Sex Drive (2008) - Comedy, Romance

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A high school senior drives cross-country with his best friends to hook up with a babe he met online.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Sean Anders
Stars: Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 101 found boring (21.78%)

One-line Reviews (67)

It's simple, basic, predictable.

Sure there is gross Out humor, some nudity, extreme language a a tightly followed unexpected plot line and twists.

Not only because it shows the lifestyle everybody would have loved to live in its teenage years, it also features both laughs and unexpected developments in the end, thoughts about the meaning of love and how important it is to trust feelings.

Teenage comedies were all the rage in the 80's and again in late 90's and early 00's but in the late 2000's one of the last true great coming of age teenage comedies was released and unfortunately doesn't get the praise it deserves and gets lost in the shuffle.

Enjoyable and Funny .

Unwatchable movie plus one of the most unlistenable bands I can think of.

Ho Hum).

It was of course a predictable plot with some awful slapstick moments.

Sexdrive is not a great movie to watch, its one of my worst movies i have ever seen.

It was only marginally entertaining and came across like a really lame Superbad attempt at raunchy teen comedy.

If we've seen it once we've seen it a hundred times but if this turned out to be funny and enjoyable then I wouldn't care about that.

For a comedy of its type, and all of you know what I mean by this coming of age sort of comedy, it had a lot of slow parts that weren't funny, and needless sentimentality that only served to slow the movie down.

The unrated cut offers some highly original and often highly surreal twists to the normally boring promotional gimmick.

I was in a relaxed mood, a little bored maybe, and was laughing through out the whole movie.

I enjoyed some of it, there were some laughs mixed in with some tedious scenes.

but the little parts, the details and characters you do see for the first time do add up to the very entertaining atmosphere and good laughs.

It comprises of a now cliché story coupled with now cliché characters in now no-longer funny, cliché situations.

FINAL VERDICT: Funny, worth watching.

I was ready to give this movie about a 1 , than there were actually some nice twists toward the end of the film, before going back to predictable.

Mostly bland characters, no real jokes to speak of, and massively unmemorable attempts to pin the movie to a time.

An unexpected treat.

if not, go save your money and wait for the rental, or go to the matinée show to save money like i did.

Furthermore, behind all the profane, raunchy sex jokes and slapstick lies a straight forward, but nevertheless engaging unrequited love story that doesn't feel tacked on and as derivative as it plays out on page.

This lightweight, hormone-challenged but entertaining coming of age comedy of about a shy, suburban, 18-year old virgin who desperately wants to give his cherry the boot boasts the usual gross-out gags, genital jokes, and humiliation humor.

Enjoyable comedy .

Summary: Funny movie with a very nice development in the end, and a fascinating and breath-taking Amanda Crew - worth watching!

The movie itself is funny, the kids are a scream and well worth watching.

After viewing this movie on-demand I feel obligated to go buy the bluray since I actually found it enjoyable enough to do so.

The most painful cliché is the whole love story though, damn that sort of thing has been done to death.

I think he was the one who made me laugh on the previously mentioned exceptions),the younger brother who has more experience than the rest of the characters and the predictable ending in which happiness is nearer than what all the characters think.

Overall its pretty funny and actually got a nice sentiment behind the story, not just another sex film but there's these things called feelings involved (Yes I had to check the dictionary for feelings, they apparently are quite normal to have them) which make the story quite engaging.

you get tits, penis jokes, weird characters and unexpected situations.

Worth watching.

Sex Drive is an enjoyable teen comedy.

The audience never really was able to connect with any of the characters, and the story line was only engaging about half the time.

Reasonable Coming Of Age Comedy .

Old story but made on a new, exciting and funny way .

The comic situations are great in some moments and even unpredictable.

Totally unwatchable .

) is interestingly well drawn, written and acted with some unexpected depth.

element kept me going, and some kinky stuff, apart from that it is a pointless comedy.

Even the lone child in the audience of 50 was bored by this disappointment.

Because despite some laughs, funny moments ( "amish") and unexpected action - we experience beautiful acting of Amanda Crew who didn't appear to me that intense in other movies before (like Final Destination for example).

The girl was alright, and the older brother was also okay The movie is enjoyable but it can also be boring at times, and some moments are only funny.

Definitely see it with a crowd, it will probably make it that much more enjoyable.

just about everything in the movie was predictable and seen way before it was done.

They run into a series of events that slow them down towards the meeting which actually add a lot of comedy into the movie.


If they dedicated more time to the supporting cast, it might have made a more enjoyable experience.

Sex Drive is a very bad juvenile comedy which bored me very much and did not make me laugh with one or two exceptions.

It was funny and very entertaining the whole time.

big city people, and morality over immoral behavior create viable messages and themes that maintain the dynamics while spelling out traditional values, acceptance and "coming of age".

This was a totally enjoyable movie experience for me and reflects great credit on the actors, the writers, the production staff and the director.

I liked all the characters and found this movie highly entertaining.

The stunning Felecia admits to Ian that she has a crush on the chubby, weird-looking Lance (go figure), which at first has little impact on Ian, until he begins to have feelings for Felecia.

Having a character like Rex, resembles the original Stifler character, therefore Sex Drive reminds you of a dull and copycat version of American Pie which sadly fails to live up to any of the classics.

The main cast is pretty damn bad, and some sort of failed attempt at creating another American Pie bunch of kids, plus the story is boring and goes nowhere.

In this vein, the movie can get tiresome—and at 110 minutes long, the biggest flaw becomes the sometimes meandering, directionless pace of which moves the plot along.

There are many gross jokes, beautiful tits and girls and enjoyable characters.

The Amish subplot is unexpected and works a few unexpected things.

Perhaps I was simply overwhelmed by the fact that Lance bore an overwhelming resemblance to UK stand-up comedian Alan Carr who is the last person you would expect to see as a Casanova, not least because he is as camp as a row of tents.

) Well, originally I did listen and watched the first 30 minutes or so of 'Sex Drive' and being thoroughly disappointed in the aimless, predictable (to the final "climax"), blatant homophobia and unoriginal ideas, I knew I just couldn't watch this twice in a lifetime.

Overall this movie is a really entertaining movie thats fun to watch with your friends over and over again.

Aggressively stupid coming of age type stuff works on me far more than it doesn't.

A pathetic movie, a complete waste of time and money, I'd rather watch paint dry.

Instead of hitting the viewer with really sharp and clever material the film instead delivers the same old characters with the same old material, churning out this sexual cliché and jokes that don't stick in the mind.

the brother,, played by James Mardsen, is angry as all you know what, and takes off after his younger brother in hopes of catching him so he can beat him up for stealing his classic car.. a very funny movie, with lot's of crude sexual humor,, definitely worth the watch.