Shark Night 3D (2011) - Horror, Thriller

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A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks.

Director: David R. Ellis
Stars: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 140 found boring (30%)

One-line Reviews (117)

So if you're in the mood for half-naked college students, some suspense and blood and a movie with a predictable plot, Shark Night 3D is the movie for you!

This is a pretty good for a Saturday night or Friday night when you're home alone and bored and want something that is light and not gory like Piranha was because there wasn't allot of blood.

They were clearly shot with the format in mind, and look absolutely stunning even with a fake shark in the background.


very scary, very thrilling and very jumpy.

The explanation is grotesque and slightly preposterous, but most definitely entertaining.

It was a mistake for this to be a PG-13 horror film, when clearly, it could've been a very bloody, very thrilling piece of new-horror.

And this was all played out in every predictable way possible (including the revelation of who put the sharks in the water, the shark jumping out of the water to get the guy on the jet ski, and the idiotic last shot of a shark jumping out of the water in the end).

Ellis, a stuntman-turned-director who took his own life recently, also handled the similarly disappointing SNAKES ON A PLANE and CELLULAR; his most entertaining films were his entries in the FINAL DESTINATION franchise.

That was, of course, the original film, not the remake, which made it onto my list of the worst movies of 2010.

I don't want there to be spoilers in this review so I won't go into any specifics, but I will say that it tries to be suspenseful and scary and while being super ludicrous.

It's a shame that they put all this great equipment and technology to shoot such an old cliché.

You know in life when someone requires immediate medical attention it makes sense for everyone to take their time and have pointless conversations.

" While far from great, Shark Night is at least an entertaining flick, worth the watch once or twice.

This movie is completely predictable from start to finish.

Chris Carmack is scary with his psychotic behavior but the film is dull, ridiculous and the special effects are very poor.

First of all we start out with the boring usual cocky college kids with the world in the palm if their hands, then we move onto the usual band of country bumpkins that never got over their first crush.

Judging from the movie's poster, which features a terrified young woman in a bikini being pursued by a massive shark, I'm guessing that Shark Night 3D was rushed into production to cash in on the success of the recent Piranha movies, which proved surprisingly entertaining thanks to an excess of nudity and gore.

The stereotypes and cheep "scares" are so bland that you cringe just sitting through them.

But the writing and directing of "Shark Night" (which by the way, mostly takes place under a bright sunny sky) is so bland, so unenthusiastic, so absent-minded that it left me looking at my watch after about twenty minutes.

While better in the production department compared to DTV films the whole film sinks of yesterdays fish which is odd considering its is the same director of entertaining The Final Destination (2009) and Cellular (2004) to name a few.

The dialogue is cheesy in an eye rolling sense and the story is the personification of dumb especially in the final third where the film completely falls apart in its credibility and did I mention how contrived it was.

The problem with this movie is the fact that it seems to treat itself like a serious or quality movie, when it's not at all, I was waiting for something that was funny and entertaining because of its ridicule.

Though the lack of explicit gore and nudity does mean that this is less tongue-in-cheek fun than last year's Dimension gnasher (which coincidentally is getting a sequel called 'Piranha 3DD'), Ellis compensates with tenser and more coherent plotting- and the result is a solid, well-made B-movie that offers enough trashy thrills for those looking for some adrenaline fix.

Of course there are many films on sharks, and in my mind only very few have actually been enjoyable (Jaws, Jaws 2, and if there has to be a third I would go with Deep Blue Sea).

Please don't waste your time or money on this.

But to say that Shark Night is enjoyable is never going to happen.

Rather than go down the great slow buildup route with the shark like the movie "Jaws".

The underwater sequences do look stunning.

This is a movie that has potential to be a commentary on reality television with its "Rednecks use sharks to make a bloody web show" sub-plot, but instead it just becomes a morass of bad stereotypes and tiresome torture-horror tropes.

Also, the lead Sara Paxton is good, the only actress who connects with her character and the only engaging character.

I went into this movie thinking I was going to be bored to death.

Every character is dull and hollow and the stale acting doesn't help.

The characters are stereotypical and I didn't care for any of them by the end, the direction is unfocused pretty much throughout and the acting apart from Paxton was either overplayed or bland.

Only when a B-movie becomes so incredibly empty and devoid of joy do I start nitpicking on things I might otherwise overlook until after the credits have rolled.

Okay this movie is very predictable.

While it's not comedy gold, it's certainly more entertaining than 95% of the movie it's promoting.

So the idea of sharks jumping out at me in 3D was intriguing and I had to go on opening weekend.

Don't waste your money!

It Would Probably Be More Entertaining to Get Eaten by a Real Shark .

A waste of my time.

Even the most eventful, exciting, and thrilling scenes in Shark Night 3D aren't done properly thanks to poorly executed CGI, pitiful acting, a lack of logic, and not to mention, the biggest problem of all, the film's rating.

Unfortunately the most joy I felt last night was walking up to the counter and exclaiming 'Two for Shark Night please', because everything after was at best bland and often atrocious.

Final Destination 2 was an excellent horror film, whose combination of suspense, gore and narrative ingenuity made it hugely entertaining.

=/ On top of that, the dialogue is tiresome.

It's PG-13, it's loaded from beginning to end with grating pop/R&B songs, its 3D looks like crap, and the characters are so cookie cutter boring that you won't care who lives or who dies.

Piranha 3D was over the top; it was tongue in cheek movie; it was fun, gory and entertaining - Shark Night 3D doesn't come close to anything.

Don't waste your money.

If there is a tragedy in this film, it may well be the destruction of a speedboat,Think Piranha, which was only held up by good acting and a good budget, and the few college kids off for a weekend at a lake, then throw into the mix, bad acting, a very weak plot, a storyline which desperately tried to find something more than a shark attack to make it even slightly entertaining, and you have shark night, possibly the biggest turd to have been excreted by Hollywood in recent years.

Shark Night has no form of sex, no form of really over the top bloody blood, it's just empty.

The shoots are absolutely predictable.

To summarise, viewers searching for an adrenaline boost and a buddy movie..this should get the brain stimulated for the next hour and a half.

I expected something along the lines of Piranha which was stupid but surprisingly entertaining, what I got was nothing.


Very predictable, no surprises.

The ending was so predictable; I knew the shark was going to jump out of the water.

Happy because this lame film was over and frustrated because I then realised that watching this film was an utter waste of time.

Despite their best intentions, a majority of the scenes in this movie amounted to nothing more than a predictable sequence of chases, pointless swimming, and eventually scream filled death that is classic of a Scy-Fy original movie.

PROS: Entertaining (for viewers with a respect for "B" movies).

He's the most entertaining part of this movie.

The movie's far more interested in ogling at the hindquarters and torsos of partially-naked models-turned-'actors' than it is in developing plausible attack scenarios or engaging the audience in the way only a good B-movie can.

When the audience finally says "no I won't watch this tasteless, senseless waste of talent and money," perhaps they will stop making it.

Shark Night 3D is a movie that is enjoyable to watch if you can take it with a grain of salt.

But on the plus side, it's the good kind of bad movie - it's entertaining, fast-paced, and gleefully scary, even though it's held back by its tame PG-13 rating.

But I was ready to leave the horribleness from the start of the movie.

Basically, "Shark Night 3-D" amounts to a complicated but predictable revenge thriller with nothing to recommend it.

How cliché in a horror movie.

Let me be perfectly straightforward, the film was hardly creative to this point, but the sudden dip in quality from this point on is simply breathtaking.

Don't waste your money going to see this, or even renting it on DVD, three months from now.

Worse yet, the heavy-handed script by Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg not only relates a silly story that becomes more increasingly ludicrous as it unfolds, but also gets bogged down in tiresome melodrama and presents an array of cardboard characters who are impossible for the viewer to care about.

But then as soon as the first downright absurd scene comes, it just becomes more and more and more cartoonish (and predictable) by the minute.

Meanwhile you get some enjoyable chills and thrills as the sharks jump out of the screen to seemingly lunge at you due to 3D effects.....

After the first attack sequence, which starts with a predictable twist and then becomes a practical shot-for-shot knock-off from the all-more-effective opening scene in "Jaws," the only thing that ran through my mind was wondering how long it would be before Steven Spielberg and Universal decided to pitch out a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

The script is horrific and the plot is ho-hum but more importantly, takes way too long to get going.

Same old story, technically flawed and poor, predictable plots .

I enjoyed it as a great fun popcorn movie.

The movie had a few slow scenes needed to establish relationships and character.

Shark Night seems to take itself more seriously than it really should be, it's bad, boring, a terrible edition, bad direction, horrific special effects, ''special'' performances and such a crude script, and above all, it's fed up with cliches.

now I'm in the middle of seeing this weak movie , It was such boring one that I prefer , let it go & come here to say don't watch this movie , all the shark scenes are unbelievable .

The performances are low key, the script borderlines in the ridiculous, and the story is really predictable, but in the mist of all the disaster I found myself having an enjoyable experience.

We can easily see that this was the idea by the speed-up effects during the necessary but uninteresting setting of a few teens having some fun at the lake.

The film is too serious to be enjoyable, and fails to deliver in almost every respect.

I admit that made me jump, besides that the 3D was pointless.

Suffering from lazy execution, this film is not only depraved of its blood and gory fun and solid written characters, but it completely empty of any sort of suspense.

Actually its only slightly more entertaining than the boring "Piranha 3D".

This movie has a very predictable plot and very little character development even on the main characters which doesn't make you feel anything when a character dies.

In conclusion, dumb, contrived, badly acted, cheesy, stereotypical, with badly done sharks and a complete suspense lack of suspense and fun.

Some of these lowlights include such things as sharks flying out of the water, sharks swimming just as fast as jet-skis, some bizarrely contrived plot involving a scorned love affair from years ago, the idea that people would pay some hillbillies to watch sharks eat people live on camera in a lake and a truly beyond-hilarious scene in which a one-armed man (whose limb has only just been bitten off in a previous scene) wades out waist-deep into a lake to goad a shark with a cattle-prod: a scene that would have been met with derisory parody way back in the 30s/40s when Tarzan was still wrestling with rubber crocodiles.

This movie is far from perfect but is still one of the year's more entertaining films.

Terrible but lightly entertaining .

And both my girlfriend and I enjoyed it WHILE we were watching it.

There is no frontal nudity for the record, and no scenes of any body part getting bitten of, just bikinis and blood in equally small measure (though in this regard, as little of the former is definitely more exciting than the latter).

This movie was predictable and not worth $7.50! It never even showed the shark actually killing anyone!

In conclusion, Shark Night 3D is a tedious, predictable and atrocious "horror" film in which I unfortunately wasted my time and my money.


Add to this a ridiculous third act twist that makes little sense (seriously, watch the movie and tell me how it is even POSSIBLE for the redneck hillbillies to do what they did) and some of the most implausible events I've ever seen in a movie and you've got one of the worst movies of the year.

This lacks any even mild shock or surprise value nor anything convincing, realistic-looking or genuinely horrific considering how predictable every step of the film is.

If you manage to stay awake and can get through the end of the credits, you'll find a fairly amusing rap video featuring the cast.

But Shark Night is still pretty entertaining.

Showing off your richness is so boring, and undermining.

It had no story to it.

the next time you want to waste $28 million dollars get in touch with me and I will make it worth yours and everyone's time!!

Overall, the 13 rate made it an uninteresting horror flick for the buffs.

If Your looking for a serious and unpredictable horror film, then this isn't it.

Save your money for the remake of The Thing coming out soon!

One major weakness to the plot was how predictable the series of events was.

I watched this film a couple of months ago and I actually found it to be quite entertaining.

Sure we get the typical horror movie wise ass quips sprinkled here and there, and some rather intriguing reasoning as to why the attacks are occurring.

Imagine sharks mating with characterless college youths and giving birth to atrocious CGI monstrosities and involve them in a story that has the stupidity and boredom level of watching a Brexit debate.

For instance the central characters are a bunch of college graduates in their early to mid 20's so obviously this film was aimed at teenagers instead of fans of killer shark films, in one way its not a bad thing in the other many people are not going to want to see a kids movie they would want to see a suspense packed, fast pace and very intense shark movie and like I said SHARK NIGHT is not that movie.

They were cliché even for clichés.

However, it soon becomes apparent that, in order to gain a 15 certificate (PG13 in the states) and thereby increase its potential audience, this one is missing all the 'good stuff' that made the Piranha films so entertaining.

A cliché horror flick .

The story is pretty childish, predictable and campy.

After watching Shark Night, I was totally disgusted - NO character development, NO story, NO deep and meaningful inner message designed to enrich the soul and really make you think.

Unlike most of todays cliché horror films, this movie didn't have much nudity in it (that doesn't mean there isn't any nudity at all, though).

This was a total waste of about an hour and a half of my life.