Sleepwalking (2008) - Drama

Hohum Score



The drama follows a twelve-year-old girl's struggle to come to terms with her mother's abandonment.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Bill Maher
Stars: Charlize Theron, Nick Stahl
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 30 found boring (30%)

One-line Reviews (33)

This is a movie about coming of age.

The story is terribly predictable.

His character is very inert in contrast to the more intriguing Charlize Theron.

Watch this movie only if you suffer insomnia.

She is wonderfully interpreted by AnnaSophia Robb, featuring very mature and intense acting.

I'm honestly trying to think of a positive but I'm just coming up empty.

When they finally arrive to the farm it turns out to be a hellish location set specifically for the all too predictable climax.

The story is subtly layered and the dialogues are intriguing.

It goes from dry, depressing, dark and pointless to even more of the same.

Joleen (Theron, who also produced) is a down-on-her luck type who is going nowhere fast.

It's just plain boring.

Director William Mahr and cinematographer Juan Ruiz Anchia really know how to extract the essence of a locale for mood and effect, making the bleak landscape and stark setting integral elements in the drama - an effect greatly enhanced by Christopher Young's rich and evocative acoustic-flavored score.


Then when James, a rather "dull" person, loses his menial job, and already 60 days behind on his rent, they have to look for even more drastic solutions.


Overall, Sleepwalking as a very bland film that could've much more if it had stayed more focused and less cliché at parts.

The duo completely steal the spotlight in this film, and light it up in spite of its script and slow pace.

And, even more unfortunately, it is very slow.

It was a Dreadful waste of time.

This movie, as my poor, unsuspecting "nightmare"/sleepwalking viewing partner summed it up, is "Pointless.

New director William Maher and writer Zac Stanford previously worked together in THE CHUMSCRUBBER and the similarity of vision is apparent in SLEEPWALKING: both films deal with the empty shells of hollow people aimlessly seeking connection in a world that has become foreign territory.

sad and intense movie .

The couple share many scenes together, and, although their conversations are inconclusive for the most part, the chemistry between the pair is enough to be engaging.

Stupid & Pointless.

The movie is pointless, too slow and boring.

Bill Maher's 'Sleepwalking' starts off slow and I initially got the impression that this would be another one of those films that isn't really going anywhere.

I loved the characters and the performances (Especially Robb and Stahl), but like the ratings that you've read throughout the web, it was just barely enough to carry the weight of a bland and predictable story.

In the process Jolene and Tara wind up staying with James (a stunning Nick Stahl), Jolene's brother and Tara's uncle.

As a whole, a sad and heavy movie, about the intolerable hardships of life, but the actors' and the director's commitment make it an intense, realistic and never pedantic picture.

This is a mood piece and can become depressing if the viewer expects resolution of the sad and empty lives the characters lead.

It's certainly a slow movie, but slowness is necessary to offer the right insight into the characters and to let the viewer enter the right atmosphere.

Charlize Theron convincingly inhabits another fascinating character from the seamy side, showing glowing embers of yearning that burst into passion.

The pacing of this movie is a little slow.