Shanghai Surprise (1986) - Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



Shanghai, 1938: A missionary/Madonna hires a man/S.Penn to help her find 1100 lbs. opium lost, as wounded need the morphine. Chemistry?

IMDB: 3.2
Director: Jim Goddard
Stars: Sean Penn, Madonna
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 7 out of 33 found boring (21.21%)

One-line Reviews (19)

In all, 93 fast-moving, adventurous minutes.

Just suffice to it say that it is completely understandable why the talented Mr. Penn reportedly chose to stay drunk for every shooting day of this miserable, limp, pointless ...

Perhaps it's not an excellent adventure, but still very entertaining, sometimes funny,and with beautiful cinematography as a bonus.

i love madonna, but this must be her worst movie...

I'm really surprised by the extremely negative reviews and poor box- office results for this expensively made and -- to my mind -- quite entertaining movie.

In other words, the movie is just totally uninteresting and in addition totally salvaged by a inept crew!

It's true : one of the worst movie ever, Madonna or not (web) .

But I actually found it to be a pretty engrossing story, with a nicely done cinematography that oozed a colorful, exotic, sometimes even enchanting Oriental atmosphere that was hard to dismiss.

Then, the first scene comes and you are already bored.

Dreary, dreadful romantic comedy .

Enjoyable Idiotic Indiana Jones/Swept Away Wannabe .


Don't ask, I was bored!


From about this point on, the movie takes on a rhythm that more or less goes "1, 2, 3, plot twist, 1, 2, 3, plot twist, 1, 2, 3, plot twist, and so on", as the duo of Penn and Penn bounce around randomly from one ridiculous situation to another with plenty of plot twists, but absolutely no plot evident to be twisted.

There is no reason to struggle with justifications, nor to reach for words to describe such an amateurish, hackneyed, stilted, banal ...

The story is a confusing mess.


Otherwise, if it comes on TV, and you're bored with nothing else to do, consider giving it a try.