Shazam! (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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A newly fostered young boy in search of his mother instead finds unexpected super powers and soon gains a powerful enemy.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: David F. Sandberg
Stars: Zachary Levi, Mark Strong
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 159 out of 1000 found boring (15.9%)

One-line Reviews (483)

A very enjoyable movie.

Worst movie i seen this year will never watch again

Lack of peril for the main protagonist, average script, predictable story, average acting outside of top billed cast, sterile special effects.

Very entertaining.

Pretty much the title of this review sums it up, the movie is funny sometimes, Shazam being a kid is a good idea as it makes pretty silly moments of a grown up man acting like a full child (without forcing too much on it as well), but it's sort of predictable, so not a masterpiece by any means.

Many recent superhero movies, though entertaining, appear to forget they're make believe and take themselves way too seriously.

My only complaint is that the villain was very one-dimensional and uninteresting.

Very happy and enjoyable two hours, the overall rhythm is very good, the viewing process is not procrastinating.

I get the feeling that a lot of people will be bored and disappointed by this misfire of a comedy, considering how long it took to really start.

Too predictable.

Yes- there is a strip club, but seen from the outside only, and they're more interested in the 10© wings, yes, they buy beer, but spit out the first sip and go buy junk food instead and yes they zap an atm, but run away empty handed and scared when money starts flying out.

I hope next time, they send some more time crafting an intriguing plot, rather than just funny characters.

Really funny and enjoyable

This movie was somewhat funny and entertaining but overall extremely cliché and cheesy.

So childish, predictable and dement.

The music is boring, doesn't feel like you're watching a superhero flick.

Still a very enjoyable film.

I guess they were under pressure to make an entertaining film.

Enjoyable family entertainment solid 7.

Childish, boring, extremely not funny at all, just what I expected.

I enjoyed it personally it's not crap like alot of these reviews suggest.

Basically, it was a waste of time and money in my eyes, and I couldn't wait for it to end.

You people may as well face it, Hollywood, in general, makes uninspiring, unoriginal bull$#!

Sandberg (ANNABELLE: CREATION) does a nice job of keeping the action going at a fast enough pace to keep things entertaining - albeit in a way that was rather pedestrian and "nothing new".

Peter Parker in Homecoming was so much more exciting.

Aside from those problems, it's still a fun and enjoyable film that i don't regret seeing it at all and i'll probably watch it again in the future, unlike the other movies of DC Extended Universe.

Cliche super hero movie with a little pizzazz .

I watched this movie on a flight from Phoenix to Chicago, and enjoyed it.

It is funny, sweet, exciting, has mild peril and, most of all, there seems to be some heart in the middle of it all.

It is exciting to see just what role Shazam could play in the future of this property that is still trying to find its footing and the perfect direction for its movies.

Boring , even the action is bad and the most stupid part when he catch the bus by holding the glass after fallen downI think this movie for 10 to 18 ages only

An Enjoyable and Fun Superhero Film With A Strong Moral At The Heart .

The previous few DC films after BvS have been enjoyable.

The story is rather bland.

total waste of time and money

An Entertaining Movie to Watch .

His motivation is so cliche.

Its a decent movie, boring almost.

It was really enjoyable, a little childish (as suppose to be), and has good points, such as family, love, etc. The comedy part was good, and the family part was also good.

If you are 6 year old you will like it Boring for me

FINAL ACT The final act dragged for a bit and was a bit nonsensical like when all of the kids got the powers of Shazam and easily learned how to use their skills during a battle.

Boring, unfunny, and cringeworthy jokes.

Though I mentioned a few complaints, I want to emphasize that overall I thought the movie was great and I enjoyed it immensely.

It was interesting, entertaining and fun.


Entertaining .

1st 2 acts were good and was enjoying but the 3rd got boring and that's when you suppose to be excited.

is a fun and exciting movie!



Fun and excitement may be more exciting and memorable.

A film that's enjoyable for the whole family.

Childish and predictable .

I got bored there for a few minutes, it was okay to watch, maybe kids would enjoy it a bit more I guess.

I enjoyed this movie, but I would've enjoyed it more if it didn't meander so much or linger so long on what are essentially irrelevant aspects or duplicated ideas.

Billy Batson, the protagonist, is an interesting character because of how the movie works as a coming of age story.

I'd say the first 45 minutes were kind of a waste of time for both the audience, and the character.

Yes it has a predictable script, which i assume it's very different from each other super hero movie, right?

Cliche scripting, nonsensical scenarios, terrible acting, and an all around commercial formula movie plot.

Mildly entertaining.

The most off-putting part of the entire film has to be the bland and emotionless acting from the older cast.

It was so monotone, cringy and cliche that I fell asleep.

Tedious and tiresome.

This is an entertaining show, without much deep meaning, which they do not claim.

The cgi fighting at the end, less so, I was a bit bored and was just wanting it to end.

The biggest positive here is that it's extremely fun throughout thanks to a sharp script, great performances and an engaging narrative that feels really fresh.

Overall it was more cringey than entertaining.

This movie starts out in the most confusing manner I have seen in a long time.

The kids we took have seen all the Marvel and LOTR movies and are not total scaredy cats, but this was intense for a few of them.

The storyline is poor and there is no plot.

Only one lacking is the villain, whom is as dull as dishwasher.

The film is funny for all ages and the unexpected plot twists were clever.

I was surprised by this one, good characters and storytelling, very entertaining, lots of action and good laughs.

It's constantly entertaining, too, with no dull moments, and this is extremely high praise for a DCEU picture.

This Corpollywood product fits the mold of "not-great with a couple of newish, entertaining scenes that can stick.

Thanks, for making this gripping and amazing movie.

Acting it's ok in general, but it really bettered me that Billy and Shazam didn't act and talked like the same person, the were really disjointed as a character that only changes his aspect.

It has a serious story totally overshadowed by the entertaining stride of the film, all of the child actors are brilliant and the special effects are outstanding.

There's very little subtle, snappy humor that will keep adults entertained.

I just wanted it to end when we finally walked out I asked the kids what they thought they looked at me and I said be honest and both said it was the worse film the had ever seen and it went on forever, I was annoyed as I would of took them out after the first 15 mins and asked for a refund.

Actually enter of movie was good and funny but second part of movie was very boring.

I got bored after of the half movie...

Weak, thin and pointless .

The villain is completely lame and formulaic.

A Fresh, Fun and entertaining Film.

But i find this movie very entertaining.

A lot of scenes were predictable and cliche.

The typical good vs evil story is boring.

I didn't think it was that great, but it was entertaining I guess?

All in all: extremely boring, childish, full of forced humour, joking around the maturity in a bad way, too much time for "learning his skills", not having a "super hero movie" feeling, no ups and downs just a straight line of boreness during the whole movie.

Entertaining enough .

It's a lovely, light hearted, and wonderful family film that dropped every single thing that made the DC cinematic universe awful and boring.

An Entertaining 2 Hours .

Refreshing and lighthearted in tone (with a few intense bad guy moments) SHAZAM!

I didn't like the main vilain, he was very boring.

Well, it seemed quite contrived how he chose Billy to be his successor.

So, it was a good film, would have enjoyed it more had they included the Rock as Black Atom in this one.

Very childish and boring.

Yes, there are also creepy elements that keep the movie exciting.

Though the film becomes more stale and predictable once the villain is brought into action.

It's so cliche that you just know the scenario after watching the first 5 minutes.

All the mediocre acting and cliche writing of Aquaman and Wonder Woman is gone.

This movie didn't suck completely, there were some good scenes, but it sucked enough that my kids and wife just got bored and walked out of the room and started to do something different.

Not funny at all, boring, weird incoherent pieces of story .

Summary: If you are looking for an enjoyable movie with heart, Shazam is for you.

The movie dragged on and I didn't much feel like I was watching a superhero movie.

A waste of time, when the few jokes that were made in the mess of an ordinary superhero-movie fell flat.

Found myself falling asleep at times, the plot wasn't very interesting nor did the villian play any key role in the movie.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

Some of the more annoying parts (the repetitive threat of Billy "almost" running away or Billy and Freddy's incessant arguing in the middle of the film) had to be there and I had to shrug it off.

It may be confusing to see Robert and Gal Gadot (I don't even know what's going on with Henry Cavill at this point) in a future installment of Justice League.

This movie is boring and tedious.

Funny, dark, and at times confusing.

It's still nothing all that special, but at least it's a step in the right direction, away from the dreary world of Zack Snyder.

While this story may sound grim and dull, Shazam!

Silly movie for children, anybody above 20 will be bored.

This movie was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot, ate popcorn, had a good time and she left the theater saying "I didn't think superhero movies could be so much fun".

I had 2 points where I actually had a laugh the rest of the supposed "jokes" were predictable, well worn slapstick or "fish out of water" types.

The story had an odd way of feeling a little rushed but also slow at points.

I honestly enjoyed it a lot.

Am guessing that this movie is aimed at the young teenage audience and they will probably have enjoyed it a lot more than I did!

They are watering down their own universe and this is why Marvel will continue to chug along while DC will crash when they flip in new cast among Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa confusing viewers as to whether it is a continuation or something new.

However, there is no plot.

He definitely made the movie more enjoyable for me.

Personally ,I prefer more dramatic,more action comic books adaptation,but this one is ok with PG raiting,reasonably entertaining.

Repetitive and exhausting animations accompanied with bad child acting in a 2+ hour pointless and unoriginal time waster.

I generally liked this film, I thought it was really entertaining and funny.

It's an honest movie, just what it is, an origin of a superheroe, inspiring and entertaining, it does everything well.

" is a movie that finally delivers what I always asked: characters that have personality and are funny, a villain that looks like a villain and not like a joke as Steppenwolf in "Justice League", an entertaining story and especially a good balance between real stunts scenes, and CGI sequences.

I've enjoyed it enough to see it three times and each time, I appreciate the performances more, as well as little touches (like the villain basically being an overgrown, over-educated bully, illustrated by that one scene where he slams Freddy against lockers; the difference between Billy's memories of the day he was separated by his mom and the mom's version of events; etc.).My only problem is that the movie is WAY too long.

Fails to surprise or make something unforgettable but it is certainly entertaining.

Its not perfect by any means, but its well done and more than entertaining enough that you just dont bother to look for anything to criticize.

For a movie that seems to have a little bit of a darker plot in regards to the villain there are countless amounts of humor in the movie and it makes it very lively and exciting.

Peace of garbage,Don't waste yr time.

, the whole situation seemed awfully contrived.

There's some shoehorned-in rickety peeling back the layers stuff to add this is a serious movie not a computerized cartoon, showing Cap Marvels' origin is a salt of the earth type adrenaline junky, racing go-karts, and doing crazy military rope swinging around, rad!

Good Cliche Movie .

Yet, like any they make, Shazam has no plot, poor acting, and is disconnected from the DCEU.

I thought it was goofy and pretty funny, I'm more of a Marvel guy than a DC but this one was enjoyable even with the simple storyline.

It's full of utter predictable nonsense and paradoxes and contrivances.

that movie was too childish, The plot felt empty compared to wonder woman or man of steel, it should've been a slightly more serious movie to fit in better with the other DCEU movies why are you only making Shazam the funny part of the movie- instead of having everything else be funny as well

The seven deadly sins were not nearly as frightening or powerful as they should've been represented as, and the storyline can get a bit boring and out of hand.

Luke warm origin story, allows the franchise to move forward for those who enjoyed it.

There is a real sense of actors bouncing off of each other making it a very thrilling experience for the viewer.

Add something more thrilling like Marvel...

Again, Definitely worth watching!

It has no depth to it at all, but Zachary Levi delivers in an enjoyable, slightly comedic, throw-away little movie and Mark Strong is just about evil enough as the baddie.

The movie was extremely boring with very little action.

Maybe someone would find it boring.

As a woman, I get really bored.

Probably my least favorite thing about the movie was that the final battle felt a bit drawn out and sluggish - it had a hard time climaxing, and there was too much hero and villain just bashing each other without enough ups and downs to be interesting.

It's really funny, massively entertaining, full of great performances and fun characters, and also being really fun and capturing the feeling of being young again.

But the film industry are beholden to intense, ultra-fast, extreme, loud, dark violence.

Great Character development and a bit of laughter to mix of this thrilling Action Comedy .

This movie is so boring i was dying of boredom!

Worst movie I ever saw.

The story is engaging, the cast is spot on, the comedy elements actually work (not something that can be said about every superhero flick) and you really care about the characters.

Funny and enjoyable .

You will witness a fresh story, unexaggerated acting, good editing, and an astute direction - all summed up in a natty and engaging comedy superhero flick.

Unexpectedly a fun and enjoyable ride .

Was it worth watching?

The ending was too predictable.

Snoozer .

Long scenes, boring and predictable action, childish stupid jokes, pale villain, lack of logic.

Boring, bad special effects .

Predictable storyline and comedy that you need try hard to laugh.

The sluggish CGI 'Seven Sins' are a bit of a bore though.

From the start this movie is entertaining with Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer carrying the movie with great and comedic performances.

The bad: The development of the bad guy and Billy alike are ponderous.

Bad story, unrealistic reactions, bad acting, etc. Again, this movie is sooo predictable.

Amusement, glorious and stunning.

wow simply astonished, brilliant breathtaking .

Well worth the watch.

You know what they set out to do, a Kick-Ass style parody that both conveys a new direction for the superhero cliche while keeping the satire fresh.

Shazam (Billy Batson) and his foster brothers and sisters fight doctor Sivana and the seven deadly sins then chase each other and then stand there and have some jokes and again fight and then again chase each other and again stand there and have some jokes and repeat the same totally unbalanced method which is rather frustrating and mostly boring.

All in all, this is just a really well made and enjoyable fun film!

Them aside the other characters are kind of bland and typical one dimensional side characters.

But still a lot of fun and entertaining.

If you are green lit for a sequel before the movie comes out you shouldn't have the same boring ending of hero saves the day.

First things first, it goes on way too long.

What a waste of time and cringe-worthy sense of humor from the main actor.

" and if most definitely made it more bearable and enjoyable for me to sit through a superhero movie.


This movie is sooo predictable!

The classic Mark Strong gives such a compelling performance I couldn't take my eyes of the screen whenever he was present.

For a bunch of children who just become super-powered, they act a bit there age-which feels real and gives the movie a fun and enjoyable vibe.

The movie has so much potential bud the bad jokes and actors just makes it such a bad watching experience, plus that you can figure out everything that is going to happen with no plot twist.

Get's a little bit boring sometimes tho as well.

Good comedy timing in Action packed movie.

Entertaining .

Fun, funny and enjoyable .

Overall, this is an engaging origin story that blends yuks, superhero mythos and a nice coming of age/family story largely with care.

An unexpected DC movie.

Dr. Sivanna, played by Mark Strong, has a compelling backstory that makes him a decent powerthirsty supervillian with an interesting skill.

I was surprised, I enjoyed it more than my kids.

By the end of the movie, he still doesn't even have a name because it was sold to the Marvel franchise who ironically released their own equally stupid yet more boring Captain Marvel movie at the same time.

The movie itself is entertaining to watch if you have nothing else to watch.

" was actually entertaining, well at least for what it turned out to be.

It's clearly targeted at a younger audience but this movie is entertaining and has funny moments.

The plot isn't that great, and there are so many clishées that it becomes predictable of sorts.

Also Faithe Herman as Darla was cute and enjoyable.

Just go and dont look back this is worst movie i have ever see

Just enjoyable.

entertaining movie .

It's an interesting and enjoyable origin story.

The fight sequences towards the end of the film felt a little drawn out, and a tad boring because it wasn't as breathtaking, over-the-top and action-packed as, say Transformers, Man of Steel, or Batman v Superman - the action sequences in those movies gave me the chills.

Lots of fun & entertaining.

Just went for soooooo long - it was so repetitive and boring.

It was definitely was well worth it but there was many things that were many things that were confusing throughout the movie.

Another aspect holding the movie back is the boring final fight, it felt like it dragged on for way too long.

It was funny and entertaining all the way through

The film is very entertaining and has its own humor.

Very corny, bland and forgettable.

waste of time .

Shazam is a exciting superhero movie that will wish you to say Shazam like billy batson did in and send you to the theater.

Kind of boring.

I enjoyed it very much.

Slow start (I lost interest many times) and disappointed end fight.

The comedy is woven very organically into both the dialogue and the action, resulting in a modest and enjoyable piece which proves that not all modern superhero movies need to be darkly introspective and pessimistic in their outlook.

It was a good movie fun and enjoyable.

Yes, it all comes around after 30-minutes to help us understand, but this takes way too long.

Sandberg deserves full kudos for this delightful and entertaining piece of work.

Best of the modern DC comic films so far - fun, enjoyable and a good story.

This film is very entertaining!

Shazam is a surprisingly warm & enjoyable movie - akin to that of Christopher Reeve's original Superman than recent DC outings.

Latest DCEU inspired project seems to be trying to shift gears and explore a much more lighthearted and comedic tone, which isn't an inherently bad idea per se, but the problem is it isn't very funny, the special effects are unremarkable, the characters are poorly developed, and though there are some easy to spot easter eggs for dedicated followers, the story still unfolds in routine and predictable fashion despite the none too subtle attempts to preach a message of family values.

The movie was extremely boring with very little action.

Unexpectedly Enjoyable .

" is burdened by the usual formulaic fluff of superhero movies, as well as by some corny hokum concerning home and family.

Waste of time, a total waste 4 stars was given to some computer effects during the movie.

VILLAIN The villain is meh they manage to set him up good but then later he just becomes bland.

3/10 for curiosity and being bored so had to suffer through it.

Ok, entertaining comedy .

Takes a while to get going but really enjoyable and funny when it does.

"The result was that they made a hysterical and totally entertaining movie lots of people loved.

One of the biggest problems DC found themselves saddled with was competing with Marvel, resulting in a botched attempt at a cinematic universe that took greater joy in being dark and gritty rather than fun and enjoyable.

this could have gotten a better score with a shortened and cleaned up storyline which dragged and dragged on and on with silly cgi fights in a circus park...

Good, but it takes far too long to get to the meat of the story.

The fight scenes were pretty long and drug out, and the whole "I'm a super powered individual who should know how to use my powers, but don't now that I need them" trope is present and makes it boring, but is otherwise enjoyable for the most part.

Really bad , waste of time .

Entertaining film in the DC Extended Universe .

Ohh, also another cliché- an 8 year old kid can hack into a police server.

Although decades past the target audience, I generally like these kinds of films but this one had little to offer beyond silly (and repetitive) yuks for younger viewers.

Despite the less-impressive feel, they were quite entertaining.

2 hours and 10 minutes was way too long for this movie.

The bad guy is compelling.

As a result often you will get bored through the over 2 hours movie time.

It was action packed.

Hilarious, heart warming and action packed.

Following the first half hour the movie became tedious to watch even though I completed it just to see the eventual outcome.

The action is entertaining and does not disappoint while also bringing a couple of suprises along the way.

Really there were some funny and entertaining bits, but the last 45 mins are just boring!

If you're just looking for an entertaining movie, then you'll enjoy it.

The visuals are good, and all of these fight scenes are enjoyable to watch.

worth watching.

The first 50 minutes of the film is way too long, and could have done with trimming at least the opening Gambit of Sivana as a child.

Well worth watching, loved every minute of it.

What makes the film several notches above the regular DCEU flick is its entertaining villain Dr. Sivana played by Mark Strong (it's a nice touch that the film starts off by detailing his character).

Waste of time .

I saw Shazam with my mom, and it was a beautiful and exciting experience.

There were some unexpected laughs it was a bit of a knock about, SJWhazam being some kind of toned down Deadpool.

Pretty intense and may not be suitable for kids.

This movie was enjoyable!

But my biggest gripe with this movie is that the showdown with the bad guy at the end dragged on for soooo long.

By far that's the worst movie I've ever seen, and by the worst I mean I enjoyed unrated teen horror movies more than this one ...

worst movie ever .


It was pretty entertaining and had fun watching the movie

It is apparent that this movie was just a cheap attempt to cash in on the super hero craze and it is a shame because I have seen DC movies where they are able to tell a compelling story without reverting to the same old tropes.

Unexpectedly boring .

I find this movie very funny and entertaining.

Just an enjoyable movie.

Other then that everyone else really enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back so I can actually see it.

It's funny, exciting, touching, it's everything I wanted it to be and even more.

Such long boring and poorly made film.

It's a little long, but overall it's entertaining with a perfect mix of action and comedy.

It was entertaining and the CGI looked good, the plot & story kept you going too.

Shazam is a mind blowing movie.

A clichéd, unoriginal and bland superhero movie.

I fell asleep on the second half, checked my mobile phone 3 times on the first.

I can go on and on how boring this movie is, but i'm not gonna waste time on that, trust me this one is a waste of time.


Shazam is great, funny, moving, very entertaining.

For me it was boring and much too long.

It was long, boring, and trite.

is thoroughly entertaining, it's a mix between a "Deadpool" and "Big", the best thing in the movie is the humor, also the story is perfect and different than other superhero movies.

Having said that it's a pretty easy watch and entertaining enough.

I really enjoyed it actually.

His portrayal was unique, entertaining, & did a great job of portraying a teenage boy in an adult male body.

And often times in the character's beginnings, Batson is also rude to others, but that's what makes a much more compelling transformation of the character.

I found this pretty generic and a tad boring to be honest.

Shazam has some flaws, but overall is pretty entertaining.

Unlike the previous DCEU entries that have gotten infamous due to their dark, gritty, confusing and mean-spirited nature, Shazam subverts them in the way that fans of the character would expect to see.

For the most part, the story is rather predictable, and sadly it suffers from the notorious 'villain curse' overshadowing most modern superhero films.

Totally worth watching.

Waste of time all the way.

Still, it's an entertaining movie, even though it could easily loose 20 minutes or more, definitely too long for this kind of movie.

Villain is boring and simply a bad guy for the sake of being a bad guy.

° It was Sooooo Boring.

While Strong is good, the character motivations are rather weak and everything about him is fairly bland and generic.

Noooo that's so repetitive, why didn't it try something unique?!?

Way too long.


The plot was fun and entertaining, the characters were fun and entertaining, they were deep, they had struggles, they overcame the struggles, and they developed over the course of the film.

A good laugh for teens and younger, but a waste of time for anyone a little older who were just looking for just a little more.

The worst movie form DCm..Low budget DC

The seven deadly sins accompanying him were quite boring, the concept lends itself to more unique monster design than just grey, scaly, monsters.

That's ok i guess but for me I just saw one cliche after another.

The story development throughout the film was well-paced but I found the second half of the movie to be slower.

This trope is so common and so dull, I figure all has been written, said and yodeled about it already.

Despite these things it was still semi-entertaining, mostly because of how good Zachary Levi was as Shazam.

is a try-hard effort that's insistence on constant chuckles masks the fact is has an extremely dull main character, generic villains, poor CGI and a story we've seen countless times before and seen delivered in a much better fashion.

This is what Captain Marvel failed to produce: an entertaining heartwarming hilarious film about how being all powerful is something that only a child's heart could handle...

Disappointing waste of time watching it.

Late in the film a villain's cliche monologue is utterly undermined and it is the signature moment of the film.

The ending is brilliant (I thought) with the filling of the empty thrones.

Total waste of time...

This Movie was Boring and felt like it was on A Very Low Scale.

A total waste of time.

Funny, action packed and family friendly .

Villain: cliche.

It started out alright but half way through became too soft and predictable that couldn't care less for how it ended and considered leaving.

There were some funny moments and slme pretty cool battles and in the end it went really predictable and sappy.

We found this to be an unexpected delight.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

All end up with this OTT (and yawn inducing) Big Boss fight off.

For serious movie-viewers is my advise: waste your time on something else!!

It turned out to be quite entertaining.

Boring and all of the times it happens the same.

But they weere boring, unoriginal and utterly uninspiring.

Fun, enjoyable adventure.

Very enjoyable movie.

And if it sounds cliche, it's because oh it so painfully is.

Charming, Fun, Action Packed .

Because there is no story, this movie lacks the character development to make even Captain marvel forgettable.

I found this pretty pretty pretty boring at times.

While slightly predictable, slightly syrupy at times, and with a few sterotypes and common tropes on the negative side, it's still a funny, balanced, movie without the "next level mega battle to end all battles".

Predictable, formulaic, unoriginal, annoying and above all family friendly gay.

Suddenly, he has the powers to be an adult and he takes full advantage, engaging in adult activities teenage boys fantasize on.

This movie was very fun and i enjoyed it.

The Action was Ok but the Movie just Felt Tedious.

Long, drawn out, repetitive fight scenes and boring tropes.

This movie had a lot of heart in it, and was genuinely enjoyable.

Funny hero movie, but really banal.

People dying from sheer boredom.

This film is so insanely entertaining, the cast are just so good and deliver every line in a perfect manner.

Especially the of the superhero played by Zachary Levi was very entertaining.

All that said, I actually enjoyed it as a lesser version of those movies.

That's right readers, a bolt of lightning has just turned us into almighty superheroes all for our next exciting review for the DCEU's next title, Shazam.

I enjoyed it.

It's a real shame the film didn't decide to take more risks with its generic coming of age/origin story, nothing fresh or original happens here even if it's nice to see the film do away with a love interest subplot for Batson and the appearance of yet another Mark Strong big bad in the form of the lamely recreated Dr. Sivana is a major weakness of the film, that culminates in one of the most long-winded and un-exciting finales I can remember seeing in a comic book film, right up there with the end of the original Guardians of the Galaxy film or Man of Steel's crash and bash extravaganza.

I am a little angry at other reviews here that caused me to waste my time and money on this terrible, boring garbage.

The major problem is that every thing about the movies are predictable since the beginning...

This movie wont make your jaw drop in epicness, the storyline too wasnt even well put together, but somehow i still enjoyed it.

Shazam is a fun and exciting action adventure about the newest addition to the DCEU, Shazam.

My kids- ages 5, 10, and 17- and myself all enjoyed it.

So anyway, as the story played out it was all very predictable.

While the gaining understanding of powers and defeat of the villian seemed a little simplistic to me, overall it was just a fun, enjoyable film.

Besides it treading dangerously into Power Rangers territory, it can be rather entertaining at times.

Definitely enjoyed it.

too boring too long too childish even the directing is just okay actors is so fake the scenario is so predictable and childish just don't watch it and waste your time

The foster home scenario is also really enjoyable, although the feel-good wholesomeness of its parents and kids owes more to The Little House On The Prairie than it does to reality.

One Huge Cliché .

The fact is that it's a fun, magical, zany, cute action comedy that ends up being mildly entertaining which makes it seem better than it probably actually is.

After first 20 minutes, I had to quit watching, otherwise I could've passed out of boredom.

Way too childish and dull, every character is stupid AF.. They spent way too much time on jokes and less time on plot and Character development..Overall I'm disappointed..

It was enjoyable and not as goofy as some of the previews made it seem.

Everything is just too predictable.

Not bad, but a little slow in the beginning, really good in the middle, then kind of collapsed into corniness toward the end.

This was the most boring, unimaginative movie.

So boring for me at least.

Characters are as thin as paper, and the visual effects are confusing and lack new ideas.

Waste of time.

Nothing amazing, but it was pretty funny and enjoyable.

Zachary Levi did a real good role but the plot and direction was weak followed by pointless, boring and lame battle scenes.

A wonderful, fun, and entertaining superhero movie .


Great characters, no plot .

It wants to chronicle the coming of age story of Billy and expands on his relationship with his foster home.

Absolutely it is waste of money and time, that is suitable for kids who are under 13 age.

Though it's hard to develop all of Billy's foster family when there's so many of them and a relatively short movie, they did a pretty good job of showing their personalities and making them engaging, and of getting a lot of entertainment and humor out of them.

Just be warned that this movie contains a few intense scenes that might be frightening towards some kids.

The villain is a bit standard, but still enjoyable enough, and the movie is just a great time.

Fantastic, feel good and highly entertaining.

I would much rather my children watch this than anything by Rich Moore (Wreck It Ralph 2) or Patti Jenkin (Wonderwoman) release - there's no message of malice in this movie.

The dialogue exchange between Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer is goofy, a bit animated, but entertaining - and I mean this in a good way.

Fun and Enjoyable .

While some of the others gave themselves a much darker tone, this one is content to be a much lighter movie, telling a coming of age story.

For me it was a boring kid movie .

Boring, too childish, bad comedy everything is there .

It's exactly that, but it's also an enjoyable enough little take your brain out movie.


Maybe good for kids but for me it was quite boring.

Had the film spent its time developing this I could have enjoyed it.

I'm waiting and waiting and getting bored.

Fresh take very enjoyable!

Fun, light and simple but very entertaining.

Suprisingly Enjoyable .

Very entertaining.

The movie is absolutely boring.

Boring, bad script, non funny jokes, poor CGI, not dark enough.

Seriously I just forced myself to sit till the end of the movie so that maybe, just maybe something interesting and unpredictable and eye-catching could happen.

Was so bored multiple times throughout the entire movie.

I love everything about the overall message, a little predictable but still enjoyable.

The characters and plot are cleverly well-written and enjoyable to watch.

Not every superhero film has to be dark and gritty, really enjoyed it for what it was .......

Maybe my expectations were a bit high despite DC's recent history but the drawn out first act made me wish I was in another theatre and the third act cringe was horrible beyond words.

My Rating : 7/10Very entertaining and funny comicbook-superhero movie!

I highly recommend it!

Action fast paced.

waste of time.

Even recent MCU origin movies like Dr. Strange and Ant Man, as standard and formulaic as those movies are, had very unique and innovative fight scenes.

Just watched the movie.. totally superb movie..comic timing,action all are mind blowing.. infact emotion is also there..a totally entertaining movie.

however the charisma and comedy was pretty nice and enjoyable.

The movie was hilarious and very enjoyable.

Worth watching.

It was quite thrilling when I saw it for the first time at the cinema.

The buildup is too long, and the plot lacks credibility.

But it's overall good because it has some exciting scenes.

It's funny, compelling, and relatable.

is an entertaining movie with funny dialogue, great writing and a touching message about family.

Boring and dull.

Enjoyable if a little forgettable .

This is bland, predictable and just really badly made.

If you're looking for fun, goofy and a lighthearted story, this film is worth watching, especially if you're fed up with sex politics dominating Hollywood.

are so uninteresting that I found myself caring very little about their fates.

Generic and gets boring...

This movie was very entertaining with great comedy scenes and action scenes, with a good flow that didn't feel like it was to much of either genre.

" however, stands solidly as an entertaining and fun contestant in that brawl.

No story, no acting and the hero is a total air head

Silly, but enjoyable.

speech lines, sometimes so dull a 8 year old kid could have written better dialogues.

The action was well paced and engaging.

Okay so the battles between superhero Shazam and Dr. Sivana are predictable, the ending is not so predictable but what it is, is very entertaining and leaves the door wide open for a sequel which Mrs. Shullivan and I will be most eagerly looking forward to.

Fine but too much SJW propaganda .

The beginning was fine, the fact that little Billy was trying to get to his mom seemed promising but as soon as we get into the superhero transformation the movie gets super dull real quick.

This is the first movie from DC That's really worth watching!

But this movie was a boring superhero origin movie.

Still, this was very enjoyable, enough to give me hope for future DC movies.

Really pretentious .

The interactions between him and Jack Dylan Grazer's character (who is also enjoyable) are just great fun to watch.

I think you can tell that I wasn't entertained at all, so I can't recommend it to anyone, but I'm sure there are people who enjoyed it because it did make a slight profit at the box office.

Although the second half was really slow and the action was underwhelming, the story was great, suprising and slightly unpredictable along with its convincing character development.

I suppose if you have a ten year old that is a Shazam fan in the house, it might be worth a watch, otherwise, save your money.

Really enjoyable .

I feel that IMBD misled me with so many positive reviews about a movie that was really a terrible, predictable and boring piece of forgettable garbage.

I Enjoyed It A Lot .

There isn't much more to it, but if you're simply looking for a fun, action packed movie this one is just it.

This is the "Bumblebee" effect, as that movie also suffers from great characters with no plot.

Dark, few funny moments, boring, unnecessarily creepy, not for kids .

Thoroughly enjoyable and slips in well with the current DC movie titles.

' is a thoroughly enjoyable film with a good sense of humour, and great characters and performances.

I watch A LOT of movies and this is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

On a positive note, I'll say that for a DC movie, "Shazam" is quite good and reasonably funny with some very entertaining moments throughout.

A light and enjoyable family film.

Some twisty plotline is good, fun, and entertaining humor.

With his ongoing search going nowhere, Billy is sent to live at a group home with five other foster kids, and despite his intentions on bailing as quickly as possible, he befriends superhero fanatic Freddy.

And other characters was weak and boring.

Other than that, Mark Strong's as Dr. Sivana is good, but the dialogue he is given is pretty cliche.

This movie was just pathetic and boring.

Superhero movies must be full of action.. But this film is so boring in action.. If you want to waste your time.

is the most entertaining film of the bunch and has something of subversive edge to it.

Mark Strong is a great actor, he plays well on this but character has written so empty.

A Rubbish Uninteresting Throwaway Movie 💩 .

nothing was cheesy or corny, and you could tell that the directors, producers, and writers put a ton of effort into making this an enjoyable movie to watch.

Totally unwatchable .

The arrival of the subway at an unexpected evil lair and someone in our cinema shouting 'Hamworthy Station', being another.

Till the final arc, it felt like a little slow.

Generally enjoyable.

Very enjoyable.

Most other movies have a collection of try-hard actors who really show how bad their acting skills really are with the typical ho-hum,mundane,cliche',dribble that's just downright insulting My only negative...

It basically contained every super hero cliché in the book and even took its best ideas from marvels Spider-Man and Ant Man.

At some point I thought I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of Jingle All the Way.

Boring and childish though not suitable for kids.

Good for some dull kids maybe

The only problem I had was that it dragged on for way too long.

from being another enjoyable DC romp.

Genuinely enjoyable .

Enormously entertaining!!.

This is what Captain Marvel failed to produce: an entertaining heartwarming hilarious film about how being all powerful is something that only a child's heart could handle...

Young Billy is boring, unfunny, and never smiles.

Fun exciting ride .

The trailer was exciting as helll ...