Silver Bullet (1985) - Horror

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A werewolf terrorizes a small city where lives the paralytic Marty Coslaw, his uncle, and his sister, the story's narrator.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Daniel Attias
Stars: Gary Busey, Everett McGill
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 154 found boring (11.68%)

One-line Reviews (92)

The film itself is quite enjoyable and has a special place in my heart,mainly because I saw it for the first time when I was a kid.

Director Daniel Attias does an admirable job in creating a suspenseful atmosphere and an edge of your seat climax.

The ending was very exciting with a great werewolf to man transformation.

Director Daniel Attias relates the enjoyable story at a brisk pace, presents a flavorsome evocation of the quiet rural hamlet setting, generates a fair share of spooky atmosphere and real tension, and offers a generous sprinkling of grisly gore.

Well worth watching for terror cinema fans and Stephen King buffs .

Of course, when youngsters are at the helm there will be a lot of cliché and downright dumb actions.

Gary Busey as their fun-drunk uncle makes up for many of the cliché small-town townspeople.

One night a drunken railroad engineer looses his head and the town think he just fell asleep on the tracks,until more murders begin to happen,each one more gruesome than the next.

Some moments from it - particularly the dream sequence - were still vivid in my memory, and I enjoyed it quite a bit...

Highly entertaining .

The confusing part about this movie was the never-ending full moons.

Routine & disappointing werewolf flick based on the short story by Stephen King has decent effects, some intense scare scenes, and a good cast.

There is some good stuff in this movie but it is just way too long.

just watched silver bullet and i enjoyed it.

This film is highly entertaining, and has plenty of violence.

¨Silver bullet¨ has everything , ever spooky scene you've ever seen , every horror movie cliché that's ever been overspoken , adding the novelty about a wheel-cheer bounded protagonist .

It gets a little tiresome to see so many people getting ripped to shreds in such a dated horror sequence fashion, but looking past all that, the story is classic King, and even if you find it to be predictable, you can't deny that it is enthralling.

The "unexpected twists " are so hackneyed the writer (SK) should be ashamed of himself :best/worst example: the reverend's nightmare.

Its a fun story with level headed direction and performances, which keeps it going despite its sometimes slow pace.

Sure it was showing signs of aging, because of the special effects and practical effects, but still the storyline made the movie enjoyable.

It was predictable and I thought it was a bit boring.

The film is predictable in parts and the film leaves no cliffhanger in store for the ending, but there are some suspenseful scenes along the way and the film captures the general atmosphere of King's story quite well.

The main problem is that the plot is uninvolving and tedious.

The ending was suspenseful, when Marty almost lost the bullet and shot the Werewolf just in time.

it was entertaining and well paced,though not particularly scary.

Everyone assumes he drank too much and fell asleep on the tracks.

I certainly enjoyed it.

The story is gripping and surprisingly atmospheric and there are some gory deaths.

Plodding, by-the-numbers werewolf movie which owes its existence largely to being based on a Stephen King novella (one which is equally long on atmosphere and short on explanation).

Lacking in the scare department with a somewhat predictable plot,Silver Bullet is not without its faults.

I wanted so much to like it the second time around, and hey I found the performances of Gary Busey (especially so with his energy), Everett McGill and Terry O'Quinn quite riveting.

Even once the ruse has been found out and confirmed there's still plenty to like as the taunting undergone here make for a solid and engaging final half to this one which packs some suspense leading into the big ambush in the house at the end where the creature arrives and begins battling with the kids which is a rather fun and highly exciting brawl throughout the house which becomes a big highlight to end this one on a high note as the cramped location adds a nice intensity to the scenes.

Definitely worth watching!

I'd highly recommend it.

This werewolf movie contains chills , thrills, action , suspense and results to be pretty entertaining .

Stephen King adapts his own novel 'Cycle of the Werewolf', but the screenplay wants to be a patchily trite melodrama with flimsy horror overtones.

I no longer hold this view, having since realised that the energy-sucking crapness of the movie's main monster is automatically negated by Haim's cool-as-f••k motorised wheelchair, the macabre werewolves-a-go-go in a church nightmare scene, a marvellously effective night-time wolf hunt through a misty forest, and the unforgettable sight of Busey being thrown around like a rag-doll, all of which renders any intentional shoddiness on Rambaldi's part utterly pointless.

Still, it has a suspenseful atmosphere which makes it a fine screen adaptation of King.

The film is stupid but fun, with lots of gory murders, dumb but exciting situations and excellent performances from Busey and, especially, young Follows (who is ten times more interesting than Haim's annoying main character).

THE most entertaining movie of 1985.

No doubt plenty of King social commentary here, but much of it is humorous, yet another reason why this film is so enjoyable.

The scene with him and Corey Haim on the bridge is a suspenseful Stephen King moment, but the ending is predictable, and the best part about the whole film is Busey who doesn't get enough screen time in my opinion.


Although there are many reasons why this film is a far cry from excellence, Silver Bullet is, at the very least, very entertaining.

entertaining werewolf movie .

There are several enjoyable characters, of which many are small part roles.

It's not a great film, but it is certainly worth watching.

very cool werewolf flick is one of Steven King better ones its pretty entertaining and at times pretty suspenseful and it has a pretty good score too it as well the finale is nail biting suspenseful not like Halloween thats just scary but this was a cool flick that was very watchable and entertaining the effects were a bit uneven though although most of them were pretty impressive there is plenty of gore for gore hounds the acting is very good with Cory Haim and Gary Busey giving awesome performances don't listen to all the bad reviews and check it out for yourself overall i had fun with this puppy and i would totally recommend it *** out of 5

Exciting and eerie final confrontation between our heroes and the hairy werewolf .

I liked this movie in many ways but in others it was rather confusing.

Very enjoyable werewolf flick.

There's also some religious confusion here, as Jane (Megan Follows) - who seems to come from a very Protestant town where the minister is called "Reverend" and not "Father" - wears a crucifix (which eventually gets melted down as the silver bullet is made) which is a very non-Protestant thing to wear.

I think the film works well as a coming of age story with all the horror elements thrown in for good measure.

The action scenes are a bit laughable and partly ruin the suspenseful feeling.

Even the transformations are visually stunning to watch and very believable.

Busey brings his usual energy and humour to the part and is undoubtedly the most enjoyable thing here.

King's cinematic tastes were more along the lines of MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and SILVER BULLET, where other awful and downright embarrassing comments are uttered by equally banal characters...

There are some suspenseful scenes dotted about, and its a nice story about how a disabled person can overcome their disability to ultimately succeed {ala Forrest Gump}.

The chase scene between Marty and Lowe was suspenseful as well.

But SILVER BULLET is, surprisingly enough, an otherwise solid, entertaining werewolf picture, despite the screenplay where Megan Follows as the jealous big sister of crippled, wheelchair-bound Corey Haim, provides a cornball adult narration that, while perfect for STAND BY ME, has absolutely no place here...

The film's main factor is the rather bland first half here which really makes this a challenge to get into.

Very enjoyable!

Sooooo, my belabored point being that IF you can put up with that oh-so- predictable and exceedingly tiresome way that Stephen King writes most of the characters, and you can just sit back and enjoy the story, THEN YES, this is a good film and a lot of fun (without this annoying element saturating the film I would have rated it a 9 instead of a 7 - just my lowly and wretched opinion...


if you're planning to watch a great thrilling movie...

If there's any real point being made at all it's that evil can arise from very unexpected places and at very unexpected times.


The supporting cast features some engaging faces from the era, including Terry O'Quinn (THE STEPFATHER) as the town sheriff and Everett McGill (UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY) as the local reverend.

The voice-over seems contrived are is somewhat bothersome.

Worth watching on your next werewolf night...

Overall if your a Steven King fan, werewolf movie fan this film is worth watching.

And it turned out that "Silver Bullet" was actually an enjoyable movie.

Regardless of how dated some of the special effects might seem, the werewolf transformations still looked pretty good even in 2012, and regardless of how predictable it can possibly be, the film is still entertaining, and above all, well-made.

Entertaining Werewolf Movie .

Aside from a couple of shining moments, this is ultimately an a fairly dull movie, far short of what you expect from Stephen King, and not one that I'd really recommend.

This enjoyable little gem from 1985 is one of the best werewolf movies ever and in my opinion it is rivaled only by The Howling film series.

The tale is a simple one and there's a lack of story complexity that means this feels slightly stretched for its running time.

Entertaining werewolf horror outing .

I might have watched this entertaining movie at least twice in those years.

And pretty pointless too.

Enjoyable and sympathetic relationship between two brothers nicely played by Corey Haim , as a young handicapped boy, and Megan Fellows as attractive girl as well as the narrator of the story .

A rock solid opening up until the fog-misted werewolf slaughter of gathered citizens, joining a mob out to find the beast, and the stunning show-stopping highlight, a dream sequence of the priest whose congregation turn into werewolves.

As for who the werewolf is it is practically shouted out, making every attempt to keep you guessing pointless.

This was a very enjoyable Horror Film will lots of action from beginning to end.

The cast does a great job of giving life to characters from a small enclosed community that experienced an attack disrupting their peaceful and uneventful lifestyle.

Clutching his beloved baseball bat, `ironically' called The Peacemaker, he is dragged beneath the fog.

The mysterious identity of the werewolf is shocking and it leaves us on pins and needles until the exciting end of the film.

I defy anyone to not scream when the werewolf bursts through the solid brick wall OPPOSITE the place everyone is looking, and the ensuing fight between Busey's Uncle Red and the monster, and Haim's struggle to retrieve the "silver bullet" from the heating duct are truly thrilling.

the film zips along with an energetic, entertaining pace.


The Plot: In Stephen King's thrilling adaptation of his novelette, Cycle of the Werewolf, the peaceful town of Tarker's Mills is suddenly terrorized by a maniacal killer.

Gary Busey is kinda my least favorite part of this movie mostly because of his weird line delivery and his character is just so bland.