Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of three people, with the culprit being the legendary apparition, The Headless Horseman.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 100 out of 998 found boring (10.02%)

One-line Reviews (625)

Incredibly stunning visuals, provided by the amazing crew.

Sorry fans, it's just a big old predictable yawn from start to finish.

What i did like about it (the movie), was that it was very unpredictable, i could never guess what would happen next.

I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to anyone.

Even though I have been criticizing this movie for not being very unique, besides the visual aspect, I still find it very entertaining and I would definitely watch it for next Halloween.

It is the story that often gets set aside in Burton's flicks to make room for more odd antics and intricate visuals, Sleepy Hollow though has a plot that keeps you interested in more than what you are seeing, so even if this looked banal and flat it would still be worth watching – the fact that the story is aligned with a Burton production elevates Sleepy Hollow above all other Tim Burton efforts.

Sleepy Hollow was a fantastic film, a story that could only have been made truly enjoyable (for me at least) by Tim Burton.

The film wandered around aimlessly trying to entice people with what will happen next, but it was all too obvious and predictable.

The flaws: The plot can seem tattered or confusing at times , and Christina Ricci gives an insubstantial performance.

Overall this is a very enjoyable film, it is a simple story based upon the old myth from America, of the headless horseman.

Lots of action and stunning effects and downright creepy.

basically this is a wonderful movie if you can get past Christina Ricci's boring performance and a sometimes confusing script.

Instead, what I saw was just another effects-driven big-budget waste of time.

This is my absolute favourite film in the world i adore it, it shows a great range of brilliant effects and some really enjoyable and gruesome scenes.

I dismissed the disjointed plotline and superficial characterization.

Through these elements, Burton creates an entire sunless world of mist-shrouded bogs and forests, filled with twisted, gnarled trees, somber graveyards and dreary lonely roads that greet many a quaking traveler with doom and destruction.

The film also has a pretty standard, formulaic action movie climax.

Christina Ricci look absolutley stunning, have matured more in her film roles since playing Wednesday Addams in the popular Addam's Family movies.

Very entertaining, if a bit too complicated for its own good.

Highly entertaining with superb production values .

Tim Burton has created an utterly fascinating world of images that are beyond compare.

The music is another stand-out for Sleepy Hollow, Danny Elfman's score is engaging.

Such a philosophy, however, far more often than not, leaves the audience feeling assaulted, detached and empty, both mentally and emotionally.

Very Dark, Eerie and Entertaining .

This movie fully accomplished all that the original tale must have intended to do, for, though it is merely and clearly a fantasy tale, it is quite a chilling and thrilling one.

Director Tim Burton captures us once again in a thrilling masterpice of sight, sound, and atmosphere.

The story is action-packed, fast paced and will entertains fans of horror-movies, even if the film itself is not scary at all.

Visually stunning .

The story, direction, casting and cinematography are top notch, making Sleepy Hollow one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen.

Marking the third collaboration between a filmmaker who's always been fascinated by dark, Gothic tales & an actor who has a penchant for playing eccentric characters, Sleepy Hollow is a terrific blend of horror & comedy that plays to the strength of both Tim Burton & Johnny Depp and is further improved by its stunning visual design, clever casting & eerie ambiance.

Tim Burton's Visually Stunning Masterpiece .

I was very excited to see this film, however, when I did, I found it very hard to follow.

Listen carefully between the lines of ill-written dialogue and you'll hear the slow churn of Washington Irving rolling over in his grave.

The outcome is reasonable and somehow unpredictable-- at least for me and for Mr. Crane haha.

The story is very creepy and intense the entire way through.

The studio sets are obvious enough when Burton's signature gnarled, beast-like trees start popping up in the landscape, and as usual the sets are just as beautiful and fascinating as the spooky woods surrounding Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy hollow is a thoroughly gloomy but gripping film.

Throughout the film, Burton is playing David Copperfield, feeding (and hugely entertaining, I must admit) the audience with optical illusions.

The look of the film is stunning, perhaps the directors most completely realized visual accomplishment.

At times you will be on the edge of your seat.

The tree and the lair of the crone add to the Gothic and even the fully built town its fascinating to look at.

Its thoroughly enjoyable and i definitely recommend this to anyone who likes things that are a bit darker than your average film.

I'm sorry Tim Burton, but Sleepy Hollow has to be your worst movie.

An evocative atmosphere make this a good watch .

"Sleepy Hollow" was a throughly enjoyable film.

Christina Ricci is stunning as his co-star.

But these quibbles aside, it is a entertaining movie with top actors in fine form.

It was hollow and I did fall asleep.

In fact, it was much more entertaining and satisfying than the original.

The muted Gothic of the dusks, the forests, the late-eighteenth century mansions and towns, the austere churches, the horses, the villagers, the public rites, are astonishingly evocative, much more so that the rather perfunctory special effects.

The viewer is bound to suspect many people as story revolves, but each time the point of suspicion keeps on moving and makes the plot interesting enough to hold your seat until yo finally come to know the unexpected villain, and the person who was behind all those murder !

A fun movie, heads do roll, lots of cleavage Depp plays the wimpy character pretty well all up a exciting and entertaining watch.

Unfortunately for us, this mars the film dreadfully, as the horrors of the situation simply cannot be taken seriously when Depp is constantly fainting and minor characters are engaging in skirmishes with the supposedly indestructible ghost.

This film was entertaining and well made.

it is very atmospheric, visually stunning and very creepy.

Johnny Depp was clearly trying to go for something a bit different with his fussy, slightly effeminate Ichabod Crane, but he makes for a rather dull and uninspiring hero.

Very entertaining film.

There was also the right amount of comedy in it to make it a very entertaining movie.

An entirely uninteresting film.

The music, mood, acting, and scenes are all excellent, with a plot that is surprising and entertaining.

The film can't settle on being a spoof of itself or a truly shocking film or even a serious detective story, and while Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci try to figure out which way to act it, we get bored waiting...

Outstanding sets, good acting, fast pacing, and plenty of chopped heads make this a very entertaining feast!

I've heard many complaints that the movie is too cliched, too cheesy, too hokie, to formulaic.

This is one of the very few horror movies that I found enjoyable.

For one, the opening stages with Crane in court and then riding towards the Hollow is all very formal and rather drab and then encoding spurts of action in the story's moment doesn't feel quite right.

Yes; briefly, this masterpiece was almost excellent in every aspect: Marvelous costumes; impressive music by Danny Elfman; fabulous cinematography, which should have got the OSCAR instead of American Beauty; breathtaking plot by A.

Sleepy Hollow is a riveting horror film made in the grand tradition of the horror films of the 1940's.

I was fascinated by Depp's performance, but this sudden need to throw in pointless pyrotechnics lost me.

The plot is the main problem--none of the characters are clearly defined, Depp is real annoying, every single female character is a witch and it's very hard to follow (looks like there were huge chunks of dialogue edited out).

The visionary director of darkness Tim Burton delivers another darkly stunning stroke of a creepy legend that sees Johnny Depp star as a detective investigating the strange happenings at the uncomfortable settings of Sleepy Hollow.

It is suspenseful, & in that regard, it reminded me of a masterpiece over a decade before, that I chanced upon & that seemed to be unheralded by movie critics.

Visually stunning, representing just what the late 1700s looked like (if it were always dark and gloomy ;)).

Its main characters mirror the unnecessarily complicated plot by becoming obtuse and dull.

She's a truly stunning beauty and a multi-talented actress, for sure.

Released well before Johnny Depp's star exploded in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow, this is nonetheless a well-crafted, superbly entertaining piece of film.

This is quite the movie for you if you like your movies to be unusual and unpredictable.

Visually stunning.

The film is carried along at a scorching pace by a riveting plotline, eschewing the horror convention of not showing the ghost until at least halfway through the film.

Yes, there were some nice bare trees and foggy evenings and the horseman jumping out of the tree was a nice special effect, but on the whole the movie was just boring and pointless.

It's certainly not Burton or Depp's finest work, but Sleepy Hollow is still very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good mystery or horror.

The end result was a pretty enjoyable ghost story.

His movies are amazing and visually stunning.

The village is so damp and dreary I'm surprised everyone didn't die of pneumonia before the Headless Horseman ever showed up.

After this intense, heavily gory thriller I asked her what she thought.

The production design and art direction of this film are truly breathtaking.

Reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" as a child I always found it more humorous than terrifying, but Burton does a magnificent job of bringing out the darkness of the story which actually frightened me compared to so many trite horror films today.

However, where those movies turned things around visually, "Sleepy Hollow" does it verbally, showing you that while Burton may have some visually stunning effects and sets, he doesn't rely on them to move the movie along.

Excellent / Entertaining Film .

This was a well done movie, and quite gripping.

Ichabod Crane's back-story is particularly disturbing yet simultaneously fascinating.

For the vast majority of the film, there's a lot of tension, which makes most of it consistently entertaining and really keeps the adrenaline pumping!

The film was incredibly boring; the scenery was just a bunch of trees and 1800's-style houses, nothing to make it stand out.

The opening quarter is very scary and suspenseful and pulls you right in.

He did a fine job in bringing out the movies more thrilling moments, with his orchestral cast which he assembled just wonderful.

And the mystery behind it all is very unpredictable.

Johnny Depp plays his Ichabod with comic zest, Christina Ricci proves once again to be a quite talented young lady, and the rest of the cast is also excellent, including a stunning Christopher Walken as the Hessian Horseman (in an uncredited appearance, I believe), and Christopher Lee and Martin Landau also shine in small parts.

The town is a series of stunning old fashioned architectures and is shot in a gloomy, dense fog.

Also the scenes of people's heads getting lopped off gets very boring after the 8th time.

The actors look great in this big confusing weirdness.

Except for the rushed scenes alluded to above, Burton handles the plot (perhaps the most complex in any of his movies) with exceptional grace, dropping in telling visual details along the way that come back in unexpected places later on.

With hilarious decapitations, random horse chases and even a guy getting chopped in half and another one getting impaled and dragged through a window before being beheaded.

And save the town, I love this version because it is a lot more entertaining .

Not unexpectedly, Burton's reputation for evocative production design and photography is well-evidenced here.

It's tongue-in-cheek and quite funny in parts - which can be confusing since you can be left wondering if the film is a horror movie or comedy - it's not a great example of either genre.

In addition to being bleak, creepy and a stunning recreation of the look of the period(with magnificent sets and costumes), this is wacky and comical.

The dialogue meanwhile ranges from trite and insipid to frankly ignorant (1800 was not a new millennium!

visually stunning .

" I recommend this movie because it has thrills, chills, action and dramatic scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Visually Stunning .

It is a stunning film to look at, as are most of Burton's films.

It's thrilling and actually funny.

It's easily one of Tim Burton's most entertaining adventures to date.

The story picks up once Ichabod Crane arrives in dreary, upstate Sleepy Hollow.

Made me Sleepy * 1 Spoiler Ahead * .

Maybe some parts are a bit overdone, mainly Johnny Depp's overacting, but the whole movie will definitely have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Utter Dull Drivel .


The comedy elements make movie more enjoyable.

Shallow but really suspenseful and maybe a little bit surprisingly frightening.

this movie is enjoyable [only when edited] .

Johnny Depp is entertaining to watch in the lead role as a weak-hearted police officer who questions his own beliefs as he is drawn into a place that is both mentally and emotionally challenging.

All that guff about the poverty of reason which WE must endure because of Ichabod's childhood trauma is predicably trite.

It was very beautiful and kept the film visually stunning throughout.

Tim Burton's worst movie to date .

A lot of the best and most exciting scenes are given away in the commercials.

One of the most entertaining movies I've seen in awhile...

After making such visual tour de forces as "Edward scissorhands" and "batman returns", he has made the truly stunning "sleepy hollow.

Sleepy Hollow is quite good viewing, guaranteed to draw you into it's world and have you on the edge of your seat.

Technically, the film is near flawless, shot almost entirely on stages, with amazingly clever use of sets, effects and filters - it's almost a black-and-white film that isn't black-and-white, all greys and muted tones one minute and evocative colour the next.

" Otherwise, an entertaining feature.

Instead, we yawn as a series of poorly drawn, interchangeable characters get their heads lopped off by the leaden, mechanical horseman - a villain about as scary (as depicted here) as Prince Charles riding around playing polo at night.

I saw this movie today, and I enjoyed it a lot.

But, I decided to give it another chance when I wanted to just watch something entertaining and found to have come to appreciate it more and more with each viewing.

The most fascinating movie I EVER SAW!.

The plot is, to put it mildly, confusing; the cast is surprisingly bad (even Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci!

Finally, all it leads to an unexpected twist and breakthrough ending on what's happened before.

And yet what has actually been committed to the screen is trite, unimaginative, and ultimately quite boring.

The fifteenth time it's boring.

Yawn .

Those were really stunning and helped created the mood...

Each time I watch, I see something new and entertaining.

+Lubezki+Burton hits all the right beats+Amazing climax+Well-crafted-Iffy romance-Somewhat confusing reveals9.0/10

For me a Tim Burton directing plus Danny Elfman for music equals an excellent film, add on three of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, and Christiohor Walken and that just makes a mind blowing film.

Armed with a plethora of investigative gadgets of his own making, he is much like a panicky, somewhat slow version of Sherlock Holmes ...

One of the weakest aspects is the series of flashbacks to Ichabod's childhood, which are simultaneously boringly clichéd and too wildly hysterical to be taken seriously (not to mention the slightly disturbing fact that Lisa Marie's cleavage is continually hovering over the young Ichabod's head).

Burton needs to learn subtlety again and actually produce films that are cunning, intriguing, and LESS GORY!!!!!

it was boring in parts and confusing in other parts, and there was no building of characters.

This movie is among one of my favorite smart and entertaining horror films.

The idea seemed fascinating Tim Burton directing a movie based on the short story 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'.

The rest of the actors play their parts well and are enjoyable to watch.

Humorous, offensive, scary, gory, and exciting .

Wells, Thomas Huxley, Shaw etc. These names are from a later time, but that makes it even more exciting: In this story, Ichabod Crane is one of the first!

I must admit that I lost count of all the heads falling off people and fell asleep from time to time.

it send that cold yet exciting chill down your spine and will make you want to see it again and again.

"Sleepy Hollow" is visually stunning, an amazing collection of gnarled trees, gloomy mist and frightening houses silhouetted against a surreal backdrop.

This movie is very intense.

The set design is stunning!

The Horseman himself is a stunning image, and Ray Park (Darth Maul of "Phantom Menace" fame) fills the suit with energy and great agility.

The characters, apart from the very ‘interesting' Ichabod Crane, played with just the right amount of self-parody by Johnny Depp, are dull and sloppily drawn and the film needs a good juicy villain to spice things up a bit and balance the ensemble.

Worth watching .

If a film has a basic plot as fascinating as Sleepy Hollow does, it's really not necessary to throw in a supremely confusing subplot about how the Van Whos double-crossed the Van Whats in order to exact revenge upon the Van Wheres.

Then, the crime story is a bit hard to follow, all the more than the names are too much alike.

"Sleepy Hollow" is an engaging film that kept me wanting to find out what happens next.

So much of the dialog seemed pointless and sloppy.

Yes it`s a good script well directed by Tim Burton who has resisted the temptation to cover the movie in his own bizarre signature , okay he has included a couple of unnecessary ( Probably solely made to give his girl friend at the time Lisa Marie a part ) dream sequences , but there`s not much else that had me think " Oh my god a Tim Burton film , I really must do something more interesting like watch paint dry" as can be the case with his movies .

SLEEPY Hollow is bloody, very exciting and sometimes scary retelling of Washington Irving's classic short story THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.

OK, I liked the picture as a horror film - but I think I would have enjoyed it more had they just used a headless horseman, and called the film something else.

Overall, I was enormously impressed by the look of the film (the cinematography and art direction are superb), but found the story hard to follow.

Great Coming of Age Movie for Christina Ricci .

It was simply uninteresting.

Kevin Yagher and Andrew Kevin Walker; the writers, lay out all the big guns before it even hits the screen, after which the only thing awaits, is the journey and the path that it takes to reach out to its predictable outcome which fortunately is intriguing enough to invest in it.

Katrina Van Tassel, as portrayed by Christina Ricci, is a somewhat underdeveloped love interest, but she's got enough courage and heart to keep from fading into the background, and her purity and virtue actually keep her sympathetic as opposed to boring or self-righteous.

" I recommend this movie because it has thrills, chills, action and dramatic scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I have to hand it to her, though, she looked stunning in 'Sleepy Hollow.

The conclusion of "Sleepy Hollow" works in a bizarre, but unpredictable fashion.

Tim Burton has done it once again with one of the most spectacular, stunning, and praised horror movies of all time.

Engaging, unique and well worth a watch, though lacking that essential WOW factor.

This is a great coming of age movie for Christina Ricci.

What immediately strikes one about the film is the amazingly hackneyed and uninteresting dialogue, as Andrew Kevin Walker's script fails to convey any great amount of entertainment.

Its a beautiful film scarred by a dull who-done-it mystery story.

The whole film is brilliantly made with some breathtaking cinematography, and an authentic gothic atmosphere.

An engaging film .

A fascinating mystery with supernatural horror.

Anyway, this visual feast also offers interesting characters and an intriguing story, all of which make the 105 minutes fly by.

I won't tell more things about the plot, because I don't want to spoil your surprises, and so that the film gets more enjoyable and intriguing to watch.

"The Matrix" was stuffed with end-to-end idiocies and contradictions, but it bombarded the audience with continuous rapid-fire stunning effects and science-fiction scenes which distracted attention from the imbecilities.

Even better are the stunning dream sequences - a mixture of gleaming white, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS-like pastel and emotion, snatches of lurid red, dream and violence - that are among the best things Burton has done.

Both him and Christina Ricci do well in this stylistic period thriller, which is successful, because its original, fresh, and despite the dialogue which is heavy, its still entertaining throughout.

In tandem with the oft "head-free" Christopher Walken, they reclassified the film as "riveting" for me.

SLEEPY HOLLOW is a definite must-see; a classic story with breathtaking special effects.

Entertaining mix of fantasy and horror.

This is an excellent and absorbing story.

His creative adaptations to Irving's original story only bolster an already engaging storyline.

It was visually stunning and very atmospheric, though unsurprisingly the countryside did look very English in some parts.

While it's true that the original is pretty threadbare, it is certainly suggestive enough that a writer could spin out compelling backstories and elaborations without having to resort to coming up with a completely new murder mystery plot (which is kind of overplotted and confusing, anyway).

Worth watching...

It is visually stunning, with each detail in the frame carefully seen to.

Sure, Mr. Depp summarized generations worth of family history in a few minutes, however it was hard to follow.

His confusion is humorous to us, the audience and many other scenes are played for laughs in the same way.

Sleepy Hollow is as its title suggests - a yawn.

The ending was unpredictable, and the Headless Horseman gives you the creeps.

The Direction was slick, the mood intense, and the performances for the most part,consistently good.

You have a gifted director, a wonderful cast, and a reasonably intriguing premise.

About the last quarter of the movie was boring since I knew exactly what was going to happen.

Christina Ricci has little presence, and thus her romance with Crane seems perfunctory and rather pointless.

Another addition to Tim Burton's series of dim-lit but very entertaining movies, `Sleepy Hollow' isn't a disappointment.

It comes across as if Ricci, a normally vibrant actor, is deliberately sabotaging her role as revenge for being cast as such a dull character.

This movie was boring, predictable, and generally bad.

The Pointless Horseman .

The last half an hour gave me my first gripping edge-of-the-seat experience.

If you're intending a movie to be scary or intense, then that performance should not be the one you went with!

Just the opposite it was very action packed.

Unfortunately, I did hear it, and thought the story was often muddled and confusing.

This dreary creation gives maximum effect to the only harsh colour Burton allows himself--blood red.

Nevertheless the are some wonderful moments and lot's of things that make this movie worth watching such as all the headless horseman scene's for which Ray Park did most of the fight scene's.

But if you're looking for a visually stunning and creative piece of fantasy, Sleepy Hollow will not disappoint.

Depp is effective, can even be funny when he can; Ricci is seductive, engaging and mysterious.

We saw Sleepy Hollow last night and we really enjoyed it.

Its kind of a guilty pleasure movie, its technically kinda sloppy but still enjoyable.

The movie is too fun and entertaining to be.

The cinematography combined with the use of fog and lights, and a stunning recreation of a gothic village is what truly makes this film special.

A well-made, entertaining horror film .

Thinly drawn characters, tedious narrative, and an overused monster conspire to bog down what should have been an easy sell.

So, so predictable.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining and memorable film.

This movie is suspenseful because the music, cinematography and acting all contribute to keep it frightening, yet compelling.

The story has been brought to life by excellent camera work and mind blowing cinematography.

And the plot, while very confusing, is still understandable as long as one pays attention.

But most of all, the movie was outrageously exciting.

The story is dull, the characters are not interesting and the acting by Johnny Depp is cringeworthy.

They are instantly recognisable (I probably had nightmares as a kid remembering that headless horseman crossing the bridge) and totally engaging - as the ghost proves himself as an unstoppable force on the townspeople.

It's uninvolving, it's formulaic, it's overly smug, it's just plain *dull*.

The set pieces are stunning, the action fantastic (though very very gory) - so why the 80% rating?

Well, it didn't bother me that practically none of the film was based on the original story--after all, that was a short story and it would have made a relatively dull 15 minute movie.

Unfortunately, the way the plot spun from the pen of B-movie maestro Kevin Yagher, in which in ends up, in its last third or so, a lame revenge plot with by the numbers mistaken attribution, discovery, and resolution, that I thought were so trite that I really didn't care.

This film may not be Oscar material, but it excels in its field of capturing, holding and entertaining the viewer.

From the first scene, where he attacks a couple on a carriage without being seen, a later scene where he is confronted by a couple of swordsmen after performing a task resulting in a rather well-done and exciting fight, the chase through the woods with the two horses and the great finale that gets the great showdown at the windmill that results in some really explosive action to the fantastic, full-on carriage chase and brawl atop it as it's moving along, this one has some fantastic action scenes and works really well.

It's confusing and irrelevant.

The Disney cartoon made many years ago was more compelling.

Thus, `Sleepy Hollow,' though definitely worth seeing for its many technical marvels, fails to emerge as a very compelling film overall.

"Sleepy Hollow" becomes boring, predictable, and not very scary.

The whole thing was very exciting and it was a real trip!

All in all, a wickedly entertaining picture that is sure to delight through and through.

The look, as usual, was stunning, and he does a good job of creating tension, menace, and atmosphere.

I think the problem is that the story is convoluted and difficult to follow.

The effects, make up and visuals are pretty enjoyable.

The only downside to it was a too predictable relationship.

Visual Finesse, Emotionally Dull .

Tim Burton's greatest movie in my opinion next to Batman, it's a highly entertaining, bloody and stunning re-creation of the famed Irvin Washington story.

Produced by Francis Coppola's American Zoetrope, this is a funny, scary, gleeful, atmosphere-laden gem of a horror movie from start to finish, with a fabulous cast, a terrific story and stunning direction.

The plot to Sleepy Hollow was harder to follow than a dark country road but it is one hell of an exciting movie.

so intense, it gave me a headache.

The setting and landscapes for Sleepy Hollow are breathtaking and surreal, contrasting dark hues of grey with the brilliance of deep crimson in its more chilling scenes.

A stunning masterpiece to an American classic.

It's exciting and terrific.

Like all of Burton's films, this is just visually stunning.

This was silly nonsense, but I enjoyed it for that.

The natural and still thrilling atmosphere is another success of the director.


Johnny Depp is very entertaining as Ichabod Crane, and the rest of the cast puts in good performances as well.

If you want a fun, dark, funny, exciting movie than this is the one to see, it delivers.

Overall, the film's engaging, solidly paced storytelling make up for the flaws, with plenty of surprises and twists to experience.

I'm mainly referencing scenes such as the one inside the church when a man has a tombstone cross thrust through his heart from hundreds of feet away, and is then dragged outside across the ground of the cemetery.

The first time I saw it some years ago on DVD I thought oh this one I have to see again but after I have seen it again it was boring.

If I had to choose a weak point it would be Christina Ricci, which pains me because I loved her in the "Addams Family" movies, but here she sleepwalks through her role, many of her lines of dialogue sounding much flat, as if she were reciting them for a boring grade-school report.

Visually this film is stunning.

The picture is certainly an eyeful, and it is a prime example of Tim Burton's intriguing mixture of self-enamored slyness, slick visuals and gleeful bloodlust.

The headless horseman was a great concept, but sadly he does little but take off head upon head whilst the rest of the cast figure out what's going on, before he strikes in typically predictable fashion.

In fact, we found the DVD extras more entertaining than the movie.

One quote I can remember hearing about the film I feel suits it, that being: `it's really brutal, really physical, a really intense movie.

I think the problem is that the story is convoluted and difficult to follow.

The film itself has a slightly confusing, yet compelling storyline wich almost makes the legend of the headless horseman possible.

A really good tribute to Hammer and Bava, it has some really good performances, a great mood, fantastic atmosphere, some fun gore scenes and stunning cinematography.

The soundtrack was boring and unmemorable.

Tedious, violent - major disappointment .

The plot is predictable, the dialog is insipid, character development simple does not exist, and as an added bonus the plot has holes.

"Sleepy Hollow" (1999) is superbly entertaining horror comedy.

On top of that, the most intriguing character in the film, the Headless Horseman, is barely developed.

The movie is an exciting mystery which is "peppered" with some (Tim Burton) humor.

I'd compare it to my reaction to Jurassic World,I didn't think it was very unique, but it was enjoyable none the less.

Filled with a few unexpected twists involved.

Positives: Visually stunning- beautiful scenery and photograpy; unbelievable special effects; well played- for the melodramatic way it was presented; humorous moments along with the scary; and well...

A mundane effort by Tim Burton.

Everyone, even those not part of the conspiracy at the centre of the plot, acts suspiciously and guilty at all times, and the conspiracy, filled with too many red herrings and half uttered statements, is very hard to follow.

Just the Worth watching if you like horror movies or blood ;)

Overall, I found it suspenseful - and the ending a complete surprise.

Christina Ricci gives the worst performance of the film as the bland love interest Katrina, trundling out her lines as if she has no idea what they mean.

Fully entertaining film, if nothing else.

Everything else is a yawn at best.

The tale would have been better served by writers who know how to craft a tight, suspenseful story.

But it is in fact as distinctively crazy as all the rest of Burton's work -- a visually splendid, thoroughly exciting special-effects extravaganza set in 1799 that plays like a cross between Thomas Hardy and "The Evil Dead".

The Ever-Terrific Christopher Walken appears as The Headless Horseman, and he's worth watching, as always.

Johnny Depp was perfect, as ever, and his portrayal of a determined yet fairly quiet man, haunted by his past was thoroughly believable and entertaining.

Instead, the film is bogged down by an overly elaborate, yet painfully dull plot involving a range of characters that could have been more interestingly utilized.

The dialogue in this movie is so trite and cliche that I actually found myself laughing out loud in the theater.

A Stunning Visual Treat .

Johnny Depp hilariously reinvents the famous literary figure Ichabod Crane; the superb visuals make the action climax stunning, and redeem some of the slow, confusing patches along the way.

Boring .

If this modern scientific malarkey really works, the local brugomaster (horror great Christopher Lee) tells him, make it work in Sleepy Hallow!

"); the film's script was intelligent and compelling - Depp's character being, quite rightly, the core and most important invention to "flesh out" the Sleepy Hollow Legend into a proper cinematic story; the Horseman was perfectly realised - none of the old unbelievable "extended shoulders" trick (I later read that they painstakingly deleted the actor's balaclava'd head from EVERY frame of the film in which the Horseman appears!

The photography is stunning, it perfectly captures the mood, man, it's PERFECT!!!

Visually stunning and just a fun ride.

The small village, the woods surrounding it, and all the scenery is breathtaking - it looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

A great film for Halloween, or any dreary grey day or stormy night.

At the end, with all these special effects, it just looks like another special effets Hollywood movie (Boring, boring...

Visually epic and thoroughly entertaining .

Instead of being scary the gore just becomes tedious and in the end I found myself fast forwarding to the resolution.

Johnny Depp, like his earlier film, "Dead Man", comes across as flat and uninspiring as Ichabod Crane.

About halfway through the movie, I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom and, so, simply waited for the appropriate "lull" in the action and visuals, hurried about my business, and returned to my seat to miss little, other than some of the deeper essences of the plot.

While the story can't be taken serious, it is very entertaining and keeps you interested.

Fortunately, in this magnificent version of the tale written by Washington Irving, the plot is just as impressive and entertaining as the incredible imagery displayed by this film.

It has the epic story, the best acting, the best set of characters, a very intense atmosphere which makes you see nightmares!

Well, dark and creepy it certainly is, but absorbing and powerful it unfortunately is not.

That guy is a true master of the dark and the suspenseful!

Once again Tim Burton uses Johnny Depp in one of his movies, and as a fan of the previous movies they did together I enjoyed it a great deal.

"Sleepy Hollow" can be not of the 10 year's best, but it is one of the most enjoyable, exciting and entertaining films of last year.

Intense Mystery, Magic, and Horror .

He takes an old and famous legend(which, I should point out, I have not read, all I know of it is what was in this, and that dull made-for-TV movie that I've also reviewed, from the same year and of the same title, save for adding "The Legend of" to the beginning...

This is definitely one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen.

The scenes are almost always in darkness, there's plenty of fog and some breathtaking shots of the Headless Horseman going after his victims.

Some scenes are unduly rushed, including a few with crucial exposition, making the plot hard to follow at some points.

Visually stunning, one of Tim Burton's best .

Sleepy Hollow is a great example of an entertaining film which takes us all back into past times where it was absolutely impossible to provide a rational explanation regarding certain obscure,occult events.

Visually stunning .

The special effects and visual effects are amazing and the cinematography is stunning.

Literally, it is washed from your palette as soon as you leave the theater.

This movie is visually stunning and the ever popular controversy of Science vs.

"Sleepy Hollow" is visually stunning, and very creepy in a '40's horror film sort of way.

It seems like she's trying to hard to be "respectable" here, and it's boring.

I really enjoyed it, almost everything was done above average.

But flaws aside, Sleepy Hollow is a fun, entertaining Gothic horror comedy, and fans of Burton or Depp should not be disappointed.

This film is good, not one of my favourites, but entertaining none-the-less.

Funny, Thrilling and Visually Stunning .

The scenery was breathtaking.

Sleepy Hollow will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie.

In short, were the ending less trite, this film would be a thoroughly entertaining, if relatively empty film (even _Batman_ was deeper than this).

A rather lackluster wrap up, to an otherwise exciting outing.

The whole bit about the symbol under Crane's bed, and what it really was about, was quite predictable.

"Sleepy Hollow" is a very entertaining movie, regardless of you being a Burton fan or not.

It's a sumptuous, stunning period piece that is both an enchanting fairy tale and a sanguinary slasher flick.

Chilling and thrilling- yes, indeed, very involving, very gripping is the product of this directing, cinematography, and acting.

The backdrop for the story and the music both amazing, lending all that was necessary to make the story suspenseful.

He is so compelling that even his smallest performances can stay with you for a long time.

It was also very entertaining I give it a 9/10.

Beyond that, several of the characters were formulaic, which is the films biggest problem.

Depp's portrayal of Ichabod Crane was absolutely stunning.

Loosely inspired by the 1820 short story 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow', Tim Burton Directed 'Sleepy Hollow' is a Stunning Film!

So let me sum up, cold and unfeeling, very violent, not funny, and a confusing story.

Several elements were working together to create an intriguing movie.

This movie was just outstanding from beginning to end with a well written script that did make some changes from the book but I think it iust made it more enjoyable to watch.

I ignored Johnny Depp's incredibly bad accent, his profoundly trite and exaggerated mannerisms and his hammy one liners.

The results are fascinatingly bizarre characters, fantastic visuals and entertaining off-kilter moods that more than compensates for the director's (self-confessed) deficiencies as a straight storyteller.

Written in his unique, heavily gothic visual language, it is a fascinating exploration of the boundaries between reason and magic, and the way that evil leads to evil, violence inexorably to more violence until justice is done.

A truly stunning film .

By now, Tim Burton has a whole genre all to himself, and this is just yet another tired and tiresome entry.

Stunning version of Washington Irving novel with particular Tim Burton style .

Danny Elfman's (another Burton regular) exciting score adds much to the sometimes dreary flick.

stunning story .

Following the quest of Ichabod Crane – played by Johnny Depp, delivering this dreary film's only shining point – to the heart of the mystery surrounding a town's seemingly random and gruesome murders by a fabled headless horseman, the story plays out as if it were purposely trying to be repugnantly predictable.

Watching it was a complete waste of time.

The cinematography in this film was mind blowing.

The romance between Ichabod and Katrina was pointless, even though I wasn't as annoyed about it as some other reviewers.

Yet again Depp gives a stunning performance this time as Constable Ichabod Crane, brought to Sleepy Hollow to find a logical explanation for several murders which locals believe were committed by a headless horseman, determined not to believe the horseman rumours he sets about trying to solve the mystery.

All the so called horror movies have had basicly no story, and bad teenage caracters who really suck at acting.

I really enjoyed it, I wasn't a big Tim Burton fan until after I saw this and Edward Scissorhands.

But very entertaining it was.

However, it is enjoyable and if you see it, you won't regret.

I laughed when most things happened that weren't supposed to be funny, and things that should have been funny, confused or bored me.

The movie was incredibly entertaining, suspenseful, and beautiful to look at!

I had high expectations for Sleepy Hollow because of Tim Burton's previous work and the intriguing trailer, which promised a very macabre, eerie take on the Washington Irving tale.

The plot is both intriguing and whimsical, the acting excellent, it has a cameo from Hammer Horror master Christopher Lee and it boasts one of the most evil, most frightening, most superbly realized supernatural baddies I've ever seen…and I've seen plenty!

The thing moves as slow as molasses.

I wouldn't call it an Oscar performance either, but he's certainly entertaining to watch.

I loved Johnny Depp and his portrayal of Ichabod, while different from the story, it was intriguing.

The Horseman was an awesome spectacle of gothic horror, Johnny Depp was hilarious, and the visuals to this movie were absolutely breathtaking!

The story was very interesting, and had a nice twist; I thought it was pretty unpredictable....

Though the film takes a considerably darker angle than Irving's book, there is still a romantic subplot between Crane and Katrina (Ricci), a comely young woman, that is, for the most part, enjoyable, though it does provide one of the corniest exchanges ever put on celluloid: -Katrina: Do you think me wicked?

No plot.

The plot was confusing, too.

The only drawbacks I encountered was the story twists started becoming predictable, and that resolution seemed pretty weak.

While I was a bit disappointed with it on my first viewing (cinema, original release), re-watching it a couple of years later I enjoyed it much more, and could ignore its flaws, and just have fun.

A most odd movie, Sleepy Hollow is funny a lot of the time but has a few suspenseful and scary moments.

The story is simply a bit dull, with some nice shots of Headless horseman riding through the forest and lot of decapitating and sympathetic 18th century geek Ichabod Crane courting prettily dressed pagan heroine Katrina.

And the headless horsemen idea was entertaining and even funny in a different way.

The film is violent but enjoyable and you'll be wanting more and more with each scene.

For those of you who don't know, narcolepsy causes the victim to suddenly fall asleep at random times, often when faced with sudden stress or excitement.

It was so intense, it left me and my friend with a headache!

The stagecoach flight-and-fight had me on the edge of my seat.

Although the murders are graphically depicted, they're not especially bloody considering that they feature beheadings (especially compared to, say, the bloody gore of Burton's "Sweeney Todd," which also featured Depp) and I would tend to call this a murder mystery rather than a horror movie as it's suspenseful rather than frightening.

It is just so entertaining, engaging, enthralling and exciting that I couldn't resist it.

Visually stunning .

The story is really nice, an exiting mixture of "who's done it" and a spook story and I enjoyed it very much.

It's stunning mix of horror,action and drama.

Sleepy Hollow is funny, exciting and scary when it's good, but too many dull characters, an irritating sleepiness to important events and a needlessly convoluted plot get in the way.

The plot in the film is very exciting and Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci portray their characters very well.

It was so entertaining and exciting, and the ending left you waiting for and wanting more.

Although I am a fan of Mr. Burton's film style, I cannot stress enough how constantly disappointed I am with his inability to create compelling and moving films.

The visual effects are stunning, and the dolby surround sound makes the regular cinema goer feel like he is back to the mysterious village of Sleepy Hollow.

His driven yet cowardly Ichabod Crane is strangely riveting.

Yet in the end, the film remains a thoroughly enjoyable experience, if only for its sensory value.

" I recommend this movie because it has thrills, chills, action and dramatic scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Always making the unexpected seem ordinary and the ordinary seem like magic.

Then top the movie off, you have the exciting action sequences which left me breathless.

All of these films are now modern classics, and "Sleepy Hollow" is up there because of the artistic way it has modernized Washington Irving's classic and the themes of vengeance and terror it combined to make a riveting view of hell on earth.

I might want to see it on DVD just to slow mo some of the special effects done by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)

'Sleepy Hollow' is right up Tim Burton's alley and he's made a visually beautiful and gripping film of it.

The foggy rural atmosphere is amazing, the cast (with the sole exception of a too-modern Christina Ricci) is loose and amiable, but the pall of the grisly killings becomes tiresome after a time.

The movie kept my adrenaline going the whole time.

The novel is somewhat wordy and can be hard to follow, so I only suggest one reads it if they like tackling hard stuff.

It was really well made, and there are a lot of exciting scenes and an engaging mystery plot.

Sleepy Hollow is the most visually stunning movie I have seen this year.

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All CostsMars Attacks and the Batman films (Batman Returns especially)were extremely enjoyable,but Sleepy Hollow fails to develop into much of an engaging story at all.

The story is very good and intriguing, it plays like good old fashioned mystery with horror elements.

It's a dark and eerie film with a suspenseful plot from start to finish, from the gruesome be-headings to Ichabod Crane attempting to solve the mysterious of the cursed town.

That very minor issue aside, the film is thoroughly entertaining with a wonderfully spooky and often downright scary atmosphere.

I felt that the film was engaging and interesting without being over the top gore or too scary.

Sleepy Hollow is dramatic, scary, funny, fulled with mystery and also action packed.

Miranda Richardson is the only real weak link in the cast, as her performance seems over the top and contrived.

The pacing is pretty much spot-on, this is never boring, and the action is cool and exciting...

Overall though, despite the lovey-dovey aspect, this is an incredible movie with amazing special effects and a stunning backdrop.

Engaging Black Comedy .

Filming is highly evocative.

You may ask me why I think this is the best horror movie ever, well because it has a great story line, its got great actors and its the most intriguing horror movie I have seen.

Crane, in typical Burton fashion, is a bit of an eccentric and unpredictable twist to his detective style.

Certainly the Tree of the Dead is a haunting image, although the Horseman himself becomes less scary as the movie progresses simply because we see so much of him that he becomes more mundane.

The sword fighting scenes are very exciting, almost as good as the Highlander movies.

A very enjoyable romp with wit, chills, and more gore than you would expect.

In spite of the gory nature of the story, the laughs come frequent, are never juvenile or gratuitous, and add to the fun and fast-moving nature of the Gothic tale being unfolded.

Wholly Enjoyable Slants on Science, Witchcraft, Religion, and Superstition the Film Lays Out a Cloak of the Newly Emerging Enlightenment and it is all done with so much Layered Fun, it is just One of the Many Head Feedings, not to Mention Harvestings.

Entertaining modern slasher .

This is one of the year's most exciting and exhilarating films.

The suspense is thrilling and the jumps are scarier then ever.

The set designs are absolutely breathtaking; Tim Burton is a genius.

Eerie, Creepy, Gruesome, Gorgeous & Entertaining, this 1999 box-office hit, is truly a Great Piece of Cinema.

Amazing photography, brilliant set design and intense fight scenes are a few of the accolades this film deserves.

In the good old days, if you got even ONE severed head it was exciting, and it was a "money shot" worth waiting for.

Repeated, and repeated, and repeated decapitation very soon becomes a bore.

Out of the box, interesting, and enjoyable .

I didn't find this movie creepy, funny, exciting, or really that entertaining.

My significant other has great fun in trying to figure things out ahead of time as the plot unfolds, I don't and choose not to, and we both loved it, and found it filled with unexpected and unpredictable developments.

The only negative criticism I have to offer about this movie is some of the cornball dialogue uttered by the main characters, and the contrived story that seems to fall together all too quickly at the end.

1800 cutting-edge (so to speak) technology were fascinating as well; my favorites were the magic lantern that threw lighted shapes on the walls, and the thaumatrope toy which combined pictures of a bird and a cage.

Fascinating clues and red herrings are sprinkled throughout the film; disjointed plot bits also all fuse together by the end with great effectiveness.

Well the director of such atmospheric movies as "Batman", "Edward Scissorhands" and "Ed Wood" has stepped into that realm with the visually stunning and violent "Sleepy Hollow".

and real virtue of Tim Burton is the choice of actors to create atmosphere and intense details.

Visually stunning .

Miranda Richardson is the weakest part of the movie, and she makes the last 1/3 of the movie the worst part, but with an amazingly comic, out of breath Icabod Crane by Depp, and further strengthened if not outdone by Burton's images and the great score, Sleep Hollow can be considered a surprisingly addictive and enjoyable film.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Hugely enjoyable and not to be missed.

About as exciting as a yawn.

Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a visually stunning film so incredibly atmospheric it makes you yearn to live in the recreated town of Sleepy Hollow, even though judging by the threat of a ghost tormenting its population one would consider otherwise.

Always making the unexpected seem ordinary and the ordinary seem like magic.

The acting in my opinion wasn't that good, the story was boring at times, and the movie wasn't creepy or scary at all.

Andrew Kevin Walker's Screenplay is very entertaining & engaging.

The film is loaded with so many twists and turns, I got lost in the confusion.

Silly, puerile, banal, relied on overused special effects.

First of all it's a Tim Burton film so you're to expect the unexpected from this genius.

She actually enjoyed it.

The visuals in themselves are outstanding, but it is the atmosphere of this small town, in the grand tradition of the Hammer films from the days of olde, that is really compelling.

The fighting scenes are exciting and well done.

However, if you see it hoping to see an entertaining movie, you will definitely enjoy it.

The story line differs quite a bit from Washington Irving's tale, but I still found it endlessly fascinating.

It is obvious that the novel was not really written for film, but it produced a mildly entertaining result when it was re-created for this film.

It is awfully predictable.

As he did before with such films as `Edward Scissorhands' and `The Nightmare Before Christmas,' Tim Burton, with `Sleepy Hollow,' has given us yet another entertaining and exciting film that veritably carves out a singular niche for itself in the genre of the unique.

Especially the final twist falls flat, the cliché scenes where the villain points out the exit of the plot's labyrinth in an overly long expose hardly possesses any punch due to the insufficiently explored characters (betrayal isn't much of a heart breaker when there's no real trust established to begin with), and the web of clues' only goal appears to be confusing the audience(did Burton really expect us to remember all the names of a dozen characters who've hardly registered on screen due to lack of screen time and unmemorable dialog).

Finally, the story was extremely breathtaking; no chance to get bored!!!!

The costume drama scenes in the beginning were the sort of poorly done, stodgy things that used to plague historical drama 25 years ago.

It stays morbidly entertaining all the way throughout and never fails at keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The story becomes extra compelling thanks to the good acting performances.

Yawn from beginning to end.

And while Depp's constantly scared performance is entertaining, it doesn't make much sense for a man who is a policeman interested in cutting open bodies.

Like Burton's other films, this is a dark and gothic film, that is one of the reason's on why I highly enjoyed it.

But for adult viewers who like horror movies and admire creative filmmakers like Burton, watching this 1999 box office hit could easily be a hauntingly entertaining experience, and not likely a film one could easily forget!

The narrative meanders, the dialogue is tedious and forced, and the whole construction is based around a series of mood shots rather than any actual plot.

A film worth watching .

What sort of disturbed me was the romance between him and the girl, it was really boring and very cliché.

This movie - and I know it's a cliche by now - is not to be missed.

It gets boring after the seventh time) there's also the completely random scene with a witch wigging out while acting as a medium.

One of the most influential films of all time to me is Tim Burton's stylish, stunning masterpiece "Sleepy Hollow", a truly deserving film to an American classic tale.

"Sleepy Hollow" is a pretty accurate moniker for this version of Washington Irving's classic tale--it can make you sleepy, and it is hollow.

Marvelously Entertaining and Visually Stunning.

Save your money.

He takes this horror flick into a unique and even scary movie in a stunning performance.

I never guessed who the culprit was, and I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

It's definitely a movie more intrigued with the style than being a thrilling horror.

As isolated dreary Sleepy Hollow, the town that surrounds him, is as strange & secretive as Ichabod & the Headless Horseman himself.

Alas some of the other characters are dwarved next to him and acting like a cliche.

Enjoyable though it was, I found there was a period in the middle when the story seemed to lose its hold on me and I had to force myself to concentrate on it, and I'm not really sure why.

Sleepy Hollow is an exciting film - the headless horseman sequences are completely electrifying.

These are questions put to the audience and it is a great fun finding out the answers of this exciting Gothic mystery.

However, the acting, music, and cinematography were stunning.

But even with these three assets, I got bored.

It's a pointless bastardization of the original tale.

All else, yawn at best .

This was personally one of Johnny Depp's most entertaining films.

So let me sum up, cold and unfeeling, very violent, not funny, and a confusing story.

" I recommend this movie because it has thrills, chills, action and dramatic scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is also one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen.

In every area this film is absolutely perfect, the visual effects are stunning, the costumes are eye-opening, the sound is chilling and the editing is noticeably full of effort.

Johnny Depp is also entertaining as the fastidious and pragmatic Ichabod Crane, who is slowly brought around to realizations of haunted doings in Sleepy Hollow.

The scenes involving the horseman himself are simply stunning and while the plot hardly veers from the predictable, still maintains your attention.

He uses all his usual techniques to create a thrilling film.

I really enjoyed it.

The acting was incredible and the plot was good, I liked that it kept all aspects of the legend alive but was still fresh and enjoyable.

I got very bored watching this film .

It is simply an entertaining horror movie with a nice gloomy atmosphere which I much enjoy.

Combine this with some fairytale elements and a few funny moments (my favourite of which has to be either Ichabod's regular fainting or the expression on his face when he's hiding on his bed after realizing the horseman is real), makes this a very entertaining film.

My problem with the story/characters is that every thing seems fast paced, not explained or magically solved.

I'm thinking of seeing it again, and I highly recommend it....

Johnny Depp gives a breathtaking performance in his role of Ichabod Crane.

Tim Burton is incapable of making a boring film.

But he misspeaks when he boldly states that people are at the dawn of a "new millennium" (confusing the year 1800 with 2001).

Pretentious, expensive twaddle .

At first, it looks gorgeous but as the story gets increasingly thin and predictable, the movie's gorgeous look can't save it.

The special effects and atmosphere were, of course, flawless, and the action sequences were exciting and well-executed (if you'll pardon the pun).

This movie was boring and the whole fantasy-action theme was annoying.

Essentially a kids movie but far too violent (and tedious).

Fight scenes were many, varied and exciting and special effects were exactly that, special effects.

I highly recommend it.

In light of the trailer (which I thought was ho-hum), my impression that Burton films generally are overacted and border on cartoonish or comic book-ish, and (especially) the cheesy "heads will roll" tagline, I was expecting a pretty mediocre show.

The photography and set design is just amazing, its visual stunning to the eye and also ties in so well to the story.

The drab,gray scenes take their toll when there's supposed to be an emotional scene-it's just too drab to show anything but apprehension.

Other than the mild "slowness" in the middle, this film is so much fun.

Visually stunning movie, with an excellent recreation of the times of 200 years ago and graphics.

Depp is highly entertaining as a cross between the craven main character and Sherlock Holmes.

although the film has basically a good story and some great visuals, its narrative style can be quite confusing at times.

To close, Tim Burton has done it again, creating a captivating, scary and enjoyable visual delight.

He can explode from the shadows, chase down a sinner and lop off his head with all the incredible digital effects at his disposal for THREE HOURS of screen time, it doesn't make a difference.

'Sleepy Hollow' is from the better side of Tim Burtons movies: it's visually stunning, the music by his court composer Danny Elfman fits in and brings out incredible atmosphere and the actors are doing their parts all around nicely.

Although the film has a dark plot and overall dark feel about it, the film does still have some amusing moments and a few gentle winks from time to time which made the film slightly more enjoyable overall.

The cinematography combined with the use of fog and lights, and a stunning recreation of a gothic village is what truly makes this film special.

The connections between the characters and the witchcraft going on was a little hard to follow.

This film is scary, exciting, beautiful and thrilling.

The costume warn by the horseman, who was supposedly a Hessian mercenary, bore no resemblence to any uniform worn by Hessians, mounted or not, during the American Revolution.

It was visually beautiful, it had a great script, it was extremely exciting and gory, and Johnny Depp was so great to watch in the movie because of his amazing acting ability.

It was set in the late 90's, it had extraordinary almost ghoulish cinematography, creepy art direction, weird performances, and a very entertaining plot.

Throw in a silly and pointless meeting with a witch with no eyeballs, 18 decapitations, tons of gratuitous blood and you're left with a film that bears much more resemblance to THE GRUDGE or Friday THE 13TH than THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW!

The film is one of the most absolutely gorgeous looking pieces of work I've ever seen, every frame a breathtaking storybook frame of wonder, menace and atmospheric Gothic horror.

its a fun, scary, and thrilling ride.

Having said that, the movie was still a decent enough evening flick and fairly enjoyable.

The Horseman effects are top notch and there are some very exciting action sequences.

Lush, gorgeous, glitteringly dark--a gloomy, misty landscape of twisted, black trees, and looming shadows--Sleepy Hollow is visually breathtaking.

It is so smooth, with a beautiful paced storytelling, enjoyable, entertaining, scary by using the hack and slash bloody gore formula, with beautiful visuals, an amazing gothic atmosphere, lovable characters, all packed up in one hell of a movie which was way ahead of it's time.

Burton's rich cinematography creates an atmosphere that keeps the movie goer on the edge of their seat.

Beautiful-looking, Brilliantly Acted, Slightly Confusing...

Another intriguing aspect is Christina Ricci as the pale, beautiful girl Katrina Von Tassel, who aids Ichabod in his quest for the truth- and survival.

Even the gory scenes (and there are plenty) were visually stunning.

Unfortunately I left the theater disappointed.

The acting was universally suitable (including a small part for Hammer veteran Christopher Lee) - Depp, in particular, managed his usual trick of being fascinating to watch, and even turned out a good English accent; the direction was strong - I was glued to the screen throughout the film (never a thought of "How much longer to go?

I wouldn't expect to be too terribly frightened as the movie is more of a mystery than anything else, and the ending is completely unexpected.

Johnny Depp at his finest, brings the character to life and with a host of well renown actors, this movie is polished, witty, action packed and exciting.

The movie's not that scary, but the action is very entertaining and intense.

Then I figured that it might be my dad who enjoyed it.

Okay, so I figured I was going to get scared, and I wasn't, but it was still a ton of fun and very exciting.

the costuming, effects and cinematography are breathtaking, and burtion keeps it all together quite enjoyably indeed.

This movie is very entertaining and will scare a lot of people.

For those of us who love the idea of atmospheric, mysterious, dangerous and thrilling places, it's pure joy to look upon Sleepy Hollow - dark, Gothic and very real.

Its Frightening, Gruesome & Engaging.

Very enjoyable.

Some are better than others, but none of his movies are boring, bland, or cheap.

It was exciting to watch.

Andrew Kevin Walker's workup and translation of the story also makes for a compelling movie.

The sound effects were also very good and, as always, Burton does an incredible job of providing a dark and dreary backdrop to a story.

Enjoyable version about known Washington Irving's novel, titled ¨The legend of Sleepy Hollow¨.

Anyhoo, this film has some great special effects and very exciting and very gory death scenes.

Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a wonderfully enjoyable film, complete with top-notch acting and first-rate direction.

They make the film intriguing and visually stimulating.

Pretty good if you expect to see a rather thrilling fairy-tale for kids.

Very enjoyable .

This may not be a faithful version to the classic Irving tale, it is however a very enjoyable film.

Pretty but empty .

The ghost intrigue builds as secrets are revealed and unpredictable moments mount, making this an entertaining and enjoyable movie throughout.

C..Otherwise, the plot, though certainly not what Washington Irving wrote, was exciting and a clever interpretation.

The only problem is that it's the same world that he creates in all his films and I'm REALLY bored with it.

This was probably definitely one of the most entertaining films of 1999 (it was definitely the best horror film of 1999).

Johnny Depp is a tense object of nervous waves and intense delicacy in a great performance.

" This takes place in the late 18th century where New York investigator, Ichabod Crane (Depp) is sent to a dreary down, Sleepy Hollow to find clues leading to a mysterious killer who beheads some of the residents.

The flashbacks involving Crane's childhood were quite pointless and some of the attempts at humor, I thought were miserable.

He pulls off the humor with flair, the romance with tenderness, and the action with adrenaline.

Poor, confusing plot surrounds a fearless, though gory, story-line.

The feeling and atmosphere of this movie are stunning, in fact I have a little ceremony with what it comes to this and other Depp movies .

The music score by none other than maestro Danny Elfman is dark, suspenseful and haunting, like it should be.

Aside from that, the scenery and the set design was mind blowing.

For the first half of the movie Depp is able to deftly insert an entertaining light, weird sense of humor among the more dark and definite nasty evil invading this quaint town.

Burton's Best--Stunning.

Sleepy Hollow is visually stunning, filled with great sets and a perfect mood to capture the horror and creepiness of the situation.

Contrived as a children's bedtime story, humdrum character introduction is laced with intended-upon exciting non-engaging chase scenes which, with undeveloped characters fleeing for their lives, produce about as much fright and thrill as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Since the movie is so entertaining, I really don't think it matters how much it follows the source material!

A visually stunning piece of work .

Save your money, it'll be on TV 400 times a week in a month.

Compare that with the dreadful and banal "The Bone Collector" that deals with the similar subject of a forensic expert investigating serial killings.

Still, the film is exciting and has great atmosphere.

It's his weakest film, but still that rather enjoyable.

Well if you''ve seen the Disney cartoon version of this film I'drecommend that over this borefest.

In all, I found this film to be both frightening and humorous, and all-around entertaining.

I had no real expectations before watching "Sleepy Hollow", and I'm not really into the horror genre, but for some reason it was quite entertaining.

Really, this movie is more funny then it is scary or suspenseful.

It feels too empty to encourage watchers to see if they missed anything on a second watch.

Adaptation of Washington Irving story succeeds with quirky, interesting main character, reasonable script and intense atmosphere to distract from pedestrian plot.

special, exciting, dark, impressive.

A film is much more enjoyable if you try to find its full potential and don't hold so many expectations of it.

Sometimes breathtaking and once again a great Depp.

The dark tone of the cinematography combines well with Danny Elfman's score, producing a remarkably engrossing effect.

This rich visual feast demands a viewer's attention with its stunning photography and art direction, with countless memorably framed shots of 18th Century New York, with its foggy woods and small town cobblestone streets.

The scenes with Lisa Marie as Lady Crane are magnificent, they are literally breathtaking.

Fast paced.

it will be a waste of time and money...

Fabulous, Bloodthirsty, Funny, Evocative Horror Story About A Headless Horseman .

I mean, it's obvious some headless dude is chopping people's heads off, but the story manages to be quite an entertaining "Who done it?

This Oscar winning film not only is a real visual pleasure with outstanding cinematography and visual effects, but it has some of the most enjoyable actors on screen in one place.

Instead, too much is made of the rather tiresome murder-mystery(complete with predictable-twist-ending).

All in all, this film was spectacular and refuses to let its audience down when it comes to entertaining it.

I cannot spoil the plot for you because there isn't one and the revelation about the Van Tassells cheating the Van Dammes because of the Van Halens by stealing from the Van Goghs is so convoluted and uninteresting that I concentrated on the cleavage.

The film is absolutely terrifying, yet hilarious and action packed in a simply beautiful way.

Is the movie still worth watching then?

Stands around in the shadows during his brief time on screen waiting for scraps of boring exposition to be thrown his way.

It is sometimes confusing to try and make sense at all the plot twists and developments - although things are reconciled by the last 20 minutes (it all makes sense).

Each and every dreary, dark scene in 'Sleepy Hollow' scares you.

She expels a sort of Catherine-Linton-aura about her, which makes her bashfully breathtaking.

The tidy ends may go against the nature of the film but I still enjoyed it.

A very thrilling movie to watch on a dark and stormy night while all the lights are off.

Stunning Visuals, Ominous Sets, and a Stark Reality make for a great film .

", "A man, lately") promises a film steeped in a wonderful sense of the late eighteenth century period, but time and again we are left with bland, standardised conversations, and a clutch of direly out of place lines ("Watch your head.

Entertaining .