Short Term 12 (2013) - Drama

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A 20-something supervising staff member of a residential treatment facility navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend.

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
Stars: Brie Larson, Frantz Turner
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 142 found boring (9.85%)

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Part of the plot involves Grace's internal arc, as she struggles whether to have an abortion, following an unexpected pregnancy.

If you have a mind then please exercise it more by watching paint dry - it will be far more enthralling.

First-day employee Nate (Rami Malek) is our window into the isolated, fascinating world of Short Term 12, a home where at-risk adolescents can stay for up to a year - though some, like soon to be released Marcus (Keith Stanfield), have been there much longer.

It's nice to have a film that knows that an original perspective is more engaging than original content.

Too many times we pass on movies we think we've seen or heard of before and out of fear that it will disappoint and waste our time we don't watch them.

The rest of it was absolute trash, No character development, No Plot or Drama just a bunch of overly zoomed-in shots on Poker faces and needless dialogues to fill in between.

She handles both the mundane routine of the place and the volatile emotional flare-ups with the same sort of cool confidence.

That youthful always-learning energy gives it a warmth and sincerity that's extremely endearing and a joy to watch these vulnerable and intriguing characters.

those big brother/sister like young men and young women didn't give me any good impression of their capabilities of teaching and guiding their juvenile residents, they themselves also got load of personal problems, they lived on the farm with the younger kids, they were actually no different from those kids, all they could do was to deal with the kids for their daily unpredictable outrages and silly problems, they could not change what these kids would become, they were just a bunch of older aged losers wasting their precious youth hood in an environment blocked and shut out from the real world.

There is a happy ending, but it seems rather contrived, as the director wanted above all to show that these kids - Grace included - could be redeemed, so long as people made the effort to understand them.

It's a boring screenplay about an unrealistic public health center for unrealistic archetypal children with 'family issues' headed by generic heroine Brie Larson who attempts to balance her cliché life in a quest to find meaning.

This somewhat literary, proficiently conversational and decently humorous drama which is set in America in the 21st century and where a person's presence in another person's life causes community, is impelled and reinforced by its cogent narrative structure, substantial character development, subtle continuity, virtuously conveyed story about friendship and the internally understated and naturally engaging acting performances by American actresses Brie Larson and Kaitlyn Dever and American actors John Gallagher JR. and Rami Malek.

Shifting between the hilarious and the heart-wrenching with ease but never staying into cliché, the film tells a poignant tale that's engaging throughout.

From first shot to last, the film is stunning; it is beautifully shot and incredibly acted.

It was easy to connect with every character since you really felt for their difficult life situation and it was riveting to see these characters interact with each other in a realistic way.

Worth watching.

That is the high point of the long dull tale.

"Short Term 12" is an unexpected film that surprisingly have taken my heart and marks some impressions at my mind.

Okay I think the film let her character go a bit far in some ways, but she sells it and is engaging.

But much like the film itself, Short Term 12 is an unexpected diamond in the rough.

Short Term 12 is chaotic at times, and rises to an intense climax.

It's a welcome and long-overdue lead role for the actress who's been so engaging in supporting parts in films like "The Spectacular Now" and "Scott Pilgrim vs.

This has to be the most banal screenplay since 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' in 1956.

Its slow, and boring, with so much music rolling over every scene.

This is a slow but engaging film.

they were forced every morning to brush their teeth to start their boring activities.

Marcus along with Mason share some of the most compelling, witty, and powerful scenes together involving nothing less than a bongo-drum or hair-clippers.

Besides the charming dialogue, the score gives a great mood to the film as well and makes it more enjoyable.

We witness first hand their daily work with the kids, some of it quite mundane ...

Hashtag SUPER YAWN .

It was entertaining until the credits rolled.

It does have a bad habit of using the cliché of misplaced anger a bit too often, where a character furious at someone will instead hit those closest to them, but the deep rooted empathy for these characters allows those moments to feel at least somewhat justified as we feel that intense release with them.

The days of slow paced Oscar winners was not for 2014, and rightfully so.

Keith Stanfield is a standout from the younger crowd of actors whose powerful tenderness constantly gave me chills and Kaitlyn Denver who navigates around cliché and provides an earnest and passionate performance.

Every single element of this production is main stream, manufactured, formulaic drivel.

inaudible dialogue made film unwatchable .

Definitely worth the watch

Come here to watch, feel good and be suckered once again by public health propaganda.

The story - Hardly avant-garde, not thought provoking, slow, depressing, infuriating...

Together with Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station (with whom it shares some aesthetics) this was the most gripping and beautiful film of 2013.

While it may be a little inconclusive in one or two spots, the plot is still compelling, with some truly disturbing surprises and revelations.

Agonizingly Dull, boring shallow characters, Jiggly Cam, and tedium for all .

And the final & main plot line is about Grace herself, whose past returns to haunt her after meeting Jayden with whom she shares a connection plus the unexpected surprise she discovers that can have a major impact on her future, thus leaving her utterly confused with everything about her life.

Instead of caring , i got bored and wanted this film to end.

In fact, I am walking away from this movie after enduring 73 minutes of DULL DULL DULL moron-characters.

It is a short movie with 96 minutes running time and it is worth watching and one immediately connects with the main characters of the movie.

He also infuses his story with unexpected humor as the kids hassle each other—and their supervisors—on the road to healing.

Very original, engaging and emotional drama.

And the characters were way too boring.

They're filled with rage and confusion because of being raised in households where there was violence and abuse.

In search of a climax, Cretton cooks up a formulaic subplot involving pregnancies, commitment fears and a jailed father, and an attempted suicide feels wholly contrived.

Compelling little indie with great performances .

Mostly avoids sentiment by virtue of how delicate, convincing, intimate and engaging it is .

Tough, intense Marcus (Keith Stanfield) is about to turn 18, which means he'll have to leave the home; frightened to make his way on his own, he acts out during these final days instead of facing his future.

Great - an original, engaging and emotional film .

Larson and Dever beautifully illustrate this with their brave, compelling work, as does an excellent supporting cast.

When Jayden (Kaitlyn Dever) arrives at the facility, Grace finds herself getting dragged back into her own troubled emotional history.

Ostensibly, it's about bad kids making good, and that should be inspiring and bland in true Hollywood fashion.

Her powerful and engrossing performance captures something inside of you that few actresses have ever done.

I will have to agree with the boredom rating of this film.

Interesting Material Spoiled By Pretentious Photography .

Credit goes to Mr. Cretton's quasi-documentary directorial style, tremendous acting from support characters played by John Gallagher Jr (Mason), Kaitlyn Dever (Jayden), and Keith Stanfield (Marcus), and a stunning lead performance from rising star Brie Larson (Grace).

Even the 'mad' youngsters were uninteresting, mainly because of their generic acting skills.