Severed (2005) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A multi-national forestry company engages in genetic experimentation to increase logging yield in a remote section of forest. But the experimentation goes disastrously wrong, transforming a...

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Carl Bessai
Stars: Paul Campbell, Sarah Lind
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 68 found boring (30.88%)

One-line Reviews (60)

There's better ways to get the adrenaline pumping.

fun, frantic and suspenseful.

You already know they are slow, lumbering (pun intended) creatures.

Entertaining Zombie Movie .

Well if you watch this one you're in for a wild ride as we first head into camp, camp empty takes guy forever to realize something is not right.

It gets tedious very quick and just when you think the movie is almost over, director Bessai suddenly comes up with a whole new plot about another community of survivors that spend their days aiming guns at the zombies.

James Liston's sharp, grainy, but shaky cinematography, the rough, grim tone, the well-drawn characters, plenty of gruesome splatter, several surprisingly touching moments of unexpected humanity, the breathtakingly verdant sylvan scenery, the gnarly zombie make-up and Clinton Shorter's spooky score are all likewise up to snuff.

Slow, unfeeling walking dead.

The action as well as the blood flow remains constant throughout the film and at times there are some really tense moments (there is an intense sequence were a group of zombies move in on some protesters who have chained themselves to a tree).

The plot is fairly bland.

This camera-swish is used with tedious repetition throughout the whole movie.

Any cliché, you name it and "Severed" has it!

The plot point is the revelation of Rita that she had spiked the tree, but the movie becomes dull and boring when the survivors meet Anderson's team.

There are also rather pointless plot points and things which are never really explained...


Enough gore gags to make for some entertaining and original kills, giving it some nice bloodshed as well, and the large number of encounters makes for some high-intensity action scenes, and coupled with the initiation of the epidemic early on, gives it a really great pace which makes for a really invigorating watch.

The zombies themselves are of the slow shuffling kind & the fast running spastic sort as well with no real reason for either, the dialogue is dull, people just do stupid things like letting all the zombies into the only safe place in the area so they can kill everyone & the film is also rather slow going & it felt like it went on forever.

Sorry I had to go into that rant, but seriously this lack of plot and character development ruined it for me.

the back story was a tad hard to follow and i mean come on...

Anyway the plot at this point becomes even more pointless.

"Severed" completely lacks originality and tension, and I wonder if writer/director Carl Bessai deliberately endeavored to insert every possible cliché of the genre!

After what started as an intriguing premise this film actually loses steam when the first zombie appears.

The script was inconsistent and just boring.

It is just another boring and weak horror movie in a long line of such movies.

Severed does not really bring anything new to the zombie genre besides perhaps setting, however, the movie was surprisingly entertaining.


Burke" in Aliens as the sniveling company man but was still entertaining.

This combined with the well done (even if "borrowed" at points) attack/gore sequences make Severed an extremely enjoyable zombie flick for either the die-hard genre fan or anyone interested in an enjoyable late-night horror flick.

It made me yearn for any Italian zombie movie, yes a little goblin music, some really bad dubbing and a pointless nude scene, awwwww, how I remember those movies.

An enjoyable zombie horror romp .

I watched Severed on you-tube, on a Sunday to cure my boredom.

lifeless zombie movie, gets duller and duller .

The zombies are slow and not that scary.

Don't bother watching this film, it's a total waste of time.

All-in-all, this film MIGHT be worth watching if you're a fan of the genre, and although the film DOES take itself seriously, don't expect better overall integrity than you'd find in an A-Team episode.

Most of the gore in this movie consists of a few bland shots of zombies eating what look to be hunks of Jello off of torsos.

The only thing I had a problem with was that a lot of scenes dragged out, mostly towards the end.

Nothing original, but still an entertaining zombie flick.

Canadian tax shelter dollars again at work, like the old days, result is pretty dam dull.

Sure we get a lot of blood spatter - but it's just boring and repetitive, It,s been done a million times before.

waste of time!


The camera shakes & zooms in & out & goes blurry so much it's often impossible to understand what's going on & to make matters worse it's usually during the horror scenes with zombies, I hate the way Severed looks, I hate the whole pointless shaky camera thing & I hate the way Severence looks.

To bad that it sets up one vanilla flavoured, over-used cliché after another and then it drags on.

The 'special effects' (ie corn syrup and bad flannel) make for a ha-ha time if you're very effing drunk, but most of it is just a waste of money.

"Severed", for all intensive purposes, follows the plot of 28 DAYS LATER quite closely, with a group of environmental activists unleashing a virus that turns all exposed into flesh-eating monsters (technically they are not undead, so the word "zombie" cannot be used… oh what the hell, I guess it's okay).

The acting is surprisingly good, with the actors giving performances that are realistic & engaging.

But the preceding 90 minutes were entertaining enough.


The acting, dialog, and special effects were all well done in this film and the pacing helped keep the movie from getting boring.

Stupid waste of time .

These zombies are the, Romero, slow moving breed filmed like the fast paced zombies of the "DoD" 2004 (blurred and jerky).

Entertaining and enjoyable effort .

this movie happened to be on-demand and i was bored and decided to rent it.

I'm a big fan of the genre and found this to be quite entertaining.

It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

"Severed" is an entertaining zombie movie, with an original and good beginning.

I love zombie films and this one is so intense, camera shots are done real well here to create what they have and it keeps you griping all the time.

But it's unwatchable like this.

The Snyder/Boyle zombies have really turned the volume down on the slower Romero zombies, which steals much from the tension and intensity of this film (and probably others) for an audience who may "wanna see something REALLY scary".