Shazam! (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson's case, by shouting out one word - SHAZAM - this streetwise fourteen-year-old foster kid can turn into the grown-up superhero Shazam.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: David F. Sandberg
Stars: Zachary Levi, Mark Strong
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 134 out of 1000 found boring (13.4%)

One-line Reviews (459)

It was quite thrilling when I saw it for the first time at the cinema.

Everything else felt true to the comics and i really enjoyed it.

It was pretty entertaining and had fun watching the movie

I didn't like the main vilain, he was very boring.


Well worth the watch.

The kids we took have seen all the Marvel and LOTR movies and are not total scaredy cats, but this was intense for a few of them.

I saw Shazam with my mom, and it was a beautiful and exciting experience.

I feel like superhero movies in the 21st century focus too much on CGI and big fight scenes, and I tend to get bored of it now and then.

It has great characters, a good and compelling story, a solid villain, and loads of laughs.

In a day and age where its getting harder and harder to tell the same cliche super-hero story over and over without putting the audience to sleep Shazam uses a ton of original elements to stand out from the pack and launch this superhero into an anticipation frenzy, wondering what kind of impact he's going to make on the Justice League!

The movie itself is entertaining to watch if you have nothing else to watch.

What a waste of time and cringe-worthy sense of humor from the main actor.

Joyful and Wholesome Even Though Quite Cliche .

After 45minutes of sheer boredom, I walked out of this movie and saw Dumbo instead.

Very entertaining even if it is hokey.

Due to me getting bored of the villain i found myself losing interest just slightly by watching the final big action sequence with shazam and him in.

Summary: If you are looking for an enjoyable movie with heart, Shazam is for you.

The story is also quite engaging, with it having the emotional centre focused on the foster family that Billy becomes a part of, which delivers a fair few heartwarming moments.

Not funny at all, boring, weird incoherent pieces of story .

Fun, action packed.

* Music was either another selection of pop music a la Suicide Squad or boring and forgettable score.

Childish, boring, extremely not funny at all, just what I expected.

For serious movie-viewers is my advise: waste your time on something else!!

Boring, too childish, bad comedy everything is there .

The biggest positive here is that it's extremely fun throughout thanks to a sharp script, great performances and an engaging narrative that feels really fresh.

He definitely made the movie more enjoyable for me.

While it is not thinking outside the box, it makes full use of the sources inside it , delivering an action-packed and humorous movie, full of heart , making this entry to the DC universe thoroughly enjoyable.

It has a serious story totally overshadowed by the entertaining stride of the film, all of the child actors are brilliant and the special effects are outstanding.

I kind of liked it but I was bored in parts .

I find this movie very funny and entertaining.

Overall the film was a riot and the actors, other than said villian, were enjoyable.

A Really Great Children's Movie, But Adult Superhero Fans Will Be Bored .

Even recent MCU origin movies like Dr. Strange and Ant Man, as standard and formulaic as those movies are, had very unique and innovative fight scenes.

Entertaining .

Overall the plot was fun and the movie was mostly enjoyable.

The final fight scene is boring to watch.

Genuinely enjoyable .

To be honest it's competitor Captain Marvel is a pretty bad movie it was super boring and predictable only valuble thing in there was the sneak peek at the end( I think).

This movie was just pathetic and boring.

My wife said this was obviously for kids, but given how the few kids there were running around I'm pretty sure they were as bored as I was.

This Corpollywood product fits the mold of "not-great with a couple of newish, entertaining scenes that can stick.

* The journey of Shazam learning to become a hero was very engaging.

By the end of the movie, he still doesn't even have a name because it was sold to the Marvel franchise who ironically released their own equally stupid yet more boring Captain Marvel movie at the same time.

I found this pretty pretty pretty boring at times.

You will witness a fresh story, unexaggerated acting, good editing, and an astute direction - all summed up in a natty and engaging comedy superhero flick.

My only complaint is that the villain was very one-dimensional and uninteresting.

Shazam is a solid family oriented film, enough laughs to make it enjoyable.

Its not perfect by any means, but its well done and more than entertaining enough that you just dont bother to look for anything to criticize.

What makes the film several notches above the regular DCEU flick is its entertaining villain Dr. Sivana played by Mark Strong (it's a nice touch that the film starts off by detailing his character).

Apart of the comedy your not getting any epic moments , or cool action sequences , there's really a lack of CGI usage and it makes the look of Shazam kind of dull .

A lot of fast paced scenes, incredible effects, heartfelt moments, some sad moments too, even had a lot very funny moments, & best of all those things it even had a formidable foe that was very tough unlike in some movies.

Very funny, exciting and well-done film by DC.

I generally liked this film, I thought it was really entertaining and funny.

This film is Hilarious and the snappy dialogue between the characters is a breath of fresh air from the usually gritty and dark tones of earlier DC films.

It tries to have a story which might keep the viewer interested but it also fails, being mostly boring, linear and way to predictable.

And there was some dark action sequences involving the villain throwing people out of a multi story building that was shocking but entertaining to watch as well.

So it really is a coming of age story.

A two-hour long plagiarism-and-cliché-fest...

Entertaining, could have been more satisfying .

If "You shave, probably have pubic hair"-Jason Bateman in "Paul", you will probably find this movie as uninteresting as I did.

Shazam also features: An enjoyable ride of a plotLots of laughsLikeable leadsAn origin story to make Batman feel luckyA nice message about finding friendship and family (*gags*)SHAZAM!

Just been to see this with my 10yr old son, and I have to admit I really enjoyed it got a nice story and its funny.

Refreshingly different from an increasingly predictable MCU.

And if you are looking for an entertaining, funny, and feel-good movie- go for it!

Yes- there is a strip club, but seen from the outside only, and they're more interested in the 10© wings, yes, they buy beer, but spit out the first sip and go buy junk food instead and yes they zap an atm, but run away empty handed and scared when money starts flying out.

It was funny, entertaining, and stayed true to DC Comics.

A good example is the Spiderman movie (2002)This is one of the most engaging movies I have seen in a long time.

" Well, it's too scary for kids, boring and ridiculous for adult.

Disappointing waste of time watching it.

wow simply astonished, brilliant breathtaking .

It was boring, the score me rolling my eyes, same exact beats as all of DC movies with the exception of Man of Steel...

There are many laughs and most enjoyable atmosphere while watching Shazam i can say it's a fun and cool ride

Funny hero movie, but really banal.

Well acted, directed and written, but the ending fight scene was too dragged out.

I was surprised by this one, good characters and storytelling, very entertaining, lots of action and good laughs.

I highly recommend it!

Get's a little bit boring sometimes tho as well.

When it loses heart and plays things by the numbers it becomes dull and uninspired.

Many recent superhero movies, though entertaining, appear to forget they're make believe and take themselves way too seriously.

The plot is very cliche, predictable, and generic.

Boring and all of the times it happens the same.

Overall it was enjoyable and fun to watch for the most part.

The film is very entertaining and has its own humor.

Aquaman & Now This..DC's Bland and Clinche Versions Of A Marvel Movie.

Very corny, bland and forgettable.

Shazam is utterly enjoyable.

But some scenes were predictable.

The movie was boring.

Young Billy is boring, unfunny, and never smiles.

It was really enjoyable, a little childish (as suppose to be), and has good points, such as family, love, etc. The comedy part was good, and the family part was also good.

They are watering down their own universe and this is why Marvel will continue to chug along while DC will crash when they flip in new cast among Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa confusing viewers as to whether it is a continuation or something new.

The foster home scenario is also really enjoyable, although the feel-good wholesomeness of its parents and kids owes more to The Little House On The Prairie than it does to reality.

This is what Captain Marvel failed to produce: an entertaining heartwarming hilarious film about how being all powerful is something that only a child's heart could handle...

Still, it is entertaining and, at times, quite magical...

Though it's hard to develop all of Billy's foster family when there's so many of them and a relatively short movie, they did a pretty good job of showing their personalities and making them engaging, and of getting a lot of entertainment and humor out of them.

As a woman, I get really bored.

I really liked some elements of it, but the villain was boring along with the third act, which was too long, and very unfocused.

Funny and enjoyable .

Just be warned that this movie contains a few intense scenes that might be frightening towards some kids.

Other than that, Mark Strong's as Dr. Sivana is good, but the dialogue he is given is pretty cliche.

An Entertaining 2 Hours .

I was bored ¯\_('_' )_/¯ ).

There were some unexpected laughs it was a bit of a knock about, SJWhazam being some kind of toned down Deadpool.

The bad: The development of the bad guy and Billy alike are ponderous.

No message, no moral to the story.

Shazam is a exciting superhero movie that will wish you to say Shazam like billy batson did in and send you to the theater.

And as formulaic as it is to have that one foster child that is so irresistibly cute that you wonder how anyone could ever abandon a child like this--Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley--was an absolute scene stealer.

It was definitely was well worth it but there was many things that were many things that were confusing throughout the movie.

The only thing that I think was bad is that it gets a little cheesy at certain points and it's very predictable.

The story is engaging, the cast is spot on, the comedy elements actually work (not something that can be said about every superhero flick) and you really care about the characters.

He was entertaining for the first act of the film but as the film developed i got bored of him.

Young Billy and old Billy were nothing alike; the costumes, cgi and some of the sets looked tacky; the story was generic and dull with no real character development, especially with Mark Strong's character; and for a comedy I only laughed 3 or 4 times!

The comedy is woven very organically into both the dialogue and the action, resulting in a modest and enjoyable piece which proves that not all modern superhero movies need to be darkly introspective and pessimistic in their outlook.

I found the movie very entertaining, enjoying it from start to finish, staying funny with jokes and interesting Easter Eggs that fans can see throughout.

The movie is absolutely boring.

however the charisma and comedy was pretty nice and enjoyable.

Seriously if dc keeps this quality up marvel should start fearing for real competition again,i loved this movie it was funny,entertaining and didnt take it self to seriously(unlike the awful batman v superman)i really enjoyed this one!!

What's more, after all, the movie is intriguing, and you might like it very much.

It's a funny, enjoyable film.

Only some intense scenes, language and suggestive material are inappropriate for young children.

The film is funny for all ages and the unexpected plot twists were clever.

The fact is that it's a fun, magical, zany, cute action comedy that ends up being mildly entertaining which makes it seem better than it probably actually is.

Shazam is funny, entertaining, full of heart, and surprisingly, fairly dark and gruesome for a movie about a kid superhero.

Still a very enjoyable film.

Perhaps this was made more so for kids but I find many cartoons more entertaining than this.

After that there's only special effects, a couple of jokes, super boring fight scenes and nothing more.

This is what Captain Marvel failed to produce: an entertaining heartwarming hilarious film about how being all powerful is something that only a child's heart could handle...

After first 20 minutes, I had to quit watching, otherwise I could've passed out of boredom.

Add something more thrilling like Marvel...

For me this movie was good I laughed much.. its was entertaining.

After the great mistake of the Justice League and underestimated but breathtaking Aquaman, DC takes another step in the right direction with Shazam!

The interactions between him and Jack Dylan Grazer's character (who is also enjoyable) are just great fun to watch.

This film felt like an utter waste of time.

From the music, directing and acting.. I mean everything was just damn entertaining.

It was boring, filled with cheap laughs, and the story-telling and characters were godawful.

I enjoyed it very much.

On the contrary it keeps engaging you and the STORY compare to others from DC I believe is strong.

Really enjoyable .

but, there's a few scenes that are pretty intense and scary.

The story: elongated, slow, ill-balanced, not logical, full of clichés, filled unoriginal and stolen ideas from other movies.

The first thing is how predictable the film was.

Action, humor and heart with a positive message make this big screen adventure entertaining for most family members.

The first 50 minutes of the film is way too long, and could have done with trimming at least the opening Gambit of Sivana as a child.

The fight scenes were pretty long and drug out, and the whole "I'm a super powered individual who should know how to use my powers, but don't now that I need them" trope is present and makes it boring, but is otherwise enjoyable for the most part.

The villain is completely lame and formulaic.

Shazam didn't make me think of a superhero, it honestly made me infer to a classic cartoon that parents fall asleep watching.

Dark, few funny moments, boring, unnecessarily creepy, not for kids .

Generic and gets boring...

Slow start that pays off .

Yes it has a predictable script, which i assume it's very different from each other super hero movie, right?

The arrival of the subway at an unexpected evil lair and someone in our cinema shouting 'Hamworthy Station', being another.

I found the action to be very repetitive and thought it needed more of an impact in terms of the execution of fight scenes.

Action packed with laughs .

It sets the foundation of an exciting world of magic and mysteries which will be hopefully explored in future DC movies.

The mood of the film never really sets into one in particular, as the movie opens with an intense car crash, has some lighthearted hijinks, then a scientist screams in pain as she slowly melts away, then Shazam has a power testing scene set to 'Don't Stop Me Now,' and then the villain and his demon henchman go slaughter businessmen in a skyscraper, including throwing a man out of a window and biting another's head off.

Way too childish and dull, every character is stupid AF.. They spent way too much time on jokes and less time on plot and Character development..Overall I'm disappointed..

Great cast, boring action .

All end up with this OTT (and yawn inducing) Big Boss fight off.

Other then that everyone else really enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back so I can actually see it.

Absolutely it is waste of money and time, that is suitable for kids who are under 13 age.

But the film industry are beholden to intense, ultra-fast, extreme, loud, dark violence.

I went with my kids and wife and we all enjoyed it.

It was entertaining .

The movie was hilarious and very enjoyable.

" is burdened by the usual formulaic fluff of superhero movies, as well as by some corny hokum concerning home and family.

Not funny, predictable, badly written.

Also, I found the sub-plot of Billy losing his mum a bit tedious and misplaced.

No story at all.

Probably my least favorite thing about the movie was that the final battle felt a bit drawn out and sluggish - it had a hard time climaxing, and there was too much hero and villain just bashing each other without enough ups and downs to be interesting.

An Enjoyable and Fun Superhero Film With A Strong Moral At The Heart .

Dont waste your time.

Funny and Exciting.

His portrayal was unique, entertaining, & did a great job of portraying a teenage boy in an adult male body.

For a movie that seems to have a little bit of a darker plot in regards to the villain there are countless amounts of humor in the movie and it makes it very lively and exciting.

This was a very entertaining, super fun, much better-written film than it had any right to be.

After a thrilling prologue in the past, the story resides to the present with the sentiment of a motherless boy.

It simply gets too graphic, scary, intense and disturbing at times.

And if it sounds cliche, it's because oh it so painfully is.

below average..fell asleep..

It was classic DC, they overdid the suspense to the point where it got boring.

This movie was entertaining.

An unexpected DC movie.

Overall, it's an entertaining movie to watch in the theaters, you'd probably have a pretty good time watching it.

The seven deadly sins accompanying him were quite boring, the concept lends itself to more unique monster design than just grey, scaly, monsters.

Natural, humorous and entertaining.

Overall the movie was very entertaining to watch and i recommend people to go see it.

The worst movie i've ever seen.

Very entertaining and fun .

It's entertaining alright, plot is ok..only thing is..the treatment is too light...

This movie completely unique and completely entertaining with family and friends,this movie open the door of magic world with fun, thrill and suspense of dark villains.

I thought that the 3rd act of the movie stretched far too long.

People dying from sheer boredom.

While slightly predictable, slightly syrupy at times, and with a few sterotypes and common tropes on the negative side, it's still a funny, balanced, movie without the "next level mega battle to end all battles".

So, it was a good film, would have enjoyed it more had they included the Rock as Black Atom in this one.

Besides it treading dangerously into Power Rangers territory, it can be rather entertaining at times.

If you are a comic book freak that is mindful of every little detail then you will most likely find bones to pick with this movie, but if you just want to watch an enjoyable movie, then this one's for you.

The movie is great because each character is compelling.

Fine but too much SJW propaganda .

but it was very much predictable to me.

Fun exciting ride .

The buildup is too long, and the plot lacks credibility.

It was funny and entertaining all the way through

worth watching.

It's exactly that, but it's also an enjoyable enough little take your brain out movie.

This movie was very childish, predictable and boring.

that movie was too childish, The plot felt empty compared to wonder woman or man of steel, it should've been a slightly more serious movie to fit in better with the other DCEU movies why are you only making Shazam the funny part of the movie- instead of having everything else be funny as well

boring .

I'd say the first 45 minutes were kind of a waste of time for both the audience, and the character.

Fresh & entertaining .

Really bad , waste of time .

I got bored there for a few minutes, it was okay to watch, maybe kids would enjoy it a bit more I guess.

Despite taking place in a universe known for attempting to emulate a darker side to the genre, the film seems to go in the vein of Spiderman: Homecoming; a smaller and simpler coming of age tale disguised as a superhero flick.

was very fun and entertaining.

I thought it was goofy and pretty funny, I'm more of a Marvel guy than a DC but this one was enjoyable even with the simple storyline.

Rousing and funny, this film is great entertainment although I do wonder how much a medium for children it truly is.

From the start this movie is entertaining with Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer carrying the movie with great and comedic performances.

A good laugh for teens and younger, but a waste of time for anyone a little older who were just looking for just a little more.

I would much rather my children watch this than anything by Rich Moore (Wreck It Ralph 2) or Patti Jenkin (Wonderwoman) release - there's no message of malice in this movie.

Thrilling, hilarious surprisingly inviting .

The movie worked through predictable, forgettable superhero movie paces in pedestrian fashion, then expected viewers to show up and cheer simply because it existed.

from being another enjoyable DC romp.

The plot isn't that great, and there are so many clishées that it becomes predictable of sorts.

Some of his lines and actions were very cartoonish and inadvertently funny at times, however this overall made the film more enjoyable and fit with the tone.

Long scenes, boring and predictable action, childish stupid jokes, pale villain, lack of logic.

Fun, funny and enjoyable .

Worst movie ever .

One of the biggest problems DC found themselves saddled with was competing with Marvel, resulting in a botched attempt at a cinematic universe that took greater joy in being dark and gritty rather than fun and enjoyable.

Highly recommend it .

This was and enjoyable movie.

1st 2 acts were good and was enjoying but the 3rd got boring and that's when you suppose to be excited.

The only problem I had was that it dragged on for way too long.

Boring .

On the other hand, the boy in the thrilling prologue have got evolved as a villian.

Aside from that, it's definitely entertaining and includes some great laughs.

With his ongoing search going nowhere, Billy is sent to live at a group home with five other foster kids, and despite his intentions on bailing as quickly as possible, he befriends superhero fanatic Freddy.

is a fun and exciting movie!

The visuals are good, and all of these fight scenes are enjoyable to watch.

Most enjoyable and funny as well.

Their designs also was rather boring and except for gluttony it was pretty much impossible to recognize who was what.

The sluggish CGI 'Seven Sins' are a bit of a bore though.

Good, but it takes far too long to get to the meat of the story.

It's fun, exciting, and filled with a lot of heart and soul.

Unless u are a child I cannot understand why u would enjoy this schmaltzy, predictable and sappy film.

If you're looking for fun, goofy and a lighthearted story, this film is worth watching, especially if you're fed up with sex politics dominating Hollywood.

This movie is so boring i was dying of boredom!

Funny and Exciting to Watch .

That's 2 very similar DC movies in a row now, boring, cliche and childish in nature, basically they are poorer versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies .

I laughed,i cried, i enjoyed it in every way very much!

Shazam was disappointing, worse, it was boring.

Though I mentioned a few complaints, I want to emphasize that overall I thought the movie was great and I enjoyed it immensely.

Boring .

Shazam stands out from the other DC movies so far, offering a lot of laughs and a compelling, well written storyline!

Too slow even for kids .

The movie has so much potential bud the bad jokes and actors just makes it such a bad watching experience, plus that you can figure out everything that is going to happen with no plot twist.

Funny, action packed and family friendly .

is an entertaining movie with funny dialogue, great writing and a touching message about family.

Yes, there are also creepy elements that keep the movie exciting.

The action was well paced and engaging.

The kid who was the "hero" was much more serious as a kid..but when he was changing to a hero,they just overdid it with the childish behavour and jokes..The actors are good,the cinematography and speciall effects (cgi) also good ..the story started well..but they have to work more on it..Add a few funny jokes here and then,thats ok ,but dont destroy the whole movie by making it look childish..Its really boring that hollywood is not able to be serious for once..or at least make a good comediy with nice funny line and not childish

I am simply asserting that it's impossible when the final product is as disjointed and patently laughable as Dawn of Justice.

The seven deadly sins were not nearly as frightening or powerful as they should've been represented as, and the storyline can get a bit boring and out of hand.

Zachary Levi did a real good role but the plot and direction was weak followed by pointless, boring and lame battle scenes.

All in all it's not only a disappointing film for people between 14 and 16, it's also annoying to see them acting and then boring to realize how predictable the storyline is.

It had everything, intense action, tone, humor and heart.

It's constantly entertaining, too, with no dull moments, and this is extremely high praise for a DCEU picture.

Am guessing that this movie is aimed at the young teenage audience and they will probably have enjoyed it a lot more than I did!

Billy Batson, the protagonist, is an interesting character because of how the movie works as a coming of age story.

The movie was most entertaining around the second act and started getting less precise about what direction it wants to go in.

Totally unwatchable .

But the villain was kind of boring; Sivana (as much as Mark adds to the performance) was pretty stereotypical.

In the end I didn't know what to expect, the villain looked kinda bland in the trailers, and I thought the villain would end up having some wacky twist to him (something like a Meet the Robinson's twist where he turns out to be Freddy from the future, or something like that).

However, the story telling is messy and disjointed, the climax takes an age and Levi doesn't always carry the character off.

Some of the more annoying parts (the repetitive threat of Billy "almost" running away or Billy and Freddy's incessant arguing in the middle of the film) had to be there and I had to shrug it off.

Very fun and entertaining, will keep you laughing and leaning forward in your seat to get more.

Lots of fun & entertaining.

It's a great movie to see in the theaters, and I highly recommend it.

His motivation is so cliche.

Only actual flaw in the movie, is that the villain is a bit cliche, but I can overlook this, since the movie is just that enjoyable.

Sandberg lays on the visual effects with aplomb making for exciting and crowd-pleasing set pieces helped along by its committed by design screenplay by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke's adaptation of the Bill Parker/CC Beck DC comic book.

A light and enjoyable family film.

Till the final arc, it felt like a little slow.

Now as this Film, I enjoyed it.

Thanks, for making this gripping and amazing movie.

Waste of time.

but honestly the movie was taking a little time to build up towards the end I found it boring...

How superheroes get their power is usually the most uninteresting part of their story, and why it has to always take up the first 30 minutes or so of a film baffles me.

Silly movie for children, anybody above 20 will be bored.

At some point I thought I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of Jingle All the Way.

The 3rd act bored me to almost comatose state.

While Strong is good, the character motivations are rather weak and everything about him is fairly bland and generic.

If you are green lit for a sequel before the movie comes out you shouldn't have the same boring ending of hero saves the day.

The film is fun & engaging!

It wants to chronicle the coming of age story of Billy and expands on his relationship with his foster home.

This movie had a lot of heart in it, and was genuinely enjoyable.

He lacked the menacing look or entertaining powers of a good villain which i think DC is doing a lot with there films which needs to be fixed.

The most off-putting part of the entire film has to be the bland and emotionless acting from the older cast.


So boring :( .

It was a good movie fun and enjoyable.

I honestly enjoyed it a lot.

Enjoyable and entertaining .

Also Faithe Herman as Darla was cute and enjoyable.

Sort of predictable, but did have an little unexpected surprise.

Asher Angel delivers a believably intense Billy Batson and Jack Dylan Grazer gets the most out of his sidekick role.

I fell asleep on the second half, checked my mobile phone 3 times on the first.

Maybe someone would find it boring.

I didn't think it was that great, but it was entertaining I guess?

That is one of the layers of the film that makes it so compelling how does one overcome childhood trauma.

Boring and dull.

Boring , even the action is bad and the most stupid part when he catch the bus by holding the glass after fallen downI think this movie for 10 to 18 ages only

I love everything about the overall message, a little predictable but still enjoyable.

Older teenagers and adults will find this movie tedious, unimaginative, and hard to watch for more than 15 minutes.

Even my family enjoyed it this time around!

The action sequences evolving the ghosts of the 7 sins were the most entertaining as they all had different and interesting qualities to them.

It was action packed and the hero realizes even though he thinks he is all powerful he can still be defeated if he isn't careful!

is one big cliche with nothing even remotely meaningful inside: the main protagonist who doesn't know what he really wants even if it's right in front of his eyes, the antagonist who got into antagonry because of his antagonistic past with the family of antagonists, all those family matters issues, what is not important, what is, who cares about whom and really who cares?

Smart, funny, and a bit predictable .

" Proves just how amazing a DC superhero film can be with it's fun atmosphere and fantastical premise, while also featuring a phenomenal third act that only elevates an already enjoyable feature!

The major problem is that every thing about the movies are predictable since the beginning...

Having said that it's a pretty easy watch and entertaining enough.

That, and in addition to some rather mundane looking cinematography, some of the fight scenes are no better than that of Spiderman: Homecoming or Batman v Superman due to how shaky and overwhelming they come off as, something that these films need to work on.

waste of time.

The bad guy is compelling.

All the mediocre acting and cliche writing of Aquaman and Wonder Woman is gone.

Very good to watch with friends or family, really enjoyable!

" and if most definitely made it more bearable and enjoyable for me to sit through a superhero movie.

The twist were, well unexpected of course.

Too often we see films using the empty spaces of shots as just a way to throw in advertisements.

It definitely has some flaws, but it has heart and is entertaining enough.

The start of this movie is slow and I find the back stories very unbelievable until they are explained in further detail later in the story.


I found myself looking at my watch at the 20 minute mark I was so bored.

A great addition to the DCEU and a fantastic superhero film by dc this movie has everything humour great action and a fantastic coming of age story and is definitely a comic book film with alot of heart.

Seriously I just forced myself to sit till the end of the movie so that maybe, just maybe something interesting and unpredictable and eye-catching could happen.

Pretty intense and may not be suitable for kids.

It was extremely exciting an captivating from the first to the last second.

Shazam is a mind blowing movie.

Entertaining, sometimes funny and light-hearted.

It started out alright but half way through became too soft and predictable that couldn't care less for how it ended and considered leaving.

Another aspect holding the movie back is the boring final fight, it felt like it dragged on for way too long.

The number of bored sighs and flashes of phones when people kept checking their phone was more entertaining than anything on the screen.

" was actually entertaining, well at least for what it turned out to be.

In the end, Shazam is a massively entertaining movie full of heart and great moments.

The writing was too juvenile and slow throughout the entire movie.

The movie starts really slow and it drags a lot until the plot progresses.

I just wanted it to end when we finally walked out I asked the kids what they thought they looked at me and I said be honest and both said it was the worse film the had ever seen and it went on forever, I was annoyed as I would of took them out after the first 15 mins and asked for a refund.

I just came from the movie and really enjoyed it.

" I left with the smug smirk of blooming teen as I had just sat through one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've had this year.

This movie is very entertaining from beginning to end and can be relatable to some teens when it comes to situations about figuring out about yourself and belonging to a good family, especially when it comes to foster families.

It was great and entertaining for the whole family

Overall worth watching 2-3 times more.

Going into it, I'd seen it's high ratings and was expecting a fun time, but the first ten minutes were a real drag of uninteresting backstory which felt underdeveloped, and the atmosphere of a bad fantasy film.

It brings home the importance of family, even when you find them in totally unexpected ways.

' is a thoroughly enjoyable film with a good sense of humour, and great characters and performances.

It was boring, borderline offensive with the way they portrayed some characters, idiotically simplistic with the plot (those conclusions the characters got from basically no information is like wtf), and just all in all a terrible movie.

Simple, childish but enjoyable .

First the colorful to say the least Aquaman, now the cliche slapstick comedy of Shazam.

A lot of scenes were predictable and cliche.

Peter Parker in Homecoming was so much more exciting.

You can also add into the equation a couple of boring characters which are quite hard to like and you get a recipe for a failed movie like this one is.

Enjoyable mindless entertainment for the entire family.

I highly recommend it, I can say that this Captain Marvel is better than Marvel's Captain Marvel (which I gave 3 stars) and it's one of DC's best in a long time.

It's an interesting and enjoyable origin story.

Action part is boring.

The beginning is a little slow and confusing, but once the plot turns more to its adult characters, the film is consistently entertaining.

First of all, the set up to the story was very repetitive and took way too long.

this could have gotten a better score with a shortened and cleaned up storyline which dragged and dragged on and on with silly cgi fights in a circus park...

It is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

Tedious and tiresome.

The story progression is perfect but halfway it became predictable and stereotypical.

Actually enter of movie was good and funny but second part of movie was very boring.

It was unexpected and exceeded my expectations in every way.

Movie was very entertaining and quite engaging.

And other characters was weak and boring.

Film for little kids waste of time main hero its good

Such an enjoyable movie.

In fact, the development of this villain is so boring that I practically forgot about his father and younger brother until they are brought up again for a scene that defines my experience with the movie.

Over the last two decades, the genre has all but consumed the blockbuster business, leaving a trail of predictable, formulaic spectacles in its wake.

Cliche scripting, nonsensical scenarios, terrible acting, and an all around commercial formula movie plot.

It was lots of fun to watch with my friends and very entertaining.

Despite these things it was still semi-entertaining, mostly because of how good Zachary Levi was as Shazam.

But the story with Billy's home and his family feels super cliche, it feels a dumb Disney movie where the lesson to be learned is, "Family is what's most important kids" I wish they could've done more with this subplot but instead it's just boring.

Maybe my expectations were a bit high despite DC's recent history but the drawn out first act made me wish I was in another theatre and the third act cringe was horrible beyond words.

It was interesting, entertaining and fun.

It's marketed as a superhero spoof and instead DC sits us through an excruciatingly boring movie full of missed opportunities.

Fun, light and simple but very entertaining.

The reason I'm guessing is because it was so atonal compared to the rest of the film, drawn out, arbitrary, awkward, uncomfortable, and came out of the blue that it never quite landed with children.

Overall, despite having some noticeable flaws, Shazam is a highly entertaining superhero film that has surprisingly more feels than the average comic book flick these days.

A two-hour long plagiarism-and-cliché-fest: there are no original ideas in this movie, no spectacular fight scenes.

This is a very predictable plot, made for a much younger audience with mild humour and a Harry Potter atmosphere.

I actually enjoyed it.

is easily the DCEU's most light-hearted film to date and that helps to make it as enjoyable as it is.

This trope is so common and so dull, I figure all has been written, said and yodeled about it already.

This movie was enjoyable!

A bit Predictable.

Worst movie I ever saw.

It's funny, compelling, and relatable.

VILLAIN The villain is meh they manage to set him up good but then later he just becomes bland.

After Aquaman, I wasn't sure what to make of Shazam, but I left the theater with a big smile!

Conclusion : An entertaining superhero film which knows what it is, and is quite campy in a good way.

Thoroughly enjoyable and slips in well with the current DC movie titles.

This is the worst movie I've seen in a very long time, i regrret watching it in the cinema, don't waste your money!

It's worth the watch...

This one of the only movies where the theme shifts like so and it actually works, and it makes for one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen.

Waste of time, a total waste 4 stars was given to some computer effects during the movie.

Full of comedy,I couldn't stop laughing The actors are dope as F in all ways, doing there job very well, the story is full of unpredictable changes you can't getting bored in the theater

It's funny, exciting, touching, it's everything I wanted it to be and even more.

Shazam is great, funny, moving, very entertaining.

All that said, I actually enjoyed it as a lesser version of those movies.

The trailer was exciting as helll ...

This movie was so boring I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Billy's entire foster family is also extremely entertaining, ranging from his hilarious foster sister to his surprisingly sweet foster parents.

Definitely enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable.

The "comedy" is jammed into every scene with boring predictability.

Villain is boring and simply a bad guy for the sake of being a bad guy.

Most enjoyable Superhero movie .

Its a children's movie and the actors are so dull and boring.

It takes way too long to get to the point, and to get past the origin, and struggles of new super powers.

So boring for me at least.

Funny, enjoyable, worth paying to see.

This is the first movie from DC That's really worth watching!

One of the worst movies ever made


The bullies were incredibly cliche and stereotypical to the point where it just got annoying.

Was so bored multiple times throughout the entire movie.

Just an enjoyable movie.

It was entertaining and the CGI looked good, the plot & story kept you going too.

dont Waste your money for this movie Cgi was trash, Acting sucks, Cringy dialogues, Villain wasn't even like villain

Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable time at the cinema and certainly a step in the right direction for the DCEU.

Was it worth watching?

The ending is brilliant (I thought) with the filling of the empty thrones.

Noooo that's so repetitive, why didn't it try something unique?!?

If you're just looking for an entertaining movie, then you'll enjoy it.

Fun and Enjoyable .

Poor storyline, too childish and boring .

While this story may sound grim and dull, Shazam!

Just watched the movie.. totally superb movie..comic timing,action all are mind blowing.. infact emotion is also there..a totally entertaining movie.

Unexpectedly a fun and enjoyable ride .

I enjoyed this movie, but I would've enjoyed it more if it didn't meander so much or linger so long on what are essentially irrelevant aspects or duplicated ideas.

Predictable storyline and comedy that you need try hard to laugh.

Worth watching.

The approach to the concept with a Simple and warm plot along with modern humor, Creating situational comedy and Mocking some cliche superhero situations without breaking the fourth wall is an amazing attempt on Shazam's character.


nothing was cheesy or corny, and you could tell that the directors, producers, and writers put a ton of effort into making this an enjoyable movie to watch.

But it's partially good because it has some exciting scenes.

Mark Strong is a great actor, he plays well on this but character has written so empty.

Hugely entertaining film, contained many bizarre elements of suprise eventually making you laugh.

While some of the others gave themselves a much darker tone, this one is content to be a much lighter movie, telling a coming of age story.

The previous few DC films after BvS have been enjoyable.

Action fast paced.

The action is entertaining and does not disappoint while also bringing a couple of suprises along the way.

Although the second half was really slow and the action was underwhelming, the story was great, suprising and slightly unpredictable along with its convincing character development.

This film is heaps of fun, with an understandable villain, similarly well-developed good guys, and an entertaining relationship at the center, namely that of Freddy and our hero - both versions of him.

Very enjoyable movie.

FINAL ACT The final act dragged for a bit and was a bit nonsensical like when all of the kids got the powers of Shazam and easily learned how to use their skills during a battle.

Cliche super hero movie with a little pizzazz .

An honest film that keeps you on the edge of your seat in either laughter or shock.