Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a universe of greed.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Boots Riley
Stars: LaKeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 68 out of 359 found boring (18.94%)

One-line Reviews (171)

It was fun and enjoyable to watch with some friends!

Definitely worth watching.

Artists writing about their art, easily gets incestuous and tiresome.

The ladder half of the movie is when it feels the movie kinda dragged for me.

Don't waste your time

Overall, really enjoyable though I think its not for everyone.


Instead, it left me and those accompanying me bored and wishing we hadn't ever gone to see it.

Waste of money!

The writing for this movie is EXTREMELY witty and snappy.

This is a politically-minded film which never feels too preachy, because -- like "Get Out" -- its social criticisms are wrapped-up in such an entertaining package.

Sorry, it was boring.

From the gorgeous cinematography, delicious soundtrack, compelling storytelling and courageous acting; to the eye opening realness and boldness of the issues this film tackles.

Boredom all they way around me.

The soundtrack was generally great and the film was overall very colorful and most of the time entertaining.

The first 20 minutes were OK, but after that period the movie was very boring for me.

An unexpected hilarious surprise from all points of view and a masterpiece of this year.

Worst Movie I've seen in a Very Long Time....

The whole movie is confusing, feels like it's 4 hours long, and the goddamn horse-people freaked me out so much I felt like I was gonna have nightmares.

Regardless of the value of the message or whether I agree with it, art forms such as fictional narrative movies seem a poor medium for articulate arguments, but an effective means for blunt propaganda.

Waste of time .

Weird ending stuff aside, I just found this movie uninteresting, annoying, and full of characters who were extremely unlikable.

There's a surreal absurdity teasing out relations of inequality that is more compelling and brutally honest than the evening news these days.

Also, the ending makes everything that I just watched feel empty and pointless.

In the end, other than being bored a bit in the second act, I don't regret watching this movie, even if in the end, I think is bad, probably because Im not into surreal movies that much.

While i do enjoy weird stuff in movies, in this one there was to much "preaching" about social issues, might be more relevant if you are from america or a black person maybe, to me it felt to slow.

I would give the film a higher score but there were a few occasions when I felt it was a little disjointed.

It was a disjointed mess.

Yes, it's different and edgy, but mostly it's just slow, weird and bad dialogue.

Absurd, funny, smart, intriguing, romantic (???

But it's boring.

I'd rate this higher, though, if the art were actually good despite the propaganda.

But its too long (1h 50 is insane), it has too many subplots (way too many things to say that makes the experience unfocussed and messy), it could use some editing (the second act, more than anything), the comedy is too absurd (I literally laughed once, and it was probably the dumbest joke/commentary of the film) and the resolution a bit confusing (although, if I got it right, its nuanced and really great).

In any case, if you can go see it before someone spoils it for you, you are in for an intriguing evening.

Worst movie ever .

This is ridiculous, the worst movie I've started to watch in the last two decades.

Total waste of time .

The absurdity and the outright craziness this film reaches is neither enjoyable nor comfortable.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen!

Its unique and fresh approach to its social commentary may be off-putting to some, but it is certainly worth watching thanks in part to the film's brisk pace and tongue-in-cheek humour.

However if you compare this movie to every other movie, or even every other comedy, OR EVEN every other blaxploitation film (which this is, in a postmodern way, of course), it's just kind of meh, disjointed and vacuous.

(In fairness, there were plenty of other reviewers who didn't like it, but said they're glad others enjoyed it.

One of the most exciting movie watching experiences I've had in years.

Boring replicas, boring characters, boring action.

This is done really cleverly to lull you into the film's alternate world, slowly allowing you to get used to it, to the point you don't notice it and take it for granted.

Riley's film is effortlessly entertaining, intelligent, batshit crazy, wonderfully vibrant, drastically original, artistic, abstract, and just entirely pleasing across the board I.

" I expected some cool editing and cool shots through the whole movie, but only some shots where somewhat interesting and mostly bland.

My dad fell asleep in the first 25 minutes and I was jealous.

Many people got up and walked out of the theater and only sheer curiosity of how it would end kept me from following right behind them.

Despite the occasional misfires, he has put together an entertaining, intelligent and important film that encapsulates these times from the working poor's perspective.

Odd and fascinating .

Transitions from scene-to-scene are unique, the characters are entertaining and all identifiable to what they serve for this film's story.

With so much generic cinematic offerings in the marketplace and franchises churning out formulaic films for profit i truly value a movie that is experimental and different.

Oddly enjoyable .

The film's social consciousness and commentary intersect in ways that are thoughtful, snappy, and deeply rooted in (often unfortunately) a sense of genuine realism.

It was so slow moving it was painful.

It is also flat out hilarious with your typical gags of repetitive pointlessness and difference of opinions and aforementioned, the exaggeration.

Sorry to Bore You .

At 1 hour and 45 minutes running time the film has few lulls and is filled with lots of laughs.

Fascinating and original .

Waste of MoviePass's money .

Very boring movie .

So after seeing I came here to write: Shame on every one of you who gave this boring movie a positive review.

The story is funny, interesting and unexpected.

Litterally a waste of time.

The first half is too long and not well-paced.

Mostly though, this is an unpredictable and wonderfully insane burst of colorful creativity that I can guarantee will be unlike anything else you'll see all year.

Sorry to be a waste of your time.

Surreal, Mad, Unexpected Political Satire .

With Sorry to Bother You, Director Boots Riley has emerged onto the cinematic landscape like an unexpected houseguest busting down the party doors.

The last half, however, was a bit unwatchable.

Not the white voice white folk think they have, but the real white voice, nasal and bland (and voiced by David Cross).

Edgar Wright is bland and obvious compared with this director and this movie.

Pacing is slow in places, great ideas .

This is nearly unwatchable it's just absurd; it conflates comedy with the broader social issues it's trying to take serious to resolve, and it nearly becomes unwatchable.

This movie is strange and extremely fast paced.

The acting is natural and engaging from all the main characters, the scenery and photography are a so appropriate, dripping with significance, and quick to make you to pause and stare at the scene to take it all in, to understand how deep the message goes.

Sorry to Bother You is a funny, powerful and unpredictable debut from Boots Riley that has fantastic performances from Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Steven Yeun and Armie Hammer.

They become very generic at times and sometimes boring.

Despite being amusing and thematically engaging, this is one of the most bizarre, unhinged movies (and third acts) I've ever seen .

I'm surprised to see it has the ratings that it has, for me it was mostly boring with the occasional (almost) laugh.

Starring Lakeith Stanfield in the lead role, it is easily the most bizarre but entertaining film of 2018.

I got bored after the first act and stopped rooting for the protagonist.

This film is intriguing, dripping with atmosphere and witty dialogue with a fun take on consumerism and the use of people as slaves for work.

Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You is a strange, but entertaining film about a black telemarketer trying to navigate a world that slowly shifts around him.

I'm a big fan of the absurd, and the second half of the movie took an unexpected turn that made the movie that much more unique.

Fantasy comedy syfi and pure special kind of entertaining .

Plz plz dont waste your time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly triggering for debates.

A pointless adventure in the furtimhing of liberal Holywood's socialist agenda (while taking in millions themselves).

If you're a fan of dry, surrealist humor, are into left-wing politics, or just fed up with the banality of your work life -- do yourself a favor and watch this movie.

Because it simply is incredibly boring.

This is the question you'll be asking yourself before you even leave the theater.

Despite being incredibly slow at times, and incomprehensibly ridiculous elsewhere, there is a certain light-hearted charm to the film.

Totally unpredictable .

STBY was awful, dreadful, annoying,boring, stupid, dire, pointless, and just downright terrible.

Don't waste your time.

My Rating : 6/10Very engaging, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves absurd humour, experimental storylines and has anti-establishment leanings.

Full of many messages and interesting ideas that move from light comedy to semi horror has noble intentions but is messy and disjointed and ultimately fails to convince or entertain.

If you love mindless leftist propaganda swill, this is your movie!

Telemarketing is mundane as a subject, and the satire is mined promptly.

5/10 - great cast and social commentary, but a little too artsy for my liking

Snappy story and scenes.

The wildly unexpected plot twist at the end of the second act will be too much for some people (there were multiple walk-outs at the screening I attended).

Raunchy and boring .

This is a total waste of time, the movie makes no sense and the story is so off!

This movie is unique in many ways big very bland in others.

This film is truly enjoyable.

Most of the reviews I've seen on here for this movie have been good but I would like to say this is probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

Quirky, thought-provoking, entertaining.

From the first act and how dull and drab and out of focus everything is due to our main character's disinterest in his life and job, to the second act's sharp clarity where he is focused on doing the best he can at his job.

Funny,trippy,oddly entertaining.

Very enjoyable and successful with the risks it takes.

Worst Movie of the Decade.!!!.

I've generously given this offering a 4/10 It's been described as a disjointed mess and i'd have to agree.

I ended up giving it 2 out of 10 stars only because 1] some core ideas in the film struck me as clever at times even while I was also enduring its slow pacing and repetition; and 2] there are clearly talented, committed actors here.

Boring waste of time .

Enjoyable artistry .

It's basically a formulaic averagely written comedy film dressed up in the gimmick of being about "white/black" race issues that turned out to be utterly pointless with an overall wishy-washy message trying to be put across.

Armed with a gripping and layered narration, Riley's execution is brilliant considering, he is a debutant.

In fact, I watched it twice in the same day as I enjoyed it so much I felt it necessary to share it with friends.

And it dragged on.

Performances in the film are outstanding throughout, and the film is incredibly engaging throughout its run time.

It is enjoyable on the whole, even though the 3rd act just came out of nowhere and hit me right across.

Plus, at least it's unpredictable (for better and, strangely, for worse).

It was a complete waste of money and time for my brain cells to try to make sense of this movie.

Waste of time .

Well first 10 min was OK and then it was pretty much monotone throughout.

It is a thumbs down waste of talent, time, and money.

Waste of time .

Very enjoyable, and the build-up of understated insanity is gauged perfectly so that the suspension of disbelief is never compromised.

A complete waste of time.

Because of everything that happens, this movie stays completely unpredictable from start to finish, something I am a big fan of.

Boring and uninteresting.

Poor storyline, bad character development, attempts at humour will make you sad, incredibly pong given the lack of story and/or characters with no depth.

Disjointed and confusing .

Lakeith Stanfield is a great engaging actor with his girlfriend Tessa Thompson, at least in the movie, in which both are wonderful!

Plus its overly politically correct tone with its "white people suck" (aka the white people voice) schtick is becoming tiresome.

Incredible and unpredictable .

I became bored watching it.

The film tackles crazy ideas while still remaining funny and entertaining the whole way true.

After a specific plot point where Hammer's CEO character is "horsing" around, the story suddenly becomes disjointed.

A sequence at a ravenous house party hosted by Lift recalls images of depraved self-indulgence in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

If you are a normal person don't waste your time with time terrible and disturbing movie.

There is some tone confusion.

Good: The concept was original and different and the first two-thirds of the movie were interesting/engaging.


Entertaining, and strong social commentary .

Propelling himself into greed and forcing his life to spiral into a metaphor that reflects the social issues of our daily lives, Sorry to Bother You represents the horrible side of our society while also managing to be an entertaining and eye-opening piece of filmmaking.

This is probably the worst movie I've seen, ever, period.


Far from being preachy and dull, this really is an uplifting film.

I think, imho, that it's pretty much a waste of money, both for the producer and the viewer.

Boots Riley recent Sundance hit starring Lakeith Stanfield & Tessa Thompson is a slingshot full of bile tossed at our employers for the mundane, mind numbing existences we lead as the proletariat.

The beginning and weird funky nature of the movie made it more enjoyable then an average summer comedy/fantasy movie.

Even though the conclusion is a bit sloppy, this is still a very enjoyable and refreshingly edgy film.

It's just where the story decides to go is where it got boring.

Strange, but entertaining.

Should Have Walked Out of The Theater .

Sorry to Bother You is a truly wacky and entertaining picture.

As numerous others have mentioned, the first half is springing with engaging humor and insights of telemarking, something Riley had experienced by working the phones early in his life.

Bad acting, Boring story, bad ending, dull characters, etcThis is total garbage and wasted my time

The movie later morphs into an odd but intriguing fantasy-satire that exposes the greed and manipulation of modern capitalism.

A Total Waste of My Money .

This is usually a good sign; and that rule of thumb definitely applies to this film.. It is crazy, entertaining - full of WTF moments - and criticises many aspects of our modern society in a very clever way: behind all the silliness is a dystopian society.

It was funny at first, even if it was slow.

Absolutely incredible and enjoyable .

Found it boring and very disappointing .

Worst Movie I Have Seen in 20 years .

There are many good ideas worth considering and it's relatively effective as a comedy, but the third act is far too incoherent for it to be a truly enjoyable experience.

What a waste of time.