Snakehead Terror (2004) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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A small town, desperate to recover from hard economic times, is under threat when voracious Snakehead fish mutate and survive previous lake chemical poisonings. The fish transform from ...

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Paul Ziller
Stars: Alistair Abell, Doug Abrahams
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 36 found boring (27.77%)

One-line Reviews (23)

Having heads and limbs being removed and their stumps spurting blood is certainly more violent than figured, and along with the great special effects as the fish are realistically captured when used as puppets that they're worthwhile enough to score some nice points for the majority of the scenes, these here are the film's more enjoyable elements.

-check 9) Poor pacing with very long drawn out scenes that make you reach for the fast forward button.

By the end of the movie I felt like such a huge waste of time watching this movie.

Funny, entertaining, horror, and fun

"Snakehead Terror" is mildly entertaining "Jaws" rip-off with snakehead fish instead of shark.

It is so pointless and absolutely absurd.

This movie is very entertaining, forget the story, the characters in this movie is very silly .. Dialogue dialogue that catapulted the characters in this movie makes me laugh, the excess of this movie there is a handsome Ryan McDonell who played in this movie I like him .. Snakehead Terror.

Of course, what happens next is predictable, the news leaks out, and suddenly there are bounty hunters searching for the deadly snakeheads.

OK, suspend the location discrepancies, and assume that the non-existent town is full of very slow deaf people.

A small town's economy is ruined by nasty snakehead fish, their lake is poisoned to kill the nasty vermin, and the town is slow to recover.

Worst movie ever!!.

The movie bored me, this review is boring me, and there's really not much else to say about it.

it wasn't boring, just predictable, and at times, funny.

Ho Hum...

The lake was nice and pretty but basically that was the only thing worth watching about this pathetically lame film.

As for this film, regular horror junkies will agree it's very predictable.

As for Bruce Boxleitner he must have done it for the money because his performance was a phone in job if I have ever seen one and for the supporting cast my goodness they were very amateurish I have seen better performances in watching paint dry as it was less painful than the acting presented.

The production company is called "Artsy Fartsy Productions"!

It's an entertaining movie, better than most I've seen on the sci fi channel and believe it or not, more than 2 people actually survive.

- check 2) A poorly structured and completely predictable story that holds no surprises and is poorly resolved, as the climax like the script is so insane it's funny.

To be fair to Boxleitner, his acting was fine, but the number of long, drawn out scenes of him driving up and parking his car are worthy of ridicule, MST-style.

Bruce Boxleitner was the sole bright spot - check 4) Every cliché and rip off in the book.

Now you still have to deal with the drawn out suspense scenes where one person is in trouble and another person has to do something to save him.