Shrek Forever After (2010) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Rumpelstiltskin tricks a mid-life crisis burdened Shrek into allowing himself to be erased from existence and cast in a dark alternate timeline where Rumpelstiltskin rules supreme.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Mike Mitchell
Stars: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 49 out of 184 found boring (26.63%)

One-line Reviews (153)

It could be that Shrek Forever After failed to be broad enough in its humor and yet too intense in its action to appeal to its core audience.

Bored with his life as a family man, Myers as Shrek wants to go back to the glory days as an ogre, so he makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin, foolishly signs the contract, and gets into so much trouble in his alternate reality world.

I know we're supposed to root for Shrek (and the ending isn't unsatisfying), but his adventures trying to get his true love's kiss are sometimes tedious and uninspired.

It is exciting and boring at the same time.

My kids were utterly bored, and sad to say, I don't blame them.

And having the witches battle the ogres was also an exciting touch.

The plotting here is predictable, unfunny and derivative; a complete contrast to how one would describe the first film.

It lost its luster and became boring.

Shrek is now a bored, middle-aged father and husband...

This chapter had at least a mildly entertaining storyline that has Shrek at a crossroads in his life...

In general, the movie is cool, it's funny and entertaining, it has its hilarious moments and the story is pretty much satisfying, Way better than the third shrek if that's what you want to hear.

That was one of the main things that really made the film work especially since Prince Charming in the last film was such a boring and uninteresting character.

In conclusion, Shrek Forever After is a enjoyable and entertaining movie for all the family and a very good ending for the series.

It's not all that funny, though there are smile-worthy moments and the cast is good once again, but the 'what if' narrative provides a few chances to play with expectation even if it is all predictably conventional and ultimately relatively cliché.

Shrek is back for his fourth and hopefully last run and there's no plot, no story and none of the great little one liners or wink to the older crowd jokes we have enjoyed with the previous Shrek films.

It is exciting when it means to be.

The story taps on the mundane existence of our every day lives, devoid of adventure which Shrek (Mike Myers) yearns for, becomes something quite unbearable as he goes through the motions of a routine from dawn till dusk, having to perform the same chores all over again, listen to friends Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss (Antonio Banderas) recount their past adventures ad nauseam, and not having that all important personal Ogre time to relax in a mud pool, or have human beings tremble and run at the sight of him, becoming more of a celebrity hero instead.

Though it is the big green man himself who has become the most tiresome; his constant whinging and heavy Scottish accent the source for serious boredom.

It is the accompanying adults that need to be wary of the growing tedium in the franchise, but thanks to a plethora of talented actors and a significantly more satisfying storyline, Shrek Forever After makes for an entertaining diversion, even if it's no longer magical.

SOMETIMES things can be predictable and fun, in this one it's just predictable and stupid.

Years later it seems that Shrek and Fiona are living a perfect live with their children in the swamp but slowly Shrek gets bore of the routine and being a celebrity.

I have to say that it is much more better than boring third part .

However, the entire movie just felt pointless.

The 3D is a waste of money in my eyes.

She is voiced by Cameron Diaz and seems like the one character worth watching here.

Overall the Shrek saga has been an enjoyable one with lots of nice lines and characters.

The first Shrek was excellent (and I also wrote a long review on it), the second was funny and enjoyable, the third...

An entertaining diversion, even if the series is no longer magical .

It all ended up being predictable and you knew exactly what was going to happen.

The franchise went from original and fast-paced, belly-laugh funny family movie to tiresome soap opera in 4 hops.

Anyway, Shrek 4 was entertaining enough despite the afore mentioned issue.

I find it completely fascinating and extremely well portrayed in the story.

However, in the middle act it did have its predictable parts.

He put a fun and interesting twist on an old character and made him fresh and entertaining.

" Shrek (Mike Myers) is a daddy ogre now whose life has become repetitive and devoid of personal free time.

There is a familiarity to the story which stops it from reaching the heights of the first film, but it is enjoyable enough to be on the same level as Shrek 2.

THE MOVIE was dull.

During the first ten minutes, we see Shrek become increasingly aware of how boring his life has become, he looks bored, and one can only assume that Myers had the same look on his face whilst doing the voice over.

Worth watching!

I wouldn't say it is a complete waste of time, but unless you are an true Shrek addict or like 3D effects, you may spend your time on funnier movies.

The animation is brilliant in all aspects, ranging from the intense action sequences to the emotions that the characters display through their facial expressions.

In addition, this movie works also as a family domestic drama where it maturely deals with the simple family issue of boredom and being sick of how repetitious family life can be.

It was a bore to watch and genuinely shouldn't be allowed to go ahead with a 5th.

The script is a small retread of the original, mixed in with It's a Wonderful Life and even unexpected parallels to Beauty and the Beast.

I like Shrek 1 and 2, but part 3 was so annoyingly bland.

I think that it is really magic and entertaining franchise .

It wasn't funny, it wasn't entertaining, and it was just uninteresting.

'Shrek Forever After' is a glass half-empty .

Perhaps it becomes boring because many of us choose not to grow up; many of us choose to not let go of what our past lives were.

With Shrek Forever After this is the case, still packed full of gags, funny moments and hilarious one liners its a good end to a fun enjoyable franchise.

In Shrek Forever After or whatever it is called nowadays, we follow Shrek (Mike Myers) as he is becoming quite bored of his watered-down lifestyle of being a father, husband, and town hero.

Now all the novelty and energy is gone and with 'Shrek Ever After' the audience gets a predictable, by-the-numbers, formula movie.

There was nothing original about the humor as if we had already heard all the jokes before, and the repetitive themes were a little too much.

When the original Shrek film came out in 2001 it was seen as a revolution, an animated film that looked pretty realistic (realistic in the context a fairy tale setting), a film that was funny, action packed, able to appeal to adults as well as children and most importantly, challenge Pixar's domination when making CGI animated films.

Being the fourth part in the series the characters are well known by now: Shrek the Ogre is bored.

Though a definite improvement over the drab and disappointing "Shrek the Third" from 2007, "Shrek Forever After," directed by Mike Mitchell, never quite achieves the level of cleverness and wit that the first two installments did – which is a high bar indeed for anyone in this business.

On the positive side, the movie is engaging.

And the stunning animation quality just like always will keep you at the edge of your seat from the very beginning.

Shrek Forever After is the fourth and apparently last film in the series and the material here is disappointingly tiresome at best.

Forward to the present, Shrek is getting tired of the same repetitive life he is having with his wife and three ogre triplets, Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) and all the fairytale friends hanging round doesn't help his stress level either.

There are a number of set pieces – Shrek and Fiona's climactic escape from Rumpelstiltskin's clutches is a highlight – that are exciting and enjoyable, but they act like a double-edged sword and also serve to emphasize how dull the slower, talkative scenes really are.

Everyone should watch it, highly entertaining and hilarious.

Donkey has gone from causing belly laughs and sprouting quotable one-liners to being annoying and repetitive; not overly great for the character which has always been the true drawcard for the series.

I think the world Shrek went into Shrek 4 was as entertaining as the world we introduced to it in Shrek 1.

It all ended up being predictable and you knew exactly what was going to happen.

Rather than the formulaic progress from "married" to "pregnant" the franchise steers into its skid by having Shrek lament his own new life, a shadow of his former self, nostalgic for his care free bachelor days.

Shrek has always been visually stunning and the characters have always been loving so that isn't the issue.

Whilst Shrek 2 couldn't match the first film's originality, it was still a hugely enjoyable piece of entertainment.

i saw shrek forever after at a private screening in my hometown and i was so happy to see some of that more mature humor that is in the first 2 movies, shrek the third was your normal bull,boring,kid flick.

At first I figured this was due to a fairly empty auditorium (you know how infectious laughter can be).

Shrek becomes bored with mundane family life and does a deal with Rumplestiltskin for a day as a "real" ogre.

Their secret hideout and their vastness I appreciated and though very predictable, I did enjoy how Shrek tries to make Fiona remember who he is.

Shrek Forever After: Enjoyable.

The movie as always has gripping characters and puss and donkey never fail.

Well, I still enjoyed it.

The story, though good, was essentially a retread of the first movie, albeit complicated by alternate realities causes and effects which may have been over-confusing for younger children.

This is a thoroughly entertaining conclusion to the Shrek legacy, and I'm going to miss the big guy.

What it is, is an enjoyable spin on the characters with some nice jokes.

The animation and visuals are as stunning as you'd expect, it stands out from the other chapters with its rich yellowish apocalyptic color scheme and a lot of witches who have some choice moments.

other parts made it a yawn fest.

I've Recently watched Shrek 4 with my family over the weekend and I thought it was pretty entertaining.

Its conflict was pretty boring unlike the smashing conflict of the 2nd.

But this movie does have its strong points, it was quite funny and entertaining.

Shrek Forever After is more exciting than the previous installments.

If I lowered your expectations just a little, then you can thank me later when you're pleasantly surprised watching this entertaining film ...

It can be categorized as a 'Best of Shrek Series', along with a few new exciting additions thrown in the mix.

The same can be said for a drawn out flying dragon scene in the beginning of the film as well.

SOMETIMES things can be predictable and fun, in this one it's just predictable and stupid.

The charcthers were boring,Eddie Murphy wasn't interesting as Donkey anymore and it just wasn't good enough as I would have thought.

Shrek is living the perfect life, he has Fiona, family and his friends, but soon becomes aware that life has become very repetitive and boring.

Shrek has undergone through a lot of changes as the years passed , and now he's a little bored with his middle class life ...

The writing is bland, you except a lot from Shrek, due to the wholesome entertainment we've witnessed before.

But, Shrek Forever After can still be called an enjoyable film.

Entertaining and a great closure to the series .

And as predictable as this premise sounds, it was perhaps the best one to conclude the monster's existential journey.

The whole plo9t just seemed pointless.

Shrek forever after worth a watch, animation is good, 3D is better than Avatar, and script is somewhat unexpected and was good .

This installment of Shrek was extremely funny and enjoyable.

However, throughout the film, the plot is intriguing enough for the most part, a story in which Shrek realizes he didn't know how good he had it until it was too late, and the animation is still unsurprisingly amazing.

Rumpelstiltskin (they're really reaching for fairy-tale characters) is a dull and unimpressive lead villain, a disappointment in the series that produced excellent villains in Prince Charming and Lord Farquaad.

In "Forever After" Shrek (Myers) has become disenchanted with domestic life and the tedious routine.

After the unpromising start, the film remains dull and unfunny.

he signs a deal with him and guess what it backfires on him so unpredictable right.

"Shrek Forever After" is actually a return to the engaging storytelling of the first and second movies.

The start is a little bit slow.

When I found out that a fourth Shrek movie was being made, it made me frown because it seemed pretty needless, especially that the last movie was such a bore.

the reviews were horrible, but i found the movie fresh and entertaining.

Nowehere near the level of quality from the first and second films, but entertaining .

The characters are still likable, the pace is in general snappy and the writing is amusing.

But things start changing when his seemingly perfect life becomes to predictable and boring for him.

On the present days, Shrek feels bored with Fiona, his family and friends and near a breakdown, and he misses the years when he was a terrifying ogre.

It's a movie worth watching to finish up the journey though, even if it ends weak.

The whole plo9t just seemed pointless.

Boring .

But the Fourth installment in the Shrek series echos the third: The Jokes fall flat, the actors are clearly tired of doing the series, and the plot-if any-is boring and tasteless.

Fat kitty Puss in Boots, for one, is quite entertaining.

Shrek the Third relied more on its (admittedly eye-popping) visuals, hit-and-miss pop-culture jokes and stunt casting (hello, Mr. Timberlake) than on creating a strong story or in taking its characters on an entertaining, interesting journey.

The old crew - Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy (especially) and Antonio Banderas - deliver in spades, but as, indicated before, it is Rumpelstiltskin, voiced by Walt Dohrn, who makes this so enjoyable.

Very Entertaining .

Everyone in our movie Theatre applauded and said they enjoyed it.

The ogre's adventure is a fairly exciting one with some notably touching scenes.

I was actually bored again, despite the whole It's A Wonderful Life thing.

It seems like these sequels get more uninteresting and less involving.

I found it also amusing and funny, although it received poor reviews by different websites and newspaper critics, and this is also highly enjoyable.

I was just bored with this one.

Their funny, entertaining, terrifically animated, and, too me, some of the best animated love stories that have been made.

Despite all that griping, it still remains a ho-hum ending to a ho-hum quadrilogy.

Save your money everyone.

That might of been a good idea if the execution were actually good, but it's dull, bland, and forgettable.


The plot is that Shrek is bored with his family life, and he decides to sign a deal with Rumpelstilzkin, so that he can become a feared ogre for one day.

And then the movie rakes in the money, but adults get bored and think it's just another ego vehicle, and small children are too young to notice a thing.

Forever Dull.

Bored with his family life Shrek yearns for the time when he was a fearsome ogre, and signs an ill-advised deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get his old life back for a day.

Dreamworks however really needs to lay off the pace-breaking and unfunny and uninteresting musical bits.

U think this movie is the weakest one of the series but I still enjoyed it very much.

In Shrek Forever After, Shrek is getting bored with his routine family life and misses his terrorizing ogre days terribly.

The graphics & colors of the movie was simply mind blowing.

In the 3-D (and stereoscopic) animated film, Shrek Forever After, Shrek, the green ogre, has become bored with the domesticated life of raising children with his wife, Princess Fiona, along with the fact that no one treats him with any fear or respect.

I loved a majority of the film and it's intense and great scenes.

It was a short, boring, badly acted, badly written and badly everything film.

Yes, there's a certain slackness to all the calculated proceedings, but the basic premise is quite intriguing, though hardly original.

Their funny, entertaining, terrifically animated, and, too me, some of the best animated love stories that have been made.

Also, save your money and watch it in 2D.

Another downer in this film is that we don't see much of Pinocchio or Gingy, both of which are extremely enjoyable to watch.

Shrek was awesome, Sherk 2 was legendary, but the last one before this one 'Shrek The Third' was a yawn.

Shrek feels empty inside as he has to do the same old chores over and over again, his life has become so redundant he ends up hating it.

It was a bland story and seemed like a bridge type movie just to get to the fourth one.

The many, many pop songs on the soundtrack grow tiresome after a short while.

I can only hope the planned movie based on "Puss" will be worth watching when it premieres.

Even though this film is purely about Shreks quest to get back everything, he seems to be playing second fiddle again to other characters, and it gets apparent when it becomes boring whenever Shrek is Alone on screen without a sidekick (which is a scary notion when you become of the titular character).

So my advice is to see this in 2D and save your money.

There were moments in there that felt like the first two films, and overall it is a very enjoyable ride that even though it doesn't live quite up to the first two films.