Sex and the City (2008) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A New York City writer on sex and love is finally getting married to her Mr. Big. But her three best girlfriends must console her after one of them inadvertently leads Mr. Big to jilt her.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Michael Patrick King
Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall
Length: 145 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 96 out of 485 found boring (19.79%)

One-line Reviews (262)

After developing such strong characters over the course of the series, someone fell asleep behind the wheel and completely short changed the viewers.

They are 4 overly dressed women who come across as empty shells.

), and then she looked stunning in the opening scene of the film with her smoky eyes, wavy hair walking down the street in that white number with the huge gold flower.

I saw this movie because I wanted to see what women were absorbing en masse.

The acting is engaging and the four leads are joined by some interesting support actresses such as Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's PA and Candice Bergen as her editor.

The kind of movie that men get dragged to, and have to admit they liked to please their dates.

In short, yes I did, primarily because it's so cliché of a romance movie and I'm in the mood for some formula after frying my brain for the last work week.

The movie is entertaining.

Although the clip from Meet Me in St Louis rather reminded me of what a really good movie looks like, Sex and the City, however enjoyable, isn't one.

During the film it's filled with the typical "SATC" themes of love, tears, fashion, depression, lavish vacations, good sex, bad sex, and in the end friendship and unexpected happiness.

Simplistic and very very predictable .

I must be wrong because because the few gay characters in this are so cliché and one dimensional that someone very out of touch, that never lived NYC may have written the script.

Though mostly somewhat predictable, there were enough twists and additions to the standard cast that (again, in my opinion) this is truly solid as a movie.

The second hour dragged on, and I struggled to pay attention.

I think she needs intensive therapy because she is obviously a masochist who values the ability to purchase brand name couture more than her own happiness.

Yet another TV show {yawn} becomes a film.

The show is full of frank and snappy discussion which manages to come across as both very real and hilarious at the same time.

I found it to be enjoyable.

The only real guy was Samantha's boyfriend who didn't seem wimpy, but apparently was getting bored of banging her or something.

worst movie ever .

It was extraordinarily predictable excluding the part when the poster-child for anorexia nervosa that is Carrie asks a healthy looking Samantha how she let herself get so fat.

It seems that many actors (especially Mr. Big) were dragged to the shoot and there only for the money.

At over two hours long, we're almost spoiled with vibrant cinematography, breathtaking costumes, elaborate and witty dialogue, and some interesting twists along the way.

For starters, no plot, bad dialogue, everyone looking a little "tired.

Here, he is dull.

I really enjoyed it!!

Anyways, it is their intriguing evolution as a couple that I found myself wanting to be resolved the most.

Boring, pointless, lacks humor, predictable and way to long .

Yes, it's predictable.

Carrie is given huge publicity (and stunning wedding gowns), for her upcoming marriage to Big.

The directing was slow and ponderous and devoid of the pace and spark that existed in virtually every episode in the show.

Well, that's all from me - a rather disjointed piece!

); and gone is all the charm, wit and insight that made the original programme so irresistible: all that is left is a predictable love story—and that ain't what the title promised!

Fashion made boring?

A year in the life of 4 boring people.

" It is nothing like the original TV series which was light and witty, but rather a dumb and dragged out epic without a real plot.

While infinitely more entertaining, this film doesn't offer anything to unfamiliar viewers.

) chops are on display to great disadvantage,is simply a boring mannequin / archetype .

It's out of place and the focus isn't actually on the fact that they may possibly be 'distant' from one another but more so on the snappy comeback, echoing the disjointed tone the overall film has.

Two and a half hours is way too long for this movie, it should have been shorter.

probably be dragged along to see this as well.

Overall, for fans SATC provides an enjoyable, light-hearted conclusion to the girls' stories while for the rest of us it is more like how Carrie Bradshaw feels about Botox: "Painful and unnecessary.

I would suggest a thought for all of the girlfriends, wives, partners that have been dragged to see such films.

) women walking around in designer clothes complaining about their dreary upper-crust life, blissfully unaware of the possible hurdles they will have to face in a few months time.

Aside from completely enjoying the movie, the atmosphere in the movie theatre was an exciting experience on its own.

WOW, WOW and more WOWIt is a gorgeous and exciting city.

It all seemed like cliché bells going on when women think about romance.

Sex and the City (the film,obviously) resulted to be a very boring movie without a good story.

The movie can be described as a light hearted romantic comedy, with some "intense" scenes .

Racist and Boring .

More predictable than your mother in the bedroom.

This might sound pathetic, but i honestly found the movie so entertaining and light hearted that i wanted to see more.

Shallow maybe but entertaining.

Everything on the other side was too disjointed.

Although this movie didn't live up to my expectations, it was entertaining, and nostalgic.

And at over 2 hours, the movie is too long.

I'm a gay man, and I wonder what I would have thought of this movie if I hadn't seen it with a friend and spent a lot of time talking about the clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.Without giving away the ending, I do give the writers and producers points from keeping that part of the plot from being predictable.

For a movie called 'Sex and the City', there is very little sex (I'm not referring to sex scenes but that's missing too) and city, it becomes more about one jilted middle-aged woman going through a depression and then eventually marrying the guy who walked out on her and as irrelevant subplots, one of her friends is bored with fidelity, the other one too leaves her husband only to get back with him in the end and the third one gets pregnant and has a baby.

Sex and the City is a movie which bored me a lot and it results extremely long,while the series was enormously entertaining and their running time was perfect.

Besides a few flaws, the movie overall was very enjoyable.

As my wife succinctly put it—'This is boring!

The scene is ultimately pointless as she is moving to a closet that is 10 times to the size - which, if you can imagine it - is actually a plot point in a film that will make you feel compelled to throw out every designer label you own.

Carrie proved over and over that getting to the ultimate goal was never easy, as the path is peppered with insecurities and a few unexpected twists and turns.

Over-all SEX AND THE CITY is an entertaining romp back into the lives of women over 40 who are successful, sexy and vulnerable.

Sarah Jessica Parker continues to be a wildly entertaining, winning actress in the role of Carrie Bradshaw.

I actually enjoyed it to some extent although I am a SATC fan.

In addition, "Sex and the City" is far too long.

On the other hand, Kristen's saga is the least compelling, except when he suffers from Montezuma's revenge in Mexico.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Its a series of episodes forced into a disjointed movie where Big appears at the end to of course magically end up with Carrie.

I left with an empty feeling.

And succinctly put, that was the impression I got, which irked me at the beginning, until slow, and surprisingly, it started to grow on me.

Bravo to writers for staying true to the originals and Thank you to the critics - I went in with low expectations of a movie that was wonderful and enjoyed it very much!!

It was Vogue turned into a movie, and a bad one -- and were the characters always strange, bitter, shallow, gossipy, idle, pampered, indulgent, empty headed, materialistic idiots?

worst movie ever .

Overly long & exceedingly boring with only one good performance.

Never one will it disappoint you and I guarantee you, you will leave the theater satisfied.

Four totally uninteresting woman, behaving like everything you've tried to forget from US TV of the 60s.

The whole will they or won't they, stay together/break-up/get married, is actually the most conventional and boring part of the film.

Dressing up that naked attempt in some stunning clothing by leading fashion designers still constitutes no justification for making this movie.

It was a fun, entertaining movie and I am glad I didn't let the bad reviews keep me from seeing it!

No, I was mistaken, there is no plot.

And, to my surprise, I actually somewhat enjoyed it.

Some of these moments work better than others, but it's hard to say that Sex and the City is ever boring.

It's a bizarre, bizarre blend of the innocent and the explicit that sets in motion a pretty bland chain of events.

Plus, I thought there were some pretty hilarious moments, unexpected since the previews were kind of evasive.

Even straight men, who said they were forced to see the movie, enjoyed it.

" The conversation goes on for some time and is the most entertaining part of the movie.

The plot seemed completely contrived and with the exception of Charlotte, the writing went against everything these women portrayed for six years.

I found the movie better than the series which was fluffy, and at times shallow (but still mucho entertaining and fun) while the movie was, dare I say, poignant and warm-hearted.

Let me start by saying that I watched the TV show for years from the sidelines (spouse watching the show, while I was falling asleep).

A lot of the movie was very predictable if you have watched the trailer.

A waste of time and waste of space that could have been given to a recurring character from the series.. Maybe it would have helped if more writers had been attached to it, rather than leaving only MPK to embark on a huge film like this on his own..

It was the most enjoyable 2 hours I've spent in the cinema for a while, and I go once a week.

All the humor of the show was gone and it turned into some bad soap opera that ran way too long.

Maybe this is what happens to rich chicks in new York City when they get old, maybe the story of their lives is so lame that they have to bore everybody to tears and shop and shop and shop.

And their men are more boring than a rainy New York pavement.

okay you get it i hate it no plot, acting is so so poor, the characters development is awful( if your new to this must avoid!

It's still perfectly watchable for non-fans but it's probably much more compelling for true fans.

I guess for us it's a little thrilling), it is not asking you to dig deep into your mind for meaning.

What was a show filled with snappy wits and sex appeal is now a tear filled drama of four forty-something year olds trying desperately to find the way back to their fastpased Manhattan days of old.

I was never a fan of the TV series but was curious, dragged to the movie by partner who is a fan, etc.. I think the movie gave me just what I was looking for: the girls, the relationships, and poignant comments about love and life.

Naa, too boring, go after the one who's still married...

It starts off okay (as it keeps some of the essence of the original) but after about 45 minutes it begins to drag and gets very boring, beyond the point of no return, like a bad clichéd wannabe romantic movie, almost soapy.

Her assistant, Hudson, is a useless waste of money, tho I give props to her for doing the movie, knowing as she must have that her role was to darken up the frowned upon white only cast.

The niche audience will applaud it; everyone else will either ignore it (the wisest choice) or fall asleep if ambushed into seeing it.

The movie is superficial, not believable (the scene with Miranda and Steve on the bridge is just plain pathetic), and boring.

Instead of telling a solid story,this movie only shows predictable elements from the romantic comedies and an obsessive emphasis on the fashion.

This film was a predictable romantic comedy, and although I was pleased to see the characters again, they weren't their old selves.

Some caustic posters seem to confuse louder-than-life satire about Eros and New York with propaganda for la dolce vita in Manhattan.

Candace Bushnell wrote the original book about 4 New York women & there empty lives.

Save your money and spare yourself the agony of this 2 and a half hour pickle.

I dislike the TV show, I watched the second part to this movie first and maybe I missed something, so I stupidly decided to watch this boring bland and over prolonged feminine program and was very disappointed.

It was all I could do not to walk out on this flick, and i actually did leave the theater for 10 minutes during the "bridal gown" scene...


) The movie was too long, dull and predictable.

Eventually Enjoyable Romantic Drama .

The horrible music and all the product placement of various brands, with tedious and flat-minded scenes thrown in the mix made it almost impossible to sustain throughout the entire movie.

The movie was so predictable.

Enjoyable even for fans or non fans alike .

Sex and the city is a very boring movie.

Then the plot: predictable (Samantha's ring/ Smith being the guy getting it to her; the password of Carrie's email folder being 'love' like on the key chain...

Had I dragged my girl to a guy flick with this much sex, nudity and dirty talk, I would be labeled a pervert.

Miranda and Steve's storyline was the only one actually worth watching and credit is due to Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg for pulling something decent out this.

It seems that they only took the shallow and stupid stuff of the series, and created a rather contrived left-at-the-alter plot, far removed from the light touch, that was there, in the writing of the series.

Also, as much as I like Jennifer Hudson, I felt that her character, which was the assistant of Sarah Jessica Parker's character, was kind of pointless.

A very boring film .

its really boring.

It delivered what I expected and I think for that reason I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Contrived and Unsexy .

I've heard many people talk about the plot and how pointless it was.

If it is a decent and thoroughly enjoyable film, then why should it matter how long the film is unless you don't like it.

Worst movie I saw this year .

But before you see this end - you'll fall asleep.

In fact, looking at the stats on IMDb i thought this might be a total waste of time.

PLEASE don't waste your time by spending an outrageous 2 1/2 hours on this film!

Entertaining and deeper than I thought it would be .

But it's awkward for Samantha to live in LA and constantly fly cross-country to see her friends--and that makes the ending of her story predictable, too.

The characters were either boring and one dimensional or stereotyped to neurosis.

It is 100% cliché, and adds nothing to a single character.

And when she wanted to leave him, he was like "okay, that's cool".

****Spoilers ahead**** I'm a huuuuuuge fan of the series, and I dragged my hubby for this.

Worst Movie ever made by far .

I found this movie really entertaining, it was really funny, way depressing, watchable, and it makes you feel like you're in their world like a good movie should.

Eventually one realizes that no, it's only a chronicle of the senseless, empty life of people who live in adoration of the superfluous products of Louis Vutton, Cartier, and Vogue magazine.

It was very entertaining and is for the girls - they were good.

With a wonderful soundtrack to accompany it, this film certainly takes you right back to the series, and gives you many unexpected surprises, ones which you never thought would happen to the main characters.

In other words going nowhere.

I wouldn't call myself a fan of the show, but by now I've seen every episode and there are some stuff you could criticize, but overall it was an entertaining show, funny, often witty and characters that were more or less appealing even if they were half caricature.

I think these kind of people should just stick to their exciting sports games, video games and really cool old man movies.

Jennifer Hudson's character was a total waste of time and did nothing to advance the storyline (altho she does a good job).

Hence, this is why the first 4 of the 5 "episodes" were good, but the final "episode" was ho-hum.

Miranda was such a bore,and very stubborn, although her ending was the best.

It's not as brilliant as the TV show, but it is amusing, easy to watch and quite entertaining.

Almost exclusively Caucasian cast (except a few tokens here and there)Extremely bad acting (I guess Sarah JessicaParker wasn't actually so bad, she did what she could with the kind of role she was given)Very boring plot about people getting married / breaking up and whatever.

There I was, on my 31st minute, realizing that this movie is going to be one unbelievable waste of time.

Where was the slow tension build-up, the wedding slowly getting out of control scenes that scare Big.

I knew it was a waste of time.

men, check your upper chest size after you leave the theater.

Noth, too, reprises his role as the supreme Manhattan catch of the decade, as he is most handsome and engaging.

I really don't know what you uber fans were waiting for, or hoping for, but I enjoyed it a great deal.

All in all, the movie is completely shallow and empty and it never manages to take off.

There is a lot predictable sap.

But,on this film,they do not have an endorse,so it bores pretty easily.

As a huge fan of SATC, i was dying to watch the movie, i was shocked of how boring this movie was.

While there were still the pointless clothing montages and fashion shows that did nothing to further the plot line, I thought it was an excellent movie to finish off the series.

By the end of the movie 3/4 have refound their happy ever after, and while the end result was good, it just seemed, well, pointless.

It's a bit funny, fluffy and totally predictable.

The latter works in a TV show because episodes by their nature are disjointed, you need to be able to make the individual episode plots stand well on their own or the show will fail.

Candidate to worst movie of 2008 .

The worst thing about "Sex in the City" is that it is rather bland and its revelations won't hoist eyebrows.

stupid, in some respects, SATC did have a certain zing and friskiness, and it was entertaining and even at times exciting to take part of Carrie's and the others lives.

Still, the performances are entertaining and it will pretty much keep you interested to the end.

This was an entertaining movie and true to the story line of the series.

) it was enjoyable and much better than what other reviews have stated.

All were stunning.

Don't waste your money.

Waste of time, out of sight, out of mind .

TV, on the other hand, emphasizes a community of characters the audience wants to visit once a week, with plot being secondary and often predictable.

Maybe it was the years and they went through some changes but I missed Miranda's snappy retorts and Carrie's word-plays.

The Mr. Big jilts Carrie at the altar premise is soooo tired, and soooo predictable.

To think that they nearly messed it up totally by making an overlong, unfunny movie where nothing happens to a bunch of totally self-obsessed characters, and where the gay characters have a total of about two lines so as not to upset the audience in the southern states by their just being there, and introducing a black character just as vapid as the four leads in order to appeal to the black demographic.

A waste of time .

In a movie the result of the latter is very disjointed storyline and plot.

All the stars were just as intriguing as ever and the story line brought together so many points of the series.

The movie is completely predictable and, even though you never hear his name in the television series, decided to mention Mr. Bigs real name on numerous occasions.

but this is just one boring.

Though it was great to see the foursome back together again, the movie was far too long, dragged a bit too much and got a little nasty.

Steve's infidelity seems a bit contrived.

don't waste your money .

I found the plot to be compelling and heartfelt and the female characters just as flawed and human and funny as they'd always been.

Kristin Davis is very enjoyable as Charlotte, the youngster of the bunch in her mid-thirties.

Before I get slammed and accused of being a troll and can't handle a show about empowered women, I watched the entire series on HBO and enjoyed it.

I love her, but the role as written is way too cliché'd for even a fine actor like herself to make any sense out of.

It was nothing more than a long commercial for the corporate sponsors; they broke the characters down to inaccurate caricatures of their former selves; the plot was forced and confused and even the sex scenes seemed to be out of place and unnecessary (except for the ones with Samantha's neighbor, which were pretty entertaining).

I used to complain about Sex and the City during its original incarnation on HBO because it bored me to watch people spend unfathomable sums of money on shoes and unremittingly prattle about love-d*ck-and-shopping (and nothing else, ever).

There is no plot, it's just a long version of the show, as if it's off cable now and on real TV.

As a result, the plot line was easily predictable right from the moment she walked into Enid's office.

Instead it made up unrealistic and perhaps predictable stories to create an easier and more accessible script for wider audiences.

I am sure that it was more enjoyable than a society expected big time.

For me it was an enjoyable simple movie to have some fun.

I always felt the women were a little too emotional and label-conscious for my liking, but the intriguing story lines and witty dialog have kept me hooked.

I watched the TV show at various times in re-runs on cable, completely out of order and usually while doing something else, like fixing dinner, ironing my kids' shirts or cleaning out the cat litter box, and I thought it entertaining and well written TV, a pleasant diversion after a long day at work.

Entertaining and FABULOUS .

First of all I see that many of the comments here are given the movie a really bad review and picking'on stuff that are totally pointless!

I'm a guy - so you KNOW I was dragged to see this.

I should have waited for video, then I could have fast forwarded thru some of the poorly done sex scenes or the dragged out filler scenes.

Most likely this review will only be enjoyable if you already were a fan of the show.

This movie was so cliché, so little effort, so little anything, it was just unwatchable.

In the movie, she seemed to be a caricature of herself and it was unsettling as if she was just a prop to be dragged out when they needed a bit of comedic relief.

BUT, the movie was funny enough (Charlotte especially) for me to realize that she dragged me there just because she wanted to have a good time with me.

How cliché was she?

Instead we get a very long tedious depressing drama that drags on and on and on.

I was so bored the whole time.

And the story is predictable with forced messages, and the characters are clichéd and shallow.

I go to the movies to be entertained for the most part, and it certainly was entertaining.

In the end this was forgivable as the back end was an enjoyable and redeeming experience, recapturing the wit and humour of the TV series.

If you enjoy great cinematography, adult dialog, stunning fashions, and amusing repartee, you will enjoy this film.

Though this does skew its demographic more towards females exclusively, it certainly is fascinating to look at.

And in formulaic fashion, you know what would happen, and what would happen next.

Like Carrie who seems to have enough money to afford an assistant etc.But as a huge fan of the series, for me it was exciting to see all the girls together again.

Jennifer Hudson's character was also unnecessary and her story dragged the movie.

Entertaining, without having to use my brain (like the one I just watched - There will be blood, which I also loved).

The plot is so predictable that you can actually play a game of who can predict the next scene most accurately.

You'll have some shockers, unexpected hilarity, and uncertainty as to how it will all end.

I have watched 30-40 episodes I would guess and I would not say that I love the show, but I do find it entertaining and never dreaded my girlfriend pulling out the DVDs to pop them in.

I took the film as a romantic comedy and I really enjoyed it...

Instead of sexy, smart, and sassy, Sex and the City: The Movie is saccharine sweet, slow, silly, and superficial.

Sex and the City really is a fabulously entertaining film.

I'll be honest i only watched this with her so that i would not get moaned at when i take her to watch The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight etc.But against all my macho denials, i found this film to be quite funny and enjoyable.

I would just be happy to see all clothes that I saw even if nothing happened in the movie!

It was at least 20 minutes too long, the poop joke was in pretty poor taste and it did get a little soggy towards the end, but I've seen many worse, more pretentious movies over the last year, one or two of which have been nominated for awards.

I guess Samantha was the most entertaining, very funny and strong as usual.

too much drama for me i guess.. I am gonna give it a 5 out of 10 because the acting was good but i just don't like this much serious drama i guess.. The movie is good for people who like emotional drama with a nice smooth ending.. Do not watch this movie if you just wanna watch some romantic it if you are open to a serious real-life emotional stuff.. All in all,i thought it was just OK.. It was enjoyable at times,not too good at other times..Go ahead and watch it if you are a big fan of the show.

The characters of the show and their friendship make the movie worth watching alone.

I just think it's funny that even Larry the Cable guy was dragged to see this film by his wife.

To make the ride as enjoyable and dazzling as possible, we are given a much clearer and vivid picture of how the world of fashion is an essential part of Carry's universe.

The great dynamics between the women was flat and trite.

But I actually weirdly enjoyed it.

in fact i was totally open to walking out if i found it was going to be a total waste of time.

The story was pointless even for this genre and wouldn't have taken more than an hour to write.

Even worse were the cliché shots like the cell phone falling in slow motion.

As a 60-year old male, I'm certainly not in the demographic at which this movie is primarily aimed, but my wife gave me permission to see it with a 37-year old female friend who most certainly is - and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fashion is exciting though isn't it?

Big was dull, Steve was pathetic and Harry was sycophantic.

Hmmm, did anyone among the cast or crew ever stop to think that this contrived relationship wreaked of a racist tradition in Hollywood, which relentlessly limited African American actors to images of servitude?

Fun popcorn film but way too long .

It was heart-warming, it was painful, it was exciting, it was scary.

There were some stunning scenes, the clothes were all so beautiful, I loved the scene where she was trying on all the wedding dresses for the vogue shoot.

So empty it is almost insulting.

Despite the brand representing female empowerment, it also proves insightful and entertaining to some heterosexual males (such as myself) who are comfortable enough with our own sexuality to overlook its feminine image.

Through most of the movie I was extremely BORED.

About 30 minutes in, things seem to slow down a bit - and they never really speed back up.

I really enjoyed it..:)

Yeah, I was dragged into it by my girl/date (it's complicated) and yeah, I was worried that she dragged me there because she wanted to me to learn a message or get into girlie stuff...

It was simply boring.

Even when I start to be a little critical about what I thought may be a contrived emotional outburst from Carrie (SJP),my spouse reminded me that Carrie had acted similarly on the TV show when confronted with furthering the relationship with Big.

I thought it was an okay movie, if you are in the mood to watch four, exceptionally fit, 40-50 something women parade around in outlandish fashions, and suffer and wisecrack through contrived relationship problems.

Seriously what can I say more, I am a guy that went to the cinema with his other half because she wanted to watch the film so much and I actually enjoyed it.

Good film, I enjoyed it.

thoroughly enjoyable film .

This storyline is the quintessential chick flick cliché and it does what it does without surprise.