Space Cowboys (2000) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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When retired engineer Frank Corvin (Clint Eastwood) is called upon to rescue a failing satellite, he insists that his equally old teammates accompany him into space.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Clint Eastwood
Stars: Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 59 out of 337 found boring (17.5%)

One-line Reviews (300)

Great actors, funny lines, but too much of a cliche ending .

In the hands of producer-director Clint Eastwood, "Space Cowboys" turns out to be a very exciting and entertaining adventure into space.

This is a film which has every emotion flowing, one minute your laughing, the next your on the edge of your seat and can't believe what is happening.

The entire second act of the film follows the four as they weave their way through the NASA training program, dodging cliche dialogue ("I'm getting too old for this s--t") and predictable plot devices (gee, will the old geezers really make it?

Effects-wise X-Men was better, but I found Space Cowboys far more entertaining to watch.

I should also mention that the special effects and the space sequences are stunning and much better done than most other movies in near-earth space.

In less capable hands, the story material will be one of those corny comedies or could even turn out to be a hi-tech yawn a l Armageddon.

Space CowboysEastwood's scientific theories on the term entertainment is too dull to even fall under the category of guilty pleasure.

It was kinda creepy and suspenseful when they had the rendevouz with that huge "satellite".

The first, mostly humour and introduction filled part of the movie was thoroughly enjoyable.

Enjoyable movie.

very entertaining.

The chemistry between them is good and it makes the movie enjoyable.

But it is engaging and the special effects quite amazing for 2000.

It was an enjoyable film for all ages.

Was it enjoyable and worth my $7?

The last part you can as well leave the theater, really a disaster.

However, this actually doesn't matter much, as Clint Eastwood and the rest of his outstanding cast so effortlessly make their characters likeable, you find yourself caring about them and what they're doing, even though what they're doing is incredibly predictable.

Besides, an old cliche doesn't hurt now and again does it?

The movie's definitely a `feel-good' story – it's got the obligatory training montages, the geriatric `Grumpy Old Men'-style jokes, the rivalries that flare up after being buried for so many years, a May/December romance, and nearly a dozen other predictable moments that you'd expect from a film like this.

And yet, in spite of all the problems of sheer unoriginality and a formulaic implementation, the film is damn enjoyable.

This movie was an enjoyable ride from our introduction to Team Daedalus in their heyday to their present-day characters.

While the novelty of Tommy, Clint, Donald, and James on the screen together is mildly entertaining, I found this particular film to be rather boring.

Thus, what starts out as a wheezing comedy, filled with folksy clichés and contrived situations, turns into an equally wheezing drama that tries in vain to align itself with the special effects extravaganzas of modern action filmmaking.

`Space Cowboys' is proof of the fact that good storytellers can make any story entertaining, even the bad ones.

The keyword for this movie is trite.

The major plot twist is easily predictable.

"Space Cowboys" employs all possible Hollywood clichés (including, you guessed it, depicting events through the all-seeing eyes of Jay Leno), and its so-called plot twists are painfully predictable.

The first half is amusing but perhaps tries to have too much of a story about it and it is rather slow and overlong at times.

Also, as you would expect out of very good writers and fine actors it was entertaining.

The movie is definitely 30 minutes too long, the funny parts are very predictable as well as the whole story.

Finally the movie is predictable - even more so because of the trailers (they should be required to include spoiler warnings) - from the beginning to the end.

Even in tension moments you almost couldn't ear it, and we all know what great music can do in great tension sequences, that's why Trevor Rabin, Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer can put you on the edge of your seat.

I thought most of the acting was good, some of the special effects were very nice, and there were some rather suspenseful moments.

Yet, despite some flaws (mostly in the 3rd act) this film was quite entertaining.

The acting was great, even though Tommy Lee did his usual monotone fast-paced run-down thing and Clint was as quiet as usual.

An Exciting and Entertaining Space Adventure .

Worth watching on a rainy day.

I enjoyed it far more than 'Interstellar' and 'Gravity', though they were both good.

Then he full speeds the film with the exciting climax in space.

More divertingly entertaining than could be expected or appreciated.

But if you're looking for a light and entertaining story fleshed out by the talents of four old favorites, then "Space Cowboys", while it may get a "D" in science, is a fun ride.

I was consistently napping throughout this movie, it was hard for me to stay awake for the ending the plot is long and not very interesting, there are no real surprises in the movie, the actors were good though.

OK, its plot is more than a tad silly and unbelievable, but I find it so enjoyable, so charming, and damn it, it just makes me smile!!

This was a funny and entertaining movie.

Funny, Entertaining, and very watchable.

"Space Cowboys" may have much better acting and direction than that odious asteroid flick, but it's every bit as silly, contrived, and full of mile-wide plot holes.

Very entertaining space movie with a quirky twist that is surprisingly well presented.

This was a VERY entertaining film.

No great shakes, but really enjoyable.

Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner form a group of geezers that are so entertaining to watch and are so utterly believable.

I guess the problem for me (and I still rated the movie a "7") was that the transition from the breezy, mostly light-hearted first half to the very intense and serious second was too jarring and abrupt.

Save this one for video if you are really bored on a long winter night…

Besides being suprisingly action packed, the movie is also funny.

Overall, Space Cowboys is a good, enjoyable film.

I think they succeeded and this is one of the more entertaining films I have seen in recent months.

It is not Clint Eastwood's best film,(High Plains Drifter) nor is it the best film by any of the other Actors, but is well worth watching.

But, it manages to tell this story in an entertaining fashion.

Director Eastwood, who also stars, brings his predictable, plodding style to this would-be thriller.

Also how idiotically they all agree on this minute just waste of time and the movie didnot had to be that long ,this eastwood fully on autopilot .

Other factors that made me watch the movie back to back, besides the themes, the funny punch lines and all the irony involved you will get to enjoy a very stunning cinematography.

This is an utterly forgettable movie, and the flaws are ordinary and uninteresting.

This formulaic re-hash of previous space movies seriously assaulted the senses of my group of middle aged men with both its lack of an intelligent script and embarrassing acting.

When a serious problem threatens the success of the mission, a creaking cliché steps in to fix it.

The final furlong in space does end up as a cliche but its spectacular and exciting so it more than makes up for it.

However, only Eastwood and Jones are given much to do in this very formulaic and predictable movie.

Generally entertaining tale of aging astronauts in space.

Although the first half hour is boring, the next half hour is slow.

Space Cowboys (2000) is a highly entertaining film by Eastwood.

It bored me to death and although I watched the whole thing, I often felt the urge to switch on something else.

But in this case the effects are reasonably convincing and, if I, for one, didn't understand precisely what was going on at every moment, it's still a stimulating and sometimes gripping story with occasional touches of humor.

In my opinion, APOLLO 13 was a little boring because it was based on true events, and therefore, I already knew how it was going to end.

It was entertaining and deserves an Oscar(tm).

It is great fun and highly entertaining.

i enjoyed it.

Although it's not a "perfect" film, Space Cowboys delivers just what it should--a very entertaining "ride" with a fair amount of poignant subtexts about friendship, loyalties and our culture's off-base conventions/popular beliefs about age and ability.

contrived, longhaul comedy/drama .

It was a rare pleasure to see Jones, Eastwood, Sutherland and the superb Garner in the same film, and they were all enjoyable - with Sutherland and Garner being the stars for me.

Funny, exciting, good visually .

Improbable, but an enjoyable romp regardless .

And while it's Cliché City as our heroes show their "Ripe Stuff" while training for the mission, these are the best scenes, covering over half the film and including some genuinely funny, and even touching, moments.

An undervalued actor in the UK, he gets more charismatic with time, and is entertaining as the adolescent stud +50yrs.

Besides the slow opening, the only other factor I could find in the film that could possibly turn off an audience was the sharp change of mood the film takes, once our heroes are in space and saving the satellite becomes a case of saving the world (or the USA which is the same thing, isn't it?

Stale and utterly predictable .

The special effects are state of the art making the outer space sequences are very exciting and believable.

From the start of this film (pretty much a copy of the opening of The Right Stuff) we know where we are – a mix of comedy, thriller and sci-fi adventure that is about as corny as it is enjoyable.

That saves the film from being boring, and I'm sure that as these four great actors this film will age well, and it wouldn't surprise me that in years to come it will be remembered, despite its many obvious flaws.

Unfortunately, the movie spends an hour screwing around with the aged astronauts in training, and then when we finally get into space, everything is woefully ridiculous and predictable.

The basic story isn't bad, and could've made for a fun and exciting flick...

Enjoyable movie .

This was a pretty enjoyable tale of "The Ripe Stuff," four old geezers going up into space to help save a project they had a hand in years ago.

The journey these four men partake from the Earth to space is fun, exciting, and wildly entertaining.

The plot is a little predictable, and if you've seen any movies over the past 20 years or so, you'll recognize a lot of twists before they become twists.

Featuring a particularly annoying opening black and white sequence with bad dubbing and wrought with every space-themed cliche' imaginable, I was extremely disappointed.

The whisps of humor that escapes through these fine actors are mostly swallowed up by the large sucking sound made by the predictable storyline, questionable continunity and non-existent special effects (Why bother doing that weightless effect for the on orbit shots inside the cabin?

Enter Hawk Hawkins (Tommy Lee Jones), Tank Sullivan (James Garner), and Jerry O'Neil (Donald Sutherland), combined age 250years plus, for the most ridiculous yet enjoyable space romp since Capricorn One.

But they lead to one of those pointless fist fights between Eastwood and Jones outside a bar with each winding up with a comical black eye.

Very funny in places, exciting too, with characters we can care about.

I took my thirteen year old son to it and he also totally enjoyed it.

About average as a movie, but enjoyable even still .

The movie is very, very predictable and slows down at the end.

Boring, predictable, too long and bad casting .

Of course they still have everyone in zero-g move super slow.

Still, when the movie was over, in spite of several very-predictable scenes, I felt that I had enjoyed it -- and the final scene (no spoilers) had several people in the audience laughing and cheering.

3) The end of the film lacks true emotional weight, feels pressed for time, and is totally predictable.

The bad thing is that this movie is slow moving, the climax is in the last 15 minutes.

Donald Sutherland is semi-entertaining.

The plot is (of course) very contrived and (technologically) improbable.

For all the visual glory and charming performances the plot here is pretty predictable and hammy frankly.

Enjoyable and amiable story with sympathetic characters by the veteran Clint Eastwood .

Not as good as True Crime(1999), but is still an enjoyable movie to watch.

The plot is defective, and the only humor is stale sight gags and trite one-liners that are not really funny.

Obvious, corny and rather silly but also pretty enjoyable if you meet it on its own terms .

Of course the four old friends are brilliant, and always enjoyable to see them on the big screen.

Instead of having some fun with the potentially funny characters, we receive plot heavy circumstances that force us to buy into the happenings, which are all uninspiring.

While the last part of the movie may be more along the lines of Sci-Fi, it was still a very enjoyable film when mixed in with the whole.

When I left the theater, I kept thinking about the wonderful time I had just had.

Just take this advice (which is a bit of a cliche).

My 14 year old son was bored stiff.

He and Morgan Freeman could form a club of talented actors typecast in boring, one note roles that were only good the first time around.

It was really entertaining.

This is a very enjoyable movie, although one must suspend reality for a 2 plus hours.

An extremely funny movie, the film carries a genuine package of sight jokes, word jokes, subtle jokes, and cliches to make this a wonderously entertaining film with some great actors still bringing home the Christmas dinner!

The film is involving when it needs to be,touching when it needs to be,thrilling when it needs to be,and,reassuringly enough,funny when it needs to be too.

Highly enjoyable.

acting to a great standard and giving two hours of engrossing, amusing, drama-filled and heart-warming entertainment.

But you add in all of the forced marketing, mundane humor, sappy love story, woefully scientific impossibilities, and lame acting the story gets lost along the way.

I found the movie exciting while I was watching it because I didn't know what was going to happen next.

A really enjoyable bit of escapism for a quiet Sunday night on TV.

The movie is exciting, funny, and a lot about people who are head strong and that there is room in their hearts after all.

Most Enjoyable Movie of the Summer .

Yawn, yawn.

Hilarious training sequence falls under predictable formula with a disappointing conclusion.

Very enjoyable, could have been longer, or could have included out-takes in the credits -- I'm sure they didn't because this cast would cause the out-takes to be hilarious and more memorable than the film (and the film IS good!

Very enjoyable as both light comedy and suspense in space .

Still there is something missing that keeps you from being on the edge of your seat the whole time.

All of a sudden, the four characters' unique charm and chemistry take a backseat to intrigue (which is only semi-intriguing), action (obligatory for a summer space movie, I guess), and special effects (which wasn't all that great, given today's high standards).

Despite the impressiveness of some of the visual effects, the pacing in the film's `action sequences' is as languid as that in the earthbound scenes.

Perhaps a little derivative of both Apollo 13 and Cocoon, but nonetheless an enjoyable and interesting space adventure with a cast to savour.

Garner is entertaining, as the pilot-turned-preacher.

Even at that, it was surprising initially to see him tackle film with sci-fi elements, but he's just as adept here, whether it's creating suspenseful moments that hinge on dial-loaded equipment or achieving attractive "space" cinematography.

Nonetheless, this is the most enjoyable movie of the summer.

This has got to be the worst movie of the century.

To be sure, it's fairly predictable, yet when predictability's done even half so well as here, when the result is a truly amiable, engaging and ultimately satisfying movie, then predictability is hardly a crime.

The entire movie was predictable with few surprises.

There's some solid sci-fi threads that those so inclined will enjoy, but predictability sets in and there's even a pointless romance shoe-horned into proceedings.

When it's suppose to be thrilling in the second part, it ain't.

On the other hand the computer graphics animations and the CG and non-CG effects in general were absolutely breathtaking.

My overall rating: 7/10 - DUMB BUT GOOD FUN AND ENTERTAINING!

Forget about actual globules of milk floating in the cabin because the Producers of this film can make us believe everyone's weightless just by making the actors ( and kitties ) drift around really , really slow .

Great movie I really enjoyed it.. wish the ending was a little bit more dramatic and maybe emotional.

Light but enjoyable.

The special effects were most entertaining, if somewhat unrealistic.

Because with its excellent cast list, prime premise and much "old fella" comedy, it was shaping up to be a truly enjoyable piece of cinema.

Under Clint Eastwood's direction, though, and with a cast that simply exudes a lot of respect and charm, it becomes enjoyable.

Way too predictable.

The worst from Clint in a while, but still a fairly amusing, if slow, ride.

Cliche, predictable, moronic, boring and that's just the first minutes!

smart and entertaining.

quite the wheezy little entertaining comedy/thriller .

The idea of the film is excellent, four old pilots going to space to save the world but everything in this movie from the slow moving character development to Tommy Lee's love interest is predictable and beneath these fine actors.

The movie was a total joy, while some of the dialogue may be predictable as well as the plot, it was nonetheless sheer enjoyment.

" I think the fact that everyone of us knows and understand the theme of the movie make this movie so enjoyable.

There are two kinds of Clint Eastwood movies--the hard, intense, high-energy driven films that create box-office buzz, and the easy-going creations such as Bronco Billy and The Bridges of Madison county, where the old pro relaxes and lets his adult viewers do likewise.

I was so excited to see it because it had such a stellar cast but I was bored 10 minutes into the movie and kept hoping it would get better.

This movie was actually somewhat entertaining, as I think it would be difficult to get Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner in any movie and have it not be entertaining.

Boring .

There are several funny moments, and plenty of enjoyable banter among the stars.

Thrilling adventure.

Well it turn out that it is very exciting!

As for the characters themselves, well they're a sweet cliche bunch to be sure.

There is a rare breed of animal in the world, outside any established morality, divorced from mundane reality, mythically above many of its technically superior kin; that animal is – The Clint Eastwood Movie.

Occasionally Funny, but fairly uneventful .

Unfortunately, the movie takes a turn for a cliche once the space shuttle leaves earth to rendez-vous with the satellite.

And the ending is striking in an unexpected way - it looks so much like David Bowie's Blackstar video, that any Bowie fan would burst into tears.

"), all came together to make up a satisfying and very entertaining space film.

It serves the purpose to make one of the most enjoyable movies I've ever watched.

Highly Entertaining, Great Visual Effects .

The interactions between Garner, Sutherland, Eastwood, and Jones were fun to watch and thoroughly enjoyable.

We all found this movie very entertaining with no slow moments.

An extremely entertaining, funny treasure trove.

The first half is quite entertaining as we get to see how NASA trains its astronauts with Eastwood, Jones, Garner, and Southerland cheerfully dishing out the fried ham.

It was a waste of 30 minutes of my time.

Even worst : the cliche about those bad bad bad communists soviets, and the primitive patriotism.

Overall a good movie, I think the main problem is, that it is simply too long, especially the first half where they establish the background of the characters goes on too long or at least isn't interesting enough, the second hald when they finally go to space is fun though and definitely makes the movie worth watching overall.

Easily the most enjoyable movie of the summer, with standout acting by Donald Sutherland and William Devane (William Devane!!

As we approach blast-off, we have some melodramatic surprises and predictable setups for events in the last act.

Not terrible, mildly entertaining .

All in all, a very enjoyable movie, 8/10.

All in all it was entertaining and fun.

This film is great for any day or night out, it has everything any film enthusiast could wish for, a great story line, great actors, mind blowing effects, humour and a gentle touch of sadness.

One of the six is even given the odious task of uttering the worst cliche in the past twenty years (and you just knew it was coming): "I'm getting too old for this s**t.

This was an enjoyable movie though a bit too long.

""Space Cowboys" starts on a solid note with a clear, entertaining introduction of its characters.

Special effects genius, great acting and direction, make a very riveting tale.

My main disappointment in the movie was the ending, it was predictable with no surprises.

The "slow" editing and the lingering shots make this a very watchable movie.

Dull scripts are nothing new to the Sci-Fi genre.

Eastwood's crew and Devane are each entertaining enough that the old fogey stuff is fun if predictable, and Harden does a very nice supporting turn.

i cannot believe eastwood directed this waste of time.

Although the NASA-oriented material works well enough, the best moments arrive through the core cast's more mundane interactions, including the scenes where Corvin first tracks his friends down.

Good Movie With A Predictable Ending .

Wouldn't waste my time in watching it again.

It was so badly contrived, I guessed the ending (and who was going to die) 10 minutes into the film.

The sound is awful, the jokes are awful, the editing is far too slack in the one-on-one scenes, the photography is boring and amateurish, and don't get me started on James Cromwell's ridiculous southern accent.

Worth watching!

Team Daedalus begins the training, during this relationships form and Hawk gets some unexpected news before the mission.

The story starts to become sappy and very predictable.

I didn't mention the fourth guy, Garner, for a reason - his presence throughout the movie is completely and absolutely pointless.

Very Entertaining-- 7 out of 10.

Reminiscent of the moribund "Mission to Mars," this amusing AARP propaganda rustles up little spontaneity or suspense during the more perilous parts of the mission.

The climax is sustained and will have you on the edge of your seat, ready to cheer the penultimate scene, despite realizing how ridiculous it is to do this towards your television.

It even gets exciting up there in space.

Very entertaining sparring between the two of them.

Four elderly test pilots go into orbit in this amusing and exciting film .

i mean if you watch the movie after half and hour it doesn't really matters because during that time nothing happens to affect the main story line.

Admittedly, I did find the first half-hour rather slow and found my attention wandering (mainly thinking what a golden opportunity it would be for someone to murder me!

And yes, some of the dialogue is a little trite.

Anybody who like Armageddon would like this one for sure and if you didn't like Armageddon, space cowboys is still worth watching

Fairly good movie, entertaining.

But still, I was on the edge of my seat with everyone else to see how it would end.

It was an average picture, not as good as you may expect, but enjoyable enough.

And if the day does come when of these great actors passes on they will always remember this wonderfully enjoyable space movie.

This film seemed a little long and somewhat boring.

But Frank had a team, the Team Daedalus, which Bob Gerson (James Cromwell, always great when combining good and bad in an unexpected way) kicked out.

This is one of those movies that you come out of very refreshed and is very enjoyable.

Overall, enjoyable.

I could go on like this, but the point I am heading to is, that the only downside to this film was, that it was too predictable 3 or 4 times in the movie.

There's a reason why the memorable quotes section is empty .

From the opening scene, set in 1958 and appropriately filmed in black and white, this film is instantly compelling.

They showed those qualities too, I must say and I was quite pleased with this film, for it was funny, entertaining, well paced, had enough action, good characters (I liked all4 'oldies', though I felt James Garner was the least funny and therefore worst) and an especially good opening sequence (the best I've ever seen featuring the young guys and than the older guys, for that dude really looked like Eastwood and had the same voice too WELL DONE).

Surprisingly entertaining!

And once the action shifts to outer space every twist and turn in the story is a textbook Hollywood cliche.

Space Cowboys: Damn Enjoyable .

The storyline is secondary when you have four seasoned veterans like Eastwood, Garner, Sutherland and Jones entertaining you.

All in all it was a thoroughly entertaining movie that I would recommend.

I enjoyed it, though -- lots and lots of charisma and star power, even now.

I suppose the purpose was to create just a fun, entertaining film without anything substance.

Jerry joins Frank in gazing Earthward for a few languid beats, as Italy and Western Europe float by in a magnificent Industrial Light & Magic planetscape.

This Sci-fi movie packs comedy, adventure, perceptible friendship and is quite entertaining.

Fun movie with favorite heros of the past, very enjoyable.

But these are quibbles - the movie is charming, the cast warm, believable and very likeable - the last third of the movie is wonderfully dangerous and thrilling.

It's an engaging story about four pilots from a canceled Air Force space program, reunited to save a Russian communications satellite.

Acting was good and the story though predictable was fast paced and entertaining.

Well, I liked it, enjoyed it and am considering buying it on DVD when it comes out.

It's kind of bright and snappy when it probably shouldn't be.

Not the greatest movie of the year, but a lovable and enjoyable one.

All in all I found SPACE COWBOYS more enjoyable than I originally thought I would.

Certainly an unlikely story yet Eastwood gives the film's major twist a compelling edge and inverts the story to make it seem more like an adventure when you actually realize it's more about the concept of working together for a greater cause than one's personal achievement.

Generally enjoyable, totally disbelievable.

The plot is pretty predictable, doesn't seem to bog down anywhere and has the one predictable twist where there had to be a glitch in the mission for the excitement at the end.

An enjoyable romp even if the stars all appear to be on auto pilot .

They showed those qualities too, I must say and I was quite pleased with this film, for it was funny, entertaining, well paced, had enough action, good characters (I liked all4 ‘oldies', though I felt James Garner was the least funny and therefore worst) and an especially good opening sequence (the best I've ever seen featuring the young guys and than the older guys, for that dude really looked like Eastwood and had the same voice too WELL DONE).

Entertaining Movie .

I go to see movies like this for the adrenaline rush and it delivers.

I highly recommend it to anyone.

/ Russian spy subplot that could have turned this movie down a totally different and fascinating road.

It's rare to watch a film and know that as well as being paid, the actors are having as much fun filming, as they are entertaining.

Worth watching once.

Solid enjoyable flick with six great stars.

The story flows, even if it tends to go on a bit and feel clichéd at times, its entertaining.

Armageddon laugh and drama and as riveting as Apollo 13 .

The pace is even and smooth, again demonstrating Clint Eastwood's legacy of directing and acting in watchable, enjoyable movies, no matter what the gender.

Overall, the movie is very enjoyable.

But the final thirty minutes of the movie was just so anti-climatic and cliche for me that it left me sorely disappointed.

There are many personality conflicts, a little love (but none of the usual soft porn), and plenty of unexpected problems, even a little comedy to keep up the interest.

Very Light, Engaging and Enjoyable .

Don't waste your time .

The film's final chapter, in which the team goes into space, is stunning.

They kind of glossed over that part with a lot of fast, disjointed and confusing technical talk in the middle of some fast cut arguing.

However the familiar setup and the amiable performances help to make it more enjoyable than its parts suggest it well be.

I mean they literally hit every emotional cliche you can think of.

While much of the film is predictable (except for a couple of surprises) and and almost certainly implausible, the movie was enjoyable because of the camradarie between the characters and the theme of redemption.

Once the American Ministry of Patriotic Propaganda heard about it, they demanded the script rewritten, or the writers would be thrown into jail.

Even with "situations" coming out like you might predict, this was an enjoyable movie!

The film ends with two twists, one utterly predictable, the other slightly more original.

The audience laughed so loud in several instances that I missed the "follow-up line" and later in the movie my knuckles turned white while gripping the arm-rest during the action sequences.

The opening black and white sequence was especially intriguing.

Unbearable .

"Space Cowboys" could have been that one sci-fi film which had it all: fine characters, an intriguing premise, adventure, snappy dialogue, comic relief ...

Very entertaining film.

There is one shot in particular, where Corvin and O'Neil are floating in space, looking down at the Mediterranean Sea that is about as breathtaking as anything you've seen in a film.

I could go on like this, but the point I am heading to is, that the only downside to this film was, that it was too predictable 3 or 4 times in the movie.

Firstly, the storyline about the Russians militarising space is uninteresting; when the Americans are developing 'Star Wars', it seems a bit strange that this film chooses to re-fight the cold war.

I found the writing to be lackluster and boring most of the time.

This is a most enjoyable and thrilling film.

Despite the virtues of Eastwood's droll sense of humor, his celebrity co-stars, and the impressive special effects wizardry of George "Star Wars" Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic studio, this grumpy old astronauts epic takes far too long suiting our heroes up and sending them into orbit.

With an amazing visual effects and ferocious pace, it is undoubtedly a people pleasing summer blockbuster, even though walks a dull cliched surface which isn't still reaching the expected layman terms.

This flick won't go down as "one for the ages", but it is a remarkably engaging, multi-genre effort that can be tremendously enjoyed...

Sure it wasn't a big budget film like Gladiator, but it was what it was designed to be, entertaining.

Somewhat entertaining in a brainless way.

You need to understand the reviewers here have a bias that is very predictable.

I can't help but compare this easy going yet perfectionist style of directing to that of Malick, who when directing The Thin Red Line was so full of himself that his directorial self-indulgence went so far as to sicken his audience with overkill to the point of tearful boredom and anxiety which basically told the viewer, "I don't care what you want to see, this is for me" as opposed to the Eastwood film, which is so unselfish and giving to its audience.

Nit-pickers can say that the movie was trite, predictable and formulaic.

I mean old guys going into space, how exciting is that?

The interesting plot, in combination with Industrial Light and Magic effects make this a riveting drama - sucking you in.

While somewhat overlong Space Cowboys is not a portrait of cinematic perfection, it is consistently engaging, features likable, irascible characters, and does not descend into the shoot-and-scoot idiocy that has marked far too many recent outer space endeavors.

In short, the last thirty minutes or so of the movie just felt like an "Armageddon" plus "Apollo 13" wanna-be movie with all the obvious cliche elements thrown in.

Predictable and embarrassing to watch.

More than that, they are credible and engaging in this two-hour light comedy that puts Mission to Mars to shame.