She's Out of My League (2010) - Comedy, Romance

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An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to pick away at the relationship.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jim Field Smith
Stars: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 156 found boring (19.87%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Just wait till the dollar theater, or DVD, and save your money.

Whether its a cliché pan around Stainer's head as he tells of a sentimental memory or your typical slow-mo build up when Kirk and his brother are challenging each other to a hockey game in the basement, Smith provides plenty proof why he should probably be directing all those "American Pie presents" frat movies that get churned out twice a year.

So a little uneven and mixed up psychology apart, it is a good film and does the job of entertaining in a pleasing way.

The fat side kick is confusing (gay?

Though the story line may seem stale but the script and flow of events are unpredictable and fresh.

enjoyable gross-out comedy .

Don't even get me started on the unoriginal script, bad ideas, thoroughly predictable story lines and terrible attempt at being gross – don't throw in a scene, such as the straight male shaving his best bud's pubes, simply to appeal to the American Pie crowd, when it literally does not fit in with the rest of the atmosphere.

Last 20 minutes are entertaining, surprising, and inspiring.

Formulaic Movie Looks Original And Refreshing .

Lots of humor in the uncomfortable parts (and Jay Baruchel is uncomfortable pretty much all the time), the couple is believable for being worlds apart on the attractiveness scale, and the ancillary characters are enjoyable.

the main actor is quite rickety, unconvincingly, his family is pretty cliché for this genre, so that the whole film is about seems already seen.

the dialogues are so intriguing and fresh.

i could keep going but its just pointless.

On the dystopian plane of teenage sex comedies, the product falls squarely in the hellacious center, with every shopworn semen gag and punch-out character archetype hitting their tired romcom marks in predictable sequence.

2: The ending, where Kirk learns to pilot a plane, and take Molly flying, was unexpected, and shows his character is willing to work to become better than a "5", and eventually reach his potential.

He's still stuck on ex-girlfriend who broke up with him – and as bad as she is (duh, I said it was predictable,) she broke it off, rightfully so – two years prior.

The blond "10" was bland, and had no screen personality.

Showing middle fingers, pointless profanity, shaving pubic hair...

The humor was a little crude but very enjoyable and not getting into vulgar at all.

I just got back from seeing this with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it over the usual Rom/com's that have been put out over the past few years.

In scratching away the follies of expectation, under or over, the film also manages to barely negotiate self esteem, rather confusing it with self confidence which, although related, is not the same thing.

Director Jim Field Smith does his best with the cliché ridden script.

An utterly uneventful rom-com, She's Out of My League, embodies exactly what not to do in the funny business.

Romance comes from the most unexpected places.

It may be patchy but it is still entertaining .

This is actually one of the better movies I've seen this year, I highly recommend it.

Surprisingly entertaining .

The way the scrawny, nervous, and unconfident Baruchel interacts with the beautiful and engaging Eve is also very likable and they do a nice job of handling the ups and downs of forming an honest, meaningful relationship (an almost foreign concept in today's star-packaged romantic comedies).

Still, it was quite entertaining and the story moves at a very fast pace.

Should be an enjoyable hour and 45 minutes.

Being a movie-lover guy, I will say, I enjoy both sides, if the movie has a decent story line, which has become a little repetitive or complicated over the years.

Boring movie, I couldn't even laugh - just like any other romantic comedy.

I liked Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve they where characters to route for, and where very enjoyable to watch, although Baruchel was more funnier then Eve, the comedy just happened around her.

Anyway the movie itself is reasonably entertaining, if lightweight by absolute necessity.

This is really worth watching and to be missed.

Like I said, the movie threatened to lose steam near the end but there were enough elements throughout that stayed somewhat entertaining.

i mean what else do you require from a romantic comedy,definitely worth watching and believe me you wont regret watching this one..enjoy!!!

Screenplay is like a fairy tale for slower children!

Romance in disguise and comedy on unexpected events.

ZZZZZZZZZZ (these Z's represent the sleeping I did in the cinema) .

Started fine,got a little bored,made myself a snack.

Even though it is a bit predictable, still a great movie.

The story is good but a little predictable, the plot is well developed.

The plot isn't exactly original, and some of it is kind of predictable,and clichéd.

The main guy protagonist who has a nice guy personality but lack the looks and status trying to hook up with the girl who has the looks and a good personality was surprisingly entertaining, especially cause of the direction it went.

Although this movie offers nothing we haven't seen before, I found it at least to be enjoyable.

This is actually one of the better movies I've seen this year, I highly recommend it.

As strange as it is, Kirk being so shallow that he stops yearning for his ex as soon as something much hotter comes along, makes him a more relatable and enjoyable character to watch.

The inevitable circumstances that cause problems for them seem extremely forced and predictable, as is their eventual reunion.

Overall, the movie (being somewhat cliché) had a decent plot and portrayed a good message.

Overall, it's a nice entertaining little comedy that mocks (with reason) with today's society which is completely obsessed with looks and being perfect.

and now I sit here with a somewhat empty feeling.

these lousy attempts at "off beat" humour are becoming slightly annoying and predictable.

It does have some fresh scenes during the predictable plot.

That's right, I was cheering him on the entire way, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much.

I know that most will find it to be a pointless movie (and I guess it is to an extent), but I found it to be entertaining and worth seeing.

TJ Miller and company are a great compliment to the main character, comprising an entertaining main group.

For as much as I can admit this is a relatively formulaic romantic comedy that kinda tells you most of the story in the title, I must say I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than the average rom-com, and not just because of Alice Eve's lingerie scene (though, WHOA...

With less immature supporting characters and more laughs this could have been a winner but it's still worth seeing for it's hour and forty five minutes, which are thoroughly entertaining.

The dialogue between Kirk and his TSA buddies is basically what makes this movie enjoyable and T.

Overall, it was derivative and predictable.

He is also has impressively amazing chemistry with Alice Eve who plays the stunning '10' girl Molly.

There is nothing smart, witty, entertaining, original or redeemable about this movie.

At the end, we get a super cheesy, cliché, and unemotional ending message to the story that was totally forced and obvious.

Great :(In fairness this is a thoroughly enjoyable film.

However, I was surprised to find it an enjoyable comedy.

Some of the movie was very cliché and also some of the dialogue was very unrealistic.

Then it started getting interesting as the movie's plot opened up..In the end,got bored again,wanted this movie to just finish so that i could do something else.

It's not the greatest movie, certainly, but it was enjoyable!

but I was generally interested in how they would make the predictable...

It did absolutely nothing that any movie before it hasn't done, and it played out in such a cliché fashion that eventually I got to the point where I stopped laughing only because I was laughing with the audience, and instead let the humorless movie play out.

I don't want to give away any details that might make this a spoiler but we'll leave it at this, for the typical equation for a chick flick, they have there problems that pull them apart and bring them back together and pull them apart again, so the movie kind of drags at parts, but it's a really good feel good movie for a long boring day in where you just need to feel a little bit of sunshine.

Man, can he bore me.

There will probably few people that will find it to be a pointless movie (and I guess it is to an extent), but I found it to be entertaining and worth seeing.

She's out of my league is an interesting and watchable film, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

Everybody does the best they can with a predictable plot to keep you second guessing.

But the writing is swift and funny enough for him to hold his own, at least until the drawn-out finale, which is handed over to T J Miller and the sprightly Alice Eve.

His job, an un-fulfilling waste of his time.

I'd recommend all the movie lovers to go for it as the movie is really worth watching.

These pass fast, like a comedy movie, without spending much time, but in entertaining way.

While 'She's Out of My League' may not provide anything too original, the sum of its parts provides an entertaining comedy.

Otherwise the clichés kick in more quickly than boredom, which itself comes quickly.

So, despite the performances, I cannot recommend She's Out Of My League, because I found it to be a tedious and irritating juvenile comedy which replaces humor by vulgarity and genuine emotions by dramatic devices from a rancid manufacture.

The plot is as predictable as a James Cameron film.

It isn't one of those really funny comedies, but it made me chuckle a few times and was intriguing from beginning to end.

In fact the premise is sort of beaten to death, making the film a little repetitive.

In general these films really aren't my thing, but an absence of loathsome and vacuous teens, the presence of some amusing banter, and an abundance of Alice Eve make this film worth watching, even if the poster screams "avoid".

Dare I say that this films' dialog is funnier than 'Superbad', and one of the funnier and more enjoyable date movies I've seen since 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'.

Surprisingly enjoyable.

I just got back from seeing this movie, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

The family dinner was the highlight as it wasn't all out embarrassing but actually funny, but overall we were neither bored or thrilled.