Shriek of the Mutilated (1974) - Horror

Hohum Score



A group of college students are led by their professor into the mountains in search of the Yeti. The students start to be killed off one by one.

IMDB: 3.6
Director: Michael Findlay
Stars: Alan Brock, Jennifer Stock
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 43 found boring (18.6%)

One-line Reviews (21)

Still to this day I consider this the worst movie I've ever seen in my life!

The first half is loooong, tedious, badly acted and boring (with the exception of the electric knife/toaster double murder, a scene most likely never to be repeated again in the history of horror/trash cinema).

It really is a pointless and gory trail up to the punch line at the end, though along the way you do get to hear the then-famous synth instrumental, "Popcorn" by Hot Butter.

The film had a few good shocks, like the death by toaster scene, but I found this film mostly pretty tedious.

They include Brock, studious bland Michael Harris, his innocent girlfriend Jennifer Stock, her dorky friend Darcy Brown, and wise-cracking dude Jack Neubeck.

It's a terrible terrible movie to be sure, but it's terribly entertaining as well.

I finally got the chance to see this flick recently and i have to say that i enjoyed it.

Add also a gruesome cannibal cult and you have memorable Z-gade horror trash,which remains a highly entertaining if comparatively rare film that should be sought by fans of cheap exploitation cinema.

A truly entertaining oddity.

The acting is bad enough to make this truly enjoyable.

The film has uneventful stretches and the writing is ludicrous.

In college a buddy of mine came in with a tape of what he claimed was the worst movie ever committed to celluloid, or whatever they had been using in 1974.

Well maybe not great, but certainly entertaining.

We got it home, popped it in the VCR, watched it, and although I don't remember all that much about it, I still remember it as the worst movie ever made.

Terrible in pretty much every respect, but so weird and unpredictable you can't take your eyes off it.

This film is a joy to behold for lovers of bad films and is thoroughly entertaining on that level.

A few cheap shocks, but pretty tedious.

So prepare yourselves for a frustrating experience - bad library music, bad sets stacked with bad furniture, filled with bad actors with bad haircuts and worse comb-overs yelling the most pointless exposition and wretched dialogue that at best can be described as "florid".

Dull spots and porn film production values notwithstanding, Shriek of the Mutilated does contain some wild ideas.

Well, in a completely pointless scene, he goes home and cuts his wife's throat with a carving knife (!

Nevertheless, Shriek of the Mutilated is worth watching at least once as a good example of how to take a perfectly good plot idea and ruin it, doing everything wrong.