Slasher (2016) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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An anthology series featuring rampaging serial killers leaving carnage in their wake as their next victims fight to stay alive.

IMDB: 6.7
Stars: Dean McDermott, Joanne Vannicola
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 36 out of 227 found boring (15.85%)

One-line Reviews (125)

The first season was okay, but after netflix acquired it they started pushing leftist propaganda.

This show is very entertaining all the way through.

Don't waste your time.

It's dramatic, intense and has an exciting mystery element to it.

Overall it was still enjoyable to watch but it could have been a lot more than that, the mediocre acting (at best), the predictable plot and the little goofs make this show very mediocre.

Have patience, put aside any fears of slow plotting, and enjoy the smaller mysteries as they incorporate into the bigger story; you will be rewarded with an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will leave you anticipating the next episode.

The human body is a fascinating organism.

It just feels like your typical slasher film dragged out endlessly to endless episode length.

As a horror buff, I enjoyed it.

Slasher came up as a suggestion so I watched the first season and I enjoyed it despite the corny storyline and bad acting.

Total nonsense, weak storyline, paired with a couple of trendy leftist propaganda.

Season 2 is boring.

Possible Spoiler AheadReally thrilling and gory series.

The characters are compelling, the tension thick, and the finale was breathtaking.

Save yourself the time and don't waste your time on this.

predictable, every darn minute.

Overall it is clear that this is more of a work in progress, there are some really good elements, acting varies from solid to ok and in general makes for an entertaining little story.

She is bland and boring with a monotone voice.

Even then, however, that slow build is a way to add depth to the characters and suspense to the story lines.

Honestly I have found this series interesting, suspenseful and a great thriller !

Confusing .

Luckily for the kills and the gore, it's still entertaining.

Suspenseful and well done nod to slashers.

) comes totally unexpected and hits the viewer like a sledgehammer.

1st 2 episodes,were pretty good&worthy of the title 'Slasher',but now seems to be too much religion&drawn out drama¬ enough stalkery/slashery-ness,by said slasher.

Some of the more subtle scares were very well done, the snake pit etc. Not to be taken too seriously, Slasher is definitely worth watching 7/10

Sounds intense right?

Sum it it up: over the top homosexuality, silly, repetitive storyline, zero effects, not terrible acting for the most part.

Here's my rundown of the seasons thus far:The Executioner:This was fun and while it was slow at times, it had really great characters and a nice storyline.

What a tragedy and a complete waste of time.

Worth watching.

The very first episode hooked you, locked you in, and made you want to watch more, but as each episode progressed, it became less believable, and a little predictable.

Although it had a huge amount of gratuitous violence from the onset, it was still a slow burner.

The series is worth watching if you want a few chills and want to play a guessing game of whodunit.

It's a bit more predictable, and every season is more along a "slasher", as the title promises.

Now, this is entertaining.


Literally had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and also prevented me from turning my tv off.

The identity of this killer stays in the dark up until the last episode (but maybe I'm just not good in guessing), as well as the motive, and then there is this unexpected twist that concerns the culprit, that gives it a nice extra layer of creepiness.

The killer is revealed in a stunning manner which is almost reminiscent of the relationship between Jason Vorhees and his mother in, "Friday The 13th".

It's got better acting, more character development and substance, it's light, with a touch of humor, thrilling and exciting, not as dark and depressing as Slasher.

This is such a entertaining show!

It is a basic slasher flick overall, and if you are in it for gore and mundane story, it is OK, maybe.

The show dragged on without much excitement until the very end.

intense and really having no idea who dies next, so well done.

I just finished the first season and thought the show was great, very suspenseful and had a good "edge of your seat" feel.

It's a fast paced show and there's a lot of action in each episode and not much down time in the midst of the murders.

But gradually it finds its footing, and the last couple of episodes are pin-drop intense.

Tricking you into thinking that 'this was it, killer will be revealed' only to have you on the edge of your seat, scratching your head.

I love a good scary movie/show- I can even appreciate the absolute terrible ones, but this is so confusing I'm losing interest quickly.

It's over the top gory and at times silly but without sacrificing good acting, gripping story lines, and cinematography.

The concept was very intriguing (had me research the punishment for acting the 7 deadly sins; if I research it, you know it's good!

It's glaringly predictable, totally boring and quite frankly and insult to a viewer's intelligence!

Where is the adrenaline fueled screams, running--anything?

1st and 3rd seasons: good after a slow start; 2nd season: excellent all the way .

Suspenseful in more ways than one .

Apart from an intriguing concept and a rather unpredictable killer, the first season was a mess when it cam to acting.

This has the cliche every horror movie has ,

Don't want to give any spoilers because I still think it's worth watching.

As I would like to see how they go about basing the next season in the same setting and keeping the story entertaining.

It is also used in places which could have much more of a scare factor, or an emotional factor, if they just left it out, instead it has a dumbed down version, providing for a un-enjoyable watch.

Plot(6.2) The plot is generic, and has no originality, providing for a boring, bland experience.

Up until then, he was a monotone actor.

While fans of the latter genre will appreciate the various macabre methods the mysterious murderer employs (and the murder scenes are chilling in their own right), all that blood and guts take a back seat to the suspenseful, psychological thrill ride that the show's mysteries create.

It's largely derivative and gets boring rather quickly.

In the end, I felt SLASHER was a very bland and disappointing viewing experience and one that failed to grip me throughout.

Couldn't find a single remotely charismatic, appealing or simply attractive character to follow this joyful fest of boredom.

Yes, it's not perfect and yes some of the stuff has been seen before, but who cares, it's still an enjoyable ride from start to finish.

The original killer is an intriguing guy who I wished the show focused more on.

I get it, you think white people and christian people are bad and other races and religions are goodFirst 2 seasons: awesome 3rd season: unwatchable

Then, a couple weeks ago, an article popped up about this TV series, which sounds compelling.

The writing though, became predictable.

I highly recommend it.

Complete waste of time.

Well can guess but how can the person be so certain, especially since he seemed like a dull knife (dumb).

and I enjoyed it!

It starts out strong but becomes predictable very fast.

Each episode is too long.

"Scream Queens" and, to a lesser extent "Scream," tried to be too clever about their villains and it frankly got really tedious, really quick.

Season 2 was kinda boring .. 4 episodes are more than enough for the story.

Full of flaws, but very enjoyable.

I found it quite boring.

Predictable would be an understatement, it's not the worst idea for a story it's just....

The 2nd season is gripping right from the first few minutes: tight, tense, claustrophobic, ingeniously constructed, with well-developed characters far beyond the call of duty, pays homage to Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" (with its isolated location cut off from civilization), and has a brilliant final twist which makes you wanna see the entire season again to check if it holds up (it does!

This is mundane stuff at best, ripping off that movie and others (the daughter's visits to the serial killer in prison are obviously ripped from another classic, "Silence of the Lambs").

The lead protagonist Sarah struggles to produce a compelling character in almost every way.

It's just a shame that the writer looked at every other slasher film and chucked all the same old cliche's into it.

Bad and boring .

Characters(1.0) The characters are dumb, boring, pieces of work.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Starting with a man being gutted with a machete, and ending with a guy diving on a table-saw, throw in a pit of snakes and a slow, sensual stabbing.. Slasher is not lacking amazing death scenes dripping with gore.

It's fun and entertaining.

For all of those people who want honesty and truth, don't waste your time.

Watching this was a waste of time, and I regret it.

Across all three seasons, I'd say the series is more suspenseful as opposed to downright scary.

Still, it was entertaining and worth a few days of marathoning if you have nothing better to do.

It takes you back to those Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer days but with a much deeper and meaningful plot, odd twists, more entertainment with intriguing stories, and creative grit.

It's checks the boxes and is really enjoyable.

A tight, well-written, engrossing 8-episode journey that digs deep into the lives of it's large cast of characters.

The acting is perfectly fine, the story is interesting and engaging and for those complaining that it's derivative.. it's called 'Slasher'.

She was an incredible bore to watch, and really fell flat when confronting her parent's original killer.

As the season progresses, we learn that the killer is choosing his victims based on the seven deadly sins, which was fascinating to me.

She is utterly bland and vacant.

Anyways, the final scene where Sarah gets stabbed in the chest is the most unbearable thing I have ever seen and made this whole show just a really bad experience.

It has good acting, it's suspenseful and intriguing, violent at the times and scary.

The first episode was promising and peaked my interest, but by the fourth episode of the first season I was bored with the terrible acting and poor writing.

Unpredictable and Well-Written .

One thing I always hated about thriller shows is the streets are always empty at night.

It doesn't even look like America, and it just feels restricted and overdone watching the episodes, with them trying to force an unnecessary muslim thing on, as well as stupid cliche moves..

It was moderately suspenseful and pretty well paced.

I thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish, it's very dark, gory & at times disturbing.

As a horror fan, even of cheesy horror - this was a snooze fest.

Very exciting!

I watched Scream on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

Suspenseful and engaging .

Cliché Cliché Cliché .

It is predictable.

At first I was unsure of this series after hearing the negative comments from people who have seen it, but one day I caved (I love scary and suspenseful shows).

It's the last episode that isn't believable at all, the killer being stabbed with a big knife still walks and runs after his victims like nothing happened.

They get boring.

but again, the story was a bit slow.

The show becomes very predictable after around the third episode, you know someone is going to die each episode.

I was completely immersed.

Season 1 was fine .. it had its boring moments though .. the lead actress was not convinceng at all .

SLASHER feels more long-winded and drawn out than anything else.