Shadow (2018) - Action, Drama, War

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Life and intrigue in an ancient Chinese court.

Director: Yimou Zhang
Stars: Chao Deng, Li Sun
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 48 found boring (18.75%)

One-line Reviews (53)

The cinematography here is stunning.

His strenuous insists on perfection of each and every complicated setting, his tough decisions to redo or remake the settings definitely cost more unpredictable budget, I just wonder if such overblown budget extravaganzas would actually be earned back or make even from a full frontal world-wide release.

"Ying" is worth watching, although it has its flaws I guess.

The black and white color grade, an ambience consisting of Chrysanthemums and a music composed of instruments such as zither and pipa make the experience strangely and beautifully thrilling.

After 2000, since "Hero", his movies seems only focused on creating pretty images but all have very weak stories and most of the characters were too simple and tedious.

Music with Chinese instruments blended with fighting scenes is fascinating.

The film does have a slow start, building the world that we're in and the characters and what their motives are.

Boring and waste of time .

Hence it looks like a dull and simple version of Hero

Zhang Yimou has paid too much to the "FORM" of the movie, so over the top emphasized that inevitably made it more pretentious and artificial.

The movie's compelling!

Every single scene was stunning.

Dull replica of Hero .

(And whatever it might seem like from the trailer, the poster, the images about the b & w color scheme being trite ...

(Same reason Spike Lee dragged "Blackkklasman" back to '72, instead of '79 when the incidents took place ...

The story line is confusing, and sometime hard to tell the characters apart.

I think this movie could have been better if it spread out some of the fighting throughout the movie, instead of spend a dull 1.5hrs setting up for a big duel, that ended up only being a footnote to ultimately how the movie ends.

Stylish but slow .

And with Shadow we find director Zhang Yimou ("Hero", "The Great Wall") at his truest form, giving us his most visually satisfying, narratively complex, and action packed movie to date.

Don't waste your time.

A good director will put something in between to show the change in time/scene, but it just jumped, and made following what was going on, a bit confusing.

Although the pacing is a tad off, it's always an absorbing watch due to the gorgeous cinematography, from the sweeping landscapes to the dense foggy atmosphere this movie just looks phenomenal.

My main problem with this film, other than it being really slow, and then feeling like the last 20 minutes is a rush job, is that you don't feel any empathy for ANY of the characters.

Subtle yet breathtaking.

But slow, one battle scene, everything else in the palace.

One such film from Well Go is SHADOW and that film is a stunning visual feast.

Visually exciting Wuxia from master Director Zhang Yimou .

A great, albeit slow paced, movie.

Primarily integrating the concept of yin and yang with the art of war and martial arts, and also balancing it with a deliciously intriguing and emotionally affecting political drama, Shadow(2018) easily rises above generic action movies.

Director's style seems unchanged since Hero, fascinating landscape, enchanting images, fantastic choreography, ancient chinese music and costumes.

It has good cinematography, a compelling story of palace intrigue, interesting characters and good actors, and a good soundtrack.

Beautiful & boring.

So Intriguing .

Boring .

It is a bit slow at first, but then turns out to be one of the most meaningful, intriguing and thrilling movies in recent memory.

To be honest, it was a great movie even though it was quite slow paced, in my opinion.

Boring, pro-feminist film .

While this movie was kind of slow for the first half hour or so, it really picks up after that!

Difficult to Follow .

But what strikes the most about it is how easily the most fantastic scenes can change into the most truthful realism in a matter of mere seconds; how fantasy and realism are interweaved to make the most stunning depiction of the battle.

The plot was only modestly-interesting, but the breathtaking visuals and excellent use of music kept every moment of this film engaging.

From the director of two acclaimed Chinese martial art movies - Hero (2002) and The House of Flying Daggers(2004), comes a subtle yet intense Chinese political drama cum martial arts action movie.

Shadow is a visually-stunning film.

In contrast to his colorful Wuxia films HERO and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, Yimou and Production Designer Horace Ma here employ a metallic black and chrome look that is equally stunning in its own way (there is also much use of ying & yang symbolism).

The plot revolves around betrayal, dignity, megalomania, nostalgia and revenge and comes around with numerous unexpected twists and turns from start to finish.

Unlike Hero and House of Flying Daggers , this film is extremely boring and over-the-top feminist tripe.

Is breathtaking.

The movie is just a masterpiece, if only being a bit too slow and contemplative for the Western viewer.

There is pulse quickening action, seductive romance, the eerily enchanting chords of the Chinese harp and ambient sound of rain and running water, wonderful dialogue, humor, history, yin and yang, intriguing stories, attractive people, fantastic acting and sword play, constant surprises, and more.

Yimou, cinematographer Xiaoding Zhao and his stunt team concoct quite the thrilling spectacle.

Yet all of the twists were obvious and predictable, and I could call them out before they happened.

Spectacle aside, what gives the battle scene an extra wallop are some unexpected twists and turns.

The screenplay is a bit muddled and repetitive.