Species III (2004) - Horror, Sci-Fi

Hohum Score



As her species decays succumbing to infections and illnesses, an alien seductress immunologically stronger becomes the only hope for them to live on.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Brad Turner
Stars: Robin Dunne, Robert Knepper
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 54 found boring (24.07%)

One-line Reviews (39)

This film is pretty entertaining with enough scares and flesh to keep the pace going until the unexpected end.

The film, attempting to be suspenseful and intriguing, just takes everything so seriously!

Natasha Henstridge has a short participation in the initial sequence; Robert Knepper has a good performance in the role of an obsessed scientist and Robin Dunne refuses the irresistible invitation of Sara "to exchange services" and completes the reasonable cast of this entertaining movie.

Unimaginative, dull and even more stupid than the second film.

Abbot and Dean return to find the empty cocoon and the dead dean and realize what happened.

*Yawn* .

Entertaining B-movie.

Sunny Mabrey is a boring alien, who certainly isn't being seductive enough, even though that's basically the only point of her entire character.

Sadly, the worst thing is the script, which has long slow stretches of nothing much happening and then rushes the action at the climax.

Since the film spends a large amount of time dealing with the biology of the girl and what they can do to make it viable in further tests, with only the occasional interaction otherwise shoehorned into the film to keep us from getting bored, it does give off it's hand that there's not a whole lot going on here during these parts save for the nudity.

All things considered, it's pretty good, better than it should have been, but the pacing can at times make the film unwatchable.

However this movie is absolute garbage, no plot movie all over the place rubbish special effects, how i wished i'd not bothered to waste around two hours of my time on it.

Things take a long time to get going and really it's pretty boring at times.

At the half-way point, this changes drastically, and though we thus get 2 halves of film(that don't fit together), neither are that compelling.

Sound effects come through, though the music score stayed in the background and the cinematography is typically bland.

The worst movie of all time.

This was so bland and boring I started doing other stuff while I was watching this.

The entire movie is just so drab.

Two beautiful actresses on display here(Sunny Mabrey & Amelia Cooke) who are certainly appealing, but the story serves no real purpose anymore, with highly variable F/X, and an overlong plot that has quite a few lulls, though a smattering of thrills.

has happened', the film settles into its droll, predictable groove that I expected it to do.

The rest of the characters are stereotypical and boring to the point that none merit any mention.

After that, the plot is fairly predictable.

After the first half moves a bit slow sometimes, introducing Sara as the newly created alien in human shape, the second half contains more action when other alien clones start fighting Sara.

You get Species 3, which is appallingly boring when compared to the other movies.

The idea behind the premise starts off promising enough, to only become too familiar, drawn out and unsatisfying lame.

One major problem with the film, as with the original, is that it runs way too long at 112-minutes.

There's some quite icky horror scenes with lots of puss and blood for those who like that but the plot is just boring, which bodes badly for Species 4, since it has the same writer as this one.

The half-breeds were a nice touch to the whole mythos but provided no plot advancement at all.

As if to compensate for the film's rather far fetched and tedious storyline, director Brad Turner sees fit to pack in lots of explicit gore (which is always welcome) and another beauty with nice ta-tas—a second foxy alien, played by brunette scorcher Amelia Cooke (who does the decent thing and gets her kit off within minutes).

This is a pretty dull movie.

The lines and lines of sci-fi guff and theorizing between the professor and his little helper were just too frequent and boring - especially for one who doesn't follow this stuff well.

In the few scenes Amelia Cooke gets as a half-breed, she pretty much smokes up the screen in a generally enjoyable and outrageous performance.

What happens when you take most of the sex and a good portion of nudity out of a Species movie and throw in a low budget and boring script?

There are some nice nudity to be seen but the production value is so low that it is barely worth watching.

pretty dull & not much fun .

" Entertaining horror Sci-Fi sequel.

This is long drawn out boring softcore porn.

All these films have been B-movies and SPECIES III is no different, but what is perhaps most surprising is that this one manages to be just as entertaining as the first film – even though it's clearly been made on a much lower budget and without any famous faces.

As nature will have it,she breaks free from his shackles and the ensuing bloodshed and gore makes for a very entertaining sci-fi movie,though it is a trifle low-key as far as special effects are concerned .