Shanghai Fortress (2019) - Sci-Fi, War

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In 2035, aliens have wiped out mega cities around the globe to get their main source of energy, Xianteng. Will Shanghai be able to defend itself and maybe even launch a counterattack?

IMDB: 4.1
Director: Hua-Tao Teng
Stars: Qi Shu, Godfrey Gao
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 15 out of 52 found boring (28.84%)

One-line Reviews (30)

Very entertaining .

The whole romance was just boring and it didn't add anyting exciting to the plot, as there was zero development.

I want to like this movie but don't waste your time.

Worst movie .

Let's just say he's no actor, instead a big bland presence right in the middle of the movie.

Also, the story comes to a halt for long periods several times, resulting in some dull patches.

What makes it unwatchable is that it obviously takes itself seriously.

I fell asleep after watching it for ten minutes,and this is true.

And they didn't explain it, so, yeah, it's a bit confusing.

Quite entertaining movie.

Thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced action movie !!

It's unbearable to watch Chinese movies!

Simplistic script and bland dialogue feels like it was written by children, and the music is sappy.

As I've mentioned in above, the whole film is so confusing for me.

The other moment we are suddenly in this crisp modern sci fi with stunning CGI effects.

dont waste your time

That being said, then I will move straight on to saying that while the storyline was generic and predictable, then the movie was actually quite entertaining and enjoyable, nonetheless.

The CGI effects are serviceable but the direction is unimaginative and that combined with the over-long running time means that this becomes repetitive and boring before long.

For propaganda from an authoritarian nation that was well played.

The subtitles were a bit too fast for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

if you're bored go watch this

I enjoyed it from start to end, and I am rating the movie a solid six out of ten stars.

Plot was confusing, characters jumping all over the place.

There was no plot, just a faint idea of where they wanted this movie to go.

The FX is great but shots of slow mo could be much better.

It was fast moving & intriguing.

The plot might seems a bit simple and predictable.

My wife fell asleep.

I have found a number of Chinese movies and television shows to be entertaining, so I don't have an automatic prejudice against them, as apparently some other IMDb users have.

if you watch is waste you time