Shot Caller (2017) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A newly released prisoner is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Stars: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Omari Hardwick
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 199 found boring (9.04%)

One-line Reviews (114)

This barely got any promotion and will fly under almost everyone's radar, but those who seek it out will be rewarded with one of the year's best, most engaging thrillers.

I highly recommend it.

If you like gripping thrillers with a good, strong ending, this is a film you'll enjoy, it's certainly an entertaining way to spend 2 hours.

Really enjoyable work.

Very entertaining.

Disregard the cast list and trust that the casting agents did their due diligence in selecting the actors fore they did just that; each role is brilliantly cast and expertly acted leaving the viewer free to fall deeper into the engrossing story.

After decades of dreary knockoffs, I've found that zombie films and prison films are two overdone genres I usually skip out of habit.

It has an interesting story written on paper, as well as a compelling main character.

Part prison film, part coming of age drama this film is a smartly written and carefully directed hidden gem that beckons to be viewed and discussed.

I was pleasantly surprised this movie is is very entertaining never a dull moment.

) The story's back-and-forth is never forced, and both perspectives ('Money' the protagonist's trial and entering prison; then his parole and what follows ten years later) are riveting.

However, there were three components that lifted this from an average prison movie to classic worth watching more than once.

Overall a very enjoyable watch.

to be a film at low cost budget,and just 3 mill to date at the box office it was a nice surprise of stunning entertainment.

He conveys a strong masculine presence in both sections of the film, and it is fascinating to watch his transformation from privileged family man to hardened con.

Boring and "cold" (the viewer don't really feel what the hero is going through emotionally).

His transition from white-collar businessman to hardened criminal is superbly rendered and he makes for an engaging on screen presence.

So,Shot Caller is a one-time watch prison drama with neat performance by lead actor and engaging proceedings.

Totally worth the watch, you'll not expect or know what's going to happen.

Too much I thought, stealing from the impact of the ending (though not the emotional impact, perhaps that was the aim), which is largely predictable.

You will YAWN in this film unless you have a strong coffee prepared for the middle of this film.

Shot Caller is a slow moving film.

Pointless .

That's not their job, and people find themselves banging their heads against a wall because they've been brainwashed by 'Law and Order' and similar propaganda, to believe that any such thing other than the truth exists: that the gang and the government are different.

The third act is unexpected, revealing and just falls perfectly.

i was a bit disappointed after watching the first 40'-60' of the film as i wasn't really feeling it (wasnt feeling the way the producer decided to show this story to us ,the audience) the beginning i was a bit confused,because the story goes back and forward in the past and present,but since you don't have enough time to realise who the actors are ,what is happening,the story etc, at least speaking for myself,it took a long time to realise that the film was actually going back in time and forward all the time..the way the producer did that ,wasnt really obvious to us,it took sometime to realise what was really happening and who was who..What i like: is that although at the beginning i was disappointed of how the producer decided to show the story,and i still feel that he could actually start the film with a more simple way to us,without revealing too much from the future,well from the middle of the film to the end i like it..I think the film is somewhere at 6/10 maybe 7/10 compare to other films i watched the last year..keep in mind that my reviews are always harsh ..but yes i feel that its a good film that it could be much better,with some changes in the beginning and some adds here and there and probably some more story to the end,to make the audience feel it a bit more..:) So It worth watching,just keep in mind that at least speaking for myself i found the first 20-30 minutes a bit boring and when u watch it keep in mind that the action starts after the first hour probably

Dialog is engaging.

Despite all the cliche gang/prisoner stuff, the premise is absurd.

Very original, fantastic acting, thoroughly enjoyable.

His raw, intense performance is the heart and soul of this movie.

Absorbing .

'Shot Caller' is an intriguing character study that is well worth your time.

Unexpectedly, this is one of the better films released this year and is definitely worth watching.

I proceeded to give it awide birth until today a bored Sunday wet afternoon nothing else to watch so I decide to take a look see what it's all about so glad I did.

It's no "blood in blood out", but sort of worth a watch if you're bored.

May others provide more insight into this breathtaking story as I will leave it at: highly recommend.

Masterful story telling, compelling characters, direct to the point.

this movie is not thrilling at all, the plot is too slow and so many useless scene with no point.. too many talking and so boring, the acting just average, this movie similar just like Sicario.

Total waste of time.

I think it's worth a watch if you really like prison gang movies, but I warn you it definitely is a slow burn.

This is a thrilling, no-holds barred tale of a human who eventually turns into an untamed animal just as the title of the book Money reads towards the dire end of the flick.

I'm no actor or film studio, but I'd like to think that if a screenplay this thrilling landed on my desk I'd jump at it.

It's unpredictable and that's very rare.

He really is of star material and able to carry a movie as gritty and intense as this.

Relatively becomes boring and confusing in the final part of the film, though the first half as to how the film is set up is quite good.

I found this a very compelling movie.

It was also interesting to see the idea of how a good guy turns bad and enters the underworld in such a compelling way - the wannabe psychologist attraction.

The pace was engaging - not too fast to where it's just bash-bang- boom and no time to pull you along on the journey and not so slow that you're staring at characters .

In this context, you understand why he did what he did but the depth of his transformation is shocking yet intriguing.

Director Ric Roman Waugh has created a truly gripping prison drama with Shot Caller.

Shot Caller is a good character movie with a good story, good direction, good performances and some boring parts.

It is a gripping and totally immersing story that gets you from minute 1.

Thoroughly enjoyable movie .

A bit dark, not destined to be a Disney classic, however it was well written and certainly entertaining.

Good movie, good acting, good story enjoyed it.

It can be boring within the first hour or so.

All in all though Shot Caller still makes for riveting viewing and is unafraid to not make compromises,.

The direction is very slow moving which can be boring.

The story is compelling, easy to understand.

Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau - who plays Jamie Lannister in Thrones - puts in a damn good performance in this engaging crime drama as a well-liked family man with a perfect life who accidentally kills his best friend running a light and becomes churned up in the prison system, forced to mix in with really bad people in order to survive and protect his family.

I expected this to be a boring prison movie but i quickly became immersed in this strange and foreign world of gang politics.

While these themes provide some sensation and drama the film's plot is its strength - the denoument so deftly directed, the mystery gripping, it never loses intrigue.

''Shot caller" isn't his ''Scarface", but still represents a decent modern day grim and slow pace bloody thriller about a family man that ends up in jail and must fight his way if he wants to survive behind the bars.

But keeps your attention and quite entertaining.

The movie has a slow start and it is slow in between I personally felt the movie was dragged in some places but as I said its watchable It had an OK story and an OK ending.

Very entertaining .

It builds towards such an emotionally riveting climax.

Watch this film if you're having trouble falling asleep.

My Review: The film has a non-linear screenplay which made this clichéd screenplay in an engaging way.

Too many prison films involve sadistic wardens and guards mistreating prisoners, to the point of cliché; by contrast "Shot Caller's" cops are like lion tamers just trying to do their jobs, because the prisoners are scary enough all by themselves.

Nikolaj is decent in main role, and Jon Bernthal is always worth watching

The film contains some fascinating and unpredictable characters, all of which feel convincing and properly thought out.

The script was just mind blowing, you cannot guess (that's the biggest thing.

Main character 'Jacob' in particular is intriguing and very difficult to read.

Worth watching .

thoroughly enjoyable .

Verdict: One of 2017's unexpected surprises!

Annoyingly repetitive sedative background music kicks in and just won't stop!!


The dreary, unnecessary, sleep-inducing background music (score) is suddenly introduced & seems to be accidentally left on repeat for several minutes.

Albeit the story-line seems rather dull and predictable at first, I assure you that past the 20min mark you'll be on edge and glued to the screen right to the end.

Unpredictable, deep, and touching .

Some Ebert reviewer was saying how formulaic it was, I don't agree, that is exactly how it happens, one second your life is rolling along, next second your facing someone in prison yard trying to kill you...

The concept was intriguing with Jacob, a businessman turned criminal and his motives behind his actions.

Found this story a little slow at first, got involved, then with a twist and another, i was amazed at how more i got involved.

I could use words like blown away or I could just explain that I sat on the edge of my seat with a pounding heart.

It becomes completely inappropriate & frustrating to the point I had to keep muting the audio just to stay awake until eventually I gave up because it was competing with the dialogue!

How predictable...

I only recommend the film as a rental and if you are bored and want to see a crime thriller film.

It's a typical prison drama / action film but is gripping on a new level.

Shot Caller is a one-time watch prison drama with neat performance by lead actor and engaging proceedings.

There is not much explanation in the movie except in the form of continual time-line jumping, which got confusing.

Intense .

It has some action, drama, and thrilling.

That apart the first 70 minutes or so are taught and gripping keeping you glued.

It's a stunning movie, definitely recommend for anyone to go out and see this.

The reason it's not getting 10 stars is due to the film at times having lulls of not really that much happening.

He is grim,intense and solid.

Finally something worth watching .

Unexpected .

One of the Year's Best, Most Engaging Thrillers .

Firstly, Coster-Waldau's performance was compelling and nuanced, keeping one riveted to the screen eager not to miss even the slightest detail.

It is so unpredictable, high sense of sacrifice, and so so deep.

Very enjoyable and worth the watch.

It is the past timeline that is the most gripping, showing us a drastically different man who made a mistake that led to a devastating, downward spiral of his life.

Watch this film if you're bored and you'll find my problems with this movie are quite accurate.

A believable cast, story and general tone is what really makes this film worth the watch.

Cliché revenge film type A - One man threatens another man's family = revenge at all costs for father of said family, a bit Bruce Willis et al.

The second half of the film on the other hand followed a pretty predictable cops vs gangs storyline.

Great acting from Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau performance but slow and boring film .

this film is an intense thriller,with a very good cast,very well used music score,above average script and some (quite necessary)heavy graphic violence from inside a high security prison.

Quite Overshadowed by other films of this year, but yet a powerful and an entertaining/interesting filck .

Cliche box and terrible acting .

intense .