Something's Gotta Give (2003) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A swinger on the cusp of being a senior citizen with a taste for young women falls in love with an accomplished woman closer to his age.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Nancy Meyers
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 94 out of 396 found boring (23.73%)

One-line Reviews (257)

Of the three movies, this is the weakest, but over all it's pretty enjoyable.

Her gestures and expressions reflect her character's rocky and unexpected conscription back into the world of dating, love and - yes - sex.

Somewhere amidst the epic touchiness of the whole concept, a dull and boring ending arrived, which I expected to be the most unlikely.

While far from being a great film, it provides plenty of entertaining moments.

The two should have gone to have coffee and talk over Keaton's character, have stumbled upon some theoretical and highly cerebral topic they shared an intense interest in -- human genome or something -- and become so absorbed in each other that the doctor decides he's not so interested in the playwright after all.

Predictable Fun .

you will feel no emotions come over you but disgust, and this is if you can stay awake the whole movie.

It feels empty and dishonest.

Worth watching if you like romance and don't expect too much.

He is so entertaining.

It's definitely an entertaining movie.

Enjoyable film with a great group of actors .

There were plenty of opportunities for solid and resolute endings, but the writer decided to incorporate this stupid stage play (Diane Keaton's character is a playwright) based on the romance that took place in the film, then some crap about Nicholson's character following Keaton's to Paris to apologize and yadda-yadda-yadda and it just becomes trite to the point where you just barely remember how bright, refreshing and original the movie was before all this crap!

Undoubtedly, one of the most successful romantic comedies of all time, with stunning performances.

Oh and the beach house is worth watching alone.

All contrived for immediate audience and box-office gratification.

If you do like Diane Keaton and don't mind a formulaic movie, then this one will be an enjoyable 128 minutes.

Amanda Peet is one of my faves and she starts off with a bang in her role, but that promising start ends with a very obvious and fairly dull whimper.

Despite the high competence of the actors (including Keanu, who despite constant carping at his acting skills is suave and able here), it all seems more than pointless, too drawn out and not really ever funny, though middle-aged women apparently have found Ms. Keaton's sufferings hilarious.

First there was the inane plot, which then led you to the cheesy, romantic, mumbo-jumbo; all resulting in confusion and frustration, because this is not what you were expecting from a comedy.

I must confess that I don't know if the movie got any better after the scene on the beach with Amanda Peet and Diane Keaton because my husband and I walked out.

Peet's role is fine, but in honesty, a little boring and romantically underdeveloped, for such a bright woman.

Unfortunately, the plodding and predictable script leads viewers deeper and deeper into despair, as implausible story lines are played out to their tedious conclusion.

worst movie ive ever seen .

This movie was very entertaining and enjoyable.

In summation this is an entertaining laughfest with two good actors showing that age is certainly just a state of mind.

It had some funny moments sure, but I still left the theater feeling empty.

What is nice, though, is that the process of their falling in love with one another is realistic, complicated and pretty enjoyable.

Enjoyable .

a predictable film with great acting .

And then it decided it would become serious and try and get across a decent meaning, the jokes dried up and it became repetetive, predictable, and boring.

"Something's Gotta Give" is an enjoyable romantic comedy, it's worth the watch.

entertaining .

Speaking of which, there is NONE, no script, in this sodden wreck of a film.

Somethings Gotta Give is funny, sad and entertaining.

Before I started writing I noticed that the plot synopsis was empty – pretty much like the film itself.

But that is what makes it all the more interesting and exciting--there is more at stake and more distance to travel to get there.

Very Enjoyable .

This film is an enjoyable piece of entertainment - interesting characters and locales, and a story which combines the serious and humorous is a perfect blendReaves and Peet, along with the rest of the supporting actors, are well-cast, and present characters and performances which add to one's enjoyment of this film.

This Movie came on one boring and lazy Sunday, and though I knew it would not be my cup of tea, I gave it a chance.

When I left the theater -- my heart was lighter & my sides hurt from laughing.

) It's a pity, the more so because Meyers reivindicates mature and intense eroticism with style and much affection.

Sure I could figure it had to be Paris, but it was just mundane.

Yes, it was that slow.

The story was a bit of fast and slow at the same time.

Well written and acted, spawning thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

Wasted talent all around, with a waste of my time to boot - were it not for the goofs I was counting up and shaking my head at watching, I think Walt Disney could have amused me better - and I loathe cartoons, and 'family' movies with 'sweet' plots and outcomes.

And make it worth watching twice, believe it or not, at least with a few years rest.

But: the whole story is about as predictable as lights on a Christmas tree and more than just a tad too pat; Frances McDormand and Amanda Peet are unforgivably wasted in grossly underwritten parts while Keanu Reeves, as the young doctor having the hots for Keaton, is his usual bland persona; and at over two hours (!

Diane Keaton is a little bland next to him or annoying but everyone together is entertaining.

The idea to show romance at sixty is original but translated in Hollywood language, it's become dull and hollow : if we see their naked parts, the movie is too prude to show them actually having sex and above all, as usual in American comedies, the characters live in an ideal world, faraway of our daily lives : Nicholson is a rich music mogul and Keaton is a famous writer.

And the way the ending panned out was so entirely predictable and Hollywood.

The relationship between Nicholson and Keaton, peculiar in many ways but still absorbing and often delightful, is quite tentative and leaves much to be desired in its absence throughout the doldrums of the never-ending "conclusion".

So we get to Dancing Henries who are major characters in a successful play that features the death of a character like the cliché Harry who was apparently renamed Henry.

The first one was hilarious and the second one gave away too much and made the movie to look uninteresting.

Annoying, Predictable, Not funny .

I'm a real fan of Jack Nicholson's but this film I feel is too silly, too maudlin, and rather boring.

The movie has problems--it's WAY too long (there are at least 5 times I thought it was ending) and I HATED the ending.

Also, the movie deserves to be commended for even approaching the subject of the disgusting older men/younger women phenomenon, and for showing people who aren't under 40 making out, etc. etc. The movie itself is a stockpile of cliches and random, tedious dialogue, with just enough funny moments to keep me from wandering out into the lobby and checking out posters of coming attractions.

Overall, has its flaws, but manages to be an engaging romantic comedy.

It seems all romantic comedies are just slightly different variations on reaching the same boring conclusions.

I've enjoyed it, and it's definitely from Jack Nicholson fans all around the world.

An entertaining acting ensemble.

Something's Boring .

Oh, what the heck, I enjoyed it!

There are two ways to get accolades for your acting: either play a mentally slow person or cry a whole lot.

Outstanding lead performances by Oscar winners Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are the main selling points of SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, an off-beat engaging comedy where Nicholson falls in love with the mother (Keaton) of his much younger girlfriend (Amanda Peet).

This predictable romp is enlivened by some fabulous dialogue (Harry: 'I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth.

A heart attack incident soon changes Harry's perspective on life and brings him closer to Erica, who has remained isolated and alone for far too long.

The basic premise of this movie sounds like the exact opposite of a cliché.

Then they are shaken up and mixed several different ways, so that their bold and unpredictable reactions, are both expected and unexpected.

Cliché upon cliché, every scene in this movie is a cliché we've seen a thousand times before.

An entertaining movie if you suspend any judgment (not any, ALL!!

Entertaining romantic comedy that was much better than expected.

What a waste of time and money this was.

I wonder if he was as bored as he looked doing this after finishing all the high action moves in the Matrix flicks.

Frances McDormand was fabulous, and her scenes were the only entertaining ones of the film- too bad they only accounted for about 10 minutes.

The story is inane and boring.

This is NOT just a 'made for women' movie, its a movie for BOTH mature men and women, and should be equally enjoyable for both sexes.

'Something's Gotta Give' is your typical predictable romantic comedy.

Unlike other movies where there is usually a boring part in the middle, this movie has no boring part.

Perhaps as an 18 year old bloke being dragged along to a romantic comedy i'm being biased, since my parents loved it.

After opening with a highly-contrived and awkward set of circumstances, it is nearly amazing that "Something's Gotta Give" does have something to offer (though it is slight).

Very worthwhile and entertaining show .

After that, the movie became very predictable.

Yes I do admit it does have its problems- it is overlong, the ending was rather abrupt and the film does have some very predictable moments.

It's hard to be both totally predictable and ludicrously implausible at the same time.

Besides being overly long and ponderous, it was completely unbelievable.

To top it off though is the TOTAL and under predictable "plot" - if one could even call it such.

I like Jack & Diane as much as the next guy, but the sound tech should have told the director that Nicholson speaks the entire movie in a low, monotone register we haven't heard from him since "The Shining".

She has a real nice snappy delivery to her lines.

I have also been a big fan of Diane Keaton but she is only OK and her screaming, blubbering in the middle of the movie gets tiresome.

There were some funny moments in this somewhat boring story of an aging bachelor who only dates younger women falling in love with his girlfriends mother.

Stupid and Predictable .

Erica is smart, witty and has quite a riveting personality.

What an enjoyable time at the movies.

Well written and acted, spawning thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

Their chemistry flows out of the screen and makes ordinary couples look as bland as a Seattle rainstorm.

I fell asleep for about three hours, and when I woke up, the movie was about halfway done.

It was a waste of talented actors and the most poorly written piece of garbage I've seen in a long time.

I believe that this was a failing of the script - despite sections of snappy dialogue, the cliches rolled on in.

Formulaic, soft focus and annoying .

Still, worth watching for the stars, who bury their bland co-stars in the dust and essentially make this a two-character movie with some cardboard cut-outs to talk to.

The dialogue was flat and boring.

But overall, very witty and entertaining, just a little overlong...

Director Nancy Meyers ("What Women Want," 1998's "Parent Trap" remake) serves up another dish of bland and cliché romantic comedy fluff where believability takes a back seat on the Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton vehicle "Something's Gotta Give.

her character seems unrealistic in her reactions, eg. ill-explained reactions, motivations unclear and unexpected ...

Gradually Harry and Erica are drawn together, against their initial judgements, and this formulaic and improbable story nevertheless manages to be entertaining for a couple of hours.

Probably not very believable, but a thoroughly enjoyable movie for the comedy, expertly done by Nicholson, Keaton, Peet, and Reeves.

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are superb, they play off of each other with real ease, and create one of the most entertaining on screen romances I have seen in quite some while.

Whilst slow in the start and a bit too drawn out towards the end, the story is in general very well written.

In conclusion, it's full of clichés told by pretentious stars that success and money have cut from their humanity.

It is funny and brilliant,romantic and entertaining and what's more, it is very special and quite different from most of the other romantic stories.

fair and predictable comedy .

While staying with Erica, many romantic situation happens until a predictable end.

The problem in this comedy is that you feel both Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton were playing themselves in a script that is forced with deliberate complications and a predictable solution.

In other words, the story's fairly predictable.

However, `Something's Gotta Give' formulaic screenplay falls short on originality & inventiveness.

Slow and Predictable...

Well, this comedy feels empty, somehow.

I admit, I am a sucker for films like this -- films which rely entirely on the smart reading of snappy dialog.

It seems that every time an actress goes ahead and does an unexpected nude scene she gets all this recognition!

And let me declare it strongly; it's SO PREDICTABLE, without seeing its trailer earlier I guessed the whole story by seeing the first meeting between its 2 leads / the movie's second scene !!

It makes a film that could be very boring in quite interesting.

At the same time, Harry's cliché chauvinistic need to be with another woman gives rise to a almost everlasting cry from Erica.

Finally they settle for the same old trite Hollywood ending.

"Something's Gotta Give" is in a way a formulaic romantic comedy, in that it has all the predictable twists.

The plot was extremely boring, and was basically the following: Meet, Heart Attack, Love, Heart Attack, Fight, Heart Attack, and so on...

For me, it was a lightweight delight from start to finish -- like whipped cream -- not particularly good for you, but so enjoyable, all the same.

The point of acting is to portray a character, but I have never seen Keaton portray anything but her neurotic, boring self.

Nancy Meyers is to be congratulated for providing the world with a thoroughly enjoyable flick.

Story dragged a bit.

This when the fun really starts.. It's really highly enjoyable to see Keaton and Nicholson act in this romantic comedy.

Bland and Unfunny .

After that, the movie became very predictable.

There are some entertaining moments in this film.

A main stream movie dealing with middle-aged romance and showing that it can be as exciting and romantic as with younger people.

It will never count as one of the greatest works of art, but it is true to life, makes you think, laugh and have an enjoyable evening.


Due to a scheduling mixup, Mother also shows up and after a good deal of initial confusion, an uneasy truce ensues with both parties agreeing to spend the weekend while remaining discreetly out of one another's way.

One Great, entertaining film.

this was a fairly enjoyable film, and i must admit better than i expected ...

After What women Want that highly contrived, formulaic and boring hit.

There was a beautiful shot of a thunderstorm at the beach as we watch Keaton and Nicholson run for shelter otherwise, the film maintains a somewhat monotone feel for lighting.

If the plot (nubile-bent, aging Lothario falls for woman his age) is a wee bit implausible, contrived and retro to the glossy, urbane comedies of the Hepburn-Tracy era where everyone had lots of money and watered in the best restaurants, we can forgive it.

Worst Movie Ever .

It's at this point that the film loses much of its spark and begins to labour under the genre conventions to which it has so rigidly adhered – right through to the predictable happy ending.

The only thing missing is the legendary Tony Randall, and he TRULY is missed because he'd have the theatre smarts to liven up this lame, predictable movie!

There were times where scenes dragged on for too long and left many of the main supporting characters like Marin, Julian and Erica's sister Zoe (Frances McDormand), who's a Woman's Studies professor.

Enjoyable, steady-paced comedy; an absolute pleasure to watch.

Woody also never made "issue" or zeitgeist comedies and this film is all about the big issue of older men who date younger women, leaving exciting and vital older women to wither and dry up.

Something's Gotta Give is a well scripted, with a nicely matched cast of characters, a thoroughly enjoyable ride, one that we hope Jack's heart didn't suffer too much!

This was one of the most enjoyable films I've seen all year.

I'd say that this movie is very predictable and that crying is WAY OVER DONE.

Nothing happened between them that would make me think "ah, I see!

Despite the fact the screenplay is both formulaic and boorish, these talented leads make the romantic scenes fairly lively and engaging.

The movie dragged on (and on, and on) and I found myself not caring AT ALL what happened to any of them.

But both Nicholson and Keaton are convincing and engaging and interesting, not to mention unbelievably human.

This romantic comedy, though predictable, is smart and well done from beginning to end.

Something's Gotta Give is your usual and predictable feel-good story, only the protagonists are 30 years older than usual.

Then they are shaken up and mixed several different ways, so that their bold and unpredictable reactions, are both expected and unexpected.

`Something's Gotta Give' revolves on the unexpected romance between Jack & Diane's characters.

This was a very entertaining film along with great film locations and excellent photography.

In this case however, the dialogue is fresh, entertaining, and never seems forced.

And it is boooring.. Well, it all started up enthusiastic, but it ended up as boring that i don't even think my mom would like it...

An exposition of true love getting its claws in makes its nebulous, and really rather drawn out argument as the woman in denial and the compulsive singleton come to terms with their sea-changed emotions.

What I liked about the film is how the relationship between Erica and Harry went from extreme dislike, to disdain, to confusion, sex, and finally true love.

I know she will find it as entertaining as I did, perhaps appreciating it more than I since there are so few films that she finds engaging and inoffensive.

This is one of my favorite movies in many years, it's funny, romantic, abit sad at some points, but ultimately entertaining.

FINAL VERDICT: Worth watching.

This movie is deliciously entertaining with standout work from Keaton who surprisingly received a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her work here.

pretentious, self-indulgent mediocrity .

This movie was way too long.

The film is exactly the way I like them, realistic, entertaining and intelligent.

The last act is particularly predictable and, while most will find the fairy tale ending satisfying, I felt as if Myers sold out just a bit.

All in all, an enjoyable film though.

In a stunning performance against type, Keanu Reeves as Dr. Julian is infatuated with Erica, admiring her for her talent first and (we presume) her bangin' sexagenarian bod.

Diane Keaton Makes This One Worth Watching .

Predictable .

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, based on the movie trailer.

He was always so amazing as intriguing, odd characters.


Don't waste your money .

Dialogue sleep-inducing.

I enjoyed this movie very much, and the director commentary with Nicholson on the DVD is one of the more enjoyable ones.

My husband who initially resisted seeing it, thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

None of his quirky qualities, oddball behaviour, or intriguing Jackness were given space to shine in this hollow shell of a movie.

This movie really was a BIG disappointment because this was just so predictable and silly!

The script is very in depth and entertaining.

It was however a fun and predictable story with no surprises.

The last 45 minutes (I think it was for a so long time, at least it felt like it, because I was so bored), ends up in sobbing, sobbing, crying and really boring mistakes and the old "no-one-says-what-they-feel-so-we-all-end-up-unhappy-plot".

jack nicholson used to be such a fantastic intriguing actor.

This movie is worth watching for her acting alone -in fact I would even go so far as to say that she is the main reason why this movie is a success.

I expected a lot of this movie with the "big names " in it, but found it slow and drawn out especially jack nicholson, diane keatons performance was a complete "overacting" saga, and the story, well!

but it gently turned into what most folks would likely call a coming of age comedy...

A vapid, pointless, aimless, empty bit of film.

But the movie begins to run out of steam in the second half as more attention is payed to character growth then getting some good jokes in, and while Meyer's movies tend to have pat and predictable endings, they generally work better on their own terms than this one, which feels false and formulaic.

The ups and downs of the events were few and languid.

It's one of the most self-indulgent movies of the year, more so even than Tarantino's Kill Bill.

But director/screenwriter Nancy Meyers ("What Women Want", the "Parent Trap" remake) is borne out of the packaged Hollywood film-making that finds double-takes and double-entendres suitable replacements for insightful wit in a formulaic romantic comedy.

Meyers' script starts strong and somewhat sassy but the plot machinations grow tiresome and the budding romance between the two older leads goes from amusing and involving to downright pathetic.

Yes, those endless crying scenes about which I had been warned were mute button-worthy, and the film was way too long.

Besides this being mis-rated the movie itself was quite charming but like another movie recently seen was a bit drawn out.

Dragged on sadly .

I find this whole phenomenon incredibly tedious.

Because 30 something doctor Keanu Reeves who is treating Nicholson finds Keaton most intriguing.

So, i highly recommend it for old people we wanna see an old lady's nude body....

What follows is an extremely predictable and sometimes baffling look at the over 50's dating game.

The picture has its funny and poignant moments however it's way too long and tedious.

how cliché can you get?

Which is the most boring stupid been done to many times before movie.

This film, while enjoyable, could have been great.

a chick flick for cliché lovers .

The Paris sequence is so so so cliché, and the bridge over the river Seine ending...

Starts good, ends up sobbing and boring .

I appreciate that the filmmaker is trying to give kudos to older people falling in love and admitting your age and not constantly chasing people over half your age, but it's very heavy handed and uninteresting.

I was very disappointed and bored throughout.

The story is trite and predictable, the characters are unsympathetic wealthy people with wealthy people's problems.

It is an enjoyable movie above the troubles of the rich and I watch it always with pleasure.

But my point is the first half of the film was quite fast paced and funny, i laughed out loud at several bits.

That's right something is boring in Denmark and do you know what it is?

I've a fair few, and a lot of them are bland, predictable, usually unfunny and lacking any wit or brilliance.

It was glossy like empty crystal glass.

Complex, but enjoyable .

Speaking about empty; some situations were so corny; like seeing the heroine naked accidentally.

It doesn't take an Einstein to guess where this film is going and how it ends, but thanks to those great performances we can enjoy this predictable story.

This is the worst movies in the history of horrible movies and if you ask me it should be number one on every worst 10 movie list in the world.

Think innocuous, safe, intermittently amusing, and altogether a waste of time.

At her mother's empty beach house, their liaison is interrupted by the arrival of her mom, playwright Erica Barry (Keaton), and her aunt (Frances McDormand, who is fabulous, firing 'robbing the cradle' one-liners back and forth with Nicholson).

Over-rated, weak cliche .

Aside from my doubting the movie's premise, that an aging writer, Keaton, is infinitely fascinating to both an aging lech, Nicholson, and a dashing young doctor, Reeves, I was bored by the long drawn out scenes of romance.

How was it possible to take all those positive factors and turn into this irritating and boring movie?

It seems like a small thing, but to me it showed how little the director understood the handling of the movie, it dragged on and on, with no end in sight.

If you want to know what I mean about descending into cliché, and without giving too much away, picture this scene: lover seeks out old flame, starts rekindling the sparks, then finds out old flame is on the verge of being proposed to by someone else.

Sixty-three year old playboy bachelor (Jack Nicholson) Harry's romantic weekend with twenty-eight year old girlfriend Marin (Amanda Peet) at her beach house is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of her mother Erica (Diane Keaton) and aunt Zoe (Frances McDormand).

I don't think I've ever seen a 2 hour movie with less character development or plot development, which by the way was painfully dull after the first half hour.

far too long.

I can see a possible attraction happening between Harry and Erica, but the middle and ending had me disappointed and left me empty and unattached.

This is NOT just a 'made for women' movie, its a movie for BOTH mature men and women, and should be equally enjoyable for both sexes.

"something's gotta give" is such an example, it is: long, boring, pointless and not worth a cent.

Have you ever seen one of those made for TV movies that you can watch any evening on the Lifetime channel or CBS, that chronicles the romantic pursuits of upper middle class white suburbanite women, divorced and/or widowed, where dialogue is sappy, the scenes are time consuming and uneventful, there is no moral or dramatic weight to anything that goes on, and the action is immediately forgettable?

On the whole, a moderately entertaining movie with a few nice one-liners and a few good laughs, the best thing about it being Jack Nicholson rendering Edith Piaf's classic "La vie en rose" over the credits, though.

7/10 Wonderfully entertaining!

Highly Entertaining .

And I don't think I've ever seen anything so perfectly, precisely predictable.

The basic plot idea seemed very predictable and I had little interest in seeing it.

But when you throw in the unimaginative & predictable plot, the slow pace simply becomes to much to take.

Her story is fascinating.

All in all, I highly recommend it.

There's nothing more to say, it's completely enjoyable.

I will give you ten guesses and all ten of those guesses should be this movie, because Something's Gotta Give is a very boring movie.

Worst movie i have ever scene and I have seen a lot of movies.

This is the worst movie ever if you ask me.

The ending is as implausible as it is predictable.

In a long drawn out part when diane keaton is "crying" with love it is embarrassing to watch.

Alright on to the movie -I have read what people have been saying that Something's Gotta Give is predictable.

), I, for one, got rather bored with it in Protocol, and by the time Father of the Bride, Part II (wasn't Part I punishment enough?