Small Soldiers (1998) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

Hohum Score



When missile technology is used to enhance toy action figures, the toys soon begin to take their battle programming too seriously.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Joe Dante
Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Gregory Smith
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 146 found boring (7.53%)

One-line Reviews (90)

Engaging animation adventure comedy .

But it's entertaining enough to hold the interest and it does have some clever moments.

But as entertaining as the film is, it never reaches the anarchic heights of Gremlins.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun action/adventure film to watch with children, just make sure they are okay with watching the kind of stuff in it!

The movie is zippily entertaining and overwhelmingly well crafted, with boundless visual imagination (for example in the soldiers' conversion of a kitchen into an assembly line for bringing Dunst's Barbie-like dolls to life; or in the use of everyday objects as military hardware) and an interesting enough execution that the more formulaic elements (such as the kid's strained relationship with the father who doesn't trust him) seem particularly grating here.

The Gorgons are played by Spinal Tap, but are mostly uninteresting characters with the exception of the comedian style one.

Exciting escapism .

Tedious and humorless .

Every character was really boring, especially Chip Hazard.

I enjoyed it in 1998 when it came out, and tonight while watching it the second time, I think I enjoy it as much or more as I did then.

An exciting action film with 2 levels of humour .

Unfortunately, the film has more low points than high points; the romance between the two main characters seemed unlikely and bland, like it was just thrown in for the effect.

As long as you don't have any pre-conceptions about this film, and ignore the hype, you are in for some highly entertaining fun.

Entertaining film for older youngsters .

Small Soldiers is nowhere near Bambi, but still qualifies for a good, entertaining movie which depending on your age can be seen as funny dolls doing stupid things or funny dolls doing stupid things while reminding you of something.

Small Soldiers is basically a variation on his previous Gremlins ( cute, seemingly harmless, kiddie-friendly objects run amok) but I enjoyed it more.

An ideal accompaniment to a tedious task like ironing.

Among the entertaining passing evocations of countless strands of macho, disposable trash-culture, it also succeeds as a passable satire on the excesses of a corporate ideology obsessed with growth and synergy - Leary's unrepentant attitude at the end sums up the morally bankrupt strategic coldness of that ideology, effectively offset here against such symbols of a better age as Miller's old-time delivery guy and Dunn's quixotic business of a violence-free toy store.

Equally enjoyable on a television, which is a rarity in these big budget flicks.

Extremely Entertaining amalgamation of Toy Story (1995), Gremlins (1984), and the popular Kid Toys G.

Small Soldiers is basically the film every budding director wants to make - it's fun, exciting, full of computer effects and, although as a 'film' it has several flaws, it's pure escapism.

The best of all is that also works as a family flick, where the characters are likable enough to care about and it's really entertaining.

The movie was very good, enjoyable and watchable.

Half of the film goes slowly by, with few laughs, little action and very little excitement.

Worst movie ever.

Not a blockbuster by any means, but definitely entertaining.

Enjoyable piece of plastic.

The fight scenes are entertaining rather than exciting.

The opening 10 minutes with David Cross and Jay Mohr is dreadful at best and a showcase of lazy writing for what should be an exciting set-up for the toys that will soon wreck havoc.

As such I must say that (aside from wishing that I had brought ear plugs to blunt its high-volume assaults on the ear) I rather enjoyed it.

Action packed movie .

The Small Soldiers, themselves, give unforgettable performances, sometimes so engaging they seem just as alive as the humans.

All -in-all, I thought it was an enjoyable romp of imagination which no doubt the toy makers will try to emulate.

But it's the voice talent of Tommy Lee Jones as Major Chip Hazard and Frank Langella as Archer (leader of the Gorgonites) that provide the most entertaining moments as they give life to the toy figures.

Add a star for the Patton spoof where Chip Hazard recites every single cliché American speech line and turns it into the most patriotic speech ever made.

The movie is a fun adrenaline rush with humans caught between feuding toys.

This film is for some reason regarded as a children's movie, but I found it enjoyable in all respects even though I am 20.

Dull, Flat, Lifeless .

It is perhaps a little violent and intense for the youngest of viewers, but otherwise it is a solidly entertaining family movie.

Anybody that says this is too intense for children must forget about 8 and 9-year-olds.

) Definitely worth the watch IMO, if you would like to have an evening of good, fanciful fun.

"Small Soldiers" have all the right elements; it´s funny and exciting.

What we get is bad dialogue and Mohr ordering defense chips online - oooo exciting!

The special effects alone are worth watching the film.

Both those films were entertaining.

The film packs a combo of noisy action,thrills, spectacular images, and being quite entertaining.

This film just felt empty.

It has a great kid cast and the parents are portrayed very entertaining especially Phil Hartman (RIP) and Wendy Schaal as Phil and Marion Fimple.

" There does seem to be some confusion on what the film was supposed to be or even what it is now.

It is funny and exciting, and the animations are great.

Overall, Dante gets the tone just right, leaving this a highly enjoyable family adventure.

They'll love it more than Toy Story I bet because of all the intense action and kids love a little action involved.

It succeeds in entertaining me with toy violence and sarcasm against anything beyond my imagination with such talented voice work by Dirty Dozen cast members and Tommy Lee Jones.

A highly entertaining movie of the genre where electronic hardware goes on the rampage (be they computers or robots).

This is a very entertaining film.

There was something tremendously entertaining in watching a sleepy, sugary wholesome town get torn to shreds by malicious monsters.

The very high entertainment level and quality effects makes this movie worth watching.

With great effects by Stan Winston, this is a clever, enjoyable, nutty and lovably mad little monster flick.

Colorful and evocative cinematography by Jamie Anderson.

Enjoyable enough CGI filled kids action adventure.

I walked out of the theater not real admitting that it was bad.

Harmless and entertaining - above average construction as a film .

I went with my niece and nephew (early teens) and we all enjoyed it.

Director Joe Dante recycles the plot of his Gremlins movies, only with action figures instead of Mogwais and Gremlins, and the results are much the same - a thoroughly entertaining movie filled with masses of entry-level mayhem.

The toy company is a waste of time.

underrated film is very entertaining .

Entertaining without being spectacular .

But its a fun movie, and worth the watch.

The outcome of this is fairly predictable.

Sound exciting?

This movie was the worst movie I have ever seen.

The difference is that Gremlins contained engaging characters and a lesson of responsibility while Small Soldiers is just plain violent with characters at the mercy of bad writing.

This film has a creative plot, great visuals for the time, some humour, great film references - from 2001 to Apocalypse Now - and was an altogether entertaining film.

I think this movie is very exciting,and funny.

Visually stunning film regarding smaller factors triumphant over big challenges.

I think though what really annoyed me about this film was that I was too old to enjoy it to its full potential and were I a 12 year old I would have enjoyed it more.

There's a pointless sequence towards the end of the movie where these soldiers are blowing things up.

Extremely entertaining...

Furthermore, an enjoyable homage to 'Patton' movie as on images as brilliant musical score by great Jerry Goldsmith.

This is a pure nostalgia flick that I still find entertaining and still brings back memories from my childhood.

Worth watching!

I thought this movie was overall just a really great and enjoyable little film that even though it was just meant for entertainment, ended up being so lovable and cherished, much more than I thought I would love and cherish it.

If Dante is going to be knocking off his own Gremlins, the film would have been much better served by terrorizing the whole town with these toys, instead the story is limited to two uninteresting families living next to each other.

The main character and the romantic subplot are pretty clichéd and predictable.

But Small Soldiers is still entertaining, and just as subversive as you'd expect from Joe Dante.

This film surprised me, and I really enjoyed it.

Entertaining movie that especially the kids will like.

Even Phil Hartman was boring..and making Phil Hartman boring is pretty hard to do!

)Yeah so, if your bored and fancy watching a kids' film, then watch this, it'll make you smile.

The movie is mostly just boring.