Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A recently widowed man's son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his father a partner.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Nora Ephron
Stars: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 33 out of 252 found boring (13.09%)

One-line Reviews (92)

So he calls up one of those boring national shrink radio shows that nearly sunk AM radio back then before the conservative radio revolution saved it.

One woman tuned in is Baltimore journalist Annie (Meg Ryan), who is about to marry the most boring, pathetic soul on the planet (Bill Pullman), and is having a hard time to face the fact that she's going to make a mistake.

It is an enjoyable thing to watch this movie.

The five lead characters and the performances by their actors (Hanks, Ryan, Malinger, Pullman and O'Donnell) are all engaging.

They always did something unexpected.

Even though this has the typical aspects of a romance movie, I still enjoyed it from beginning to end.

I watched it tonight and enjoyed it.

Trouble is, she is engaged to marry the safe and dependable (read "boring") Walter (Bill Pullman).

However, I think (Sleepless in Seattle) is one of the worst movies to assure that, despite its well meaning.

It's a sad story but with well inserted comedy elements which manages to impress you with every single thing it does, with its great story, actors and subtle comedy but it quickly gets predictable while the ending doesn't do the love story much justice.

Then there is a letter which makes unbearable Jonah instantly like Annie.

Bill Pullman is OK as Ryan's fiancé, but a tad too dry and dull for my liking.

It's enjoyable and will entertain you for the evening.

"Sleepless in Seattle" was engaging and mildly funny, and it achieved what I like all romance comedies to do: make me wish the two main characters could be together.

From there, their lives take an unexpected turn, the mailbox being flooded every day with mails from various women impressed by their story.

It was such a stunning movie.

This obvious aspect of the film, sticks out like a sore thumb, to such a point, that it makes it unbearable to watch.

Her character is sassy and enjoyable in this one.

Enjoyed It!

All in all, this was a romantic and enjoyable film.

This film, though predictable, worked for me.

It's not bad, just sort-of slow paced and why should I care about these characters?

the movie is entertaining though,and has touching moments.

As for the rest of the characters in this movie I found them dull and extremely uninteresting.

Overall, a charming and enjoyable film.

Annie is engaged to Walter, whose main defect is being dull.

It is engaging.

The plot, though predictable, makes some daring twists.

It is an enjoyable thing to watch this movie.

After his mother's death, his father suffered terribly from sorrow and insomnia, and could not get it over.

I enjoyed it for its characters and performances, and was thankful for what wasn't there.

The acting was on-the-spot, nothing too overzealous, slapstick or childish, and the plot was steady-paced but intriguing.

Also,with two of the most likable stars casted,it was worth the view as they made it possible to be both satisfying and entertaining.

still,i enjoyed it for the most apart.

nothing happens.

As for anything else, this film ranks at the level of other similar trivial banalities (or banal trivialities if you prefer) such as `Pretty Woman', `Notting Hill', `You've got Mail' - also with Meg and Tom - and others of the genre - or ilk.

The incredibly romantic ending and musical score help to make this movie a truly enjoyable romantic comedy to view.

The movie proved to be, in spite of the crazy plot, a very believable delivery from both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, taking it it over the Chick Flick quality , and landing in the homage to cinema type, good acting and screenplay writing example that makes it enjoyable for almost anyone to watch.

The old, battered cliché of having characters in a movie watching old movies on TV gets a real work-out, and it's telling that "Affair"--used as an example for the romantics here to follow--wasn't a very good movie to begin with.

this movie worth watching.

A highly enjoyable (and remarkably intelligent) romantic movie .

It's on the bland side, hokey at times and syrupy with sentiment.

One of the Worst Movies of All Time .

I found the story boring and pointless.

Interesting that the movie's romantic touchstone, An Affair to Remember (Ryan and O'Donnell mouth lines while watching it, and the Valentine's Day meeting on the Empire State Building is borrowed from it), is similarly stiff, dreary and unconvincing.

"Sleepless In Seattle" will do the trick all right but for me personally, I'd liked a bit more plausibility to make this tale of star-crossed lovers more enjoyable.

But boy it was too slow to get where it was suppose to get.

In this story that often references An Affair To Remember, Tom Hanks is recently widowed father with an intrepid 7 year-old son and Meg Ryan is engaged to devoted but bland Bill Pullman.

It is a very character driven film, helped along by the concept of finding the right person, to make an enjoyable and funny romantic drama.

Note : this is a very predictable movie, so cynics beware!

It's full of cliche situacions and it's very, very predictible.

And it's not because it has a boring plot, because it's really not boring at all.

Even if the movies have a lot of comedic moments they are often too cheesy and too predictable.

Contrived to the utmost .

Insomnia definitely was NOT my problem during this film.

And frankly those logistics are rather boring.

But upon watching SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, I was taken aback on how some romantic movies can be so entertaining!

Appreciate her courage, she also was a intelligence woman everybody who see the film over before know her boyfriend Walter was so boring (because when he was asleep, he would make a voice snore)I like the film.

entertaining fluff piece .

It's an enjoyable film, I'll probably watch it again one day.

Before watching this movie, I looked it up on IMDb and there seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews; many of the positive reviews explained how much of a cute, romantic film it is, while the negative reviews simply stated how boring and pathetic it is.


Trouble is, like all romantic films, it is deeply predictable despite the implausibility - "Notting Hill" was the same, offering nothing resembling a surprise or twist in any way, shape or form.

Original, successful and above all entertaining.

charming good acting and entertaining .

He is written as a meek, and boring individual who suffers from some very exaggerated allergy symptoms which are supposed to be funny.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Sleepless In Seattle is one of those Christmas/New Years movies, only worth watching once a year.

Despite all these shortcomings, _Sleepless in Seattle_ manages to be enjoyable throughout, and unlike _An Affair to Remember_, I believe this movie gets better and better with every passing minute.

Its worth watching once in your life.

So in the end, I enjoyed it.

On the bright side, there are many engaging supporting characters, including Rob Reiner as a fellow architect.

Our dull and simple lives sometimes leave us craving for special and memorable romantic moments.

Also i would say like 2 or 3 slow bits that could have been tweaked.

The plot is quite interesting, while obviously one of those very predictable films.

and boring in few scenes.

Yes, this movie is one big pile of cliches, but they are such enjoyable cliches.

Surprisingly enough, she was tolerable here, and dare I say, enjoyable at times?

Jon Monsarrat review: uninspiring and not funny .

Perfectly cliche and endlessly rewatchable, sleepless in Seattle is one of the classics.

A romantic idea of love came to mean a schmaltzy, vomit—inducing cliché.

Unrealistic but enjoyable romantic drama .

The main male character is a boring, depressed widower with an obnoxious son (this is the kind of film that finds American kids swearing and talking about sex cute) and the female lead is supposed to convince us that she falls in love with a monotone voice on the radio.

Please watch this film, but don't waste all the time by looking for flaws.

If you happen to be female, this is DEFINITELY worth watching.

This very entertaining movie is a present-day rarity, for seldom if ever do you find movies concerning a story where a strong void is filled in a person's life, and concomitantly you don't find far-fetched ways to do it.

It means something trite, anemic, lifeless and conventional, a diluted schmaltz for simpletons—the kind of crap Mrs. Ryan and Hanks play.

The plot is predictable at best and ridiculous at worst.

The ending is all too predictable, as is the entire film.

I had to grin and bear it with my wife, who had enjoyed it.

But, overall, an enjoyable romantic comedy.

it was just deliberately made up..there are a lot of love stories out there..which are far much better then this.. so please don't waste Ur time on this..