Sex and the City 2 (2010) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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While wrestling with the pressures of life, love, and work in Manhattan, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte join Samantha for a trip to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), where Samantha's ex is filming a new movie.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Michael Patrick King
Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 93 out of 316 found boring (29.43%)

One-line Reviews (225)

It was so exciting.

the skirt of Carrie when she meets Aidan at the market downtown), but I guess that it was predictable that clothes would play a bit role in this movie.

As in Sex 1, this is the kind of movie that men get dragged to and have to admit they enjoyed it to please their dates.

Incredibly badly photographed, patchy storyline, contrived plots, inconsistent characters with previous episodes, corny moments, and unnecessarily shallow.

I am not saying that their issues were not legitimate to regular women, but they did not present these issues in a way that would create an interesting plot..they were just seemingly simple problems that were over dramatized and annoying to listen to (lackluster marriage, boring job, declining hormones, having children...

Charlotte's borderline unbelievable and contrived.

Gratuitous product placement takes the place of writing, and an elaborate and pointless musical number featuring Liza Minnelli derails the film from the start.

No plot.

It felt completely pointless and against all previous laws of SATC.

So in other words, I was quite looking forward to this second visit with the women and to see what had changed with them over the course of two years and what was going on in their fictional yet somewhat fascinating imaginary lives.

I'm embarrassed as a long-time fan to have looked so forward to this film, and instead I feel like I wasted that loyalty on a pretentious and contrived waste of my time.

Everyone at the wedding makes Carrie feel bored with her life now that she's settled down with Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

I actually enjoyed it.

All 4 characters (well, Miranda made some kind of effort)were so insensitive to the Middle Eastern culture they were in because, I guess, of their sense of entitlement and general shallowness, that half the movie was mostly unwatchable.

The loss of Carrie's passport is "put out there" in the middle of the film only to be resolved within seconds and used for a terribly pointless conclusion.

If you don't expect much, enjoyable enough .

And for the people that are intested and want to see the movie, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Most of the one-liners were tiresome to terrible.

Save your money & buy a Vogue.

There's no story: the whole movie is just the main characters wandering from one extravagantly expensive set piece to the next.

Long story short, the movie had it's thrillers and shocks but the outcomes tended to provoke audiences into a yawn or a frustrated rolling of the eyes.

SATC2 is these shallow characters putting their vanity, ignorance and stupidity on display and when they land in Morocco (or Abu Dhabi as we are supposed to believe) the movie becomes an unwatchable cringe-fest.

Only Samantha -- the oldest in real life -- looked stunning in every shot.

With dismal photography, flat, undistinguished direction and annoyingly narcissistic, self-involved characters, the whole enterprise has a dreary, depressing feel which certainly wasn't the intent.

Then the movie gets more exciting when they get a trip to the middle east, the new middle east and they face the problems with the tradition.

But despite the negatives in the narrative, i still thought it was entertaining and felt that i could actually relate with Carrie's situation of the terrible "two's" of marriage.

To say it is a waste of money?

that is BORING!

Despite this i thought it was enjoyable and still had some of the original brilliance that the Sex and the City series had.


But as I said, enjoyed it anyway.

Catching up with the girls two years down the road from the first film, Sex and the City 2 catches Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) as she struggles with the boring realities of her marriage to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) and spends her time decorating their new apartment "12 floors down" from their previous penthouse.

Concurred that this film had largely no plot and that it was ridiculous for Carrie to randomly encounter Aiden in an Abu Dhabi souk.

Despite the copious problems with the film I enjoyed it and only wish it had been reduced in size; and contained a consistent and coherent plot.

The acting and character development was so lame, and empty it was like they were all cardboard cutouts of themselves.

There was very little plot, even fewer laughs and the whole movie was superficial.

The overall storyline was banal.

Despite having to leave early after Samantha disrespects the Muslim culture with her outgoing sexuality, they still get to fly first class back home.

It was tediously long and boring.

Many scenes were unnecessary and a bit boring with very trite and predictable jokes and dialog.

Where is the introspection that made the series so fascinating?

This movie was a waste of time and money.


) was just a flat character and not even funny ; the "publicist" was taken from a low budget x-rated film, vulgar, brainless, over the top superficial with a sex appetite that never was explained or even interesting; and finally the "writer" (because all girls movies should have one) was a cheesy, predictable and teen character.

The first film had the almost the same run time, though it was entertaining and it was fun to see the characters do what they did in the second film like struggle with wedding plans and try on dresses.

The cinematography is old world opulent, breathtaking and luxurious.

This movie is enjoyable and funny!!!!!!!

I think if you are a fan of the first film, or the series and you are looking for more chemistry, or depth in the characters, then you may be disappointed, but if you don't mind just seeing the girls letting loose and having the time of their lives, while not quite as good, but still is fun and entertaining, then Sex and the City 2 is the right film for you.

They bear zero resemblance to the four self-indulgent, disrespectful, two dimensional creatures I had to watch.

If the viewer is able to get past these obstacles and hear the tiny bits of advice for women a la Carrie Bradshaw Preston's journalism, this can be an entertaining evening.

I took my 'Mamma Mia' loving wife along and even she was bored.

The plot however is quite predictable at times.

Even as a fan of the HBO series and the first movie, I couldn't get past the sloppy dialogue, rampant cliché (even for SATC standards), and frustrating predictability of this truly amateurish and asinine film.

It reminded me of the plot-less series called the Monkees back in the 60's.

The writing is alright at best, some good parts, but more dull parts than one cares for.

No plot, no idea, boring for 99% of the time.

This leaves out all of those moments of grappling with real dilemmas that made the series so fascinating.

It's really enjoyable once you stop trying to notice all the outlandish stuff.

She starts to freak out that they will turn into a boring old married couple.

The camera-work looks jilted and very tiresome at best.

Sex and the City 2 is a better terrorist motivational tool than it is an enjoyable time at the theatre.

For a film that was so sloppy written and had little to no plot, it should have ended sooner.

Finally, for this review, the film was far too long and dragged.

And that's what it was: just entertaining day.

While the film has it's flaws, it's enjoyable, there are some really funny moments as well as touching.

and don't waste your hard earned money at the theater!!

I really really enjoyed it, and I'm like DICK SPRIT, i LOVE Samantha.

I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up in an empty room strapped to a chair and given a choice between watching Sex and the City 4, 5, and 6 or forfeiting my life.

Warning contains Spoilers Right this is one of the worst movie i have ever seen in my life its even worse then Justin biebers movie basically this movie reminds me of GROWN UPS where they go on a holiday and we have to pay to watch it.

The characters are all empty, the acting is terrible, and there is no story.

I thought that focusing on cultural differences and the idiosyncrasy of the Emiraties was a waste of time, and completely unnecessary for the story, which, until the trip starts, was making good points about marriage.

That she's scared they will be a boring couple, especially how he just wants to sit home and watch tv every night.

Okay, it was obviously made to cash in on the popularity of "Sex And The City", but nothing happens!

Miranda's professional dilemma, however, was unbelievable and uber- contrived.

I mostly put this down to it being too difficult to make a 20 minute comedy/dramady series engaging enough for the big screen.

, Charlotte getting frustrated with her kids but feeling as though she's not allowed to complain about it because it'll make her a bad mother; or Carrie worrying that she and Big are becoming a boring married couple) and indulgent arrays of couture, luxury resorts, male eye candy, and snarky one-liners.

An unbearable piece of junk .

But even that scene had its enjoyable moments, such as trying to identify Charlotte, who had separated from the other three, just by her shoes.

While on it's own, I can see how it might be entertaining to watch with it's silly jokes, and almost child like antics.

Pointless deux.

While I can't say this was a good movie, I'll say it was an enjoyable one.

Nothing happened - except for me feeling the same way I do when I see Madonna these days - uncomfortable a bit embarrassed and really glad my mum isn't like that.

Final thoughts on this film: if you loved the show not for any in-depth feminist questions it raised, but to see girls having fun, wearing great clothes, and living exciting lives, you'll probably like the film a lot.

They took a half-hour movie closer to two and a half hours with empty scenes.

It was the WORST movie I have ever seen.

When I re-watched the first film before seeing the second I enjoyed it much, much more and didn't find it as...

I found this sequel to be more entertaining and it had its moments.

Then it came the Middle East and the women started to act like teenagers from a poor neighborhood that just hit the lotto and the film became superficial, absurd and worst of all Boring.

It used to be so fascinating to watch.

Everything is so outlandishly disjointed I beg to differ it is an alternative, science fiction picture set in a post-modern surrealist fantasy.

Miranda look s like Miranda only slightly feeble and Charlotte York has managed to remain quite the boring character.

The show just got so old that humor vanished along with Samantha's estrogen.. The characters are dull, the story line is boring and some of the scenes are just stretched.. In my opinion - the movie would be enjoyable if I was a 16 year old stuck in a body of a 50 year old woman.. Producers should have left the legend of "Sex and the city" be.

Aidan's re-appearance felt completely contrived, against character and un-needed, and he disappeared again just as non-sensically.

The wry wit and passion of the television series has long burnt out and now we watch 4 privileged, wealthy, middle aged women, moan and whine about the dull and difficult role of being a career woman, a mother, a semi-newlywed and a menopausal cougar.

Overall it is a very enjoyable movie and a very pleasant transporting experience.

The cameos were pointless.


Their relationships, their success and their life stories seem to be etched in stone now, making any attempt to create some sort of conflict in the actual plot of the film seem contrived, unnecessary and mostly foolish.

It had its moments, but as a lifelong resident of Manhattan I mostly blamed the series for the unbearable influx of wide-eyed moronic girls from all over the country who flocked to the city en masse, thinking that upon arrival their lives would instantly revolve around cosmopolitans, rich men and $1000 shoes, and who very quickly became insufferable basket cases once the reality of city life actually set in on them.

Carrie feels that they're becoming a boring couple.

The music sounds annoying too, the writing is a mess, cliché ridden and awkward too many times to count and the story is unfocused with too many moments of predictability and sappy filler.

But after this, the movie is solid and entertaining.

It's boring, bland and just dreadful to see this on a large screen when I can watch a 30 second commercial of a tampon commercial or makeup cosmetic commercial and have it over much more quickly.

It's not long, though, before Muslim women are dropping their hijabs and absorbing fashion tips and the hottest high street trends from our glitzy heroines.

To her, he needs to do more and this sets her up for a lamebrain, and oddly predictable, encounter with an old flame.

Don't waste your money, it's not worth the $10 you're going to spend, rent it one night and save yourself the money of seeing it in theaters.

if you are looking for something of substance here, look elsewhere, but I just left the theater with my husband (who's A SATC hater) and we had a really good time!!

Some guest appearances which seemed a bit pointless....

Getting dragged to a chick flick is like having your brain molested by a pelican.

The second half of the story was just contrived and floppy.

This is possibly one of the worst movies I came across, everything about is terrible, the movie has no plot or a story, alot of things doesn't make sense,horrible representation of UAE like it's Iran or something, even fashion in this movie had it's low points.

Heartfelt and riveting from the first frame to the last.

It's just plain boring.

An unexpected invitation to a holiday at Abu Dhabi for th girls allows them to enjoy themselves, and at the same time, clearing about their thoughts on their love life and marriage.

These gals encompass everything women are and struggle with and dream of being and do it in a fun entertaining way.

and have to say I really thought this 2nd movie had more to offer and was well done, was funny and entertaining.

Save your money now and rent it later.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was fast paced and truly funny.

SATC is a long, most of the time boring, superficial and silly comedy, if your girl like it, I would think twice to continue dating her.

From never seen a single episode of Sex in the City, I was dragged to this on a Sunday afternoon by my fiancée'.

Why was that film so slow?

I enjoyed it, more or less.

I think a lot of people are reading into this movie a bit much, I don't know what people were expecting,I walked into this movie knowing that it was simply going to be a entertaining movie nothing less nothing more,I don't really see much of a difference between the series and the movies its just in the movies everything is cramped into 2 hrs instead of a bunch of episodes,so they whine and complain a lot over nothing who cares,its not like other people don't whine and complain,I am actually glad they whine and complain while they live such lavish lifestyles its just means that there human,so while this movie might not have the best plot and while the characters can act a bit self absorbed ,its still a fun entertaining movie never less, so if you want to watch a deep thought provoking movie then this isn't for you, but if you just want to have a few laughs with some friends or loved ones and to not have to think about anything then give it a try its really not as bad as everyone makes it seem.

Cliché and emptiness: packaged in a box too big for its contents .

While the first feature treatment of the long-running HBO series was bland and serviceable, this outing is downright offensive to its audience, the LGBT community, the Muslim community and Helen Reddy's song I Am Woman.

No real plot line or substance to it, sex and the city 2 is just a glorified fashion show without any redeeming qualities and portrays the four girls as vapid, grasping, spoilt idiots.

What you definitely shouldn't do is make your coda a two-and-a-half-hour long slapstick romp about rich, dull women that look like ropy hunks of lacquered wood with jewels glued to them having a very expensive vacation in Abu Dhabi.

Fourth, a terrible plot, no story, no character development.

In fact I am an SATC fan and I enjoyed it very much.

It had its funny moments, it had its dragged out moments and it had the same old SATC moments.

That moment happens a little too late when the movie is absolutely boring with nothing more interesting to add.

Also, I liked the stunning views from Abu Dabi.

It was so boring that half way through I went out and bought a snack, since there was no end in sight.

Instead, you put it down this hideous pointless drain.

The main marital scene used to introduce all the characters involved was completely pointless.

The whole film is a self indulgent, egotistical fashion show all based around what Sarah Jessica Parker wants.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

After the dreadful and completely pointless gay wedding, we're whisked off to the mid east where Carrie can't stay faithful for a week and Charlotte turns into a bumbling nitwit in search of cheezy trinkets for her kids.

One of the worst movies ever.

Overall, one of the worst movies this year and possibly one of the worst chick flicks I have ever seen and in even worse news, if the rumours are true, it's possible that it could be a trilogy!

Yet still find pointless sh*t to complain about, now you're just being a difficult rich b*tch.

That attitude worked for me, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

The Carrie and Big storyline was such a snore, I decided to mop my floor while watching the rest - I'm not kidding.

This bimbo movie dragged on for an eternity.

So, it seemed like some airhead sat down one day and wrote a script complete with predictable clichés and barely-funny jokes, oh and some lame slapstick, all set in the Middle East(!

worst movie of the year, easily!.

Overall the whole movie looked like a Circus which is enjoyable at some point because you have accepted that it's not some thing classy it's all cheesy over here.

On a finishing note- It was way too long, had little or no plot, wooden acting and borderline racist ideas for plot fillers, If your a woman and you loved the series - fine go watch it, my fiancée thinks its personally better than the first so if your a uber fan you'll prob love it.

The characters have no character, the plot has no story, the outfits have no stylist and the movie apparently had no director either.

It is worth watching, so I want to recommend this movie to all of woman.

Everyone else will stare at the screen in a state of enhanced boredom if the sheer tedium of watching this production doesn't shut down the brain altogether.

Now this film does have some real flaws, there are a lot of pointless moments.

Worst movie I've seen in years....

Half of the movie they walk around amazed and nothing happens in the meantime.

First part OK, last 45 minutes unwatchable .

The sequel however, avoids all these errors and for me watching it was just as enjoyable as my SATC boxset marathons.

All in all, a very big disappointment, against the series and characters, non-sensical and pointless plots, embarrassing and uncomfortable at times.

But in some way I still enjoyed it, just because I got a glimpse of my favorite TV series and because of the vow I took to watch any movie,show or series that features these women together.

unreal characters , horrible story with no message and no plan.

Overall, the film is mediocre and just a bore.

Carrie sewing Aiden was great too because now she's with big and afraid the marriage will end up boring and lonely.

The characters are reduced to self-indulgent, materialistic bitches that fail to be satisfied by absolutely everything - since they have it all: the money, the clothes, the husbands.

I don't call the flick asinine because of its characters or content (some level of laughable drama and superficiality is to be expected) but rather because the sheer unimaginativeness of it all: the drab, been-there-before lines, and most of all, the truly embarrassing West Meets Middle East triteness.

I actually was surprised how much I enjoyed it, it's a well written series with interesting characters.

Pointless fluff, completely absurd, sarcastic humor, negative perceptions of the Middle East, racism etc etc.. The way this movie treats Islamic culture is profoundly offensive.

It's shiny, to be sure, and there are a few short scenes of the girls sitting around the pool trading quips and bawdy barbs, but they're a melancholy pleasure buried under hours of pointless, boring agonizing over the really minor minutiae of grown-up life.

Its boring, has no meaning.. Your better off waiting for it to come out on DVD People that like it are the people who have hopped on the Bandwagon and all of a sudden love this show or should i say Movie half the people who watch the new movie have no clue who half the characters are.

it is a waste of time....

the second movie, however, i felt is a total waste of time, film, etc. I got the impression that the actors were phoning it in, along with the writers etc.Carrie is bored with marriage, something she fought for a long time.

It was about as boring as watching Carrie and Big sit on the couch and watch black and white old movies.

I actually love this movie and enjoyed it a lot.

The characters were flat, predictable and downright unlikeable.

She discovers that she does have an intense drive and lust for life, and she finds ways to utilize that energy to help her friends throughout most of the story.

As in the first film, there are also extremely empty scenes in this film.

Waste of my time .

Breakdown of the women: narcissistic, whiny, dumb, ignorant, self-absorbed, classless, boring, shallow, weak, drama queens, embarrassing, old, needy and in need of mega therapy.

In some parts of the movie I was totally bored while in others I was quite happy because of some brief spirit back from the Sex and the City TV show.

I enjoyed it, you may do too.

Enjoyed it even through it's MANY flaws .

(Complaining because he wants to stay home and watch movies together, then forcing him to leave a party--that she dragged him to--early because he had a conversation with another woman?

These women live in the most exciting city in the world, they have amazing opportunities and for the most part they have everything they could ever have wished for.

The paper thin plot can be seen as a form of extension from one of the episodes, which looks rather dull and draggy.

Truly pointless .

Somewhere between the bitching and non needed drama and the boredom is a lot of clothes changing that remind me why middle aged women should stop wearing clothes made for 20 yr olds.

I still found it to be quite entertaining and fun and when I purchased my ticket to see the film, that is pretty much what I expected and these were my expectations going into the film.

At 2 and half hours this is way too long and whilst the budget is bigger, the story is light and not very exciting.

It should get some credit for that, for lovely scenery, attractive actors, great fashion, and a fairly entertaining plot.

The story was very basic and not in a good way, it was boring and not interesting in the slightest.

The dresses, bags, purses, accessories, shoes (salivates), the stunning jewelry designed to resemble the eastern patterns are all breathtaking.

If they're not sleeping with a gorgeous guy, they're sipping cosmopolitans, eating at a high-end restaurant, shopping at Gucci, or doing SOMETHING that is flat-out entertaining.

The film is just empty; what little plot there is seems to be very loose and inconsequential.

But it was entertaining.

All in all, the movie was entertaining.

Too long, too predictable .

Miranda replays the same trite old work-life balance plot.

This is one of those chick-flicks that will entertaining women who were fans of the TV series and have all the background to understand and enjoy the characters and what is happening in this double length episode, which is what it really is.

It is especially sad to watch this self-indulgent film because there are some really fine actors involved.

I've been there myself many times and even with that familiarity and ability to relate to the situation, found it an utterly pointless story line and nevermind a scenario to waste most of the film on.

It's the side characters that bring this movie together and for the fans I think this is totally worth the watch.

It was a bit long but I thought it was good and worth watching for anyone who liked the series.

I thought the clothes were great, but the appearance by Miley Cyrus was a little trite.

While more along the lines of the "caliber" of the TV show than the first, and it was WAY too long, it delivered a nice story.

anyway other than the fact that it was an extremely boring movie (and I am a patient person)I really hoped that somewhere along the 2:20 hours way thing would definitely improve.

The story seemed to be a story what would have happened off screen on the TV-show because the TV-show had enjoyable episodes.

When I got out of the theater my notion was that the production team had no script what-so-ever in mind, and they just scribbled down 4 little plots that could (and were resolved)in a five minute radius.

As for Samantha, well, unfortunately her over-sexed character lies flat and boring; her integrity and intelligence that was once well-deserving of respect in the originals, is forever lost in the two sequels.

complete waste of time .

This could be the worst movie ever made.

The first ten minutes contained more cliché, stinted dialog, corny jokes and general awkwardness than I had previously thought possible in such a short time frame.

Now as for this, the second, Sex and the City, movie, well, my review is just about the same, in that I really enjoyed it.

The biggest issue I had with the second film wasn't the cast, or their age, or the same old gags (which I actually think is a good thing), but rather nothing happens.

I was a huge fan of the television series, but the first film was a bit of a let down, not only for its predictable storyline but also for the new roles they'd written in, such as Jennifer Hudson's pointless and overly sugared character, or the wasted celluloid hours spent on admiring Carrie's wardrobe and dropping in as many designer names as possible.

The movie is FINE -- it's entertaining, there are some great clothes, and we get to see lots of familiar faces.

The worst movie in months .

It is a tedious, flatly-directed shambles of a movie, not even bad enough to laugh at.

Enjoyable - ignore the bad reviews .

A complete waste of time .

Don't waste your time to watch this.

I knew it wasn't gonna be a good movie, but after 10 minutes into it I just wanted to leave the theater.

Carrie is trying to do everything possible to keep her marriage from becoming boring.

Beginning with every gay cliché known to gay man, including a visitation from Liza Minnelli, you would swear this was written from a straight man's version of what gay life must be like.

This film was like an extension of the scene in series 6 with Geri Halliwell - awkward, confusing, embarrassing and leaving you scratching your head wondering why anyone thought THAT would be a good idea?

Final verdict: if you can see past all the flaws in this movie, and choose to see it just for fun, it can be enjoyable enough.

Their dreary despair comes to an end as they're flown ultra-first-class to the glamorous 'new' middle-east, shuttled to the luxury hotel in individual Maybach limousines (one for each of them!

Nevertheless, as for married people I find it a very good entertaining film, easy and fun to watch, with problems that married couples can related to.