Smallfoot (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as "humans" really do exist.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Karey Kirkpatrick
Stars: Channing Tatum, James Corden
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 34 out of 217 found boring (15.66%)

One-line Reviews (110)

Deeper though than just a cartoon, unfortunately has a cliche happy end .

I found very enjoyable & you will too.

The movie was beautiful, entertaining and funny.

But had the movie simply been about Migo confronting the ostensibly deceitful Stonekeeper, it would probably be no more than the stuff of Saturday-morning cartoons; instead, Kirkpatrick and co-writer Clare Sera find unexpected depth digging deeper into why the bigfoots had sequestered themselves in the first place, weaving in a poignant lesson on the dangers of fear and close-mindedness as well as the transformative power of communication.

While that trend gets annoying at times, have to say that the music of Small Foot was very entertaining and fitting to the scenes that were designed with them.

Honestly its an enjoyable ride.

The plot is a bit boring which adults will lose the attention.

Boring, unattractive animation .

Channing Tatum is a charming lead, the music is catchy and expressive, the story is fun and interesting enough with healthy messages, and the animation is very entertaining and gorgeous to look at.

The story had some funny moments but was mainly predictable, the animation was great though designs felt to familiar, most of the characters were pretty good, and most of the musical numbers didn't work.

Granted, I did have concerns of it just being a soulless, wacky adventure with typical servings of pop culture and licensed music, but instead I walked out genuinely charmed by the fast and colorful animation and a musically-driven story supported by subtle, timely messages that weren't so constantly hammered in.

I did say that the films concept was intriguing, and that is true.

But, alas, almost every part consists of a totally familiar, and infuriatingly predictable story that you can easily see how it will end a million miles away.

Smallfoot was entertaining in a minimalist perspective.

A few songs thrown in for good measure with actually an enjoyable version of Under Pressure by Queen also thrown in.

The animation and light work is generic, but enjoyable and does not make you think "is an animation" all the time and the comedy fit in the youngest kids, the music was super generic and i think none 10+ years would like it.

Atheistic Propaganda .

Unexpected twists...

As much as I found the first fifty minutes of the movie kinda dull due to the formulaic storylines as I mentioned above, especially the first act which was moving in a most predictable pattern that even its absurdly fast pace couldn't save it from not being boring, there were some twists and turns that happened at the beginning of the third act that really elevated the whole movie.

The humor is sometimes lazy, and the story is far from unpredictable.


Also, the story is predictable at times.

So other than that its was entertaining, funny, and just really enjoyable.

The truth sets you free, tolerance, don't let others tell you what to believe in, accept and embrace differences etc etc etc. Enjoyable, warm and fun

However the singing is unbearable, not captive only spoils much of the story.

Incredibly deep, perfect length, very enjoyable .

However, small foot ended up bing a seriously boring movie.

The plot was predictable.

I didn't like it, the story was dull, also James Corden does one of the voices.

An issue I had with Pixar's Oscar-winner, Coco is that it has too many secondary messages that besides they were ridiculously excessive, they were intrusive, confusing that made me not even sure what the main moral was, heavy-handed, and completely unnecessary to the main plot.

It features enjoyable musical numbers and lively animation to go along with it.

Hmm, yawn, for kids...

for the most part, as I mentioned, I think the idea is really funny and quite clever, even the plot fits well with the concept and it executed just how you think it would be, but you are still interested in what will happen, honestly I didn't think it was all that predicable and it still kept my attention despite how short it the film is, it has a lot of funny humour that hit bullseye, not like laugh out loud, but every one made me laugh, a Visual slapstick gag, a funny joke and some fantastic funny dialogue, heck it can get serious at it and it does get more interesting from there, although the first act is a blast, from the second act to the very end, that's when the movie gets better and better then ever before, I even got my eyes a little watery at times, not as emotional as Storks, but still has it's good heart but the best thing out of what was more effective and important is actually the moral about being open minded, I think it's a wonderful moral and it works in the film's execution of it, only nipicky thing is that the movie is somewhat predicable and I knew what was going to happen, but without giving anything away, they didn't have a bad guy surprisingly, so that's somewhat refreshing, so not really all that original, but still engaging, funny and interesting along with a great moral, it's good enough to make it a worth while plot.

A bit of a Thrill and Makes It worth watching

His voice is do flat and monotone.

This is not a bad animated movie and it's certainly doesn't reach awful heights, but it just felt so predictable and basic that it just left me disappointed which is really a shame because I really wanted to like this movie.

While the story is predictable, slightly on the safe side and thin on a structural level, it is still very charming, sweet and lively in pace, it shouldn't be difficult to follow for children and shouldn't be too simplistic for adults due to the lessons and serious moments the film has.

Still, "Smallfoot" is a thoroughly entertaining family film that aspires to be different, backed by appealing protagonists, well-judged comic moments, a thought-provoking message, and a rewarding resolution that steers clear of being saccharine.

This film is a lot more entertaining & funnier than many bigger named Disney films like Frozen & Inside out which were, in my opinion - dull, except the ice castle building visuals.

The slapstick humor with the yetis on the other hand gets tiresome.

Boring .

Funny moments packing with musical, match with storyline, it's really entertaining, fun, and emotional too.

From that point on, the movie almost becomes like this message of Scientific Inquiry vs Religious Belief - Questioning what your told - The quest for truth and the hunger for knowledge, like Cosmos, but a musical too, and at times it did start to feel a bit pretentious.

This movie was unfunny, predictable and frankly boring.

Fun but pretty formulaic .

For me it was a joy to bring the children to see such a visually stunning film and at the same time understand the message behind it all.

I fell asleep, the songs are boring and the pace too.

This actually added insult to injury, because when I tried to pass over the fact I know how this plotline will end, I found myself watching some insufferably boring, and utterly bland and uninspiring visual gags that are just not funny.

Can his unexpected new friendship encourage his people to open both their hearts and minds to the unknown.

It definitely was more entertaining than I had expected it to be.

Beautiful animation but boring movie overall.

SO when you saw this one you probably thought they were milking the cliche cow once again.

A little bit comedy, a little bit musical, a mixed bag of a moral, altogether bland (despite great animation).

Both me and my 7 y/o found ourselves bored midway through and I may or may not have dozed off for a few minutes....

But if that sounds heavy going for your five year old, fear not, as it's also an engaging movie with bouncy songs and a sense of history (albeit Yeti history) running through it.

Out of pure boredom, I decided to watch this film.

Boring .

Common, despite his unfitting casting the old and wise figure called the Stonekeeper, delivers a rousing rap sequence with "Let it Lie", backed up by some heavy-hearted themes and burning imagery.

Enjoyable watch, kids will love it and actually as an adult I was surprised just how much I enjoyed it also!

The animation was great, though the characters lacked a bit of depth and there were some slow parts in the movie.

But all jokes aside this is a really well-done movie with some stunning looking 3D rendered animation which in some places even rivals some of stuff that DreamWorks or Pixar has done with all the ice and snow.

The characters are confusing.

Amazing message but predictable story .

Even my 3 year old became bored and realised this was just rubbish.

It's worth watching!

I am not saying that they were overly bad, just a shame that they had so many bland and easily forgotten voices among the cast.

Off course that some things were predictable what turn the experience a little bit weak, but although that, it's very enjoyable to watch.

Waste of my money.

A little overlong and includes the cliche happy ending that is a must for kids films.

A sometimes clever, but often predictable movie.

Entertaining and hilarious films that keeps the audience intrigued while teaching them lessons .

Okay, is just my opinion, but I really disappointed with main character storyline at the conflict, but the conclusion, I'm really impressed with the storyline and the ending, who is entertaining, and deep emotional.

An enjoyable animation for both adults and children.

Very enjoyable movie .

Entertaining and funny .

The story is boring and the characters are not catchy enough.

There are shots of clouds, outer space and overview shots of the yeti village and the human town that are absolutely stunning.

Saw this movie at theater , it was unexpected amazing animation .

My son really wanted to see this movie so I went to the cinema a little begrudgingly but was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

uninteresting .

But I really enjoyed it.

"Wonderful Life" borrows the rousing spirit of "How Far I'll Go" from 2016's Moana.

Really enjoyable .

Very Entertaining and Rewatchable, very creative story and witty humor.

I found the film very enjoyable, fun and friendly.

It was so boring.

This movie has tons of propaganda.. loads of unremarkable songs...

But sometimes the choices seemed to be a lack of story creativity rather than an investment in humor and satire.

Entertaining movie, some concerns over representation of Tibetan Cultural Region .

The songs were so generic, the colors so drab, the characters so cliche'.....

This was an entertaining experience!

It was very predictable and ultimately just okay.

Smallfoot is an entertaining icy treat that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults, even if it's not perfect.

Set in a snowy, Himalayan-esque mountain area, Warner Animation creates a beautiful world of innovations and stunning visuals.

This entertaining and hilarious film is furrowed with a variety of different themes.

The embracing another culture part is just cliche, unrealistic and unconvinced.

Yawn, where was I?

Saw this in the movies and found it very entertaining.

Great story, funny, engaging and great animation.

The only downside was that nearing the end it started to get boring and I ended up not finishing the whole film.

Entertaining, funny animation with a few nice songs.

And I must say that "Smallfoot" actually turned out to be a rather enjoyable movie.

What you gather from this somewhat entertaining tale is that you should question your beliefs, you should seek knowledge, and you shouldn't be afraid of different creatures just because they look intimidating and don't speak your language.

The characters are super likeable and memorable, the main character Migo is a good character and is somewhat relatable, he tries to find the good in finding the truth and helping the village be safe, I liked him a lot, same can be said about Meechee (Zendaya), she's cute, likeable, funny, relatable has a good personality and is not there because she is a girl and she is in love with Migo or anything, so I'm glad she is more then a girl character and a person who believes in Migo and the chemistry with Migo and with Percy is one of the strongest points of the movie and Zendaya pulls off a lovely performance I do like her a lot and she is my favourite character in the film, Migo is second, then third would be Percy, sure he may seem like a scam artist, but as the movie would go on he would become more light hearted and likeable and you do care about him, especially when it comes to the third act and how it is portrayed, i started to like him as a character, he easily won me over as soon as Migo takes him back to the village, so those three I mentioned are my personal favourites, all the other characters who appear in the film I also like, but not as much as the main three, Dorgle (Danny DeVito) who is Migo's father is charming, Brenda (Yara Shahidi) Percy's assistant has a point in the film and can be enjoyable in the little screen time she has, the StoneKeeper and Thorp (Jimmy Tatro) are there as conflict and do play a part in the film especially the StoneKeeper, the S.

The film is going to the job of entertaining the kids which is really its purpose.

When Disney's constant cliche moral reminder is to "follow your heart", WB's Smallfoot takes a modern direction, reminding youth to ask questions and not to just blindly believe what people tell you.

Even the songs were boring.

Mildly entertaining family animation, which attempts to teach about climate change along with some amusing encounters with yetis (and bears, they were great!

But the story is by the numbers and very predictable.

I was surprised just how much I enjoyed it also.