Sextette (1977) - Comedy, Musical, Romance

Hohum Score



On the day of her wedding to her sixth husband, a glamorous silver screen sex symbol is asked to intervene in a political dispute between nations, which leads to chaos.

IMDB: 3.4
Director: Ken Hughes
Stars: Mae West, Timothy Dalton
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 6 out of 64 found boring (9.37%)

One-line Reviews (27)

So she was a little slower-moving, a little less youthful and energetic, than she was forty years ago.

Do I find the film entertaining?

Generally, the script is predictable and Mae West is basically playing herself (or sending herself up?

Surrounded by handsome and capable male co-stars, all giving enjoyable performances, who wouldn't be pleased?

As I have said, I have thoroughly enjoyed it every time I have seen it (not that I sit there and watch it con continuous loop).

This movie truthfully is very well filmed, very well acted and quite entertaining.

West may be a little slower with her lines but she still delivers them convincingly, Dalton is entertaining and not just the eye candy he could have been in this film and there are some good contributions from the supporting cast.

Entertaining and Fun .

truly the worst movie ever made - octogenarian antics of an idol from days gone by .

It's just that it is entertaining in a way no one (and, yes, that includes your idol Ms. West) ever intended.

In fact, it is quite entertaining when the camp element is considered.

"critics," is a fun, entertaining film!

As it is, it plays like one long boring Love Boat episode.

Mae West doesn't even act, she speaks her unfunny lines in a dull monotone while attempting to hop about with schoolgirl allure.

Mae West's last, Sextette, may be uneven but still pretty entertaining overall .

)However, these laugh-riot moments are buried deep within a boring, moronic white elephant of a flick.

I really enjoyed it and liked it a lot.

That is a form of social blackmail that has been allowed to go unchecked for far too long and is every bit as unfair as the practice of true discrimination based on anything other than real ability.

It's fun, ENTERTAINING, and despite her age, Mae consistently delivers and NEVER disappoints her true fans in this very UNDERRATED flick!!!

The worst movie ever made.

I rented this movie and I really enjoyed it a lot!

85 she may have been, but she was still out there working, still entertaining people in the best way she knew how.

Weird stuff -- There is no plot, Yes, there's a mysterious hand that magically props her up when she wobbles a little too much.

It's actually quite funny and very entertaining, and there are some poignant moments.

Neither Mae West or anyone else in the movies finest hour this film has a few enjoyable moments.

It IS ENTERTAINING and and pretty well miracle of an exit movie for one of the GREATEST stars in the history of the world!!!

"Sextette" might be fun to watch on a boring, rainy day when you are home sick from school or work and want to see how many guest stars you can identify - or if you don't want to take a sleeping pill when you have insomnia - otherwise forget it!