Snowpiercer (2013) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In a future where a failed climate-change experiment has killed all life except for the lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, a new class system emerges.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Joon-ho Bong
Stars: Chris Evans, Jamie Bell
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 128 out of 578 found boring (22.14%)

One-line Reviews (497)

The film is indeed gripping, and I mean it.

It kept my attention all the way through but I thought it was a bit slow at times...

An intense action-drama filled with some amount of mysteries to put viewer edge of the seat.

It's a mixture of Korean-America production which features a thrilling social class issue more details in an extreme and sentimental way.

While "Snowpiercer" and its world may be implausible, it's most certainly engaging, and further helping matters is Bong's impressive, sprawling international cast anchored by Chris Evan's strong central performance.

There is a lot of stuff in here about class systems, utilitarianism and all the high brow things my pretentious side craves.

This movie is a bit of an epic journey, as the entire world is now just the people alive on this train, and everything they have is controlled with religious style propaganda, and symbolism.

We are presented with an interesting dichotomy in which despite the fact that you feel as though you know him, it was still never clear which path he would choose, succeeding in keeping you on the edge of your seat until the bitter end.

After that, fake dirty (clean) people, slow motion 300like battle, boring main character and really strange (not) important side character as those two Koreans...

It's enjoyable from the first frame to the last.

A collection of contrived stupid things happening on a dumb train .

"Revolution is a clichéd yet foundational component of dystopian stories, but containing it all on a train with this video game-like plot of heading from car to car is ingeniously entertaining.

The premise may sound far-fetched but it makes for some compelling cinema.

If nothing else, it's certainly a cure for formulaic dystopian flicks.

Breathtaking movie about the creation of humanity, history, slavery where all the bad and good things come together with religion, faith and so on so forth.

It is an exciting, noisy adventure with lots of bloodshed, most of which was delivered with good flair and big chunks of dark humor.

Yet the train acts as fresh packaging in so many ways, enhancing the presentation as to make everything feel exciting and new, even though it borrows from several time-tested tropes.

Snowpiercer is a fascinating film .

This is quite literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

An enjoyable ride!

It is cringeworthy, weird, and too long and slow for what it is.

You and I, we could make something more engrossing with a million dollars and the length of the runtime.

Despite the unpredictable changes in tone, the plot itself is remarkably pedestrian, and the twists in the storyline are tired and overused in many such genre pieces.

Don't waste your time.

The most upsetting part when he was offered the last cigarette on earth and he just let it burn down while saying his boring monologue.

However, by Asian standards the effects work is notable, and there at least some impressive vista shots of the frozen city outside of the train which are occasionally inter-cut into the slow moving drama.

Basically a childish, ill thought out exaggeration of boring worn out messages about global warming and the 99%.

Some of the concepts surrounding the train staying on the tracks are more than a bit ridiculous, but the film is entertaining and full of underlying depth.

I admit I am an average joe movie watcher with no film training and no artistic appreciation, but I sure know when I have watched an uninteresting movie.

The narrative is straight forward,but the strange mix of characters are thrown into several surreal sequences,which at first took me by surprise,but then I found fascinating,this was not the ride I was expecting,a real Magical Mystery Tour.

The train itself is unlikely as hell, how the track remained usable after a whole year of icy weather is mind boggling, or how the train was so isolated from the outside conditions, or how the freezing air didn't manage to get inside after some idiots decided to shoot one another directly through the window.

Overall it is a really amazing and stunning movie , one of the top movie of 2013 for sure.

'Snowpiercer' mirrors the overpowering inequalities which exist in our world already, but some surprises appear in this riveting film which locks you in till the ambiguous end, which could be seen as either a new start or the final curtain for humanity.

Both the characters and our behavior as a society and species is the subject of this movie, to which it executes on perfectly while still being entertaining and somewhat thought provoking.

The other one I won't say anything about because what's so gripping about this movie is that you keep wondering what's in the next section of the train and if they'll live long enough to see it, let alone make it to the front of the train.

What I cannot absolve is the fascinating and involving Orwellian story of a revolution turned into a silly horror B movie in the second half.

Comedian Daniel Tosh calls Snowpiercer, the worst movie he's ever seen.

I found the movie entertaining overall, but also full of deja-vu themes and ideas, with a somewhat predictable ending, too many goofs and editorial left-overs not to be noticed, and an overall lack of purpose and deepening into the main themes of the film.

Trains are some of the most cinematic devices opening so much room for dynamic capture, here motion isn't the strong card, Tony Scott or even Spielberg and Del Toro could have leveraged more breathtaking physics.

Pretty thrilling .

Forgetting all of the above, the terrible and over-the-top performances from some of the actors was unbearable to watch.

The characters are plastic and uninteresting to cause any perceptible drama.

I think it's definitely good, because Snowpiercer works brilliantly in all those styles: there's abundant and exciting action during the literal class struggle on board of a train; the dramatic moments are very well executed as an integral part of the story; and there's also an eccentric sense of humor which provides a comic relief during the most tense moments of the story.

So yes, this limited release is violent with funky, nasty characters but it's also at times, boring.

Waste of time .

The icy cool visuals are, as I said before, breathtaking and without a second thought, I can say that they are a major reason why the film never annoys or irritates you despite of a lack of proper tension, emotions and unconvincingly presented twists.

Hugely thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

If you enjoy ambiguity, evocative themes and a touch of the surreal, then you should seek this out immediately.

And it's worth watching.

These mini-moments are provided in wanna-be action sequences full of unconvincing character passion, such as during the rebellion-planning by a routine (ho hum), resentful lower class, or in fight scenes portrayed with the embarrassing camp of early kung-fu movies - fake sounds and sprayed blood.

Then there's the 'bully boys' to keep them in check (for what reward I've no idea), some sort of middle class who seem quite pointless and decadent, and a guy (or quasi-demi-god) at the top of the pile).

-The plot works really well, until it gets confusing and then tries really hard to be impressive and unpredictable, leaving the audience confused and not caring much anymore.

i have no idea where the director learned how to cut a movie, the pace of the movie is so bloody slow that makes you hope it to end and you can easily guess whats gonna happen next.

But someone got cold feet and we get that weird and confusing ending.

I am not going to spoil the ending, if you are the type that watches a movie for the ride, you might find this movie a lot more enjoyable than I did.

The long pauses when people are talking especially at the end of the film before the last door was agonizingly boring and in no way suspenseful.

Snowpiercer is instantly compelling and brilliantly creates its grim, nearly hopeless universe.

It was an interesting take on the "end of the world" so to speak and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is in my not top 10, worst movies I've ever seen.

One of the worst movies ever.

But these scenes just came across as odd or tedious.

The action is sometimes a little too shaky to be entirely legible, but when it becomes stripped back and focused on tension - in a brilliant, pulse-pounding sauna sequence - it really gets you on the edge of your seat.

The Room is considered the worst movie ever made and has spawned a cult following and interactive screenings that involve screaming at the camera man to focus, and throwing spoons.

The story was Awesome and the fact that the whole movie takes place on a train made it even cooler and that they could have so many different scenery locations for a train was breathtaking.

Korean created shite with Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris and many more picking up a paycheck in this complete waste of time.

Been done better, boring and plot has become so trite and was handled badly in the CGI laden monstrosity.

47min - OK I really love the setting of the movie now and the action is intense!

It's not a good movie but it looks great, has superb action sequences but it's plot and theme are simplistic and banal at best.

At least the production made the internal Snowpiercer train look fascinating.

the idea that this is a self-sustaining enclosed eco-system dooms the credibility of everything elsethis message about caste and everyone in their place is blunt and tiresome.

Pointless, illogical, purely bulshit movie.

Thus, our confusion towards the rest of the train is valid.

It's a gripping, suspenseful story filled with terrific acting and subtle jabs of satirical humor.

It's supposed to be about the classes but they give no story of the classes.

It primarily examines classicism and how we define humanity in a dystopian society in a post-apocalyptic world, and while that seems repugnant and boring on the cuff, Joon-ho Bong's direction and the well-adapted screenplay in combination with the riveting performances breathe life into a seemingly stale premise.

Other casting choices including Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as a woman in the back whose son is taken from her at the onset of the film and Alison Pill in a cameo as a propaganda-spouting teacher show just how diverse and entertaining the movie is.

The Worst Movie I have ever seen .

This is an exciting film exploring how individuals band together into groups to form societies and power structures.

Snowpiercer is a thrilling and original dystopian SCI-FI experience that will unquestionably be one of the best films of the year.

Waste of money !

)The overall look of the film is eye-catching, even if the dialog is ho-hum.

Will leave you on the edge of your seat.


The violence is as graphic as it is pointless.

But i was bored, so i started watching it anyway.

The movie starts with a very exciting setting which I believed to be quite unique.

I'm not going to quibble about plot holes or technology, simply because the human story this movie tells is so interesting and exciting.

The boundary between reality and metaphor is blurry to the point of confusion.

Character development, the pacing is great, a bit of action, comedy and creates an interesting surreal dark world that is entertaining to watch unfold.

It sometimes feels quite clumsy and contrived and is prone to going off on random, and unnecessary, detours.

From watching how everyone in the end of the train were getting mistreated and living in the low class, you almost want to help them fight because this film definitely gives you some adrenaline.

I'm not suggesting you shouldn't notice plot- holes, confusing items, or mistakes (as any intelligent viewer should), I'm only suggesting you take a second look at anything that confuses you, or "seems weird", and question if there may be other reasons for it.

Conclusion: a sometimes confusing movie with a deep social critical message.

, this movie was rousing in spots and just stirs the emotion pot and gets it boiling.

Joon-ho Bong director and maker of the fantastic creature feature The Host has here with his first English language movie crafted a unique and often freakishly original adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, filling his tale with brimming to life characters, high energy action and a script that often goes to unexpected and intriguing places.

Worst Movie Ever!.

A clumsy but entertaining action-thriller.

It has some great performances with memorable characters, several exciting action scenes mixed with bizarre comedic moments, and a thought provoking metaphor on classicism.

'Snowpiercer' is undeniably fun and visually stunning.

but TOO long and boring....

Brainwashing people with pseudo-religious propaganda to believe the person in charge is some kind of benevolent and merciful overlord...

Unfortunately on delivery it was slow and boring.

having such ridiculous background make it unwatchable even the director have a galaxy big ambition.

I saw details which I have missed when i first saw this movie whilst absorbed into its entertaining moment.....

Anyway, aside from its incredibly rich narrative, Joon-ho's latest feature is driven by imaginative adrenaline of which is all too rare in modern action films.

We all think we know what will happen here; the downtrodden are pushed to the limit, and as a result, they unite and rebel against their oppressors - exactly as we've seen countless times in a number of other sci-fi movies and it's all a bit predictable.

I just made account here on IMDb, just to say this is probably the worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life.

Dystopia has been beaten into the ground as of late, but Snowpiercer combines dystopian fiction with a scarily likely premise and stunning cinematography.

However, towards the middle, the plot gets out of hand, and it becomes confusing and even ridiculous.

However, the film does get weird, and a little confusing, and a little dumb.

Worst movie ever .

Following a series of creatively shot and violent battle sequences as well as some welcome respites of comedy from security specialist Namgoong Minsoo and his daughter Yona (played by Bong regulars Kang-ho Song and Ah-sung Ko, respectively), a battered and bloodied Curtis finally reaches Wilford's train car, setting up an unexpected and plot-pivoting confrontation.

Disjointed and dull .

High tension and gripping .

if you have a good story ,great actors like the above what else matters would recommend this movie for those bored with the usual stuff.

It very predictable too.

The story gives us nothing new and, like everything else in the film, the writing is a mess of extremes that comes across as disjointed and trying too hard to invoke standard emotional responses.

It is sloppy and uninteresting.

After reading up and carving thru all the confusion, the ending's a tad bit dissatisfying.

Evans' character's motivation is trite; moving forward for the sake of moving forward.

It not provides anything new and almost all the directors (korean, Japanese or Chinese) are always trying to show a movie with some strange(and in the most cases boring and bad)metaphoric ending.

OK idea for a plot (especially the political angle) and OK production, very little - but great - CGI shots, but the movie is way too long for its script.

7.0! You guys waste my 2 hours of life!

I wasn't even a quarter way into the movie, I think, before I started to get bored with the movie.

I enjoyed it, great direction !!

It was fascinating to move through the train as each carriage had its own function and themes from: food producing to classroom of brainwashed children.

I thought Snowpiercer was highly entertaining.

If you do have a working set of cerebral neurons, you can't watch these post-apocalyptic manga-movies with any pleasure no matter how well-designed and shot the sets are because your mind is constantly reminding you how silly and pretentious it all is.

this is just cheap and trite.

It is pretty cool to see that the uninviting and dull looks of the back of the train can look so much better in the middle train cars.

She is stern, stout and empty.

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie's extremely ambitious, visually stunning and richly satisfying futuristic story that reflects the various aspects of our society from within.

Seriously top 10 worst movies ive seen...

Also, the concept of Evans' revolution seems really pointless.

If you watch this film with that paradigm-shift in mind, it is far more enjoyable and intriguing.

The worst movie I ever saw, and I have seen some bad ones.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

The dark, grim scenes in the cramped, filthy back of the train, the first fights with the ruling classes, the surprises when the revolutionists move forward and find more and more luxury in the front parts of the train, are very entertaining and original.

Everyone had the cliché personality and the stereotypical behavior so that you knew from the beginning, who will die and who will survive until the forced end.

Sheer brilliance for this visually stunning and very imaginative film.

But this was unwatchable, and here's why.

Speaking of chaos: the action in this movie is gripping and full of impact.

But everything about "Snowpiercer", from the amazing production design and the kinky costumes to its rapid-fire editing and kinetic music score, is first-rate, and it is easily one of the most imaginative and exciting films in recent years.

Their story makes sense (kinda) and the baby story is compelling.

Yet predictable at the end, which I have a tendency to do - It was a great film, the dialog was brilliant.

Bong Joon-Ho's 'Snowpiercer' takes a tired and stale pile of left-wing moralizing and wraps it up in a somewhat intriguing premise.

Some oddly-placed tonal shifts and choppy CGI due to its limited budget inflict a few dents, but this is a largely enjoyable grim-faced adventure.

What a waste of a movie, what a waste of my time.

really slow pace+low budget .

but literally to waste your time watching this either you are a movie fan that want to check or someone in a train without anything else to do...

The movie is consistently engrossing, though the climactic scenes rise up in some sort of crescendo, particularly in terms of the narrative and the characters' back stories.

So if you're in your 30s or 40s, you'll find this film quite enjoyable - as opposed to the majority of action flicks nowadays.

Images are stunning and, as it happens in comics, pictures generate emotions that words keep and enhance.


All in all if you check logical analysis at the door before, during and after the movie and, instead, just sit back and enjoy the ride you'll find this is an extremely entertaining waste of 2 hours.

This plot hole makes the story pointless.

It had massive potential to be a great movie, the basic concept is interesting and intriguing.

Almost nothing makes sense(the man who got choked to death and stabbed in the stomach miraculously wakes up a few minutes later and does nothing of importance but stare at the Asian girl before dying, and they felt the need to show this pointless scene?

The sets are beautifully designed, but that is about it.. It's basically one of those drawn out Korean films with American actors and production team.

I guess there's always people who watch movies trying to rate them according to some kind of open ending which all of them love but in my case i rate a movie based on how entertaining was.

The one thing you can expect from Joon-ho is to expect the unexpected, and SNOWPIERCER is certainly that.

Ooh, and with the incredibly clever "train in a pointless loop shoot-out scene" they made me understand so brilliantly that we cannot harm each other across multiple layers of society, you have to move all the way up.

It's actually, wait for it - enjoyable to watch.

There are times where the movie is an exciting war film, a tight emotional thriller, a game of cat-and-mouse, a dystopian horror story and there were even times where the movie got genuinely dramatic and emotional.

Pretentious, No Character Development...

As the film reaches its climax with the unexpected twist you wonder what the struggle was all about in the end, as our lead hero ends up crashing the train and killing everybody on board, including himself.

And overall, I think this is worth watching because out of all these post- apocalyptic movies that have been coming out over the last few years, this is the first one, I know of, which isn't some young adult book adaptation which seems more focused on the lead's love life over their struggle against their oppressors.

Then you have the film's two main Korean actors, Song Kang-ho and Ko Ah-Sung who make compellingly entertaining junkies, and then smaller roles by great actors like John Hurt and Allison Pill.

Complete waste of time .

First I want to say that this is one of the best (and entertaining as hell!

Cheap, cruddy, lousy, pitiful, nonsensical waste of time.

Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, where a class system emerges Snowpiercer had one hell of a trailer it showed action and post apocalyptic elements and it also had a great cast unfortunately the movie turns out to be a joke, boring and all those great actors get a small amount of screen time especially Ed Harris who was just there for a paycheck this is a film that was and should be great unfortunately it turned out to be awful and just boring and full of nonsense.

But towards the end the movie starts to drag, and the last scenes of long monologues in the engine are rather boring and pompous.

waste of time!

This One can be re watched and is very enjoyable.

It's empty and hopeless.

The action is just as intense emotionally as it is viscerally.

There are plenty who instantly dislike anything with an "artistic touch" and will throw out words like pretentious and self-indulgent to bash this movie.

What I loved the most was that this movie is unpredictable.

Thusly, Bong Joon-Ho takes the viewer on a journey of incrementing injustices, from the simple beginnings of life in terms of the evolution of civilization, science, education, quality of life – to the downfall of living in excess, partaking in needless hedonism as a byproduct of boredom from having it all, leading to squandering extravagance – to the eventual expiration of any morale or purpose of being.

Utter rubbish - entertaining though if you play the list the stupid moments game .

Sadly it succumbs to the standard long drawn out bloody battle where you don't feel for the heroes or villains as no one is ever properly introduced as a character.

This post-apocalyptic SF was extremely entertaining up to the time they reach the water treatment plant.

The feature also isn't afraid to showcase its odd, satirical quirks or settle down for a slower third act that's mostly dialogue driven.

This film is one of the extremely few films i have recently seen and kept me on the edge of the seat and made me curious and crave for more info and scenes through the whole movie.

Every spectator will have to decided whether that thematic confusion is good or bad.

I rented this movie on iTunes after watching the trailer and finding it somewhat intriguing, although it also seemed a bit odd (which turned out to be the understatement of the year).

Compelling story and magnetic directing .

Chris Evans makes an engaging lead, never letting his stardom get in the way of his character.

"A truly fascinating piece that I can't get out of my head.

I very much enjoyed it, although it is NOT my cup of tea, even in psycho-thrillers, I still have to give it a sexy orange heart for trying.

Some of them survive things they shouldn't or are given powers that are pointless.

Movie is way too long and contains lot of vanities that could been cut out from the movie.

I miss some answers and that makes the film more exciting.

Several unexpected twist in the subtlest of manners.

To describe any details of the plot past the set-up would be criminal, but I'll just say Snowpiercer's plot is one of the twistiet, most shocking, intense and morally complex of any film ever.

They could have done so much more with this :\ Don't waste your time on this.

The fact that this whole movie takes place on a train is intriguing and makes from some pretty unique scenes.

One of the worst movies I've had the displeasure of watching.

the storyline is awful, the cast is random and so wrong, the whole idea of livestock in a train for 17 years just eludes all concepts of morality, the ending is terrible and makes no sense, overall its just a gore fest with little to no plot.

The empty 'battlefield' section, that has no reason to exist on a train like this.

(This fight sequence, by the way, is easily the year's most exciting and memorable.

Fell asleep two times while watching this.

Though this movie is well crafted and i enjoyed it over all, there were still a number of things wrong with it.

Set entirely on a train circumventing the world, this post-doomsday thriller is riveting, intelligent and visually stunning.

Second, planned riots seem an ineffective and unpredictable way to control the masses, despite the fact that the incidence of quelled riots would seemingly prevent future ones.

Consequently, Harvey Weinstein's issues about the pacing of Snowpiercer is widely due to the fact that the film is as much a drama as it is an action packed dystopian piece of science fiction.


Clumsy but entertaining .

I am not usually one to bash a whole movie because of an ending, but I just felt like what I just spent 2 hours watching was THE biggest waste of time.

The main villain(s) as portrayed by Tilda and Ed Harris are indeed captivating; however, the 'good guys' headed by Chris Evans are incredibly dull and undeveloped characters.

As stylish as the film had been up to that point, I think I was expecting something more mundane.

It makes for a story that unfolds at an exciting pace, always keeping you guessing right up to the end where events take place that you never could have seen coming.

If you are a hardcore Sci-FI buff and you are bored it is worth a watch.

The film is dark, fast-moving, and action-packed.

This fictional setting of the film, makes for a type of film that is enjoyable.

It is a very weird and strange film, but it is really good and I enjoyed it even more on my second viewing.

Found some questions that cover so much of the movie that if read you can avoid watching the movie but I recommend watching it, it's entertaining and it feels different.

Apart from that, this movie was pretty intense.

The action scenes are pretty unpredictable and tense since we quickly learn that main characters can be killed off so easily.

A big confusing mess .

So, to cut a long story short–randomly placed slapstick, and a two-hour film might just be too long for somebody who is used to sitting watching a fast paced ninety-minute film.

There were a few interesting characters who did decent acting, but overall the movies was horrible, don't waste your time.

The movie is quite long (a little over 2 hours) and does not hurry itself as most blockbuster thrillers would do.

If you're not an idiot, don't waste your time.

As enjoyable and more meaningful than the movie for us, and we didn't bog down on plot holes.

Frozen by boredom...

While the different characters are intriguing on their own, they fail to develop a more profound chemistry between each other.

Plot a bit pointless and unrealistic .

But the Snowpiercer stands at a unique position among many of those mundane films for several good reasons.

Lame, weak and predictable .

This film is exciting, tense and entertaining.

It simplifies the component elements of it anti-utopia because we more need propaganda, neither high technology which would aim at controlling and at erasing the consciousness of the individual nor the creation of a protagonist with a culture which would allow him to dispute this state.

Movie has lots of bloody surprises awaiting for you with great visuals and stunning story twist at the end of it.

Some scenes really tense and thrilling especially when they have war against soldiers, it's an unbelievable experience.

Terrible continuity for the sake of a pointless action scene.

Overall this movie was a stunning Sci-fi masterwork, worth the watch.

This movie will separate out the people who truly appreciate what kind of transcendence a really well crafted movie can create and convey to its audience, and the pretentious narcissistic film-goer who likes their fairy tales to be just obtuse enough to make them appear to be relevant morality tales.

Everything was engaging from start to finish because of that.

I highly recommend you see this movie, not only to support smaller films but because its more intellectually engaging than half of the crap that passes for entertainment these days.

I find the parallels compelling, although I'm sure there are those who will find them pretentious, obnoxious, stupid, or something else.

Dark, Weird, Ambitious and Wildly Entertaining - Try Not to Focus on the Plot Holes .

Slow down.

As an allegory, "Snowpiercer" is thuddingly literal, but as a piece of visual filmmaking, it's stunning.

It may have been better if the movie was split in two parts so that one would give the setting more and the latter would have a more intense plot-line.

Very thrilling, exciting movie.

Not just for the apocalyptic future themes, but for the memorably entertaining, over-the-top characters and situations that are presented while still feeling grounded in a grim reality.

The film is really enjoyable, and when you start watching it, you would be chained into your chair or bed by your curiosity.

The film's action-packed, adventurous, visually impressive but at the same time it's neither too thrilling & surprising, nor outstanding and mindblowing.

First off, albeit the dystopian setting, it still carries a highly fascinating premise that's able to stand out from the rest of the apocalyptic tales.

the "sweet" children teacher or the Tilda Swinton's one), but the prolonged fightings are really bad and boring, adding nothing to the story.

I found the action to be extremely exciting and satisfying, the performances to be solid, the characters memorable, the plot completely original and every moment made me love the movie more.

Swearing I sometimes feel is a lazy way of trying to make a particular scene more intense, and it does not always work for me.

The little bits and pieces of humor we caught glimpses of in the opening segments are long gone by the time this intensely engrossing tale hits the final act.

This film takes a picture of so many layers of human life and splits them into cars of a train stuck in the middle of a perpetual locomotive engine that teeters on the edge of near extinction.

The slow reveal is what the train's architect (Ed Harris, capably dusting off his Truman Show serene zealot) refers to as a 'fragile ecosystem' – an apt description, given how much the set grunts and wheezes like a living thing.

It's completely pointless and non-sensical.

A stunning performance when she steps up to the mike and says "1,2,3.

Evocative, wacky and intelligent.

First of all, the concepts and plot of this film are so completely absurd that you have to assume that it is intended in such a way and that the train is really a metaphor intended to make some sort of trite social commentary.

The characters are dull, with some laughable attempts to add depth to them.

Unfortunately the genius is only viewable in the beautiful artwork done for this movie, because indoor shots as well as outdoor shots are breathtaking.

A Fascinating Metaphor on Society .

Despite such drawbacks, the film is engaging, thought provoking, thrilling and capably presented.

To paraphrase Monty Python, I fling my boogers in the general direction of your super- pretentious Allegory!

Snowpiercer is one of the smartest action packed thrill rides I've seen in a long time.

What a lame, boring and totally predictable movie.


The crazy Terminator dude shooting at the party around that huge curve was evocative of "the snake eating its own tail"; illustrating futility and irrational self-destructiveness, driven by emotion.

So boring I have to vomit.

Not a single own idea, only cliché after cliché, stereotypical figures, speech, dialogue, action.

With buck teeth and coke-bottle glasses, she's the film's most entertaining character, almost humorous, if you can even use that word for this post-apocalyptic parable about the haves and the have-nots.

Stunning and entertaining enough .

) therein – the film sputters briefly with a somewhat slow buildup and an odd lull in the middle, and the dialogue is occasionally a tad too evident as being written by a filmmaker working in his second language (Chris Evans' tearful "I know what people taste like… I know that babies taste the best" confession probably played better in Korean).

A unique, entertaining and engaging film.

What a waste of time.

I felt this movie was cliché.

You have all of these people on a huge, lumbering train that's going nowhere as fast as possible, and the denouement may leave viewers a little empty, as if some existential point should have been made.

I mean, why else would one of them show up in the last twenty minutes spouting off lazy, contrived dialogue while the other gets off on wearing some ugly false teeth.

I mean it feels like they would be a bit prepared for it, and maybe have the common sense to slow down.

One should go for it only if he's expecting good actions, thrilling suspense and the great visuals.

The film is a tense gripping thriller from start to finish with powerful performances throughout.

Snowpiercer is a rather odd tale, but one that is highly imaginative, consistently entertaining, and it's chock full of themes worth exploring (whether you want to or not).

The first half of the movie is boring and setting up mainly the background, had me and my friend were wondering where it was headed.

From a visual perspective, it is stunning with it's thrilling images of everything from the landscape outside of the train to the aquarium within it.

I found it to be an immensely entertaining sci-fi action flick.

Oh dear, I'm afraid I've spent far too long hashing over this, must persist, the fate of mankind rests on my pen.

Snowpiercer posits an intriguing near-future scenario.

Intense, Epic, Questions the nature of man .

I just saw the movie and I enjoyed it a lot.

One of the worst movies I have ever watched.

My buddy fell asleep, and I'm still not in love with it.

Curtis and the bad guy shooting through the windows at each other from a thousand feet away with short range weapons was a waste of time.

Snowpiercer is an action packed film that should not be missed and seen for the true art Joon Ho Bong created.

the train metaphor of a "society engine that we think we need to live, but actually is sick and must be destroyed" is nothing original, and the movie is pretentious and silly.


You'd think that such a film would feel linear and uninteresting even with the superior art direction.

Entertaining, and a bit unique flick .

Some people have compared "Snowpiercer" to Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", and maybe that's a surprisingly fitting comparison: Like "Metropolis", "Snowpiercer" has some really fascinating visuals.

It could have been done a lot better, I liked the idea, but the movie is a big waste of time, it's not even watchable.

Fast train, slow and disengaging plot.

The movie is so exciting and arousing at times (dig the scene where the revolutionaries rediscover the power of fire as both a tool and a weapon) that it's easy to overlook any narrative flaws.

I guess It could have been more psychological, but the constant rush of the movie is very thrilling like a rollercoaster that doesnt stop moving til the ride is over!

The script was disjointed and simply didn't work.

we've seen this theme in a dozen other science devoid post-apocolyptic filmssome of the performances might have been good, but they are utterly wasted on a premise so cockamamie that the entire thing cannot be regarded as anything above trite drivel

Big applause to Director Bong and his crews in delivering such thought provoking, breathtaking enjoyment.

Song Kang-Ho is always an entertaining presence.

The worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

I dont think There is any way you could be bored watching this movie.

It's worth watching as an entertaining and slightly larger than life action movie, as long as you don't pay too much attention to the finer details.

However, despite all this, it's actually a pretty entertaining film.

This movie features some very weird characters, some unexpected twists and a lot of - quite gory - action.

Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob & Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette, Snowpiercer is an intriguing, compelling, thought-provoking and intense South Korean sci-fi action drama film with credible English-speaking casts: Chris Evans (Captain America), Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), John Hurt (V for Vendetta), Tilda Swinton (Narnia), Ed Harris (The Truman Show) and so on.

The train is in fact so pointless that I rate Snowpiercer a decent B- movie that would have benefited from a generous dose of nudity, sex and debauchery in the party section.

A highly recommended sci-fi action drama with intriguing concepts .

this is actually my first review and i just wanna say its a complete waste of my time and money!

That's pretty much what this film entails: the prologue is brief, setting the stage immediately for an all-out onslaught of bloody fighting, riveting peril, and startling revelations.

Here he take a script that could have been a disaster in the wrong hands and turns it into an intelligent, exciting action sci-fi movie.

While this film captures the idea from the graphic novel Le Transperceneige, director Joon Ho Bong incorporated high artistic camera work that is beyond entertaining.

While this story certainly plays out like most films that come from Asia, the references to western films are frequent - It is well worth watching for that alone and I am certain that anime fans will be able to point out numerous references to them as well.


Luckily, we got ourselves the right cut, because this is a magnificent sci-fi film that is energetic, emerges with potent themes, has an eclectic cast, has some horse-powered action scenes, and in all a very entertaining film.

Some of the themes that are present in the film are based on modern days political and economic systems,and the impact of religion and our schooling system on society, the film expresses these themes in a really marvelous and suspenseful way.

Tossed among the scenes of ugliness and mayhem, battles that unfold w/o rhyme or reason, are heavy musings about life and culpability by characters who are empty stereotypes , often PC, less interesting humanly than the scenery.

just watch the movie for what it is, a really rousing, emotional sci-fi, action movie with good cgi effects.

The ending is one big confusing mess, and I did not enjoy "Snowpiercer".

What unfurls is a series of drawn out, dialogue-driven scenes followed by stabbings, shootings, and delectable, frozen arm amputation (hey, what can I tell ya, it's cold outside).

if yes, the all thing is pointless.....

All in all though - probably an entertaining movie if you'e not a nitpicker like me.

Is it Right-Wing, Independent or Left-Wing propaganda?

I have seen thousands of movies over the years, and this is by far one of the worst movies ever!

Suspenseful, brutal and illogical movie .

I found these characters' stories fascinating.

As exciting, dark roller coasters, most people will enjoy this.

However, I think this film is a total waste of time.

Legimately Fascinating .

The worst movie ever .

Very entertaining .

Fascist allegory successfully covers close to every single cliché in the book .

Despite its imperfection, the story is still thrilling and sweeps you up.

Very pretentious and silly .

This amazing/suspenseful/surreal/psychological and just PERFECT example of how Cinema can be used to educate us on all the different aspects of the human spectrum, while teaching us life altering lessons.

I kept seeing positive reviews pop up everywhere so I finally settled down and gave it a looksee.. I must say I really enjoyed it.

This is no Citizen Kane, but it is an entertaining film and it succeeds at what it sets out to do.

That the film has a more serious edge in its cautionary ecological message amid the sci-fi fantasy action is even more intriguing and gives the film some gravitas.

Walsh lookalike who is tougher to kill than a terminator and an absolutely nutballs Tilda Swinton, unrecognizable under a dairy queen cake of makeup and a muddled northern England accent, dryly playing the tyrannical head of propaganda.

Only reason this got good reviews is the big name actors, dont waste your time.

The advantaged children are pampered in a sprightly classroom where they are fed eggs and propaganda, both hard boiled.

The whole movie is just extremely entertaining; the perfect summer popcorn flick.

But whatever the conclusion, the journey is an exciting blast of adrenaline.

" Struggle through the confusion of the 'science' and 'reason' behind what is happening and your left with what seems like a redemption story combined with a story that tries to portray the weird eccentric breaking free from the nature of society to play with a polar bear in the cold.

Original, flawed, entertaining .

It's in these early days that Snowpiercer surges to life as a textbook example of how creative, engrossing, poignant, and downright fun the action genre can be in the right hands.

Predictable actions, incongruent characters and several plot holes that are borderline stupid, as it is the end of the film.

The action choreography wasn't amazing, but it was pretty stylized and engaging and it wasn't mindless.

The story went no where, and was slow getting there.

Pointless bummer...

The way they deploy the plot is intriguing.

The acting is superb and the visual effects are stunning.

Which seems an accurate reflection of the balance of banality and horror that we all live in.

A very entertaining and well produced film that isn't without its flaws.

The real problem is that the setting is so contrived (a train hurtling around a frozen Earth for 17 years, requiring no repair of tracks and impervious to frozen ice boulders covering the rails, which are pierced like paper bags), that the film really needed to go for surreal all the way.

Some of the fights are really entertaining, and one in particular reminded me of one of the classic 70's James Bond's villain-hero fights, the one in which the head psychopathic security guard fights with the advancing insurgents.

I understand that there is some sort of Asian culture/atmosphere behind this movie that may have escaped my grasp, but the whole thing made little sense, the atmosphere was absurd, the dialogues were shallow and pointless and everywhere where logic was involved you would just quit using it with a feeling that the whole production is so low quality is not worth you bothering your neurons.

is an allegory and a very entertaining one at that.

The train itself became a parody and was so predictable as was the ending.

However I was let down by the Namgoong Minsoo (Kang-ho Song) the tech wizard and Snowpiercer security expert, while well-acted I found his character quite uninteresting and boring.

It'd be better spent watching paint dry .

Captain America Rides A Train That Runs On Tracks Of Unexpected Thrills .

The film succeeds on so many levels: attention to characters, fantastic world-building concepts, stunning visuals, good pacing, avoidance of melodrama (normally found in many Korean films), the unexpected turn of events and a surprising twist near the end of the film.

The plot does have its struggles, most of which probably could have been tidied by an attentive editor, but at the end of the day that kind of reckless disregard for the rules serves to make it even more unpredictable and fascinating.

The rest is just a terrible mix of absurd, with pointless, with it's a movie...

Giving it a full on Blake's 7 ending made a lot of the movie's main conflict feel a little pointless in hindsight.

Here, the grotesque mouthpiece of the train's elite (exquisite scene-stealer Tilda Swinton, in a deliciously campy Margaret Thatcher parody) cackles metaphors about head- and-foot-shoes-don't-go-on-your-head-don't-you-know, just as a psychotically chipper, pregnant schoolteacher (the note-perfect Allison Pill) mmm-bops propaganda tunes along with her class before letting loose with an uzi over their heads at the band of insurgents.

Plowing thru the perceived barriers even as its is surrounded by its own wasteland going nowhere.

for now though, the first few viewings will be just because the movie was so rousing and emotional, there was plenty of action in this movie for the junkies and very, very well done.

Is this a bad B-movie with decent production or a horrid attempt at trite social commentary.

The film's icy cool visuals are breathtaking and are enough to entertain you.

Overall not a disaster, but watch it only if you are bored, i was expecting too much from this i guess and the movie failed to deliver....

It's very entertaining and it is a complete breath of fresh air.

The characters from Snowpiecer are so uninteresting and two dimensional, that all dramatic death scenes are wasted.

Besides the illogical script, piles of cliché and non-existent original soundtrack, did you pick up the subtle messages in the movie?

Enjoyable, if you forget all inconsistencies .

Just as Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat kept the alien invasion genre fresh, Snowpiercer keeps the post apocalyptic genre entertaining and unique.

Lovely effects, intriguing script and storyline, great actors and acting make this a movie that you might even want to see again!

Also, despite all its flaws, this is at least an original and entertaining movie with interesting visuals that never gets boring (well, almost never - it's a bit slow in the beginning).

Even the basic plot is utterly uninteresting, even though it had some potential, the action sequences are awfully done, yawn and giggle inducing even.

Entirely entertaining despite a weak story and several plot holes .

The plot is very engaging and despite the length of the film I can promise you, you won't find yourself at all bored and wanting that extra bag of popcorn, and the dialogue, while over the top at times, goes along with the purposely pompous and pretentious characters who, despite being stereotypical, are so well drawn and acted that they surprise the viewer nonetheless.

But for all the cracks in the foundation of this scifi story, it is entertaining and tickles the imagination.

The story is a bit predictable and it seemed like more time was spent on the look than the story.

Droves of slow-moving, ambiguously-sexual, costumed crackheads at a rave?

Despite all this though, it's the message of the movie that shines brightest thanks to a stunning combination of acting, special effects, CGI, attention to detail and story telling.

Well written screenplay to form into an entertaining cinema.

This is in no way like a Hollywood movie-- it is not cookie-cutter, formulaic, or afraid to take chances.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this film and my only real criticism is that it was way too long.

As the back of the train group progresses they witness a very alarming site and that is the class room where they see the youth of the train consuming the propaganda that is laid out by Wilford their leader; the children that reside in the class room are all very prejudice to the back of the train group and give off a cult vibe towards Wilford.

Don't waste your time!.

I missed "Snowpiercer" when it was being screened at the AFI Silver Theatre, though it was there for several weeks, but based on the evocative title and the 95% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, I was expecting something special, perhaps even beautiful in a cold, 'dystopian' and surreal sort of way.

If you accept Bong's craziness and unwillingness to adhere to orthodox storytelling, Snowpiercer proves an intriguing ride, though not everyone will be able to stay on board, violent, disturbing and messed up as it deservedly can be called.

This movie was so crazy and disjointed that I figured I was on drugs while watching it.

It is certainly not a movie for all, but it's worth watching if you leave out rationality and go into the deeper messages of the movie

Only thing that dragged me to the theater was the director's name (also the great cast), and i am happy to say that i'm pleasantly blown away by director Bong once again.

The rebellion of those living at the back of the Snowpiercer, a train that now provides the only means of survival on earth, is the focus of the story, and a thrilling adventure it is!

Absurdist, needlessly-violent and contrived nonsense .

It is so thrilling.

Thrilling, entertaining and thought-provoking from caboose to engine, "Snowpiercer" caters to all your expectations of the genre and feeds them through a streamlined plot that, like the titular train and its precious engine, never stops moving.

Tilda Swinton and Chris Evan's characters were great and being that the movie is replete with no-name actors (save for Ed Harris) and is for all intents and purposes a *wholly* Korean movie, it still felt enjoyable, foreign, and not the usual Hollywood garbage.

Not ten out of ten because 1) there was a rather unfortunately dramatic and pretentious intro bit with some lame conspiracy theory music, and 2) THE POLAR BEAR.

However, the most entertaining performance was given by Tilda Swinton as Minister Mason.

The concept is very unique and the style of the film is very engaging, complete with a very fast pace and good action.

So yes great idea+ some intense action scenes....

Still, the film is worth viewing just for the thrilling imagery and total artistry in the production values.

Oh, yeah, there's the idea of being the underdog and fighting the evil institution that rules them (just like a dozen recent movies, literally, like "The Hunger Games" which is far more compelling, and which inspired this to some extent, especially the fabulous Tilda Swinton character).

This movie is like a very pointless linear video game - it basically has levels that the main (unlikable) characters have to progress through to reach the end.

I enjoyed it, except for the ending.

This movie was so terrible it's not even worth the time of getting into all the details of how absolutely ridiculous, boring and painful it was to watch.

Snowpiercer is often cold (no pun intended) and satirical, yet downright affecting with lots of intriguing ideas wandered around.

Evans is rather boring in the role, mostly because he's a fairly boring actor.

The basic premise is compelling enough: it's a train that never stops, with a repressed underclass fighting their way up and forward against everything thrown at them by their privileged masters.

An enjoyable watch .

Frankly, I could go on and on - But, the thing is there is just too many plot-holes and next to no character development And what's worse I had no compassion for any character Amazingly this have a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score, so you might just enjoy this movie thoroughly thoughTake away my bad attitude towards pointless and excessive violence and stupidity, I'm actually a glass-half-full type of woman, so I give it a 3 for its somewhat classic and heroic class-war theme with an utter lack of depth or even sensibility

Unique And Enjoyable.

So I would give Snowpiercer only a 6 and say it is probably worth watching….

Lame movie, waste of time (and maybe money) .

It was entertaining, and it does not require realism for it, so I give it a solid 7.

She almost carries the film single handed and I could watch her horrible, strange and fascinating character till the cows come home.

The icing on the cake is that the social commentary content is actually intriguing.

In 2013, Bong Joon-ho directed a film that received universal acclaim for keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

8 -Stories set on trains have always fascinated me a lot , but this one is definitely a fresh addition, a unique movie that is far from being your everyday blockbuster, with an unexpectedly deep commentary on society and stunning visuals.

It has a catchy plot, even if completely ludicrous—a train is on a winding track throughout the entire planet, circling by magic only once a year (that's a very slow train, even with all the twists implied).

Don't expect Bladerunner or 1984 tho, just arty farty, pretentious, for the sake of it cinematography (don't think cool sci fi matrix style)that will no doubt ensure the discussions are about pointless ponce as oppose to critical and productive thinking.

Yes indeed pointless.

Literally every actor, whether it be Jamie Bell as Curtis' second-in-command, John Hurt as the quiet Gilliam, Octavia Spencer as the grief-stricken but extremely ticked off soldier in Curtis' poor, caboose-end army or even Ed Harris as the man who made the train possible and the object of the lower class' ire and the point of their revolt, did their job fantastically and took the already interesting characters and made them even more engrossing to watch.

The idea of a sub class at the back of a train is just so intriguing.

By the end, the film reveals itself as a surprisingly thoughtful contemplation projecting the problems of today into a science-fiction tomorrow, while it ties together a compelling story that continuously shifts.

Grim and fatalistic, this picture packs a chilly, compelling punch.

It has it own entertaining quality and at the same time, it is very philosophical.

Worst movie I've seen this year.

Either Way, Snowpiercer is incredibly entertaining and definitely worth a watch.

An exciting and thrilling train ride .

Our guards probably knew that, but they followed our orders to hold empty guns anyway.

I'm a grown man and I found myself gripping my jacket in front of my face on numerous occasions due to the alarmingly satisfying moments of brilliant tenseness.

Joon-ho Bong's English-language debut is a uniquely thrilling and allegorical film that is sure to delight action lovers and sci-fi buffs alike.

On the positive side, it features stunning decorations, graphics and locations as well as great fighting scenes and special effects and finally a gripping dark atmosphere from the beginning to the end.

Going very fast, on a bumpy ride, yet going nowhere.

Apart from the whole humanity on a train thing, I mean that just sounds stupid and pointless.

The themes presented in the movie are executed well thought the script and are acted out well enough to be both entertaining and thought provoking.

Some surprises appear in this riveting film which locks you in till the ambiguous end .

What you get is sheer brilliance for this visually stunning and very imaginative film!

While watching this movie, I could not stop thinking where "Hollywood" ended, what a waste of money and talent movies like this exist.

Don't waste your time here, you can invest your time elsewhere.

Sure it is a metaphorical train, but there are so many pointless fights, killings and stupid actions by the characters that after a while I was annoyed by the whole thing.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen, and yes I have watched Salo (or the 120 Days of Sodom) in it's entirety.

While Joon-ho (who also serves as the film's screenwriter with Kelly Masterson) and cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo make Snowpiercer a riveting film visually, it's a film that lacks in illustrating compelling characters.

The end result is an admirable slice of ambition that unfortunately settles for the strengths of its aesthetics and symbolism to carry what should've been a far more engaging story.

It was visually very stunning and the acting was as can always be expected from Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and the rest of the cast some of the best.

The movie looked great, the first half was beyond thrilling, the acting for the latter half was just, top notch, the action was bloody and fantastic, and most of all, the ideology behind the story was interesting to say at least.

One of the things in this movie that bothered me a little was the casting of Chris Evans, not because i think he is a bad actor far from it, but because whenever i look at him i see Captain America, thats why i think they should have casted someone who is less known, but other than that i can honestly say that the overall acting, directing, and writing is really good, with some awesome stunt work and suspenseful action scenes as well.

Yet, it is easily one of the smartest and most entertaining science-fiction films this side of the decade.

Intense scenes (like fighting), I fell, were incredibly composed.

The shifts in tone feel odd, and while individual scenes are quite good, with some crazy, over-the-top action and some darkly humorous moments (notably the classroom scene and everything with the entertaining Tilda Swinton) the movie lacks cohesion.

But in the End it is with Dismal and Dreary Eye Candy sprinkled with Scenes of Garish Coloring and Outlandishly Over-the Top Caricatures that the Film Succeeds in being a Bleak Treat.

The Story told is fascinating and horrifying state in a surreal world where you will find yourself at the very end.

CGI is limited to a few breathtaking scenes that really add up to the storyline.

John Hurt is the exception: he's lucky to have that finely engraved face, but drones on wearily as he has in most films since Alien.

I mean - movie had great concept (I loved the design of original comic this movie is based upon and actually enjoyed first trailer when I saw it), but let's face the facts - acting is simply awful, Evans barely can hold his role together, and movie's plot is so predictable and straight forward boring, that nothing, even mediocre cinematography and great interior design of the shots simply can't save it from being failure.

, fine, I get it, Snowpiercer is not a perfect movie and perhaps some of the cuts should have been made, especially at the end, but for the most part this Sci-Fi work of Korean cinema was most watchable and enjoyable.

One of the All Time Worst Movies .

This is not biting social commentary, it is utterly, derivative, banal, ridiculous garbage.

An entertaining watch.

Here and there you will find some good visuals (the train running in a frozen world, the upper classes luxury) and some creepy/fascinating characters (i.

Contains plenty of spoilersMost of the 'what' moments have been explained, though despite those the movie reeks of neo-leftist propaganda, it didn't even take me to watch the movie to catch onto that one, the first two minutes said it all "sponsored by the blah blah blah of cultural arts" and other special thanks that would indicate nobody expected this movie.

Based on the buzz, I went in expecting a lot of pretentious bull.

Spoiler inside - please read this and don't waste your time with this flick .

It is the type of movie that surprises you because of the slow start.

A stunning, visionary example of dystopian science-fiction cinema at its best, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" is based on the French graphic novel - a blockbuster rich in style that successfully breaks through cultural and political boundaries.

In conclusion, this is an ambitious and entertaining action film which succeeds on every level.

It's more enjoyable if you watch it with an open mind.

Bong has a distinct style and makes the action intense and brutal.

Pretentious ugly mess .

Then the awful, washed-out cinematography, (with the Alexa as a choice, film, at least for hand-held lowlight work like this, should get deader faster) the ugly-over-the-top gray design , the relentlessly claustrophobic, though not at all evocative (a la Das Boot), and cinematically boring interior train shots along with the excessive latex and gore just wore me down.

Unnerving social commentary fused with rousing adventure .

), this is a waste of time.

It is, however, a fast paced plot that can be confusing with working out who is who and what exactly is going on.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

I saw this movie at a preview last night, and while this film has all of the ingredients that make for an entertaining ride and nothing more, it also has a lot more going on.

Its contrived and amped up beyond acceptable satire.

THE DIRECTION: There are long, long, boring moments between thoughts and actions, and between comments and responses, as if viewers could not possibly comprehend and therefore needs LOTS of time to get with the program.

That is paired with great visuals and some of the most exciting fight sequences to sink your eyeballs into in a while.

Bong Joon-ho's first film in English comes on the back of a wildly divergent back catalogue, including the sublime Madeo (Mother), the tedious crime/procedural Memories of Murder and blockbuster monster-film The Host.

In any case, this fascinating milieu serves as the backdrop to a social allegory.

The representation of society and the class system was obvious and uninspiring.

I found this film to be very enjoyable.

Like HUNGER GAMES and the dozens of other post-apocalyptic special effects extravaganzas this movie (if occasionally enjoyable when Tilda Swinton and Alison Pill appear) is pure fantasy.

The central dystopian conceit isn't entirely unique, yet feels fresh enough thanks to some exciting injections of bold ideas and daringly dark implications.

Is Snowpiercer worth watching.