Shaft (2019) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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JJ Shaft, a cyber security expert with a degree from MIT, enlists his family's help to uncover the truth behind his best friend's untimely death.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Tim Story
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie T. Usher
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 319 found boring (10.97%)

One-line Reviews (128)

Usher seemed a bit out of his league with the street wise hustlers who bore his family name, so his capoeira skills and gunfighting prowess seemed to come out of left field.

Very Entertaining .

Jackson make this movie worth watching despite that, and that is boosted along by the most downloadable soundtrack I've heard in a long while.

The whole plot is fairly predictable.

Stupid, funny, and entertaining.


In my opinion the movie had very funny and entertaining but I don't like adoptions because it is a CLICHÉ.

Jackson with a cliché repetitive plot and clichés but delivers with Jackson's performance and Jessie T.

This movie was great to see with the old vs the new with the shafts it was very enjoyable.

A refreshingly entertaining film!

But this was so much fun and entertaining!

The action comes and goes, but overall, this was an enjoyable film, seeing how I saw it with my dad (who grew up in the Roundtree era) over Father's Day weekend.

(TBH Netflix I'd watch three seasons of John Shaft Jr, FBI Agent) But mostly because it feels like it was churned out; formulaic and predictable.

I enjoyed it.

This movie was a waste of time and even Sam didn't wanna do all the jokes.

Awful, terrible, tedious, boring....

Pacing is very well done, but the most unexpected thing is the amount of comedy present.

Usher lacks charisma (possibly by design) but Jackson is in full badass mode which makes for more enjoyable moments than you'd expect, and Roundtree is also on hand as an added bonus for devotees of the original series.

What an enjoyable film with some great laughs!!!

The plot is cliché and dumb.

The plot is dumb and cliché.

Apart from the last 10 minutes of 'Mission:Impossible'-esque action the film cannot decide whether or not it's an action movie, an action-comedy movie or a 'Scary Movie' style send up riddled with endless cliche.

Shaft was vile and boring like usual.

Very entertaining.

This is just a colossal waste of time.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

That's a was fun, entertaining and packed with action....

Even the ending is predictable but still entertaining.

Very enjoyable.

The kid needs a few adjustments to make it a more compelling relationship and a compelling transformation.

This movie is so politically incorrect 😁 but it's also funny and entertaining and that is why I watch action movies, so I enjoyed myself.

Along with every other cliche and stereotype made famous by the "Blaxploitation" craze of the early 1970's!

Sometimes the film felt slow, bad direction, Samuel L.

It's an exciting time-killer!

Jackson made the movie stunning by his profanity language that you can't stop laughing on it, Usher also played a great role as the son of Jackson's character.

Terribly written, flat jokes and full of empty stereotypes.

Action not intense, slow and messy.

This is not just simple goofs, this is about a massive plot mechanism used to change a character's story but is either so contrived or such a bad mistake that it stops the flow of the film.

I liked it, enjoyable.

He defines the term "sleepwalking through the picture" looking bored and uninterested throughout and HE'S THE BEST THING IN THE FILM!

The flow was clumsy, it was brutally formulaic, very juvenile in its approach to everything, nothing was fresh, nothing was well written, it just all relied on Samuel Jackson.

Funny as hell and action packed.

Bad jokes bad acting bland filmmaking.

Yawn .

In addition, my description of lazy writing is at full front here, with Shaft getting too dependent on the use of these expletives to remain entertaining for me.

Shaft was entertaining from start to finish.

Jackson barks his lines with a gruff delight and is the best thing in this, at least until Richard Roundtree shows up in the final act and brings a ton of charisma; he's been away from our screens for far too long.

Plot was awesome and solid and the humour made it unbelievably enjoyable.

Yeah lots of swearing if that upsets you but it kind of worked in this movie and its well worth watching

Overall, a Must See for me, highly entertaining and funny.

the diferences between them are so evident so it's very fun and entertaining to watch the trasnformation of the son under his father's influence.

I enjoyed it.

An entertaining movie.

It's perplexing that this attempt to update Shaft for the 21st century makes him less cool - and significantly more homophobic - than he was in the 1970s, and it's frustrating because Jackson, Usher, Roundtree, Shipp and Hall are all engaging performers who would normally make this material work.

Samuel is cool.. But this film was so poor, and the cliche rasism just makes people seem victims all the time, lead characters both successful men, not held back by 'the man', so why the cringe worthy race related comments, poor viewing and lazy script writing in my opinion..

Jackson) makes it unbelievably drab watch.

Politically out of date, but funny and entertaining .

The action is dreary, the violence is mean-spirited and the sporadic moments of flashy filmmaking - slow-mo bullet streams, etc - feel desperate and very early 2000s.

This is the worst movie I've seen starring Mr. Jackson (since I'm going to be nasty).

The scenes of levity are enjoyable.

Entertaining movie with good performances .

But if your looking for a fun and exciting Flick...

Switched of after 10 minutes, that's all it took to squeeze in both transgender & islamaphobia references, boring

I recommend checking it out if you're tired of the culture war and just want to watch something fun and enjoyable.

The story was boring and cliche as was the humor and action.

I just watched hindi version of this movie and it was awesome i usually don't watch movie in hindi dubbed cause dubbing ruins the movie but the dubbing version of this once just made movie to watch more interesting this is all just because the words now in hindi - jo gali ke shabd isame use huye hai jo kee aaj tak maine kisi bhee hindi dubbed movie me me gaale ke sabd nahi sune unko sunko movie ka feel aaya aisa lga koi mast bollywood movie dekh rahe hai mja aa gya galee ke word is movie me use huye wo hai madarchod, gand mraye, bhosadike ye teen shabd bahut yaar use huye aur timing bhee perfect thi inkee use karane kee to mai ye jarur kahunga ab dubbing karane wale artist badal gaye hai pahle se bahut jayda achhi dubbing kar rahe hai thanks to them for this hindi dubb of Shaft movie well talking about movie it's entertaining action pack movie.

Entertaining .

Entertaining and Funny .

Enjoyable to watch.

Shaft is your easy going, entertaining and slightly ridiculous film.

I say it's enjoyable family movie with Shaft's family and his grand Dad.

Just a no plot no twist nothing just a vulgar dialogues and nothing.

I liked this movie, it's very entertaining.

It's not the best movie ever, but it's really enjoyable and has some of the funnest fight scenes I've ever seen

A lot of the humorous scenes are given away in the trailer but I still found most of the film to be entertaining and funny.

I'm just glad I enjoyed it as much as I wanted to.

The main plot though is so plain and uninteresting.

Very Entertaining .

It´s predictable and barely funny.

So please explain why the writers opted to go for predictable dialogue.

Also predictable.

Stereotypical characters and predictable jokes.

I enjoyed it.

Only Samuel Jackson makes it worth watching, although they've adolescentized his character.

The script is bogged down with endless profanity and no kind of wit at all, while the young guy is a complete bore.

Enjoyed it alot .

Samuel l Jackson was hilarious and it was a very entertaining movie

Is good and very entertaining .

Entertaining enough.

Shaft is enjoyable when you are drunk!

This was a fantastic funny and action packed movie.

story builds, action packed, and i could see people with tears at the end.

So boring, people were getting up and leaving the theater, a 6 on IMDB is generous .

Jackson roles big, so big it carries the lame plot, constant cliches and, somehow, makes an entertaining movie - out of what in other hands would surely be a ridiculous mess.

"Shaft" is an entertaining and funny movie based on the character from the 70´s.

Fun and wildly action packed this was a surprise to see

It's a waste of time to get into the intricacies of the plot because most of it makes little sense, and is not of any real significance considering the goal is to watch and enjoy the banter between the actors, plus throw out lots of in-jokes and a colorful soundtrack to liven things up.

Great entertaining Movie watch it.

So amazing movie entertainingSam L Jackson is the one and onlyRefreshing.. Stunning acting from hime

But the moment Sam jackson becomes fully immersed is when this film takes off.

Still the movie lacks a good story-telling, especially with the case that Shaft was investigating which was hard to follow for me.

I'm not even sure it's a good movie, but it's an entertaining one.

Most intense action sequence is at the ending!

Engaging, fun story line.

Really fresh and entertaining.

Boring, predictable and a bomb at the theater to boot .

This film is a bit of fun and enjoyable the whole way through.

I walked into "Shaft" thinking it was going to be a disaster, but turns out I really enjoyed it.

For some reason the creators of this surprisingly enjoyable movie decided to name the movie 'Shaft' again.

He balances so much into the role, like seeing Nick Fury in a rated R role, that is certainly entertaining to watch.

Entertaining, good plot, Samuel L.

Bored to death after this scene!

Enjoyed it throughout

Instead let's jump into the action, the modern day has choreography and technology capable of making those epic shoot outs a little more exciting.

The script is simply boring and it is only kept alive by his performance.

Fast paced and fun, this is a great movie 4 fans of the franchise that should be seen on a big screen.

It started off alright then just went down hill, few funny bits but mostly plain and boring, Netflix got it very wrong.

I thought it was very entertaining the way the drama was mixed with comedy.

Very Entertaining & Great Cast .

The plot is thin and predictable.

Predictable .

Very predictable and very vulgar.

Simply something dull and boring.

Bland, boring and uninteresting .

Actually, I fell asleep and missed the end.

This sequel packs a lot of laughs and is highly enjoyable.. 2/10 raters are haters because they prefer comedies by Hue Grant (no disrespect intended Grant).

This film is so cheesy, stupid and boring, it's beyond bad.

Thoroughly enjoyable watch.