Slugs (1988) - Horror

Hohum Score



Killer slugs on the rampage in a rural community.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Juan Piquer Simón
Stars: Michael Garfield, Kim Terry
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 75 found boring (14.66%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Unsurprisingly, the film's plot is utter cods-wallop—predictable creature-feature nonsense about a toxic spill that mutates usually harmless gastropods, turning them into carnivorous killers—and the lousy cast do little to help matters delivering performances that range from mediocre to downright awful.

The film, like any Ed Wood or Rene Cardona film, is entertaining.

Piquer Simon is one of those directors whose films end up entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

maybe 6 and a half or even seven, For it's kind of film I can say it is above average for sure and some of the scenes are plain disturbing to me and not in a so bad it's good way all the time either, For one it breaks the cliché of someone who does something as terrible as attempt to rape a young classmate of theirs being doomed to die, Now at the very same time the young woman who is attacked ends up being the one to meet a horrible fate at the hands of the slimy title creatures.

Humans are portrayed as greedy, stupid, racist, alcoholic, and, in one pointless scene, as would-be rapists.

I'm not even gonna waste time on this one; it's not funny, not scary, practically unwatchable and only occassionaly gory(the FX suck though(no pun intended)).

It's 90 minutes worth of engaging nonsense.

As bad and silly as this movie gets at times, it remains a perfectly fun and entertaining watch.

It would take a cinematic auteur of godlike genius to make an effectively scary film out of Sean Hutson's trashy horror novel Slugs; Juan Piquer Simon, the man responsible for the amazingly bad but hugely enjoyable slasher Pieces, is not that genius.

I found all the characters very boring and awfully poor actors even for a b-movie and i was routing for the slugs from the start!

There're gruesome killings , rip-roaring action , thrills , chills and results to be briefly entertaining .

The Final Verdict: One of the most entertaining films ever, this one delivers the gory goods and always packs something in that will entertain.

Slugs is very entertaining and you won't get bored whilst watching.

I mean they have to be one of the slowest creatures on the planet.

There is nothing scary about a squishy, slow moving, five inch slug.

Slugs (1988) had the potential to be great fun as a b-movie horror but it fell way below expectations and soon become pretty boring!!!

"Slugs: The Movie" is a gory, extremely entertaining B-movie.

I mean, it is one of the slowest creatures in the world after all!.

The script gleefully indulges in cliché.

On the whole this is a suspenseful and tense thriller especially at the amazing ending tableau when Michael Garfield and his helper have to tackle the massive slugs at the lair in the final .

" Entertaining so-bad-it's-good horror.

It turned out to be a quite surprising and entertaining creature feature.

Here's an example of that rarity, an enjoyable late '80s horror film.

Right from the beginning as the mystery thickens there is no slowness in the build-up of the tale as with similar monster flicks, it's entertaining and watchable right from the start.

The cardboard cut-out characters are dull and nondescript.

Harold puts his glove back on (just the thought of this in reality really grosses me out) & feels intense pain which makes him thrash about & cause an accident that blows his greenhouse up.

The acting in the movie was knock down, drag out, steal your wallet, punch your girlfriend, kill your dog, BAD.

While admittedly light on plot or compelling characters, the main stars of the flick remain the ugly black slugs who leave a trail of carnage in their wake.

A mutant strain of your average inveterate garden pests develop an insatiable craving for human flesh and subsequently start snacking on the deserving dipstick denizens of a heretofore dreary and uneventful snobby upstate New York suburb.

The mysterious deaths continue at an alarming rate, after examining the evidence Mike suspects that killer Slugs mutated by toxic waste may be responsible but has a hard time convincing anyone.

The characters are developed before being messily dispatched and despite lots of trite dialogue, you end up caring for the people involved.

SLUGS comes from director Juan Piquer Simon who is best remembered for his cult favorite PIECES but this here is every bit as entertaining so we can really give him credit for two of the most fun bad movies of the decade.

" Slugs, as a species, are known for being slow and easily killed with salt.

it is actually pretty damn entertaining and good!

Or is the town doomed to be destroyed by slimy, slow gastropods?

I enjoyed it.

But, it's so painfully on target for this type of film, it's thoroughly enjoyable.

A cool monster movie worth watching over and over again, 9 STARS.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

They continue to allow the creatures to come up on them, and it becomes a little repetitive to keep on using that same style sequence over and over again.

Slugs, muerte viscosa: Grisly but entertaining .

However, the profoundly uncomfortable sense of unceasing, stomach-knotting vileness which permeates every last fetid frame of this gross, grimy, hideously ghastly fright flick makes it perversely enjoyable just the same.

Both the script and direction are very plodding and inept.

The film manages to stay entertaining throughout mostly because of the fact that every ridiculous and illogical sequence is topped by an even more illogical and ridiculous one.

Still, this was a really entertaining film.

The plot's every bit as trite and predictable as the above synopsis suggests.

While there are probably too many scenes involving people walking into offices and receiving phone messages (if ever there was a movie to be fundamentally altered by cell phones, it's this), the narrative structure is solid, and decent production values allow for a surprisingly exciting and large scale ending – even if Brady's final plan is preposterously reckless.

A Spanish film made in the USA with third or fourth rate actors giving a kind of "Falcon Crest" dimension to the whole affair is a wonderful way to waste your time, as well as wasting the money of those who backed the project financially.

Sure it was still goofy, but in a very enjoyable way.

People get dragged away, while others get pulled down; are the slugs really that strong?

The Gore Keeps the Film Entertaining .

I wasn't expecting much of this film, but it turned out to be a really enjoyable horror romp from beginning to end.

Otherwise why would he pick one of the slowest most passive creatures to do a horror movie about?

There's enough bad acting, silly dialog, illogical plot twists, lame special effects, pointless scenes, and poor dubbing to hold your attention.

Perfectly enjoyable...

Is the film a fun filled romp that is absurd, gore filled, cheezy and enjoyable if you let it be so?

In several different, contrived ways.

Gory and entertaining horror flick about murderous slugs.