Sliding Doors (1998) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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A London woman's love life and career both hinge, unknown to her, on whether or not she catches a train. We see it both ways, in parallel.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Peter Howitt
Stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36 out of 282 found boring (12.76%)

One-line Reviews (163)

Don't expect a great thing, but you don't waste your time seeing this one.

I enjoyed this film very much, but you have to keep your eyes on it at all times because the plot twists and turns can get very confusing.

I wasn't exactly the world's biggest Gwyneth Paltrow fan before I saw this movie, but I really enjoyed it.

Well worth watching.

He kept the plot moving and so avoided the death by agonisingly slow pace that befalls so many American romances.

It is difficult to establish what genre "Sliding Doors" belongs to: as a comedy it is not funny, as a romance, its love-story is non-exciting.

well, anything with gwyneth paltrow is worth watching.

Helen 1 gets mugged, gets a cut and goes back to her boring life with husband Gerry (John Lynch), leaves her hair alone, and becomes a waitress, and not knowing about Gerry's affair with Lydia (Basic Instinct's Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Well, let's stop right here, because instead of you may think, this film is rather unpredictable.

It was a great blend of non-commercial plotless-ness and mainstream ideology.

everything else is predictable...

I don`t know if the problem lies in the hype or if I`m the one with the problem but I was expecting something along the lines of something really mind blowing like MEMENTO , and to be honest the dual storyline isn`t all that clever As for the rest of the film I just felt it was something that Richard Curtis would have made , in fact it`s scary how much style writer/director Peter Howitt borrows from the maker of FOUR WEDDINGS , NOTTING HILL and LOVE ACTUALLY .

Also, neither story is very interesting, and the characters are boring and cliched.

Very intriguing plot that makes you think about every move that you make.

This movie reminded me of myself, in the sense that I have often engaged in the pointless "what-if" game.

You now know the interesting (and rather pretentious) bit.

Most entertaining, two for the price of one.

An enjoyable film, quite intriguing and well acted, despite a couple of flaws.

The most enjoyable scenes are when Paltrow interacts with John Hannah's character.

good for a boring afternoon .

I realize it was a "What if she did, or didn't catch the train" situation that was going on, but it was a bit mind boggling keeping track of her "what if" lives ...

Although this film had a well used plot, and was predictable in places the ending surprised me.

The central plot device notwithstanding, "Sliding Doors" is a formulaic romantic comedy, with Paltrow a seemingly reluctant constant in the middle of the formula.

I really enjoyed it.

Boring, pretentious, stars Gwyneth Paltrow, who I am liking less and less after each movie.

And if that production team, including everyone, was destined to create 100 minutes of incredibly fascinating story they have done it !!!

Although things become disturbing near the close, I still enjoyed the happy ending which was unpredictable.

Definitely worth watching at least once and just as charming when you watch it the second time.

This film also commits the unpardonable sin of making London look dull and uninspiring.

Marvelously enjoyable .

Both her lives are filled with romance, cheating and suspicion, and the plot takes so many twists it becomes fairly confusing but thoroughly enjoyable.

All in all Sliding Doors is a film worth watching.

It is life seen from a different eye, and I highly recommend it.

The thing that makes this film go, though, seems to be the audience's intense hatred (or at least strong distaste) for Gerry, Paltrow's original love interest.

" Anyway, that was the one intriguing question I took away from Sliding Doors.

It's, overall, a brilliant, yet underrated movie, and though Paltrow is stunning in her double role, the true star of the film is undoubtedly Hannah.

The two plot lines run in tandem, with frequent switches from the "James" timeline to the "Gerry" one, and the story could easily have become very confusing.

This film will appeal to the fatalist, who may often wonder, "what if I'd [mundane, routine act of no consequence goes here] instead of usually [equally mundane act]?

In fact I didn't think it was bad at all, I really enjoyed it.

As we move back and forth between the two possible plot lines, sometimes it gets just a little confusing...

Overall, it is an enjoyable film, not the best movie ever made, but definitely worth watching.

But an entertaining one.

A Confused and Confusing Gimmick Movie that Never Quite Takes Off .

One Of The Most Intriguing Films Ever .

Life is so weird, yet so exciting.

plot 2: Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow) gets fired, misses the underground, comes home later, doesn't find boyfriend with another, so stays with him and continues boring life, until she finds out he's having this affair.

However, in movies like these you don't really need to introduce them, as long as they're charming or engaging, which they are.

intriguing .

I will admit I did enjoy it up to a point; I found the characters quite engaging, there is some great dialogue and I even recognised one or two of the tunes!

Enjoyable film, which I definitely recommend.

Paltrow is her charming, adorable self, her character very engaging, and a masterful actress.

She leaves the office and tries to call her boyfriend Gerry (John Lynch) but Gerry put the phone off the hook while engaging in his tryst with his ex-girlfriend Lydia (Jeanne Tripplehorn).

To sum it up: too long, too repetitive, not enough tension, lost opportunities, but is still worth watching if you've time to while away.

"The theme of the film attempts to show the grand scope of reality as unpredictable and filled with possibilities.

Highly Entertaining .

I know I will watch it over and over again and it will probably be enjoyable for at least the first hundred.

These scenarios pave the way for such fun time viewing, fun in how these unpredictable scenarios will unfold, and it's a very smart and different idea, a first time from a writer actor who must be commended.

What-if stories are a fascinating prospect to me because of the possibilities they open up.

if you watch the movie while listening carefully to the dialogue and paying attention to the events, you will come away with an enjoyable, romantic film that also has very interesting ideas about the forces that govern everyone's lives.

The two paralell storylines are very entertaining and I especially enjoyed the ending.

This movie is flimsy, trite, and insignificant.

The weaknesses of this movie are the contrived screenplay (I won't reveal any plot points so as not to spoil the movie for the uniniated) and Ms. Tripplehorn's character.

And true, it does help to 'shake up' what would otherwise be a brace of very dull and clichéd panoramas - we keep watching out of pure curiosity, simply to see how things end up.

The story was really good, the acting was good but the comedy was slow.

I can actually say that I enjoyed it nearly as much the second time as I did the first.

Really, it is just plain silly and awfully confusing.

Through this one event, Helen's destinies diverge, something that the film explores in fascinating directions.

When it comes down to it, this is one of the most charming, funny and enjoyable films I've ever seen.

This is a lovely film with an intriguing story.

Entertaining fuff, with a tinge of substance .

That is saying a lot in this age of predictable copy-cat movies.

Great intriguing love story.

I found "Sliding Doors" to be refreshingly different and very entertaining.

Helen still remains sympathetic in her drab life.

Neither particularly exciting, neither particularly awful.

I have to say the I was looking forward to seeing this film and even though it was quite good and the twist at the end was unexpected I was still disappointed.

It's funny, fascinating, thought-provoking, and poignant.

Some of the plot twists are predictable and a few are inevitable.

They are possibly overlooking the fact that one of the versions of Helen's life has an unexpected and unhappy ending.

Taken individually, the plot lines are vapid and uninteresting.

Different and entertaining.

thoroughly entertaining; lively script; well-acted, witty .

Intriguing although not fully successful nor fully original .

Set in a rather sterile looking London (I've never seen the Tube look so perfect), it's an intriguing concept and is executed well, the split easily and not-improbably identified via Helen's change of hair length and colour, and so you follow the two Helen's to the conclusion implying that - like all love stories - true love (probably) triumphs no matter how bumpy the road.

The only qualms I had with this movie was that i found the Helen misses the train parts of the film quite dull-I would've happily watched a film with just the progressive and eventual relationship with James and Helen.

Sliing Doors is certainly a decent and intriguing film, aided by a very good plot, about parallel stories of a woman who misses/catches her train.

I found it confusing at times and some plot points are stupid.

i can say its enjoyable and funny even though its a drama.

Confusing .

Fun, interesting and entertaining from start to finish.

Absorbing tale; wonderfully crafted.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the busiest actress in Hollywood right now, with credits this year alone numbering four, is intriguing and inspiring.

One is that Jeanne Tripplehorn doesn't quite convince as Gerry's ex-girlfriend, reduced to uttering rather predictable lines, and she is possibly underused too, again it could be to do with the structure of the story, which I found confusing when I first saw this film.

Particularly enjoyable for those who lived through London in the Nineties as it rings true for most of those aspects of the setting.

The movie succeeds in combining realism, theology, philosophy, humor and tragedy in a way that makes me really recommend it to everyone who are bored to death with the last year's Blockbuster movies such as Gozilla and Armageddon.

Nevertheless, if you are having a boring afternoon and have nothing else to do, go rent this movie.

Entertaining if facile .

Paltrow proves bland and unappealing in both scenarios, and Hannah (strange choice..?) does his best to inject some chemistry into a formula that was never going to react!

It feels like a typical, boring, forgettable romantic comedy and we almost forget about the whole double vision aspect.

John Hannah was loveable as James, always chasing after Helen, and Jeanne Tripplehorn was entertaining as 'the other woman'.

That who we are transcends the mundane, and will emerge, naturally, inexorably, via whatever circumstances we happen to be in?

The film always moves at a consistently medium pace, which just feels so boring and not quite right.

That is the concept behind Sliding Doors a simply fascinating and thought provoking film.

) itself is enjoyable and not without its surprises, especially the last section, where a bit of comedy mixed with a bit of sadness and an unusual explanation reminded me of the tears I shed in the 1989 film "Steel Magnolias" (tagline "The funniest movie ever to make you cry") when I felt a unique emotion of happiness and sadness together.

She is, on both fronts, engaging, infuriating and commanding the utmost attention from the viewers.

But it is able to do so in an engaging and emotional manner.

It's interesting to watch how the lives of the main characters would have played out differently given the different circumstances and the director does it with only minimal confusion.

But here the question is more mundane - what if Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow) had missed a London Underground train, and therefore not caught her partner Gerry (John Lynch) in bed with Lydia (Jeanne Tripplehorn), and also not met James (John Hannah) on the train?

From debut director Peter Howitt (Johnny English) this is a very intriguing British film about making difference to your life, based on what-ifs?

A Boring, Dreadful Movie.

It is quite exciting to think what your life would have been like if you did one thing instead of another.

As the ending approaches, the story becomes unpredictable and it leaves you wonder why it has to go this way.

Highly entertaining.

The plot was confusing and the shots bouncing around between a blonde Paltrow and a brunette Paltrow didn't have any cohesion.

Very good but at times confusing .

Sliding Doors (1998): Dir: Peter Howitt / Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, John Lynch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Zara Turner: Interesting technique deteriorates into two boring stories upheld only by the presence of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The two are a very engaging couple, and you get a great deal of well-being from watching them being so happy together.

Nice feel good film, intriguing idea well handled, well scripted, strong performances.

If a rather touch bland, Sliding Doors is a well written, acted, funny, and smartly crafted concept, and one of '98's, later surprises, with a bit of tragedy, and surprise, it's end, the only real criticism, that could of done with more attention.

This movie was entertaining without being particularly demanding, just one to sit back and enjoy.

worth watching .

It's definitely worth watching, and even more fun to watch with a friend!

Although I know it was a perfectly good ending etc, I still feel as if I was jiped in some way, and left the theatre feeling a bit empty and sad.

The movie asks the "what if's" and is very entertaining.

This movie's biggest problem comes in just assuming that its 'alternate reality' story-telling device, intriguing though it may be, will do everything else for it.

Enjoyable in support are John Hannah as James the shoulder Helen finds to cry on in scenario two, and John Lynch as the philandering Gerry who is too weak to take control of his own life.

The concept is intriguing, the dialogue is great, and the conclusion is reached in an exciting way.

The script was trite, Paltrow's accent was painful, and obviously a mish-mash of several locations, Hannah looked embarrassed (and well he should be), and what was John Lynch doing in a turkey like this?

Very interesting and entertaining.

In the end, great movie; I highly recommend it.

The two stories were predictable and the characters seemed to be plot puppets rather than real people one could care for.

For the people who actually enjoy formulaic (is that a word?

Still, this is a very entertaining film, and definately worth watching.

This scenario subsequently displays Helen moving in with a close friend, cutting her hair in a short, snappy style and meeting the nicest, funniest man anywhere, James (John Hannah).

However, the way the movie just jumps back and forth is often confusing.

Gwyneth Paltrow is intriguing and lovely.

The first is stuck with a two timing boyfriend who is more interested in exciting sex than actually encouraging his girlfriend on.

The moment where both lines cross again is relatively banal - death of one of the alternative Gwyneths which reestablishes the normal curse of things.

(It can be a bit confusing at first.

They are so dull that it makes one yearn for a good, old-fashioned toffee-nosed snob just to bring some life to the affair.

Even in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" she was a little bland.

It's not the best acting I've seen, but it's not bad, especially considering the film's other shortcomings and bland pacing.

All in all this is indeed a Rom-Com with a difference, highly recommended to while away a slow night!

Fascinating .

This is a cleverly made and enjoyable film based on th question, "what if?

All in all, the film is great and very intriguing.

this movie contains so much cliché.. incredible.

Good performances and an intriguing notion make this worth watching on TV -- you'll definitely be entertained.

It was almost like looking at a dot-to-dot puzzle and being intrigued by the position of the dots but then discovering, once I had joined them together, that they make up one pretty darn mundane picture.

He is so entertaining.

The angst and confusion that Gerry exhibits isn't entirely believable, and Lydia's character isn't convincing or well developed.

:-) Despite not quite agreeing with my own philosophies, this movie was entertaining.

I highly recommend it!

A movie worth watching.

It is, however, a very delightful romantic comedy with a plot that is easy to follow (albeit somewhat contrived) and acting that is equally delightful.

Enjoyable for Gwyneth fans only I'm afraid.

And some of the dialogue is just too true to life - ie fairly dull - with James for some reason being obsessed with quoting from Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition sketch.

Refreshingly different and very entertaining.

I did like the finale to story 2 - really the only (brief) part of that strand I thought really worth watching - suggesting that in a way the two strands will almost converge again although of course not quite or the characters' memories when fused from 4 characters to 2 would be intolerably muddled.

The intriguing plot device of following a woman's life along two parallel tracks, depending on which of two courses of action she would have followed, is engrossing enough to keep us involved in this frothy romantic comedy.

By the time the movie had Helen opening her own business in a cheery music video choreographed with the mandatory painting with blissful rollers shot, I was bored.

Other than his totally obnoxious contribution, I found the roles very well filled and the storyline engrossing, with many high and low points...

This movie was exciting and breathtaking at the same time.