Species (1995) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A group of scientists try to track down and trap a killer alien seductress before she successfully mates with a human.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Roger Donaldson
Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 147 found boring (11.56%)

One-line Reviews (105)

Lousy recycled peep show reduced to formula and predictable stupidity.

I'll mention the final cliché.

All in all an entertaining, almost-no-brainer movie based on a very interesting idea.

A team comprising the head boffin, an assassin, an empath, a biologist and an anthropologist are scrambled to track her down before she can reproduce …I really like this movie, but then I'm a sucker for this type of material - it's got mystery, action, clandestine operations, sex, scares, gruesome special effects, intriguing characters and most important of all, a terrific and quite original monster.

It makes the "Oh, it was just a cat" jump-scare cliché look tame by comparison.

Natascha Henstridge naked, but otherwise the worst movie ever made.

Despite an flawed third act, "Species" is certainly worth watching.

Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina, Forest Whitaker and the unattractive boring Marg Helgenberger.

So, with the proviso that it's pretty much a horror movie snack, it's worth watching for the aforementioned sterling conceptual stings, the general decent production values, the nicely turned dramatic tension over the outcome, and almost all of the acting.

The scene where Preston and Laura are trapped in a lab with a growing alien DNA sample begins on a suspenseful note, but it goes on for far too long.

Cliche science fiction with confused messages .

It feels a bit contrived and quaint looking back, and it's hard to take it seriously as a result.

The ending is rather dull and sadly predictable (not to mention a complete rip-off straight from "Alien" with the metal grate walkways and the creature lurking above).

Good directing, interesting art direction, and decent characterization provide an intriguing story line.

The film offers so much for adult audiences though; the cast, the occasional suspenseful atmosphere, the controversial subject matter, the popular and good looking cast, and the list continues.

A seedy government agent (Ben Kingsley) has used a decoded extraterrestrial signal to create something entirely unexpected- an alien-human hybrid.

A pre-fame Michelle Williams carries the beginning of the film, and watching this years later it is fascinating to see that this young woman has blossomed into an Oscar-caliber actress.

A very enjoyable film for a late night watch.

Watched this movie on video, and I found it entertaining.

Anyway, as usual the plot deteriorates into a drawn-out chase scene that Hollywood thinks the mass mind craves along with the usual stupidities.

A predictable ending involving characters being stalked through the sewers and a ridiculous killer baby aside, this is for the most part routine fare.

And this was the first role for the incredibly stunning Natasha Henstridge.

As it stands, it still remains a intriguing and action-packed Sci-Fi adventure up until the last twenty minutes when it all falls apart.

It was a very intense movie and the plot was great all the way I wouldn't ask for anything else, except it's a HUGE keeper in the video/DVD library.

Michael Madsen is (again) supposed to be a tough and merciless bounty hunter, but he has a gingerbread heart and falls for a dull female doctor.

Nevertheless, Helgenberger is bland, Whittaker is irritating and Ben Kingsley (of Gandhi, House of Sand and Fog, Sexy Beast and Schindler's List fame) is absolutely terrible.

But at the end, it goes for the mundane.

Which it does in this highly enjoyable slice of Sci Fi hokum.

Nothing happens.

It has all of Giger's trademarks, and is stunning to behold on-screen- especially with the amazing practical effects and puppetry.

"Species" is a pretty bad movie, yet horror and Sci-Fi fans will definitely find it entertaining due to its large amount of gore and trashy sleaze.

Henstridge is absolutely stunning and very fresh.

18 years later still worth watching I got the boxset for Christmas so having a marathon let's see how Part Two holds up.

It is just your average story but it was fairly entertaining and suspenseful.

instead of delving into the fascinating realms the premise offers, like the alien's character and feelings (and the internal struggle with its human aspects), it merely hints and tantalises us with them...

The whole movie is charged with pulse-pounding suspense, ingenious special effects and riveting performances from a first-rate cast.

one big bonus of this film is that it introduced the world to Natasha Henstridge,who is truly stunning.

The action sequences are pretty solid and engaging.

With an estimated budget of $35,000,000 director Donaldson does an OK job but fails to create much tension or atmosphere, Species looks & feels rather bland & forgettable throughout.

As for the story, I cant remember how it went now, I was that bored by the end....

The action-sequences are well illustrated and exciting but, as soon the script tries to be intellectual, the whole thing looks stupid and dreary.

I think the film's major flaw is that it runs way too long at 110-minutes so some editing would have done it a lot of good.

Lack-lustre acting and directing combine with a weak script to produce a rather amateurish and only mildly entertaining film.

The girl soon goes into a cocoon and emerges later as a stunning adult that can metamorphosis in a monster.

population and we follow the rag-tag bunch charged with the task of tracking her down before she reproduces (and, if you're interested, the 'reproducing scenes' are worth watching this film from most red-blooded males' points of view!

Towards the end of the film, like all good movie monsters, Sil heads for the sewers and here the plot becomes a bit strained (and the CGI effects a tad weak), but for the majority of the time, this sci-fi/horror is very entertaining.

All of these add up for a roller-coaster THAT did keep me on the edge of my seat.

At the beginning this movie is really rather enjoyable, with a surprising teenage role by (then unknown) Michelle Williams as an artificially created Alien.

It isn't quite as entertaining as 'Lifeforce', the original naked space chick movie, but it's a still pretty good way to waste an hour and a half of your life.

The focus is strongly on the special effects and creature design, which means plenty of entertaining anecdotes from Johnson.

There are a few gratuitous scenes (Examples include the repetitive nudity, and the happenstance of a pool of oil, while our heroes just happen to be carrying flamethrowers.

The story & basic plot are pretty predictable as with any "Bunch of people hunt monster" type movie.

"They are really just a bunch of stereotypes, but because they're such a good bunch of actors, they help to make Species more enjoyable than it has a right to be.

Nothing ground-breaking here, just enjoyable b-movie popcorn fare.

While this cheesy little sci-fi horror flick(reminiscent of those from the 50's) is silly and clichéd, it is also surprisingly engaging, and effort was put into making the script hold up...

Enjoyable trashy sci-fi/horror.

While snobby film critics love to hate "Species" it's a thoroughly entertaining sci-fi adventure with an interesting moral and a great cast of characters.

Has a few flaws but still highly enjoyable fare .

He actually looks bored in his scenes.

Deadly Dull And Cliched .

"Species" is predictable to a fault, and offers no insight into any of the potential (and few) interesting ideas it offers.

The thing is, she's simply stunning in the film, and that's with her clothes on.

Her boobs are magnificent and breathtaking.

Species is definitely worth watching although I think it plays a little longish at times & I doubt I'll be sitting through it again anytime soon.

Overrated waste of time .

Some stunning conceptual designs from "Alien" man H.

In her debut role, stunning Natasha plays a secret government project, namely the very first scientific hybrid of human and alien DNA.

Combine that with some great and grotesque visuals, courtesy of the late Hans Ruedi Giger and some Cronenbergian body horror and you're in for a fascinating ride through Los Angeles.

Yes, this is a daft movie - sleazy and illogical by turns - but thoroughly enjoyable.

" Enjoyable mix of horror, Sci-Fi & female toplessness...

Unfortunately, everything gets permanently boring somewhere around the halfway mark of the film.

Directed by Roger Donaldson (The Recruit, Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace) made an entertaining, ambitious, science-fiction/horror/action/thriller.

" My god I don't know how he ever got in the acting business because he is the dullest and worst actor I have ever seen in my life!

Fun and entertaining low-brow movie.

Worth the watch .

It's gruesome to be sure, but very exciting.

You will have more fun watching paint dry, than suffer through Species.

I found those flashes refreshing and exciting.

This would all be very original and exciting if it wasn't for "Alien".

Full of action, sexy and with a great cast, this film introduces the stunning Natasha Henstridge, one of the most gorgeous and sexy actresses of Hollywood ever.

and then gets boring fast.

**SPOILER ALERT FOR CONTENT BELOW THESE LINES** The back-story, the scientists' experiments and Sil's quick maturity into her adult form are all interesting and thrilling, though rushed and not given nearly enough development time.

Worth watching!

Fortunately, the marvelous special effects for the alien being, abundant gore in the graphic kills and copious nudity also manage to overcome the film's rather weak CGI for the finale, and with enough tension and suspense from the main, make this one rather entertaining.

a decent little flick is gory it has decent acting a hot chick lots of nudity but it seems familiar still this is a fairly entertaining timealthough not anything special it's not garbage either so if you see this at your local video store (which is very likely) pick it up **1/2 out of 5

The movie is too fast paced for its own good, and too reliant on obvious gimmicks of gore and nudity.

'Species' features a fantastic cast, and it gets off to a reasonably strong start, but it very quickly begins to deteriorate and eventually limps through its drawn out finale with all of its early promise wasted and forgotten.

Well directed and well cast, "Species" is an entertaining science fiction movie.

Species was fun at first, but then it got tiresome when it entered the second act.

The beginning is stunning.

The movie is not just a science-fiction movie about an alien on the loose but truly knows to create a dark moody atmosphere as well and puts in a couple of true great and effective horror moments, which makes the movie tense and in a way also unpredictable to watch, also since the movie is not too afraid to kill off its main characters.

Overall, a massive disappointment to those of us that were looking forward to a thrilling science fiction movie with intelligent undertones.

It's a deceptive entertainment that finally shows it's hand during the boring, silly showdown in the sewer level from Quake II where you have to find the red key & beat the boss monster without the quad damage.

SPECIES is certainly a step above your run-of-the-mill science fiction tale because it's smart enough to know that it's dealing with an interesting subject but it has to be more than just brains so the screenplay throws out some wild exploitation elements and in the end we're left with a pretty entertaining "B" movie.

The storyline is so predictable that it's hardly worth bothering with.

Overall I highly recommend it if you can get something out of sci-fi horror.

Kingsley, Madsen, Helgenberger, Whittaker and Molina do what they can with their stock characters and thin script, and (then) newcomer Natasha Henstridge is flat-out breathtaking as Sil.

This is your typical government makes-a-mistake-then-gathers-a-group-of-experts film, but one that I thought was very well done and highly entertaining.

An exciting combination of pursuit thriller, science fiction, erotic adventures, and a mind-numbing piece of utter garbage.

Interesting and action packed Sci-Fi...

The storyline is weak, but it still is an entertaining movie.

The unconvincing alien is yet more of HR Giger's sick, self-indulgent weirdness, the universally poor performances are all either bland, irritating, embarrassing or all three.

It's a fascinating concept and the film compellingly realizes it.

Species, for its time, was an extremely well executed Sci-Fi Thriller, with action packed WoW-in special effects work.

" we have a genetically engineered, rather stunning young blonde walking around the lab, causing all sorts of political and scientific unrest.....