Small Change (1976) - Comedy, Drama

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In the town of Thiers, summer of 1976, teachers and parents give their children skills, love, and attention. A teacher has his first child, a single mother hopes to meet Mr. Right, another ...

IMDB: 7.7
Director: François Truffaut
Stars: Georges Desmouceaux, Philippe Goldmann
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 6 out of 36 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (18)

SOME COMMENTS COULD BE CONSIDERED SPOILERSOnly François Truffaut could transmogrify a series of banal, almost humdrum, scenes from the lives of children in a small French town into an experience that gains in enjoyableness with each viewing.

And speaking of annoying, Charles Trenet, who once sang the immortal song "La Mer," delivers one of the most banal, trite movie songs ever written.

The toddler falling out the window unhurt makes the film even seem surreal, like a long patriarchal myth, an enjoyable one though, (for a change, no?

And it's something else, masterful, to make it so enjoyable.

Worth watching if you like French films or coming of age stories.

I disagree with most critics when they say this movie has no plot.

Enjoyable slice of film about childhood .

The Real Skinny: A Boring, Unrealistic Film .

This is stunning cinema.

But an interesting coming of age vignettes combined with a view of 70's small town France.

If you read capsule plot summaries about this slow, meandering film, you might think it was about a teacher who helps an abused child.

It portrays the drama of childhood very realistically and accurately captures the workings of children's minds as they try to make sense of a world that seems tremendously confusing at times.

It's definitely worth watching again.

Instead of stressing the need for firmness, discipline or realistic goals in the raising of children, he delivers a hackneyed cliché from the school of progressive pedagogy - that children should have their own political representation!

The film is a bit slow.

A minor but entertaining Truffaut .

) I enjoyed it as a wonderful story, a chance to go to France for a couple of hours and "meet you at Mao".

It is a boring chose to watch it.