!

There is lots of action which is exciting and relies on less obvious wirework than many wuxia films.

If you "just like going to the movies", then this film will cure your insomnia.

The villains themselves are a waste of time.

In the first half, I found myself caring about the characters and the non-stop action was exciting.

Those looking for breathtaking photography will not be disappointed.

The action scenes were entertaining and bound to wake up the viewer.

how many years has tsui hark been plodding along?

I went with my Nan and even she enjoyed it.

A confusing letdown with big names .

At any rate, this movie was, to us, disappointing and confusing, and not nearly as well-done as "The Seven Samurai" or "The Magnificent Seven".

This stylistic elements fits well to the atmosphere but the movie strangely stops to employ this intriguing technique after a while.

I found it excruciatingly painful to sit through it as it moved along at a heavy, plodding pace; the grunting and groaning Chinese script was awfully annoying.

Film tried to be artistic but came out illogical and boring .

A mind blowing masterpiece.. this is how the Asian cinema should look like.

The first big battle introduces for example intriguing main villains and a lot of original arms.

Over all, the film is mediocre and trying to be "artistic" but came out flat, illogical, and boring.

With the film reaching a very long and tedious 2 hours and 20 plus minutes, I expected the movie to be at least logical.

Unfortunately after Once Upon a Time in China there were very few wuxia films in fact and most of them turned out to be very weak (Hero) or ridiculous, pretentious and contrived beyond belief (Ashes of Time), now Tsui Hark finally comes back as a very mature filmmaker and reputable king of the wuxia of the screen format who takes all his previous experiences and skills he gathered over the last years right into this film and let me tell you...

Let's just hope many other filmmakers will once again learn from another "true" stunning masterpiece Mr.Tsui Hark has accomplished here.

In a word, this is a snoozer.

Maybe I fell asleep watching this overly long movie so I missed the explanations for the above scenes.

Saw Hark's confusing "Time and Tide" a couple of years back at the festival.

Like already mentioned, there were some scenes that were just pointless like them finding this snake style sword.

That is the only enjoyable element.

the movie itself is pretty enjoyable thanks to its action scenes, especially the Finale.

But wait its not, its a action packed movie where flying around is not a factor they stick to the ground with some cool swords and evil villains...

The result are some intense and believable fights that are far more aesthetically pleasing then, for example, watching Chow Yun Fat sail through the air.

Creating a convoluted story that makes it impossible for a viewer to understand what is going on in the three hours of the movie doesn't help either, though.

And, unfortunately, in the end the bad things outweighed the good, so I found myself bored, irritated, and impatient all at the same time.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS: This film was dull, dull, dull and grossly disappointing.

Terribly boring, overlong and full of plot holes .

Females will revel in the film's epic adventurism, hints of a love story and breathtaking settings.

The action music is nice to hear but so often and monotonous that by half the movie, you are bored with it.

This is the first Wuxia I have ever walked out of.

Characters that you might have liked at the start of the movie become irritating, their behavior confusing, and choppy, fitful editing does not help to make anything much clearer.

But the whole thing is let down by an incoherent, plot, numerous sub plots that should have been deleted, and a very predictable storyline.

The bottom line is Seven Swords is a bit of a bore.

From frame to frame there are obvious omissions leading to an end product where between frames mystery strangers or major characters simply appear, and the characters can fall asleep in one place waking up in a totally different location wearing different clothes.

The special effects were also poor and the clichéd dialogie made the movie seem quite trite and predictable throughout the entire picture.

High Action Fast Pace Confusing Editing Great Photography Great Music .

Not gory, but really emotionally intense.

the action sequences were good, but ot awe inspiring.

The fights are on a large scale and ably incorporate wire work and standard 'grounded' kung fu, and it's all very enjoyable and hard to take your eyes from the screen.

Especially at this film's beginning, before you get used to it, the colours are amazing, with washed-out, drab grey landscapes and vibrant red banners and costumes.

Harking back to an earlier point, the fore-mentioned issue with angles often effects the fighting sequences (billed as some of the most awe inspiring and "epic" - by The Daily Telegraph) you never truly feel immersed in the action, nor do you feel a voyeur of it, it's somewhere in the middle.

Overseas fans of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "House Of Flying Daggers" will find much to enjoy here, for Hark's villains are clearly dangerous and compelling, reminiscent of bloodthirsty goth rockers.

Epic in the modern sense of the word relates to any period drama film which has scenes of intense action coupled with an overly emotive story line, and clocks in at over two hours.

Horribly paced, confusing and awful .

The action scenes are equally beautiful, though they tend to be more things of beauty rather than of rousing adventure.

The film tends to jump from scene to scene fairly well, but there were certain moments where it is obvious that something was missing, be it dialogue or scenes, and this made the pacing factor unbearable as it seemed forever for the film to get anywhere.

It give nice backgrounds to the characters and their motivation, the editing was a nice flow, at some points I even thought that the movie was going too slow, considering that it's Tsui Hark who made Zu, whenever he took time to develop stories between characters.

(I do have to say that as tough as it was to stay awake, I did make it to the end) In its favor this film looks great.

I fell asleep numerous times during this movie, I even missed the part how the 7 Warriors got together, some went into the mountains and found some Yoda Guru Shaolin guy who handed out a couple of swords or something and viola...