Sin City (2005) - Crime, Thriller

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A film that explores the dark and miserable town, Basin City, and tells the story of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption.

Director: Frank Miller
Stars: Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 145 out of 1024 found boring (14.16%)

One-line Reviews (719)

Yes, the film is visually stunning and original to look at, but the film noir, Chandleresque narrative storytelling gets tiresome after a while, the violence is ridiculously over the top, and worst of all: behind the eye candy lies a pathetic concept that falls under the weight of it's own creator's ignorance, especially towards women.

Now this is the most stunning looking film I've seen in a while and the most perfect comic book adaptation I've ever seen.

they are all easy to follow and exciting to watch!

Absolutely stunning and extremely hard hitting urban thriller based upon three Frank Miller graphic novels and in return, you get "Sin City" (Miller, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino share the directing duties) and the title itself doesn't lie.

The stories are all mapped out in a slow, and carefully crafted fashion.

Frank Miller's celebrated noir comic series makes a stunning leap to the big screen.

Now we got that declaration out of the way I must say this a great concept, stunning visuals, fabulous dark storyline set in a cartoon storyboard style shooting style.

The film is, even with the action, extremely boring towards the middle.

), I only thought "How boring!

I didn't think I would find a movie that was going to be worse than the "Scary movie" series, but this one tops that too in the list of the "WORST MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

So, as a result, all this Rodriguez/Miller collaboration's infernal playground with all its pretentious "darkness" happens to be suspended in the void - in the wake of its unfortunate players.

Intense, hilarious, sexy, disgusting; all the ingredients of an unforgettable guy-flick.

But while the rhythm of the Bard's words gives the actors something to hang their performances on, the repetitive Spillane-speak of Sin City traps the actors amber.

Everyone spoke in low husky 'Im a tough guy' voice and the women were 'strong, tough and independent and we damn well weren't going to forget that, oh good for them, how cliché'.

This is one of the most stunning films I've ever seen.

The stories are gripping, interesting and the narration describing each character's thoughts is great.

How anyone in their right mind could possibly rate this movie or any other of his "works" above a 2 is just mind boggling.

However I believe that from an objective point of view that the various stories are pointless and don't really go anywhere.

But it's still watchable, and highly enjoyable.

Yes there were big movie stars in the film, but the story was rubbish and really uninteresting.

-- but it was the narrating characters' overly dramatic, stating-the-obvious monotone, the indulgent pacing, and the hilarious acting that made me incredibly grateful when it was all over.

The problem is that what you'd see in the comic and think it was OK, say, a comic rendition of a slow motion scene culminating in a big one-page drawing, in the movie it works the opposite way: it exposes it for the cinematic cliché that it is.

Groundbreaking, visually stunning, consistently good use of cgi, not over use like most Hollywood pictures today.

The stories are interesting to see on the silver screen, and the way the world is portrayed is very exciting.

There is one good segment- Mickey Rourke's Marv is both cynically funny and engaging, his ability to escape death entertaining and this segment features cameos from Elijah Wood and Rutger Hauer.

Warning: it can be quite graphic at times but it's so extreme that it is actually quite compelling to watch even if you're a bit squeamish.


Other worthy mentions are Jessica Alba, Alexis Bledel and Devon Aoki (who probably had the coolest character in the whole film), they were stunning in the film.

And I think that's what keeps the movie compelling.

Perhaps the only thing might have been some of the actors, Josh Hartnett seemed dull, Alexis Biedel seemed lost, and Clive Owen had a hard time ditching the accent.

by the end of the movie the city must be empty!

The film itself is outrageously entertaining.

However, when every single woman who appears on screen looks beautiful and is competent with many styles of firearms, it gets a little repetitive.

Anyway, the worst movie I have seen in a while...

Supporting gratuitous violence really doesn't give the movie anything to stand for, and so it's more of a so-so experience, maybe worth watching once unless you like gratuitous violence depicted.

I watched Sin City 2 first in 3D and the story in that one flowed a lot better and was more engaging...

But, there are also a lot of women out there who enjoyed it, too.

simply incredible and an intriguing glimpse into the future of film technology.

She looked bored in most scenes she appeared in and even when she smiled, it looked like a strain.

Another male fantasy cliché!

don't waste your time.

Playful banter, sinful doubles-entendres, and snappy one-liners should've challenged the watcher to keep up with both the words and the gritty atmosphere of the visuals.

While "Sin City" is quite the adrenaline rush, one should be aware of its harsh nature.

Not everyone is going to like this film, some people may not even be able to sit in the cinema through the whole film, they might get bored.

" Nobody talks like that anymore and it makes the movie that much more exciting.

Whereas the images and characters were both fascinating & very interesting, and the action sequences were neatly done and not really overdone, which could have been a real temptation to do; the action, the plot lines and the surroundings left us sort of in a negative state of being.

Very intense, graphic flick with a dark message about power .

I found the movie boring, down-right stupid in its wrecked portray of the extremely fictional Basin City, and also a bit disgusting.

Fascinating .

7 for well done, fairly entertaining movie.

Behind the pretentious stylishness is an orgy of violence, sexism, chauvinism and fetishism, which is basically two vile and boring hours about nothingness.

Frank Miller is so in love with his own writing that it makes the narration and dialogue unbearable.

Each story is breathtaking.

The action scenes are even more ridiculous and extremely boring to watch.

From the beginning until the end, the film is thrilling, exciting and full with very dark humor.

Sin City is definitely an innovative piece of work from the visual artistic perspective; add to this some quite gripping story lines and you've got something that sees the progress of comic book adaptation in cinema take another step forward.

It being shot entirely in front of a green-screen has clearly worked cause the movie is visually stunning, black and white with several color accents, just like in the comic books.

In the same way that other directors try to draw our interest by using nude or sexy scenes (these at least are much more enjoyable to watch!

The short story-system used for the film makes it fragmented and repetitive.

With awesome imagery and adrenaline pumping scenes, Sin City is uncompromising and relentless in forcing the audience to enjoy themselves.

However,the constant bone crouching,head lopping,blood spurting action in Sin City just becomes tedious.

This is probably best classified as noir(and my how they hit the nail on the head in how they do such a genre piece) with a shot of adrenaline.

Sin City is a very stylish movie, with lots of different colour effects and symbolic references but I feel the style kind of outweighed the lack of storyline.

And yet, in the midst of what was a plot less collection of short-stories masquerading as a movie, tucked among what were universally horrendous performances by Willis, Madsen, Michael Clarke Duncan (who was completely miscast) and the like, Mickey Rourke (of all people), pulls a heck of a turn as steel-jawed Marv out of a hat and makes his portion of this incredibly disjointed movie, not only bearable, but enjoyable.

Those pows and thwacks may have been a tad crude, but added to those trips up Gotham's skyline and the ridiculous sets and eccentric villains Batman made for an entertaining 25-odd minutes of loose comic book adaptation.

The movie gets boring after an hour of watching despite good actors and "dramatic" storyline, and my opinion is that everything valuable is in the fact that you really get blown away by just watching the movie, and not really thinking about it.

To me, the most fascinating story of the three was Marv's investigation as to who killed the woman who he loved.

Rodriguez's and Miller's inspired direction provides a compelling, dark atmosphere.

Also, having such an incredible cast makes it all the more intriguing.

There are three stories in this film and each have brilliant acting performances and thrilling and sometimes shocking imagery.

First two stories were completely gripping and had me glued to the screen from the off.

"Sin City" is a perfect dull one.

For anyone wanting an action packed, beautiful shot thriller.

i'm not saying it looked bad, it's still 100 times more visually engaging than any of the muddled, busy, artless stuff excreted by George Lucas in his latter-day techno-infatuation, but my eye became desperate for real texture, and got bored pretty quickly.

simple, but engaging...

The bad - Too much pointless violence, not enough plot.

The movie Is a real enjoyable ride.

Every shot is stunning, and the fluid camera only adds to the beauty.

Roberto Rodriguez and Frank Miller have made one of the most entertaining and emotionally satisfying movies of modern times.

Not only does it provide George Lucas with a simple lesson in how to effectively use a blue screen, but it also provides an experience that looks unique and fascinating to be worth a look.

The sort of thing a pretentious 17-year old English literature student considers an art film, or Tarantino an auteur.

I thought this was a really original, interesting, well-acted and visually stunning piece of film-making.

Still, this is an intriguing and generally entertaining comic book movie that really does a good job recreating the look of the source material on which it is based.

Even Lars von Trier's endlessly dreary "Dogville" had one beautiful picture in it.

Boring, gory, stupid plot.

This story is the most action packed of the movie.

If there was a box that contained every single crime story cliché in history, it would be called sin city, and thats why its great.

This is close to the worst movie I've ever scene.

Entertaining and Excellent.

And Rosario Dawson was absolutely breathtaking.

In fact, Marv, Hartigan and Dwight are three of the most distinct, fascinating characters I've seen in a good while.

Visually stunning craft that shocks and spills .

We get it people don't mess around in THIS town, yawn.

For instance, there is no plot whatsoever unless you consider the fact that everyone gets either wholly or partially eaten up by others or totally or partially killed by the end of the movie, a story.

I know that the director was trying to be faithful to the the comics, and tell each story as they appeared in them but it made the film rather disjointed.

'Sin City' is the most stylish and visually stunning film I have ever seen.

In the old cliché 'if you are going to see one movie this year....

They delivered a pure quality film and managed to make it both artistic and entertaining.

The stylization Rodriguez uses here is stunning...

That was the first thing that struck me after watching 5 minutes of Sin City: The aesthetic of this movie is absolutely stunning, stunning, stunning!

The visuals are stunning, the action is adrenaline pumping, its dark, and it is perfectly formatted from graphic novel to film.

Dawson is particularly effective as the dominatrix/godmother while Gugino, Alba, King and Murphy are very good and Bledel and Gugino are particularly stunning to look at.

base, banal, despicable in almost every conceivable way .

Still, its a compelling watch thanks to the visual style.

I can't remember the last time I went to a film where people walked out before the end.

Its saving grace is that Sin City is wonderful to look at, but it is so utterly empty.

Worst movie since pulp fiction .

But there's also so much stuff which is entirely mundane.

It's sort of "Kill Bill meets Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" but snappy it 'aint and the plot seems to go around in circles and repeat itself to no good purpose.

" No, it makes it affected and tedious postmodern claptrap.

Sin City (2005) Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller So the start of the summer blockbusters is upon us and the season opens with this very bold and exciting movie, Sin City.

The worst movie I've seen in a long time .

The monochrome comic-book visuals drive the story along with rare and intense splashes of colour to complement the gritty dialogue and performances.

The photography is stunning!

I will say though; for somebody who hasn't read the novels, it's a little hard to follow first time through.

The black and white contrasts is more than just black and white, it's an intense black and white.

This film is a breathtaking, stunning tapestry of events, beautifully realised, impeccably crafted, bringing to life the marvellous world of Sin City.

It's mainly black and white spiced up by the occasional inspired flash of colour with the result that every frame of film is an instant slice of breathtaking art.

The Big Fat Kill is consistently thrilling doozy of a tale too, showing a guy doing everything it takes to stop war breaking out on the streets.

" Congratulations to Miller for this entertaining motion picture.

A different non linear crime thriller with massive screenplay #worth watching

Even the soundtrack is dull; at least Tarantino produces ultra-violent fantasy films with interesting background music.

the black and white just seems perfect to me in this movie because the really spirit of the comic appears everywhere, its a fantastic PR and post modern (i don't know) tale , enjoyable for fans of the comic and not .

The story to follow that is quite exciting and the next one isn't too bad although i zoned out during the middle.

Overview: If you can handle hilghy stylized violence, extremely intense dialogues and brutal action: Sin City delivers bone cracking punches, themes and pistol shots to the dick.

then I got bored.

The story of man-monster Marv and his attempt to avenge the death of his beloved Goldie is compelling, even moving.

The main characters had flaws, emotions, dark places, confusion, mixed goals, etc., all of which were translated into drama.

all in all, it's a seriously boring movie...

But no matter, as Rodriguez and Miller have fashioned something quite startling and entertaining here, a comic book come to life.

If you like fast moving, action packed, sexy films, this is for you.

I finally dragged him to see this film and few day ago at the dollar cinema because he did not believe in the cinema affects that I had the privilege to appreciate on the big screen!

The story with Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba bored the hell out of me.

Well I guess I can live with him doing that, as long as he keeps popping films like these out every now and then (9 years is way too long though).

This dreck caters to guys who think; women are nothing but tramps, constant violence for the sake of violence is great, black and white filming is revolutionary and no plot is necessary.

It's empty, it's shallow and a huge waste of talent.

The film tries to be clever with black and white, but in reality this just adds to the boredom of the movie.

Hard reality mixed with pure sarcasm and allegory, inspiring direction, powerful performances, smart cartoon-creation, deep meaning and enjoyable outcome.

His tired cop character is a great development from Willis' Die Hard days and his narration over his scenes is very compelling.

This movie is so entertaining, most of all because of the fabulous direction.

ADDITIONALLY to these milestones, another occurrence collided with my young and relatively uneventful life in the house on South Damen Avenue.

The cast is amazing (especially Mickey Rourke), the visuals are stunning, and the fact that Rodriguez remained true to Frank Miller's work in itself is most admirable.

When you see Jessica Alba dancing on the stage of striptease bar you'll completely forgot about Salma Hayek's performance in "From Dusk till Dawn", and her chemistry with Bruce Willis is fascinating.

If you have a strong stomach and want something actually engaging and different than superhero movies, check out Sin City.

But the production values just cannot make up for the lack of plot and lousy dialog.

Well directed, shot, with intriguing camera angles and sequences seemingly taken directly from the panels, not to mention the overly effective plots, Sin City earns a well-deserved 9 out of 10.

An enjoyable film that was great to look at as well as being involving and rewarding to watch.

Sin City, based on the acclaimed comic by Frank Miller, is easily one of the best-looking films of the year but it packs several unexpected punches that will leave you staggering out of the cinema wanting more.

Intriguing visuals, but the stories are getting tedious after a while .

Life is to short and too precious to spend it watching a dreary succession of violent stabbings and shootings.

Audiences that crave action movies with girls, guts, and gore will find this glossy black and white tribute to Frank Miller's graphic novels and film noir thrillers of yesteryear engrossing.

Perhaps it was the stunning visuals, with the occasional flashes of vivid color, that kept my attention.

In general the film is also surprisingly uninspired story-wise, mainly driven by a succession of pretty pointless violence that carries no purpose, no subtext, and no emotional impact since – with only one possible exception – we care not one iota about these characters.

Mostly black and white, with odd (and frequently disturbing) splotches of color bring a compelling look to a story that relies on film noir conventions mostly without irony.

Its also fun to pick out characters as they pop back up later on since the film is somewhat disjointed much like Pulp Fiction.

And unlike Hellboy, which suffered from a weak, confusing script, Sin City weaves a Pulp Fiction-esquire narrative which snakes through the dark streets and crooked alleyways of this hellish metropolis like a fever dream.

The film really is flawed in many ways, and definitely not for the faint hearted, but overall it creates a really enthralling atmosphere and is entertaining to watch

The violence was bloody and the gun fights between characters was unpredictable as even ten shots to the chest would not kill even the lesser important characters (meaning only the cops).

sure its interesting how the plots tie together but in the end its just so unbelievable while trying to be real that its just confusing.

It has everything down to perfection, you cant go one minute without hearing a corny line from a cop, a mouthy threat from a crook, or a snappy comeback from a walking juggernaut, being insulted by small time hit men.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have realized just that with this marvelous "Sin City", certainly worth an engaging trip to the dark side of humanity- and beauty.

A lousy yet entertaining movie .

Chilling, Intriguing, Captivating .

The stories each go at their own pace, whether their are all gunshot stories, or stories that are slow with care, and taking heroic measures to be taken, which is what some of them are.

To say too much is to spoil the effect; suffice to say that the black and white movie looks brilliant, with engaging scripting and fantastic acting from the principal line-up, and really puts across the look and feel of a hard-knuckle comic book.

Plot holes larger than a fleet of Mac trucks, with dialog as formulaic and stilted as a pulp novel, a richer script would have contributed immensely to the movie.

man i got stunned after watching this masterpiece and guys stop all the nonsense that you say about this film and i think those people who say this movie is rubbish are the ones who are only to make bad comments on these kind of mind blowing movies.

Kill Bill is elegant and entertaining even in the non-action scenes.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

A summary of IMDb ratings: if it's different, makes no sense and generally doesn't appeal to the masses, 7.5+. If it's funny, entertaining, and made to appeal the masses, NEVER more than 7.

I have to admit, I was immersed in this movie from beginning to end.

After an hour of extreme violence, terrible acting and little or no plot, I gave up on the movie.

The other actors do not disappoint either, but blend into their eccentric and freaky comic-book characters, creating an enjoyable mess--a freakshow.

Funny, bloody and visually stunning, it proves itself one the best comic book adaptations of recent times.

While not being on par with such movies as Apocolyse Now, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience watching this movie.

Taking the conventions of film noir to the extreme, the duo of Rodriguez and Miller crafted a thrilling roller-coaster that never loses steam.

An extraordinary achievement in genre-filmmaking & a breathtaking cinematic ride from start to finish, this visual extravaganza from Rodriguez & Miller that's no less a cinematic feat is a must for every cinema lover out there.

This is just like Kill Bill volumes..bleak,with empty action ,no feeling kinda movie,and BTW,i have a colour TV..what's so interesting to see a movie B/W with three colours of blood?

The plot is dull and monotonous.

A Brilliant,Ultra-Violent Visually Stunning Comic Book Classic.

It becomes a thrilling hunt that may finish a few lives, making a way to the person who is behind everything, the villain you never would ever imagine...

The stories a very engaging and twisted, and offer good closure.

A complete waste of my time.

This is probably adopted from the comic but is more tiresome than anything else.

Sin City is a gleaming pop revelation – an extremely stylish piece of crime drama that is relentlessly entertaining.

All three main stories were stunning and not predictable, thus the viewer was amazed with everything that happened.

The story itself is dull, lame, predictable, cliché, and in the end 100% forgettable.

" A film for which the term "Graphic" (and all its connotations) was invented for, and quite simply the best comic book film adaptation I have ever seen (with "Batman Begins" probably coming up slightly behind it in 2nd place) Frank Miller's "Sin City" is an extremely brutal, wonderfully violent, incredibly stylised tale of cops, criminals, and stunning-looking prostitutes.

zzzzzzzzz .

The idea is great, the cast is great, the looks are great - but the movie is boring as ****

Visually stunning, this was helped by Alba cowgirl routine and also the prosthetics on Rourke and stahl were very creative and fitting.

He clearly wrote the lines for one of the hapless henchmen - * the one repeatedly berating his colleague in long drawn out monologues for failing to steal inconspicuous getaway cars.

ss and I should confess that for the details I have to watch the film again, and may be again, but I can say it by heart that Sin City is worth watching for, worth spending your money for.

The worst movie I've seen for a long while.

It's pointless to talk about the plot and the story of the movie since it is divided on five parts without any connection between them.

Overall this is one of the most entertaining, thrilling, gripping, violent and visually awesome movie I seen.

Overall, an AWESOME film, worth watching over and over again.

This one was interesting, as I am an avid vengeance fan, I will say I enjoyed it.

The parts that some felt dragged in the series now lie on the cutting room floor, so the film flows like an "action-packed thrill ride.

And it's far from an aestheticization of violence, after watching the film I'm just about as exited about ripping off someone's testicles as I am watching paint dry.

Alexis Bledel, Jaime King, and Jessica Alba also had some good parts, but in others they were all sort of bland or bad.

And I know that everyone is praising how good the movie looks, but this is the most stunning movie of 2005.

The stories in this film (there were three) were so shallow and contrived the it was impossible to take this film seriously.

Robert Rodriguez's 'Sin City' brings to life Frank Millear's comic-book world: hard-boiled, stylised, sexy, ultra-violent, but utterly morally uninteresting.

Clive Owen is intriguing as the one good guy in this city we find ourselves caring about.

This is, without a doubt, Rodriguez's opus – a film of such stunning brilliance that it is the equivalent of Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction".

The next weekend we sat down together and watched it and she really enjoyed it.

The line up of brilliant actors looked promising, but the lack of storyline meant that I was checking my watch from twenty minutes into the film.

Very "Gotham Cityesque", moody black and white photography, a fairly exciting cast, and the semi-involvement of Quentin Tarantino, one of the greatest filmmakers on the job today for my money.

Sin City is really exciting stuff.

It combines a good storyline, intense action, stylish violence, and interesting characters and the result is a thrill ride of the century!

But if you can get past the ultra-violence, you'll have a great and enjoyable cinematic experience.

I loved the first 30-40 minutes focusing on Marv, a great big lovable brute of a man, it was quite breathtaking, hard, fast, mean etc and superbly acted by Rourke.

The lack of plot and the graphicness for graphicness sake will eventually (in a few years when the "novelness" of the movie wears off) will sink this movie well below the top 100 movies of all time and put it where it should be--an interesting movie that has an avid cult following like Wizards or Heavy Metal.

The use of color in the black and white setting is breathtaking.

Also name actors are made up in bizarre rubber makeups to be comic book looking characters much like Touchstone's 'Dick Tracy' with no plot positive social values.

The story is harebrained as one could ever be and this is the second Robert Rodriguiez movie I've watched after death-proof (which was the worst movie I'd ever watched until I watched Sin City) and you can't make a mistake twice.

His journey in finding her killer creates the most concurrently harrowing and darkly hilarious joyride in the movie, replete with decapitated heads of beautiful women mounted on a wall, a mute psycho-killer played by Elijah Wood (stunt casting for sure but intriguing in exposing a dark side to his Frodo persona) and a comic electric-chair execution scene.

Not so much as reading the graphic novels though, but I believe that many will find it even more exciting.

The stories are engaging and very loyal to the graphic novels: if you pick up a copy of them you could match the panels to scenes of the film.

It is the most original, entertaining and "in your face" movie I've seen in a long time.

This is definitely a film worth watching and I dare not commit the sin of giving anything away.

While I did appreciate the original and affectionate approach and to a certain extend the ridiculous acts of violence, the movie left me indifferent and bored in the end.

There will never be a dull moment for anyone watching this, because the characters, setting, and plot all work together for some pretty enjoyable entertainment.

The story moved at an enjoyable and action-filled pace.

Gripping, surreal, fantastic .

Moreover, for a movie so dependent on style to sustain itself over its two-hour-plus running time, it does feel a bit overlong and at times, repetitive in its visual elements.

and it's a fascinating movie.

Robert Rodriguez still has absolutely no story sense or feel for pacing.

Then it returns to the willis boredom-fest - at this point i walked out on the movie (and I usually really feel a need to finish a movie i go to see).

Great actors, a great look and feel and an already established cult following, should've been better met with a more profound, more entertaining storyline.

Overall a stunning achievement, worthy of more praise.

Part of the problem is that all of the characters are uninteresting and lack any kind of depth (the exception being Hartigan who had a fairly interesting story arc and was better developed than the other characters).

It's also very exciting, very interesting, and at times very disturbing.

And hell, this got to be one of the most entertaining and original comic adaptations I ever see.

The extraordinary and exciting talents of Bruce Willis, Powers Booth, Michael C.

I think the film was also intended to be a bit of a shocker, but it was just predictable nonsense.

The cast, crew, and artists involved in making this adaptation a reality should be commended for their service to the idea that a true comic book movie can, in fact, be made without making concessions to the masses, without altering the plot or changing the characters, and still manage to retain the feel that the ink on paper had while creating a truly entertaining film.

The violence is good, unrealistic of course, but nevertheless it is quite intriguing (sp?

The story is also very exciting and full of depth and character.

So, all in all, Sin City is visually incredible, but the rest of it is just plain tiresome and corny.

But it's very unexpected and the most interesting scene in the film the way it's filmed is Oscar worthy.

The dialogues are lifted almost word-for-word from the comics, and they are brilliant even though at times corny and due to the film's style the actors delivering them might feel bland or apathetic.

Very Entertaining .

The stories are not pleasant, but then again it wouldn't be so compelling if they were.

So by the end my abiding emotion was boredom and frustration.

Contrast this movie with Kill Bill vol 1, which is very violent and stylized, but is effective and entertaining.

It was the worst movie since pulp fiction, which was also a weird movie.

What made me think that was that there were compelling images that provoked something in me.

There were times when I wanted to doze off and there were times when I was disappointed.

Otherwise an enjoyable watch

A great graphic novel style movie, worth watching every second.

Being that the movie has silly dialogue, a slow pace and a middle 30 minutes that is just embarrassing in it's cheesiness I am inclined to think people are just desperate to fit in and not look stupid for "not getting it".

It was gripping and exciting and completely different from anything else I have ever seen.

I'm talking about the shallow, pretentious voice-overs, which sounded even more shallow and pretentious as spoken by actors than read in a comic book.

The three individual stories told are incredibly fascinating and exciting...

The black and white city is simply compelling on its own, but the splash of deep red blood or icy blue eyes adds something stunning which just can't be described.

Boring .

Drab and boring after 30 seconds.

But the characters in the film never develop past the straight-jacket of the archetype, and hyper-cliché is still cliché.

Rodriguez just is an uninteresting director.

However, here, it's also beyond disgusting, sickly violent, and unbearable utter rubbish !

The most visually stunning film of all time.

My son was right, I enjoyed it immensely.

Initially these works were hailed as ironic, but, through repetition and an over reliance on cliché, it soon became clear that there was precious little irony intended.

I think this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Then I started to find it repetitive - same images / same lack of story and same (admitedly cool the first time) ultra violence.

Plus the action in both is incredibly tedious and repetitive.

A truly brilliant film, probably the best film of 2005, (a year which also saw the release of Batman Begins and Star Wars) and a gripping comic book tale of corruption and justice, filmed in a truly unique and innovative way.

These actors and their characters were the best and had me on the edge of my seat.

An endless and boring film with tons of fake blood, pretty chicks showing her breasts, lot of people jumping and killing each other for no good reason and darkness all over.

One features nearly indestrucible man-mountain Marv (brilliantly played by Mickey Rourke) on a mission of vengeance, one features Bruce Willis in a boring performance and one apparently features Clive Owen, though you would be hard pressed to notice him- as his performance simply fades away, absorbed into the general headache of it all.

Recepectably accepting criticism for the films pointless plot or poor scenes of dull essence Sin City is only really designed for one element, it is here in the Black and white (with selected colours on selected things), Sin City reveals the ability of producing art on screen still existing, stunning tricks of light and clever and complex direction completed by Robert R, Frank M and guest Quintin T.

The colours are very saturated and intense too, further capturing our attention.

But there is no story in the movie either.

The cast survive the violence by portraying intriguing individuals.

Rourke has long been one of my favorite actors and he is absolutely stunning as Marv, totally disguised under a layer of makeup and bandages.

I really enjoyed it .

Nonetheless, it was fascinating to view.

I have committed a sin by watching this movie that is so called on the top 250 and I've been punished by boredom for it.

It is fast paced at times, and subtle otherwise.

All in all i believe this to be one of the best films ever and well worth watching.

Every one of the plot points follow the same tired path - a ridiculously indestructible tough guy has to protect or avenge a girl - and it is tiresome to watch.

The mini-explosions of color are far too intense to put into words: from the despicable yellowness of the mutated child molester to the unimaginably beautiful redness of the muse's dress.

Very unique and entertaining .

The first chapter(The Yellow Bastard) was quite alright, then it all just got boring, tedious.

Not only Sin City has got no meaning, while being rather pretentious, it is extremely overloaded with, at times, absolutely unnecessary violence, nudity & cursing.

Get ready for a fast paced, phenomenally original experience!

It's very cliché and just sounds like a film studies script.

10 year anniversary and is still one the best entertaining thriller movies ever made.

However this seems like a movie that is merely hearkening back to graphic novels which generally contain the literary equivalent of empty calories.

That faithfulness to the comic book aesthetic shows up in the art direction, but also in the one dimensional characters; lame, slow-moving plots; pointless "hard-boiled" narration and dialogue; and extreme gratuitous violence.

That's how tedious this film is.

The film could be argued to be involved in a conversation concerning the "best worst movies ever made", as it is successful in creating the certain mood necessary for trash cinema.

There are surely few arguments about this being the most visually stunning in crime noir history.

The movie was very slick looking with great car chase scenes, tons of hot women and violent as but somehow it was the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Sin City, for my money, is the most entertaining movie to hit the big screen in 2005.

Visually stunning .

It's like taking film noir, eliminating the "boring parts" (that is, boring to the child in us), ramping up the action to Bugs Bunny levels, and, well...

Sensations of adrenaline and excitement came from reading the novels.

Fantastic stories that intersect throughout the film, with an excellent cast with fun characters and exciting that will hold up from start to finish.

It is necessary for the comic to remain dynamic and exciting to keep the action moving.

Bu then came the slow demise of Robert Rodriguez...

The film is really with few exceptions, full of poor, cartoony performances that left me bored out of my mind in the theater.

Overall a film worth seeing, crammed with thrilling spirit.

they did this.. so thank you creators of this movie i enjoyed well.. action scenes was unpredictable.. we could not say : this man or that women die in this scene.. so it was exciting..and one word : awosome..and in the end of movie all bad people died.. it is best thing which must be done in this move, i think.. i am waiting second movie..i think and i hope second movie will be better than this.. because Sin City world is production of good work.. and as i know good work brings better things.. thank you Sin City's Creators..

just another example of Robert Rodriguiez's obsession with Pulp Fiction and his motivation to imitate it, in this case it was Pulp Fiction's disjointed chronology also NOTE: over the course of his career Robert Rodriguiez has appeared to have imitated some of Pulp Fiction's music (Desperado), violence scenes (Desperado, Once Opoun a Time in Mexico) and at least attempted by his own admission the gimmicky dialog (Once Opoun a Time in Mexico, see the commentary).

None, nada, empty.

Miller's potent black humor translates easily to the screen and lifts the often grim subject matter, keeping the film entertaining through the darkest of landscapes.

The film is so dull and repetitive that eventually you just give up and start waiting for the next moment of calculated violence to occur.

However some truly bad acting and a slightly disjointed feel clouded the movie for me, and it really is the style and the two excellent actors that has kept the score so high.

I found that the second strand in Ameros Perros dipped the pace and was slightly boring compared to the explosive opening of the film...

It is filmed in a real action way, a way that make this movie real, thrilling and bloody.

worth the watch.

i'm not really offended by violence (nothing in this movie seemed offensive because it was all so ridiculous) but i found the repeated gore to be dull and tedious...

They're bold people who want to capture something intense or powerful, something personal that they imagine.

Clive Owen's was the most entertaining, in my opinion, as it had all the elements of a good film, even if it was only 30-minutes.

Stunning, amazing, awesome and so on.. all those words are not enough to describe how great this movie is.

God awful, astoundingly boring .

And an action scene where you don't care if the character ducks a bullet or not, where there is no suspense, or fear or love for the character, is one of the most boring things in the world.

It was interesting, fast paced and had everything you would expect from a comic book!!

Unfortunately, these efforts are in the service of a story that is so devoid of art that the movie soon becomes tedious and disgusting.

Sin City is boring, self indulgent, superficial, idiotic, childish, and perhaps more pertinently of them all, lacking any substance or insight with which I could identify as a viewer.

but it hurts that so much time and effort could go into lovingly recreating something as bland as the sin city comics appear to be...

This film is really depressing - How can you take so many good actors and so much time spent editing to such a unique style yet generate something that is boring.

Pointless Noir .

People have told me the comic is like this, but that just means the source material is a lazy exercise in self-indulgent genre 'subversion'.

Absolutely stunning performance by Mickey.

Even with all the action and mayhem the movie manages to, quite remarkably, be rather boring.

Just watched this film in High Definition and it was simply STUNNING!!

The precise touches of colors, yellow and orange in details as signs or a box of pills, or a blinding red in intense parts; because red is so much I don't need to explain.

The first episode is Bruce Willis in an extremely weak waste of time of a section.

It's visually stunning, mostly in b&w and that evokes a film noir atmosphere punctuated with those brilliant flashes of color.

The dialogs of the movie are filled with exciting badass lines.

Gritty, gory, and exciting .

Aside from its tedious subject matter and artificial dialogue, there are some legitimately effective shots in the film.

But overall, the story or should I say STORIES within this movie are confusing and somewhat boring.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!

The story lines are compelling to watch as you are on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next.

Its 124 minutes were excruciatingly dull, devoid of humour, interest or even a narrative that actually makes sense.

Innovative, original, gripping, unique .

However, I believe the "Kill Bill" series to be his last masterpiece, the pinnacle of the Tarantino touch, a vibrant, flamboyant and emotionally engaging, homage to the Martial Arts movies that influenced him.

One of the most shocking, and most intense, thrilling shocker movies, ever made, Sin City does it all, with it's action, and noir like stories in the fictional city, which is full of crime, murder, scandal, prostitutes, corrupt officials, politicians, gun toting, sword wielding women, and a lot of other depraved sickos, and you get to hear each person's side of the story, of the situations of what's on and what's happening in Basin City, especially what's happening in the outskirts of the city, especially the one in the farm, which seems to reminisce the murders of Ed Gynne, and Elijah Wood's character was kick ass!

We want them to die slow, horrible, painful deaths.

Visually stunning .

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

I am a great lover of cartoons and Sin City is an excellent adaptation of a cartoon - unfortunately of an extremely boring cartoon!

Assembling a fantastic ensemble cast of actors makes this film really enjoyable (most notably Brittany Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive, the guy who played Marv, Rosario, Goldie, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, the Gilmore girl, etc.).Unfortunately, Sin City really doesn't quite fit in on the big screen.

As a big movie fan, and liking tons of movies, i have to say that i hated this movie, its pointless, and purposeless, i mean i learned more form watching Caddyshack that i did from watching people shoot random people.

With its stunning cinematography, excellent cast and gripping story lines 'Sin City' is terrific entertainment.

Also starring Josh Hartnett as The Man, Marley Shelton as The Customer, Arie Verveen as Murphy, Frank Miller as Priest, Insomnia's Nicky Katt as Stuka, Tommy Flanagan as Brian and Rick Gomez as Klump.

so with perhaps the best presentation value and an unpredictable plot, this movie is definitely worth seeing.

It is violently entertaining ride from start to finish.

Unique, entertaining and stylish.

Violent and cliché .

City full of boredom & sinful to watch it .

Brilliantly awesome and entertaining .

I don't think there is a film out there that will appeal to everyone, however this film will appeal to anyone who wants to see an original film, a stunning film visually, a film that will go down in history as the first great comic to film adaptation and anyone who has read the Frank Miller comics.

I think I must have been joined by have the cinema when a slow sweeping shot of Alba borough an unwitting smile to my face!

Sin City has none of these, and yet, I really enjoyed it, and thought it was great.

The greatest proof is the film's only truly inventive and enjoyable scene, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Talk to anyone who has seen Sin City and the one thing they will talk about (whether they enjoyed it or not) is the aesthetic style of the film, with the whole movie being shot in front of a blue screen.

ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz .

I do challenge anyone to stay awake and watch it in one sitting.

His performance here is award-worthy and his tale is the most engaging.

The very next feeling is intense satisfaction that you were cheated.

There are no characters to sympathise with, virtually no story and the violence just keeps coming and coming.

Visually stunning film adaptation of comic book scribe Frank Miller's "Sin City" stories (which he actually co-directed at the insistence of Robert Rodriguez).

They must of thought how can we make each scene more over the top, what else can we put in there, faster cars, how about even cooler cars, how about dead bodies in the car how about sawed up bodies, how about a body in the front seat with a giant metal part in his forehead in the front seat, how about having a cop pull him over,how about the cop chasing him for way too long in way too much snow, how about we put the corny lines from the 50's for dialog, how about the cop letting him go with a warning?

It features some interesting plot twists (tho some are quite predictable).

The second viewing came up empty.

Jessica Alba and Elija Wood, who are usually a bore, are terrific in their respective roles, too.

but other than that, the shooting and constant over-the-top head chopping off gets so damn repetitive, it completely loses its excitement...

So: Plus several stars for the startlingly faithful and evocative away Rodriguez (and Miller) brought the look and feel of Miller's "Sin City" to the big screen.

Artless and boring .

I want to learn more about the fascinating denizens of this city.

Sin City was an awe inspiring cinematic event.

Sin City, is a graphic novel style movie, mostly filmed in a stylish black and white picture, with stunning dashes of colour, when needed.

Although they drag Sin City down with their mere presence, this modern crime noir is still worth watching for its striking style.

The biggest surprise of Sin City is that I enjoyed it.. a lot and Robert Rodriguez was one of the directors!

The story is empty and you'll definitely leave the cineplex with nothing.

The narration is fitting and makes the experience more enjoyable and cool.

But if you aren't a gore-fest, no plot or character development shlock worshipper, see something else.

Father, Rodriguez is a technical innovator and should be commended for his cinematic revelations but somehow I felt bored in "Sin City".

The film begins innocently enough with a three minute prologue that in a way is the most intriguing story for me.

This film is so violent and is breathtaking because of it.

Sin City (2005) Top 10 - 2005 Sin City is one hell of an entertaining film.

Basically if you found Kill Bill,Domino,Pulp Fiction,From Dusk till Dawn,or Reservoir Dogs entertaining Sin City will please you guaranteed.

Not only was the Acting more plastic than action mans left arm, The story was thin, predictable and so badly linked together you'd think some kid had walked in off the street and last minute and put clips together of unrelated segments of film--- it didn't fit at all.

absolutely no storyline, no logic, no message!!

It is entertaining on the most basic level: It's sort of fun to watch when you're in a hotel and you're waiting for the other people you're with to wake up and it happens to be on TV.

(just to confirm the ended you spotted at least an hour ago) Again another film that could have taken us all on an unpredictable journey ended up following the normal predictability that just makes you want the film to end.

The trailers make this look like a big, fun, loud, exciting, popcorn action movie.

The movie intertwines four different stories, whose characters will cross paths at certain point: The Customer Is Always Right, The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill, and That Yellow Bastard The movie is visually stunning and stylish.

The stories are gritty, fast paced, and action packed The "Sin City" movie is a great film.

What Sin City is, well, I describe it as being forty-five million dollars worth of digital imagery in search of a plot or an enjoyable cast.

It's dark and exciting.

Me and my brother were so bored and checking out the paper to see if there were any good movies playing.

The stories that the film tells are ridiculous, pure banality, devoid of any imagination, suspense or interesting characters.

Shocking stories and suspenseful with verve and invention.

Stylish, action packed, visually stunning, and loaded with a tremendous cast- this movie delivers the goods in every scene and is the only movie based on a comic that actually comes across as a "live-action" comic book.

Visually Stunning and Well Entertaining .

"Frank Miller's Sin City", co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Miller himself is one of my all-time favorite movies for the reason that it contains everything anybody could be looking for in a movie: Action, romance, film noir, great fight scenes, and incredible, intriguing story all the way through.

It rejects all moral decisions and behaviors, and everyone is equally empty and ultimately inconsequential.

Brutal and breathtaking, Sin City is Robert Rodriguez's stunningly realized vision of Frank Miller's pulpy comic books.

Some of the plot points are boring and unnecessary and some of the sequences are so dark that they are simply not enjoyable.

All this film has to offer is a complete waste of time for 111 minutes and will leaving you waiting for the end credit so you can watch something good like the weather channel What a waste of a film.

I didn't like the black and white either and if you want to see A real Quentin Tarintino Movie and not some rip off from Frank Miller, Go Watch Kill Bill 1 and 2 or Pulp Fiction which are tremendously better then this waste of time.

) This is a bloody, brilliant masterpiece of invigorating cinema – one of the best examples of how a film can become a testosterone ride, a breathtaking tour de force of images, exotic settings and virulent, destructive images.

mind blowing film .

the three interlocking stories can sometimes be hard to follow if you need to go to the john and miss a bit as they shift time periods similar to pulp fiction.

The aesthetics of the movie is fascinating and the way Rodriguez shot it (having the actors play most of the times in front of blue screens and then drawing the background scenery) in order to give it a more comic-like look has paid off and contributed dearly to the accurate transfer to the screen the biggest part of the comic's dark, claustrophobic and at times surreal atmosphere.

I thought Marv's story dragged on a bit too long and didn't enjoy the prologue.

After rewatching the film I feel just about the same about the first film; its a wonderful visual experience and wholly engaging.

The graphic novels could get away with the violence and the stock situations (clichés, if you like) and the intense misanthropy because they were firmly rooted in a particular kind of pulp fiction.

The dialogue does not leave much room for interpretation, but the engaging aspect of the plot lines is in the characters' role as pieces of the puzzle in the makeup of Sin City, and how our "heroes" try to rise above the evil that lies within.

Sin City is visually so stunning that I am almost willing to forget its simple story.

Narratively uneven, rather dull and the style really didn't grab me .

The gals of the film are quite stunning, from both an acting and visual standpoint.

Don't waste your time!

Another movie that should be entered into that list is Sin City, a brilliantly acted, exciting comic book noir action thriller starring an all-star cast lead by Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis.

'Sin City' is so full of pointless violence that there is hardly anything else in it.

the cinematography is mind blowing and the graphics is very much real.

From the unbelievable contrast in visual style, to the thrilling action packed ride that it is, this is the best movie this man has ever seen.

The story featuring bruce willis is unfortunately boring and really slams him as an actor.

Violent and dull garbage .

This might have been a great film, but the artistry of it sometimes feels self-indulgent.

'Sin CIty (2005)' is usually entertaining, if uneven, and unconventionally 'vibrant', as close to page-perfect as possible for better or worse.

Leads Rourke, Willis and Owen deliver compelling performances that perfectly suit their tormented roles.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

A silly slow movie with gimmicky visuals that lucked out by being the "Hip" movie of the year that it was uncool to dislike.

The dialogue in the comics and therefore in the movie is so snappy that it will probably be a popular movie to quote in years to come.

Not simply appealing for those who enjoy graphic novels, Sin City is a visually stunning and altogether magnificent film.

I know that it was just displaying 3 of the characters in Sin City rather than trying to make some "inexplicably linked" style thing, but it still seemed too random and disjointed.

First of all, the visual style of the film is breathtaking.

Sure, it's hammy, sexist, explicit and hideously violent, but it's also gripping, exciting and so much more.

This film had me on the edge of my seat from the intro to the end keeping my eyes wide open, causing them to dry up a bit because I couldn't manage to keep my peepers off the beautifully glorious black and white opera of violence that unfolded before me.

Visually stunning , morally bankrupt .

As a whole, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

The action in the film is really fast paced which makes it extremely stylish.

If you want to waste your time drink a bottle of whiskey .

It was extremely violent, with to much nudity and next to no story.

I found it particularly intriguing how some of my usual complaints and biases towards comic-books didn't pop into my mind.

So, boring script, not particularly good acting, bad style and it looks fake.

Miller's art realized in fast paced nice film noir tribute.

What the episodic movie lacks in plot, it more than makes up for in some terrific acting and great gobs of graphic gore, nudity and violence -- the last three being some of my favorite things.

Marv (Mickey Rourke) played an amazing part, Dwight (Clive Owen) also, and a stunning performance by Bruce Willis as devoted cop Hartigan, made it even better.

Anyone who thinks the dumb, recycled, repetitive story lines of this movie represent an 'homage' to some kind of golden era of crime fiction, clearly hasn't read the real deal...

The effect of having a black and white film with the occasional splash of colour is stunning.

But SIN CITY has a lot more then stunning visuals going for it, it's also got some incredibly engrossing performances.

The story is told with raw intensity from the beginning to the end, constantly surprising the viewer with the next fantastic, unpredictable twist and conclusion.

All told, it's a fun movie – great visuals, exciting action, weird humour and, if nothing else, it's such a pleasure watching the bad guys beaten to pulp.

First and foremost, if it weren't for the visual effects "Sin City" would be nowhere; however, the visuals are absolutely gripping.

I recently saw Sin City and I thought it was one of the most entertaining films I have seen in a long time.

It was visually stunning.

The combination of black and white and color at choice points is fascinating to watch.

Overall, Sin City is one of the most ambitious, original, entertaining, captivating, action packed, visually stunning and artistically magnificent films I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

This almost feels like a cinematic orgasm: amazingly sexy, exciting and too cool for words.

A waste of my time.

A fat 8 for all the stunning effects and dark, iconoclastic photography.

Mickey Rourke was simply stunning.

Rodriguez has not made a good movie since his first one, and as his budgets have grown bigger he's grown equally better at crafting movies, filled with boring scenes...

Overall 'Sin City' is a thrilling film that is one of a kind visually, and a breath-taking crime flick.

I got bored, there is some novelty value in the heightened Noir from being mostly black and white (with no greys) and the stylised direction.

Action aplenty, but so much of it all over the place that it gets repetitious instead of thrilling.

When a scene is slow, it is also boring - in this movie.

But if you want to watch a movie that has something, beside a series of stunning pictures, stay away.

Whether the color is used to emphasize beauty (Goldie), evil (Yellow Bastard), or the simple elegance of a woman's red lips it is always stunning to behold.

'Sin City' is the most enjoyable movie I have seen so far this year, whether on DVD or at the theater.

I absolutely fell in love with the unique style that the directors brought to it which made it much more thrilling to watch.

A very enjoyable film!

It would have made a great short film but over two hours it is just boring, and the dialogue is just plain ridiculous.

But what makes SIN CITY so stunning is the way it takes grime, evil, and violence and somehow makes it seem like an artistic mural.

Performances are excellent, photography is unique, the atmosphere dark and compelling.

It was really thrilling.

Totally engrossing, visually stunning.

This is the most visually stunning piece of Sinema (see what i did there) I have seen in a long while.

There is no plot or concept , just sequence or events where a group of bad men molest girls and a hero comes after.

Parts of it were quite entertaining, yet there were moments when I felt that the whole thing had become more than a little over-pretentious.

Definitely the WORST movie I have ever suffered through .

A lot of the actors speak in the same, monotone voice that would be confusing if I weren't looking at who was speaking.

There is no plot.

But the strength of Mr. Miller's writing has always been his ability to give these bottom-feeders soul thanks to which Sin City exists precisely on the edge between exploitation and artistic statement, ultimately saving itself from toppling over with the sincerity of its tone, the beauty of its images, and the honor of its heroes.

Gripping stories.

These stunning actors and actresses really bring the characters to life.

With Sin City, however, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have done more than just recreate the brutal chiaroscuro of Miller's stark post-modern noir artwork, they've captured the essence and the aesthetic of Basin City (as much a character as Marv or Hartigan) and brought its universe and characters to a stunning three-dimensional life.

("A Dame To Kill For" is at least funny in spots, and "That Yellow Bastard" is so revolting as to be actually fascinating.

Stylish, stunning and an absolute treat.

Stunning and unsatisfying .

Instead of using camera tricks to mask a boring scene...

Sin City is for people that support (or even enjoy) some violence and gore but does not interfere in the overall sense, a very well done and entertaining movie!

The rest of the cast all do very well and all provide great intense performances.

All the blood and lousy horror-effects available have been carefully collected to add up to a pointless and unintelligent massacre, in the end of which the only feeling you will have when leaving the cinema is that of a strong disappointment in both the directors (whom we have thought and seen to be capable of doing better) and yourself for having been brainless enough to sign up for such a waste of time and money, in the present case, your time, and your money.

Then we have Hartigan played by the ever awe inspiring Bruce Willis.

Visually stunning...

Well, for all who love violence, action, and woman this movie gives you it all in a testosterone filled, adrenaline Field, cinematic masterpiece.......

I was bored throughout most of it and could not believe that Rodriguez had managed to come up with something this stultifying and dull.

Unbelievably boring .

The result is a mélange of film noir and the pulpiest of pulp crime novels into a new and extremely stylish piece of crime drama that is relentlessly entertaining.

Anyone looking for thrills will be immediately turned on by this film as it has pounding music, spectacular special effects and intense set pieces.

As cop Bruce Willis goes after a psycho killer, the wit and the grit create a fascinating heightened version of film noir.

It goes through all three stories and is very fast paced.

I am a fan of entertaining, violent action films in the Rodriguez/Tarantino style and am certainly not squeamish about on-screen violence.

In some parts he was great, in others he seemed so dull.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind film that's both incredibly offensive and undeniably entertaining,

Red blooded male viewers will be pleased to see a dazzling array of scantily clad ladies throughout the film, a bonus when some of the dialogue gets a tad dull in particular.

From the unbelievable imagery that fills each and every scene of this movie, to the actors who brought each character to life, and the three intertwining story lines that keep us on the edge of our seats, Frank Miller's Sin City is a movie experience you don't want to miss and may never experience again.

Mindnumbingly tedious after 4 hours (it felt like the movie lasted that long).

This, though, only lends itself to the equally dark storyline and superb lighting effects that make it intense viewing, bordering on illustrative (remember the novels).

A gripping tale of vengeance, and a feminist manifesto.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

The fragment about Mickey Rourke's character was exciting, well acted and funny -which the comic book was not, at least as far as I remember.

However exiting Frank Miller's Sin City after the 'THAT YELLOW B'STARD' strand had slightly bored me..the feeling that there should be something so much more after the wonders of the first two strands and the performances by Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke

If you allow yourself to be immersed, you could swear you're watching a comic book come to life on the silver screen.

The "action" sequences, when they finally happen, are protracted and dull.

The gigantic cast which includes Mickey Rourke,Bruce Willis,Clive Owen,Jessica Alba,Elijah Wood,Brittany Murphy and dozens of other big stars all give faithful and stunning performances particularly Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke,s Marv is one of the best screen characters, a hugely enjoyable movie event!

Secondly, I know it's me again, but I got extremely bored and was surprised how such a violent movie can be boring.

Seeing Jaime King is a unique pleasure, but to endure the poor performance of Mickey Rourke, with that unbearable face, that no one can stand, it is a nightmare.

I got a very National Socialist propaganda ideology from the film...

The film is a stellar piece of film-making that is just breathtaking and amazing.

For two hours I was bored out of my mind, watching characters shoot each other, topless girls walk around that needn't be topless.

I cant recommend it, even if you are bored and trying to watch something different preferably leave this option out.

That does not detract from the fact that this is a poor, pointless and infuriatingly stale film adaptation.

I thought the look and atmosphere the film generated were superb and the story lines were thoroughly enjoyable.

Mind Blowing.

This Movie is a complete and utter waste of time.

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

While it's probably a total cliché to say it by now, Sin City really is a wild thrill ride of a movie, and quite possibly the most entertaining thing that will hit theaters all year.

A great example of really bad, short and pointless revenge stories enveloped in stunning visuals.

Here, the people in charge simply chose to transpose everything as is, hence the enormous void of story, detail, content, and why the whole thing moves at a murderously slow pace.

Modern crime-noir with flair -- elegantly expressed and entertaining .

I think that sums this movie up: an action packed, stylistic masterpiece that knows its bounds and exploits them perfectly.

They always packed a punch and dropped you into an alternate reality of deadly woman, intense protagonists and murder mysteries.

An extremely entertaining, innovative experience.

Stylish, beautifully crafted, with an all-star cast and action scenes galore, this is a terrifically entertaining movie that takes Miller's tales and puts them well and truly on the big screen in a faithful and successful way.

By far the most enjoyable story was Marv and Goldie, it was more personal than the other stories.

But even using visually stunning and surreal black/white film didn't hide the incredibly violent adult story and theme.

The gruesome imagery gives the film its shock value and enhances the rousing nature of the film.

Gripping character portrayals, an ambiance of combined late-40's film noir and slasher comics,a few unexpected plot twists, a stylistic triumph.

Its just predictable filler, with all of its creativity used to framing hideous scenes of violence and torture that would never pass an R-rating in a live action film.

In Robert Rodriguez's 'Sin City' you see a comic- book film that is completely original and extremely entertaining.

This was a dark, yet exciting segment.

The problem with Sin City is that it's totally uninteresting.

Actually, there was no plot.

As a whole, the film gives a visually stunning performance with aesthetic appeal.

Visually fantastic but what you were seeing was a waste of time and insulting.

It's an artsy film, and most of the individual segments were entertaining.

With an absolute A-list cast, stunning cinematography and flawless direction, Sin City delivers everything anticipated.

But still the move is very entertaining.

As this film is aimed at a mass-market such panel-by-panel reproductions are pointless – and, remember, I'm saying this as a confirmed and unrepentant comic-geek.

It was entertaining.

The film is clever, fast-paced, exciting and sickeningly funny.

Exciting, beautiful....

While film noir movies are sometimes known for their unclear plots, Sin City does have a pretty clear one - mainly functioning as an anthology between characters - but its narrative richness could be more compelling had a foot been taking off the gas of the violence a few times.

Sort of a 10 year old boys version of film noir,tedious and annoying,if undoubtedly a technical and visual triumph .

Superbly Entertaining .

On the one hand, you've got three terribly uninteresting crime stories.

Fairly silly, but still manages to be mildly entertaining .

He plays with the shots, cuts them to effect fast paced action and wows the audience with a smörgåsbord of cinema techniques.

Sin City is brutally entertaining, and it's packed with memorable scenes and quotes.

Those sections of the movie were by far the better and more enjoyable than the others.

This movie has the greatness of Pulp Fiction with the visual stunning of The Crow.

Stylized, visually stunning and extensively violent comic adaptation.

This is a Non stop Enjoyable story that kicks ass.


Visually, it is fairly stunning and beautiful.

One man's cliché is another mans archetype.

To sum up Sin City is an intense,alternative,unconventional experience that i personally suggest each and everyone to experience,you never know, give it a try ,you might like it.

The action scenes are intense and violent.

awkward and boring.

I even like weird thinker movies, but this movie is completely pointless.

I liked the parts with Bruce Willis, they were the most entertaining.

Visually stunning, highly entertaining .

So overall the film is a dull, un-interesting, stylistically bad graphic novel adaptation that feels more like a fan film than a feature film.

It was visually stunning, the make-up was amazing, and the stories were compelling.

This movie is exciting and fun from beginning to end.

It is generally exciting, keeps the pace up, and keeps a really militant Gothic feel that I haven't seen anywhere else before.

The actors do a good job with the material: Bruce Willis gives a good narration of all the misdeeds and corruption around the metropolis; Clive Owen describes how mad/insane he and the city are; Mickey Rourke is merely in a torture story and the list goes on.

As much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't escape that fact.

This is just a pointless film.

The second segment was my least favorite; it was still enjoyable and had some of the best acting of the movie thanks to Benicio Del Toro's performance as Jackie Boy: his scenes with Clive Owen inside the car were so funny!

Yet Sin City amazingly exceeds even greater in other areas, such as acting where mesmerizing performances are given from nearly all the actors, adding onto the already fascinating story.

The way Marv escapes the cops, by jumping of the stairs flying trough a rain of bullets, it's breathtaking, and immediately makes a point, this is no ordinary guy.

Sin City is a movie dealing with lives on the edge, and it conjures up a delightfully dark, grimy, and gritty atmosphere to go match the depravity of its subject matter.

I would recommend this for a decent watch if you want some eye candy and an exciting story.

The movie is visually stunning to look at, and I imagine it looked fantastic on the big screen.

==================================================================== ======= After a rewatch 06/30/17' Sin City remains a very dark, gritty and entertaining stylish watch.

In the end, "Sin City" will have its fans and its detractors, as do many of the Quote-unquote "Cult" hits such as "Resevoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction", but one cannot deny that "Sin City" uses the lack of restraint of violence only to paint a greater picture with the beautiful narrative, stunning imagery, and beautiful noir atmosphere that makes "Sin City" stand out among the great cult films of our time.

I found it to be incredibly imaginative in concept, but totally boring in execution, unless you count the 437 deaths in your quality quotient!

Save your money.

This has to be one of the most mind bending nervy keep you on the edge of your seat movies that I've ever seen.

Definitely *the* best comic book remake to date, and all in all, thoroughly entertaining.

The action-scenes are stunning, and the stories are brilliantly put together (as originally they're three different novels), switching between Sin City's darkest alleys in a cool and hard-knocking tempo.

And while continual commentary into the thoughts of characters in panels on a page may prove to be an entertaining and effective gimmick, it ought to be obvious to accomplished directors like Rodriguez and Tarantino that what works well in a graphic novel doesn't necessarily work well in film.

Such as the blue eyes of Kevin, while everything is black and white, his eyes are blue which makes the movie all the more enjoyable.

"Sin City," directed by one of the greatest directorial trifectas - Robert Rodriguez, "Sin City" graphic novel creator Frank Miller and special guest director Quentin Tarantino - is a visually stunning and breathtaking piece of film-noir graphic novel, cinematic greatness on steroids.

Excellent photography, excellent use of color that enhances the black and white and makes it an easy to watch and thoroughly entertaining flick...

Robert Rodriguez' latest movie is a treat for the eye, it looks stunning and the features are the movie's best part.

Why is pointless excessive violence so popular??

The film has its flaws, the Mickey Rourke segment for instance is at best tedious.

The third story is the most surreal with a monotone-voiced Clive Owen, an almost heroic fugitive named Dwight, who saves a mouthy barmaid (an annoying Brittany Murphy) and a gang of empowered prostitutes (led by his former lover played in convincing dominatrix fashion by Rosario Dawson) from a corrupt cop.

Using a gorgeous mix of black and white and strategically placed color, the film creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the classic noir films of the '30s and '40s while still maintaining a distinctly modern feel, and also moves at a deliberate pace, as it is loaded with snappy dialogue, clever editing, and over-the-top violence.

Despite some claims that it moves at lightning pace, there are times when it is slow up a bit.

The CGI is dull and lifeless.

None of it makes HELLBOY any more readable, or the movies worth watching.

Very engrossing, cool, slick and well made definitely a film to go and see.

Yes, it's a little repetitive.

Sin City is a graphic and fascinating tale of human minds when confronted with kindness and love; the old ways of unquestionable dedication to individuals that have been saved by unconditional love.

Sin City is also very repetitive and the narrative quickly becomes boring (I felt that there was way too much narrative and not enough dialogue).

What a stunning display of cinematography!

However, the film is boring and actually I couldn't finish it.

But, as with every soap opera and rpg, death is merely a state of mind induced by boredom.

First and foremost, the visual style: the visual style is stunning.

Save your time, save your money, and don't even bother.

or one that is so utterly empty.

A 'care little' plot of misfits doing violence and anti-social actions that culminate in a boring operatic story with little redeeming value to be tragically 'hip'.

The first time I've seen this film, I was always on the edge of my seat.

Stunning and excessive .

Comic book cool cliché' on overdrive.

the only case to be made is that it is visually stunning, which I did not think it was.

We then pull back and see the title card,FRANK MILLER'S SIN CITY I rather enjoyed this, I honestly couldn't tell you why, but I rather enjoyed it.

In their heroic efforts to stay faithful to the source material, Miller and Rodriguez seem to have missed a rather banal truism: movies are not comic books.

SIN CITY : Fascinating Visuals, Great Ensemble, & Overall Cool...

The special effects are stunning and I have never seen anything like them.

This is the worst movie i have ever seen.

Having never read any of the comics myself, I find myself compelled to pick one up after sitting through a visually stunning ultra violent noir that stuns and entertains.

An amazing film that is visually stunning and all out is amazing Film-Noir The film focuses on three stories a tribute to film-noir of the forties and to Frank Millers Ghraphic Novels the first story Marv(Mickey Rourke)is looking for the killer(Elijah Wood)of a woman(Jaime King).

Actually just fun and entertaining.

All of this goes down to three compelling stories.

I was really bored from the first half of the movie.


Stunning and unsatisfying!

The film was soooo rubbish, stupid & boring with no story.

The direction for the film was very good and Rodriguez has a nack for making entertaining films.

"Sin City" is far more about style than it is about substance, and, indeed, the story is the least engaging aspect of the film, often becoming repetitious and aimless and devoid of cohesion and unity.

The acting, with a notable exception of Mickey O'Rourke as Marv, is as dull and lifeless as if showing static comic images on the screen.

While not perfect, (corny dialog and occasional slow parts,) Sin City remains the single most faithful comic book adaptation, and one of the most entertaining.

Great for teenage kicks, but I'm a little older now, and probably just a bit bored of stylized, pointless violence.

A Stunning movie, fantastic graphics and screenplay, characters give strong powerful images, the script...

which made that segment of story highly enjoyable.

Dark, stylish, sexy and DAMNED entertaining .

I have to mention how good this film looks, it looks absolutely stunning and feels like your just in the comic and just watching all the frames of the book flash past your eyes, it's great.

The mini stories that somehow are kind of a plot mixed together are generally boring, and entirely cliché.

Very interesting, but sometimes boring movie .

There's a certain degree of visual virtuosity, and lots of transgressive nightmare/dream atmospherics, but nothing truly haunting or authentically surreal; it's painfully trite, predictable, and shallow.

The editing and cinematography are simply stunning.

The films is full of action and when not, it's full of thrilling dialogue and an interesting 1st person character narration.

is by construction an empty, soulless movie.

The music playing over the opening credits is especially gripping, perfect for the film.

Tarantino, off his equally bankrupt and boring Kill Bill series, has proved himself an equally flawed director.

When a movie is so bad that I simply leave the theater I can easily say it wasn't good.

It's dark, raw, violent, sexy and so gripping.

Even the most intense actions films had a deliberate stop and go edit to them that created a nearly seamless transition of moving from panel to panel in a graphic comic book.

And when I use the phrase movie has something, beside stunning pictures I do not mean deep meaning, real life problems, I mean it as an opposite of complete void, because Superman, or Die Hard are Shakesperean tragedies compared to this garbage.

The dialog was terrible, the acting stiff (at best), the plot totally predictable...

But all three will draw on inspiration from decades of Hollywood noir and deliver powerful, gut-wrenching fables of down and dirty people striving to get by told amidst levels of exciting entertainment and escapism.

right after a well done scene of uniquely written dialog, there was a thrilling, in your face action sequence that just blows you mind!

The only reason the guy I went to see it was didn't like is was because he felt that the stories jumped around to much and I times could be confusing.

Following the film's time line can be tricky on first viewing, however the film will hold up to multiply viewing and a re-watch will prove enjoyable and possibly rewarding as you connect all the characters together to form a much broader picture of Sin City.

This heavily stylised distillation of all those great black and white movies of the thirties and forties takes every noir-tinged cliché, packs it into copper jacketed dum-dum bullets, and fires it at point blank range, in the head and the heart.

I highly recommend it.

The violence was entertaining and I desensitized myself to it.

The look of Sin City is stunning and gorgeous.

Perhaps that is where many girls got up and left the theater, or called it "sexist".

The violence is repetitive and eventually banal, the acting decent and appalling in equal measure, the characters (oddly enough) so badly formed and unoriginal.

SOO OVERRATED and repetitive.

This movie is a stunning mind-work of thousands of details merging into an epic story.

One of the biggest attributes is the stunning all star cast.

The dialogue and story give the actors nothing to work with, so even good actors such as Benecio del Toro and Clive Owen are as one-note and amateurish as the wooden Josh Hartnett (in a pointless walk-on role) and the barely there Alexis Bleidel.

It's audacious, glossy, sexy, saturated, riveting, violent, and gory.

I heard so much good things about this movie, but overall it thought this movie was incredibly dull and it couldn't quite grab me.

The only issue I have with it, its the jumping between stories in the beginning, although calms down after about 20 minutes, is a bit confusing.

A fun, visually gripping, and on occasion ridiculous, "Sin City" succeeds.

This movie kicks ass; its smart, original, different, entertaining, stylish...

Quite boring and pretentious stuff for the educated and mature mind.

The dark and gloomy black and white footage and constant splatter of bright red blood became quite tiresome.

Comic book meets slasher done with humour and the most stunning cinematography.

A pure adrenaline rush of action shot with a truly epic scope, it grabs you by the throat and never lets go.

It's stark, compelling and the closest, most pure example of a graphic novel ever brought to life.

It was awesomely thrilling to watch.

He creates a universe like Daredevil, sane and action-packed, and then there's Elektra Assassin and Sin City, creepy, disgusting, intentionally confusing and insane.

and enjoyed it.

This film is a must see for anyone, its action packed, complex, deep and is presented in an excellent fashion.

It was one of those films I played night after night to fall asleep to.

This lead to some confusion on which character was which and why they were doing the things they were doing.

Many friends of mine just thought that they were watching some meaningless movie with some psychotic characters so they stopped watching it in the first (and gorier) story.

Definitely worth watching if you are the ultimate action movie aficionado and if you are into "special" movie making styles, rated R.

So in the end, "Sin City" is worth watching.

The heavy black and white cinematography, the intense colour work, the awesome acting from everyone, every bit of this is flawless in my eyes.

Really unwatchable.

Visually Sin City is stunning, black and white, with some colored patches in here and there, like the babe wearing a red dress in the beginning or the blue eyes of Becky (Alexis Bidel).

It does a beautiful job of brining a nourish comic book sensibility to life, with a fascinating use of color.


The special effects, when used, are stunning.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that even likes Tarrentino or Willis, I'd recommend it to someone who wanted to waste over 2 hours of their life with a pointless movie.

Sin City is a visually stunning and even revolutionary movie that convinces with many different and often intriguing side stories that all lead to a fascinating whole complex structure and a bunch of very famous actors that also give their very best in this film.

There's basically something for everyone to enjoy (except for minors, or for the faint of heart), but for those of us who want our comic book movies rated mature, with great writing, intriguing plot, unforgettable performances, excellently portrayed realism and absolutely terrific cinematography, this film is a milestone in the history of comic book adaptations.

The storyboard styled choreography and visuals works up a stunning treat.

And the last link in the plot of the movie was probably the best part (besides the stunning beginning) as the character at the start, Bruce Willis's character (my favorite of the three narrative characters) selflessly saves the lead female character.

Frank Miller's potent black humor translates easily to the screen and lifts the often grim subject matter, keeping the film entertaining through the darkest of landscapes.

Worst movie I've EVER watched.

For director Robert Rodriguez it is surely the most mature and compelling film to date.

The vignette style makes for some stories that work better than others, but an overall disjointed feel that doesn't necessarily feed into the combined aesthetic.

I was expecting something a lot less thought out and clever, a lot more pulp than true fiction, but the three episodes contained in the movie all show what I'd call a twisted and gripping reality.

No plot, just senseless kill after senseless kill until you lose count.

Sin City also has the occasional slow moment and some moments of humour that feel like false notes in an otherwise watertight production.

It was simply hard-core, riveting and sexily blunt film to be portrayed from comic books.

But one thing constantly annoyed me whilst watching the film; I got so bored with gun shots and punches to the jaw that I was about ready to administer one on myself!

Personally I found it engaging, although parts were better than the whole.

Over rated and pretentious .

A look into a few intersecting stories of people in the dark, dreary and dank underbelly of the notorious fictional metropolis of Sin City.

Rodriguez is so gifted in his techniques and so well-versed in his graphic art that he forgets some basic good practice; some of the movie is jumbled and confusing, and the visuals occasionally distract from the plot, rather than enhancing it.

Here they make up at least a quarter (and possible as much as a half) of the entire dialog of the film, and for the most part are breathtaking in their banality.

It tries to get by on block looks and the one moderately funny scene where a guy is being dragged by a car; and looks like a drawing.

First of all, it feels a bit too slow-moving at times.

The parts with Josh Hartnett were just pointless.

Of course the star of the film is the visual-style in which this stories are told, and it is absolutely mind blowing.

Dark, Shocking, Intense, and Wonderful .