Sonic X (2003) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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A slight malfunction causes Chaos Control, and sends Sonic the Hedgehog to Earth. While there, Sonic meets Chris Thorndyke, who aids at collecting the Chaos Emeralds, so Sonic and friends can go home.

IMDB: 6.1
Stars: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Sanae Kobayashi
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-Y7
Reviews: 13 out of 60 found boring (21.66%)

One-line Reviews (44)

Sonic sounds bored and emotionless; Knuckles sounds too loud and gravely; Tails sounds like a little girl; Robotnik sounds nothing like the menacing, evil and threatening Doctor he was in the SatAM show; Rouge sounds like she's in her 50s; Amy sounds even more obnoxious and irritating than she does in the games; and new characters like Bokkun, Decoe and Bocoe have really annoying voices.

Otherwise mundane animation.

Because there is a clearly defined structure to events, you feel more involved than in Sonic's other TV incarnations, and it's worth watching most of the 52 episodes, despite the fact some are of little relevance or interest, as important plot lines tend to end in spectacular style.

Chris's role is essentially that of Tails' - a young boy who aspires to grow up to be like Sonic, but the fact that he steals much of the other characters' charms leaves them as empty shells who are only background scenery to Chris's homelife.

The characters themselves are all bland stereotypes.

The series is dull, inconsistent, and at times features very poor and jerky animation, filled with aesthetic mistakes which suggest the series has been rushed out in order to simply make quick money, without offering anything new - the fact that the series adapts in-game storylines means there's literally nothing we haven't seen before as far as Sonic the Hedgehog goes, unless fans can genuinely bring themselves to care about Chris - a hard task, due to his consistent ways of stealing the limelight from every character.

, or what he says about himself during the riveting dialogue with Sonic in Ep.

The show's theme "Sonic Drive" is excelent and very exciting.

This anime is quite predictable and the art gets bad as the story goes on.

Plot, character and humor don't seem to be this show's strong points, but if you're really bored and channel surfing, and you come across Sonic X, only stay tuned if you're desperate.

When a series is so faithfully borrowing from the games and obviously making a conscious effort to do so, I reserve my right to resent what I see as pointless deviations from that.

Poor Sonic looks bored out of his hedgehog brains,I mean why do you think he always sleeps in this show.

If you can put up with that, then it's something that's enjoyable enough to watch.

But then Chris is introduced, after the cliche of the characters being "sent to a new dimension", and the series grinds to a halt to develop Chris, and only Chris.

I personally found that the Episodes 52 + were the most enjoyable.

In conclusion: Enjoyable if you have somewhat low standards.

Stunning 10/10 ;-)

Sonic's new friend (and regular cast member) is named Chris and is rather dull and unexciting.

This eliminates any sense of the unexpected from the show, viewers KNOW that Sonic can and will win every battle as long as he holds a ring.

Season 1 is predictable beyond relief, Season 2 is basically Sonic Adventure 1,2 and Sonic Battle (Lazy story work in my opinion), and Season 3 involves aliens, space, and everything you wouldn't want in a Sonic cartoon.

pretty boring stuff considering the show is based on an all action fast paced game.

4kids removed both and replaced with repetive dull theme music.

I think that we were supposed to feel sorry for this poor little rich kid whose parents were away all the time, and who suddenly got these exciting new friends and all of these adventures.

Sonic X was neither funny or exciting.

Right after this Chris became to much of a stupid cliché human character that we usually see in the more childish shows.

Still, if you can catch it in the original language, I highly recommend it.

Some fun episodes but after a while it gets repetitive and you start to wonder if you have seen this episode.

I haven't played the games for a while, but I do remember them being fun, exciting and just great in general.

Without losing to many Words about the Series, I'll just go ahead and say that it's worth watching Sonic X simply for the brilliant Ending !

The SatAM sonic series had great writing, but this show's writing is either boring, stupid, or rushed.

Most of these episodes are awful and very repetitive...

Such story lines as that race-car driver who always wants to race sonic were simply pointless.

or something's drawn out of proportion.

Knuckles coming into the show along with other characters seemed very exciting to me.

The human characters are mind-numbingly boring especially Chris.

Very entertaining, apart from the rather nasty voices.

anyways, Chris is what makes this series TOTALLY unwatchable!

Try watching the Japanese version, its much more accurate and follows the sonic games very well and keeps it entertaining for anyone around the age of 14 - 10.

Charismatic and entertaining are not enough to classify all of these characters.

Here is a list of things wrong with this show, excluding Chris since I already mentioned him: -Bland writing.

I highly recommend it!

and if like me you favourite is tails you will be unhappy to know he gets sidelined and all the other characters except sonic and the humans which ruin it and are pointless and it completely ruins tails friendship with sonic whos a complete jerk in this show.

While some episodes have stunning visuals, the bulk of the series is ugly and inconsistently animated.

The earlier episodes may test your patience, especially when the overused anime cliché "my very best friend in the world" motto keeps weaving it's way in in the first few episodes, and it really does make you wan't to shoot yourself or something, I don't think even kids enjoy that stuff.