Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Jon Watts
Stars: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 160 out of 1000 found boring (16%)

One-line Reviews (461)

The script and dialogue was campy and predictable.

' Zzz.

MJ and Peter's relationship blossoms and this film is just as entertaining during the quieter moments as it is when the tremendous action set pieces are lighting up the screen.

I suppose we'll see that character change, and Tom Holland is great, but I just feel it's getting tiresome.

I must say, that like all other Marvel movies, then the 2019 "Spider-Man: Far from Home" was entertaining, and it was also a spectacular movie to watch on the screen.

The action scenes had little or no tension, especially when the line is being blurred between reality and fake imagery, and the ultimate fight was Spidey fighting drones - yawn.

It doesn't happen, the movie keeps on pretending that nothing happened...

The story line is very predictable, probably the only "flaw" with this otherwise perfect movie.

The Spidey-MJ arc was heartwarming becayze of the acting but -again- predictable.

Aside from some humorous moments between Parker and Happy, this one is quite dull.

i think it was a little boring!.

The ending was a bit predictable, then was somewhat invalidated by the end credits scenes.

Definitely worth the watch!


Fun and entertaining Spiderman movie.

One of the issues I had with the first installment was that it was too kid-friendly, which I found to be a bit of a letdown considering the more intense predecessors.

" It was when I looked at the time I realized that an hour had gone already, and the film was so gripping that I didn't even feel the need to leave my seat.

Tom Holland once again smashes it as Peter Parker and Jake Gyllenhaal plays a very entertaining and funny villan.

Twist villain didn't work very well, humour felt a bit forced, a few cliché elements here and there.

Entertaining if slightly disappointing.


It's enjoyable elements are plenty and make for a fun movie-going experience.

But such a weak story what they are fighting about is so boring.

Save your money and do not bother watching this.

MCU Spiderman should be smart and witty, in a teeny way, but here he was just dull.

However, its forgettable nature can mostly be attributed to a weak villain and a by-the-numbers story that becomes very predictable from the start.

It got pretty intense at the end and the end credits scenes were mind blowing and genuinely made my entire theatre gasp in shock.

Overall I'd say this was a very enjoyable film.

In terms of scale it felt so vast and action packed making for a brisk watch despite its fairly long run time.

Not Too Bad, But Confusing .

It's also emotional, and visuals are very stunning.

has a fun side a bit like National Lampoon's European Vacation, the effects are stunning, the story good...

Chaos, confusing plot, and confusing subplots.

I will say that even though Mysterio was entertaining, he wasn't as well written as the previous Spider-Man Vulture.

Worst movie of the Spiderman series.

it was somthing new and exciting and i loved the sort of mentor type relationship between peter and mysteiro.

While the overall plot was uninspiring I came off each scene with a smile on my face.

Mind blowing.

It's pretty intense, actually.

annoyingly banal rapport delivered with rapid-fire (ie, incomprehensible), breathless staccato that, alone, beats you senseless in the first 15 minutes of each movie.

Same old cliche one liners and action scenes.

Waste yout time .

Were as one of Homecoming's most substantial aspects was Michael Keaton's Vulture and his storyline, Far From Home's antagonist proves to be very predictable and frankly forgettable.

They wrote her simply just to be an angsty, brooding, "I'm so weird and quirky about my weirdness but also sarcastic but also cute and independent" type girl that it just came across as really pretentious and honestly stupid.

Finally, the action scenes are breathtaking.


Mind blowing!!!!.

A tight story along with fast-paced action, some good character moments and fascinating chemistry between Tom Holland and Zendaya make Far From Home far from an unpleasant theater experience.

The jokes fell flat, the action was pointless because there was no back story and the big reveal came after the credits.

Far From Home was an exciting, thrilling adventure where Peter becomes entangled in a mentally exhausting battle with the all-powerful master of illusions.

The action is swift and engaging.

just boring and annoying..,there are 2 kids of movies epic win ones and epic fail ones this one is the epic fail one..because it fails on so many levels you cant even count.

The storyline in the movie was entertaining and enjoyable, and it definitely had a great pacing to it.

My wife and my son (just turned 17) got asleep and I made an effort to finish watching this boring and stupid movie.

Entertaining .

So Entertaining .

However, a crucial twist halfway through renders the second half extremely mundane, building to a climax which is silly and predictable as it is hollow and contrived.

Boring and predictable .

This movie makes up for a lot of the flaws of Spider-Man Homecoming: the CGI is better, the story is genuinely exciting, the villain is more interesting, Tom Holland is more confident in the lead role and is very likeable, and even the dreary Zendaya loosens up and is more enjoyable.

Really enjoyable, that's the best movie Spider-Man all the situation are unexpected, Tom Holland is good for doing that act.

Somehow I even found it boring and the monsters attacking Venice or Prague I just don't care.

A good, entertaining movie.

The plot has a twist that is predictable during viewing.

In spite of this, Spider-Man: Far From Home is still an entertaining and satisfying end to Phase Three.

Boring story.

10/10 in it's genre and a really entertaining and fun movie overall.

I watched in 3D and was very exciting and excellent feelings.

While most of the action may be lackluster (see The Bad), the final confrontation was very exciting and felt like it had good stakes.

Still, enjoyable, fun, and definitely worth watching.


The action sequences were fun and exciting, and there was more emphasis on Peter's spider senses here which was nice.

The plot has an unexpected reversal.

The effects are enjoyable , and Tom Holland does bring his awkward charm to this, but Zendaya looks really bored being here, and her sort of romance with Holland comes together feeling very forced, and very unconvincing, I was more convinced by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man(2012).

After the dreary Captain Marvel and the disappointing, turgid Avengers: Endgame, the people who make Marvel movies have got their mojo back and made a movie that is fun, exciting and enjoyable.

The very start with the presentation/news was confusing and unnecessary, also the post credit scene was crap.

I start to hate Spider-Man but this move is disgusting, it has fallen to the worst levels, they killing Spider-Man character & story, & made it more & more silly & unbearable.

Why is Aunt May played by the stunning Marisa Tomei?

Waste of money, I lasted 15 minutes and that was it.

Don't waste your time on this pointless movie.

I love marvel and Spider-Man, this movie was so bad I fell asleep for times.

J who actually gets a bit more to do here than in previous movies and I really envy Tom Holland in actually getting to have romantic scenes with this stunning young girl.

Large part of Homecoming's success stemmed from a compelling take on the character and an excellent performance by Tom Holland.

So boring.

Waste of money.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio is a true MCU baddie, in that he's one-dimensional, predictable and instantly forgettable.

I thought this film was a coming of age film for Spiderman, one that was necessary for the character, in order for him to progress in to the new age of marvel.

Such a boring movie, wasted my time and money.. no storyline and very poor cgi

Horrible movie, boring, bad villain, cliche romance, it's just, too bad

I took my two daughters and my wife, my wife stayed awake for the whole film (this means the movie is good, as she'll fall asleep in almost every movie due to boredom), and I...

There's a sequence of illusions which is pretty creative but apart from that, it's a waste of time.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is an entertaining addition to the marvel cinematic universe.

Action scenes are entertaining.

They were intimate and compelling, and while Tom Holland provides a great adolescent spin on the character, the story never feels too personal.

The people I went with all enjoyed it immensely.

The MJ character was just weird and weak and so cliche as to what people think a modern female character should be that it detracted from the whole character.

This movie was boring.

But I will say that the 2019 "Spider-Man: Far from Home" was genuinely entertaining and enjoyable.

The first act of the movie was slow.

I felt like falling asleep at the first part of this movie, Just noticed this is the first MCU movie without a Stan Lee cameo.

Good take on the theme, really enjoyable without taking itself too seriously or trying to overdo the themes.

Very entertaining!

She doesn't freak out, that makes the whole reveal and tension from the end of Homecoming pointless.

Script was bad and predictable, acting sometimes even worse.

No story, no dialogues, senseless script, only a fest of special effects.

Boring, predictable, samey .

Boring beyond belief.

From the beginning to the end this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

The whole sequence where Peter Parker/ Spider-Man accidentally sets drones on Brad Davis (Remy Hii) to stop him from sending a compromising image to MJ (Zendaya), is utterly pointless, moronic, and boring.

A very entertaining and clean movie (comparatively speaking).

The humor was so childish it was unwatchable.

Sadly, the cinematography and editing are very bland, with almost no wide-shots, I think.

The film is hilarious; you're certainly going to enjoy it from start to finish; the acting is excellent as well, Jake Gyllenhaal performance comes to mind immediately; he gives depth to his character "Mysterio" which would otherwise be quite bland and forgettable.

And while we're entertaining the possibility that the writers inverted his role in this movie, we're given dull "villains" to face.

The writer and visual effects people also did good, for I having read a couple of Spiderman titles was thinking how can they make this boring villain interesting, which they did.

Once we find out who he is and what his backstory is, for me, he turned out to be generic and uninteresting in the longrun.

A busy place like Prague, gets literally empty in a fight sequence where only two of the side characters get stuck in a merry go round.

The actors are bad and ridiculous, MJ, Ned, Flash, Betty they all unbearable & silly, this is the worst MJ I ever seen, and the story is trivial, and the attempts to laugh were really stupid & silly, I almost vomited from dullness.

Don't get me wrong, the film is fun and visually stunning but the plot seems contrived and Spider-Man is conveniently chosen to shoehorn in out of necessity to drive a weak story along.

Now there villain in this movie was corny and predictable, there's no other way to put it I say the twist from a mile away.

Great movie if you are 6-14 yo, unbearable movie for all the others.

I didn't expect this much from the sequel of Spider-Man: Homecoming, because Spider-Man: Homecoming was a total waste of time.

The Stream: Slow to get to the action and some comedic redundancyThe Big Screen: Very fun movie, great action sequences and furthers the MCUThe Final Bill: A must see in the theater for all of the action and intense illusions.

While the movie may not appeal to all Spider-Man fans, 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' is yet another enjoyable adventure in the fantastical world of superheroes, and proves that Marvel have no intention of slowing down in the near future.

This movie made a billion $ worldwide - it's mind boggling why with such crap.

It was so unique and unpredictable!

What I see here is a door to 10 more years of movies and repetitive series, I do not lie, Marvel confirmed a lot of projects that will arrive in the next few years and invade our ticket offices until who knows when Who could get excited for a movie of these people, When are all the same?

'Far From Home' is a hugely enjoyable film blending a teenage road trip movie with that of the Superhero genre.

Far from being a serviceable film, the latest Spider-Man instead merely serves as a palette cleanser to the Infinity Saga with a half-baked and disjointed story line.

All the characters in this movie are great and given a lot more to do, everything involved with the villain is actually brilliant and way better than Homecoming, performances from everyone are wonderful, the story is funny, goofy but very self aware, entertaining, and engaging, the action scenes and the visual effects are super cool, there is tons of great subtle commentary, the soundtrack is still fantastic, and everything involved with Peter Parker and Spider-Man was great especially in the new direction they took him.

Such a fun enjoyable movie.

Thrilling .

The jokes are horrible and repetitive.

It's more a coming of age and teen drama movie than a classic marvel.

You need to have seen all parts of the avengers series for this episode, otherwise it would create a lot of confusion to understand and especially the Eng Game, prior to it.

Even if Far from Home seemed repetitive, I am still glad there are new villains to explore in the Spider-man universe (considering how many have been covered in previous instantiations of the franchise).

I can't say I've liked a single Spider-Man movie, each one has the exact same story line: Introduction (repetitive rubber stamp genesis story)Love Interest (Mary Jane - holy rubber stamp story Batman)Villain introductionLove InterestVillain Fight (usually including the heroine)Love InterestEndMovie creation people "WE ALL KNOW WHO SPIDER MAN IS AND HOW HE GOT HIS POWERS" so please, cut the filler and show a super hero doing super hero feats instead of this low self esteem teenager, groveling and desperate for acceptance.

It lifts the mood of the series with its humour, while also delivering an enjoyable adventure and engaging plot.

Maybe younger (target) audience finds it more entertaining than I.

The mystry where we can find that mysterious is the real villain is really entertaining.

The storyline, however, was difficult to follow and all over the place.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is at baseline an entertaining movie to watch and provides some big hints for what's to come in the Marvel Universe.

This was a much needed light hearted film coming on the heels of the intense Infinity War/End Game saga.

After the Avengers Endgame, this title just seemed very rushed and pointless, no real story, and very weak characters.

It's a fantastic storyline & it's so action packed & I love that they brought in Quentin Black AKA Mysterio.

The comedy still delivers some really good jokes throughout 80% of the time, the runtime of 2 hours feels right and it's entertaining throughout the entire time.

Don't waste your time if you're an adult.

But this European vacation adventure was likely the funniest next to Thor Ragnarok and very entertaining.

I left the theater.

The movie had an intriguing plot with some twists which made very interesting and I felt the action scenes were quite good.

Been watching Spider-Man since the first movie and this one is great, the visuals are stunning and mind blowing, Jake is great, Zendaya is great, Spider-Man is Spider-Man.

It was far from boring.

Great entertaining movie.

Fortunately, it raises the bar as time goes by, even if done with small steps, and brings something more intense and obviously more interesting.

Besides that, it's very predictable, acting is poor by a majority of characters including some of the main ones.

He added layers and while the reveal was predictable it did feel genuine thanks to his ability to sell it so well.


I could barely keep myself awake through this movie, it was so boring!

Boring,shapeless and a step back from Homecoming.

Simmons as the Editor of the Daily Bugle which was quite unpredictable and unexpected.

It was hugely enjoyable after the (excellent) dirge of Endgame.

It's fast-moving, entertaining and the plot is fun.

I mean we've got shape shifters, talk of alternate universes, empty pointless destruction, bluffs, misdirection and it is descending into this ridiculous melting pot like that which other franchises have descended where keeping it all together has been thrown out to make another big buck.

ehm waste of time.

The villain was boring predictable and as far as I am concerned there is no twist.

With Mysterio joining Spider-Man to combat the Eternals, the movie had great suspense, humor and was full on entertaining.


In my opinion it is the worst Spiderman movie ever en the worst movie of the MCU.

As a huge marvel and 'MCU' fan I was extremely excited for this highly anticipated sequel to the charming and thoroughly entertaining, Spiderman Homecoming.

A movie that is funnier, smarter, more thrilling and with over the top action and CGI.

All this stuff just bored me and is obviously pitched at an audience who are experiencing such things now.

Don't waste your money!

At times the film also falls down to its own formulaic tropes, and the film can feel bland because of them.

It has a superficial appeal in terms of special effects, humor, and performance, but it still feels like a disjointed experience that never really comes together to tell a complete story.

The special effects were very enjoyable.

By contrast with Thanos, from the last two Avengers' films, The Elementals were utterly boring as enemies, with nothing to say at all about why they want to go about destroying the world or, at least, somebody explaining why they do so.

The scripting and lines were bland.

Overall, pretty bland.

But this movie was just too predictable for me.

The stakes have been raised so far before this that the normal internal struggles of the characters seem unimportant and frankly self indulgent.

Thankfully, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

All the characters are back in style, just as enjoyable as ever - MJ is much more important, and very skillfully played by Zendaya.

Jackson's Nicky Fury back is both fun and intense to see as he attempts to recruit Spidey.

Feels like a retred, getting boring now.

The visuals were brilliantly stunning and were near to completely seamless, they could have put in a giant unicorn and I probably would have still accepted it as part of that world.

A nice and enjoyable one.

Overall, we see the manner a sequel becomes confusing and sometimes frustrating because of its formula.

Worth watching if you've got the time to spare.

Spiderman home coming was boring.

The movie is more about teen love, road trip, coming of age then a superhero movie.

)Just when I'm about to declare Spiderman as a boring hero (nothing flashy, just spiderwebs and what Aunt May calls the 'Peter tingle'), the fight sequences here makes you reconsider so kudos to the fight scene choreographer.

Character development good, but 'playing the kid' become tiresome as well.

Interesting stories, well developed characters, non-forced humor, entertaining action and some unexpected twists.

It was exciting and never a slow moment.

From a relatively slow 'Teenage romance' film beginning to it's 'edge of your seat' ending, Spider-man does not disappoint.

Entertaining .

I really Enjoyed this, highly Entertaining sequel and a satisfying continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bad directing, lame writing, boring all around, made by and or for idiots with no respect or knowledge of storytelling.

Boring and overblown housecleaning in the wake of Endgame .

More than boring .

Fun, hilarious, action packed..an all round great movie.

The film was so fast paced that when an hour passed away and the cinemas placed a random intermission, my first reaction was, "What?

Kid movie even better, it's so long and boring, plot movie easy to know, really waste money and time

The story was very predictable and that is perhaps it's biggest weakness.

I knew it was going to be a lot of CGI and action, and what I was treated to in that category was very high quality and exciting.

This movie truly proves that they will waste no time making unnecessary sequels and earning money.

The music in this movie was adrenaline pumping , especially the new score for Spiderman.

Mysterio aside this film this film felt like pointless filler.

It was exciting and completely enjoyable.

The first half of the movie also took kinda long to get going as well and kinda dragged on.

This movie starts out with a disjointed scene, then doubles down on nonsense exposition for about the next 15 minutes - only to get to the point about 20 minutes in...

The CGI was stunning and the storyline worked perfectly.

But, they're beginning to look the same ol' tiresome same.

His charming portrayal of the web slinger elevates this rather ho hum Marvel entry (Peter Parker's European Vacation) into something more than the sum of its rather messy parts.

Entertaining blockbuster .

So in total I find it to be a mediocre action movie, too much reliance on digitally generated special effects, at the expense of compelling storytelling.

Save your money for a DVD release!

Dialing down the irritating political quips from Homecoming really helped make this an enjoyable outing.

All the scenes are predictable and so corny.

I fell asleep twice.

Slight but entertaining .

Homecoming was a relatively low stakes but engaging and fun high school spiderman adventure.

These kids acting is so plastic, so boring.

7.9/10?This movie sucks, this movie is boring, bad, predictible, the only good thing in the movie that it could maybe sorprise you is the first post-credits scene, nothing else, Spider-Man Far from home deserves a 4/10.

The plot in general and the jokes in particular are quite predictable.

There were really no stakes raised throughout the movie, and there wasn't a feeling to root for the hero, most likely due to the boring villain.

This makes him a very compelling and smart villain.

Very enjoyable, cute (yes I have a massive crush on Tom Holland) and full of Easter eggs for the Marvel Afficionados.

Nonetheless, it's still an enjoyable movie.

But if u have brain in your head, the plot (or the absence of it), the bad references of the future ironman, the wasted talent of Jake Gyllenhaal, script holes, and a garbage cheap final battle scene (enough to enlist in a page) gives me the final and the worst movie in the infinity saga.

It's just a pretty average superhero movie with a predictable plot.

But as the first Avengers movie to be released after Endgame, it was pretty boring in comparison.

-Spider-man's friends are such a waste of screen time, like...

What a waste of time.

The web swinging in downtown NY in the last 15 minutes was way more thrilling than any other part of the movie and that's where I think Marvel continues to miss the mark.

Now the Tom Holland Peter Parker movies can actually write a teen comedy so this film is pretty funny and peters emotional arc in this movie is really good and entertaining and the side characters like Ned and MJ really elevate this movie as well.

I really enjoyed it, I especially enjoyed the reveal of Mysterio being a bad guy

Far From Home is a well placed product then, much like Ant-Man and The Wasp was a bit of an amuse-bouche in the series, so too is this film a bit of a good old return to a smaller but engaging adventure.

In terms of the brand, it is what was needed, but it is also an enjoyable film which has a lot of creativity and craft about it - not just money and polish.

Boring, unimaginative, predictable.

Got really bored with the pace and predictability.

Utterly non sense that made 1.2 billion .. Idiocracy in full swing..please don't waste your time on this children play.

I say all that because I think this outing is an entertaining, at times hilarious, and ultimately well-shot action adventure film.

Everytime she appears is a pointless and waste of film time.

Well worth watching , Fantastic 😁

It'd be so exciting and I can't wait to see it.

And there's a trippy CGI-heavy sequence where reality gets warped and confusing.

The Elementals were boring and generic.

I loved that, even though I knew Mysterio would be the villain in the end, that I got so immersed into the story, I sorta forgot.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are amazing I was on the edge of my seat!

All in all an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours, made special by the performances of Tom Holland and the lovely Zendaya.

it was boring.

Very entertaining.

There is good action, comedy, and nice moments, all producing the sense of an enjoyable romp with plenty to like about it.

A coming of age awkward teenage movie with a "spiderman" stamp put on it.

Worst movie, Even for finger licking kids !!

On the edge of my seat throughout the whole time.

And like Homecoming: it's the most bland and forgettable piece of music that i've ever heard.

The movie was pretty easy to follow and the ending will keep you on the edge of your seat!

so some might feel things are predictable, I personally was surprised by quite a few things, especially considering the little knowledge I had before the movie started ...

So I went to watch and it was really predictable boring and pathetic.

The story was so generic, full of cliche and done so many times before, acting was terrible...

Stifle your boredom as they try to make a 'what a twist' moment when revealing that a character named for an old school villain is revealed...

this scene was just so pointless and added nothing to the film except that it made in a way dislike Peter Parker as it mad me think that he is so irresponsible that I even less believed that Stark would have left these glasses to Peter.

Fun to watch and enjoyable though I felt afterwards that some things were plain silly/plot holey.

Despite of all of this, the movie is extremely enjoyable to watch and does set up some things for the future of the MCU (namely the fact Peter Parker has been revealed as Spider-man to the whole world).

Peter and MJ have such a awkward and fun relationship which is enjoyable to watch.

Seriously, I was expecting Chevy Chase to turn up in the first hour of this movie reprising his role in National Lampoons European Vacation - it is stunning that films as global as the ones in the MCU are still made with such a US centric view of the world.

It's worth watching, especially for those who don't want to miss a movie in the Marvel Universe.

But, it's still worth watching if you're a fan of "Tom Holland as Spider-man"

In 2002 when the first SPIDER-MAN movies came out I enjoyed it.

Dull villain overall.

But i gotta say it was worth watching.

My Peter tingle tells me that this is a hugely enjoyable movie .

The movie is quite long and it is a lot to take in cuz too much is going on (which is great!

The action sequences, for the most part, are entertaining to watch.

A twist that is somewhat obvious but still intriguing to see how it is played out.

These prove to be a visual treat along with a compelling and unconventional way to dive into our main character's psyche.

I found it to be easy to follow, greatly entertaining and very easy to get pulled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which they almost always flawlessly create.

I would still recommend this film to any of my friends and family who are into Marvel or superhero films as it is thoroughly enjoyable.

The main hero had a nice character built up and the twist was nicely presented and unpredictable.

Gyllenhaal was a personal highlight and the villain felt well motivated if a little contrived/shoehorned into this world, throw in a mind blowing Mysterio illusion scene and various callbacks to prior films in the MCU and you're left with this really enjoyable product!

Another aspect which wasn't so good is that it focuses a bit too much on the romance/teenage stuff, which seems even cliché at times, leaving the hero part of Spider-Man in the background, his contribution in the first part of the movie (I might go as far to say that the entire first half) being insignificant or even bad, just to have something to fix or improve upon later.

cheesy, Spider-Man films have done a great line of making cheesy quite fitting and enjoyable.

Good entertainment when you are bored and have a pack of popcorn to finish.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Review RundownSpider-Man: Far from Home while providing your traditional dose of Marvel fun along with some visually stunning sequences, solid performances and the most memorable end credits scenes in recent memory; fails to stand out in a crowded universe making it a somewhat forgettable experience.

It was truth be told a bit lame & it detracted from the overall film leaving this reviewer underwhelmed & at times bored.

Mind Blowing .

Boring .

The 2 worst movies from Marvel 1 Spiderman homecoming 2 Spiderman far from home it sucks except post-credits scene, both movies are About The Iron Man, there's nothing about Spiderman how we saw in the past ( Tobey Maguire) thanks to Disney and Sony for firing Spiderman, there's no need of Spiderman anymore, Done with this superhero.

Granted the twist is extremely obvious but the ending sure was unexpected and i certainly did not expect the after credit scene!

It was good, the thrilling end was really good!

Spiderman returns again with a funny movie and a great unexpected twist at the end.

Hmmmm are Marvel films getting a little tedious.

Whenever the next instalment may hit cinemas, I'm certain that this time round I'll manage to stay awake.

Dull, inflated and cloying.

)The film overall is dramatically bland.

The continuous illusions were visually stunning and super creepy and chilling at the same time.

Convoluted & at times extremely unbelievable, Far From Home is a mixed affair with lows which challenged my suspension of disbelief contrasted with jaw-dropping highs, featuring poignant callbacks to previous iconic moments & some of the most shocking, unexpected & beautifully constructed Spiderman sequences ever put to screen - so it's incredibly difficult giving this film a particular score as there are parts which deserve a 5 star rating & others which warrant a 1.

As the title says, the movie is really fun but if you are 20+ you will find it boring, because you've seen probably 100 similar movies like this one.

Don't waste your time.

I have it a 7 because it was at least enjoyable.

Very Entertaining😎😉 .

It's all perfectly enjoyable.

Also, the 1st act of the film up until Peter suits up with the night suit, is a bit slow, and could've been paced a whole lot better.

Jackson, but his role is all cliché.

The sense of humor shouldn't be overlooked as well as the unexpected quips, one-liners and awkward exchange in conversations just keeps on coming out like a spider's web.

But felt contrived.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable movie, and you might like it even more than me, based on your opinion of Marvel movies.

The entire scene involving Quentin Beck/ Mysterio tricking Peter Parker/ Spider-Man into giving up his friends is visually stunning, mesmerising, and is just terrific cinema rarely found in a Marvel movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal was exceptional as Mysterio (why I'm giving the movie a 3), but the storyline was just too slow (keeping up w/ the kiddy story plot) to make this move as great as it could have been.

Story: all of the villain stuff is brilliant, the lovesotries were at times funny (good) or overly cliche with "i am too shy to ask her" all the movie long.

Enjoyed it a lot.!

It started promising enough when Disney first bought Marvel, releasing well-made entertaining movies such as Ironman, the Capt. America trilogy and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Add a dumb when convenient villain and a mediocre cast of classmates and the concerns and motivations driving the story just seem comically trite

Fun and enjoyable movie 7/10 .


There's a scene involving him and Spider-Man which was so enjoyable and surprising.

The hologram part was fascinating and was one thing that made the movie worth watching.

The movie was really boring and so silly Nothing to say more

"Spider-Man Far From Home" is a stunning blast from start to finish.

The special effects were also breathtaking.

If you turn off your brain its enjoyable kind of romp.

I could barely watch 1 hour of it and left the theater 😐 Such a wasting time and money!

The character development was slow, the way the story arcs of the persons in this story was like it could not decide if it was drama, action, romance, or teen or whatever is in between so it mixes them together, and add a little comedy to it and to me that mix was a brainless mixture of wannabes that never develop into anything.

Enjoyable action flick with some witty moments and fun actions scenes.

The unexpected cliffhanger is just so annoying as the one which we saw in the end of the first movie.

I had loved the Home-coming and this one is also fantastic and breathtaking.

Despite that, I still think this movie is entertaining enough to watch, if only for the humor.

The movie has a dull look and the cinematography is non-existant.

What a waste of time.

Boring movie.

The dialogue is very engaging and witty.

The action scenes are stunning and very fun to watch.

"Far From Home" brings everything to a smaller level, creating a more intimate and ultimately, more thrilling action experience for Spider-Man.

Some moments of it were a bit weird but overall I enjoyed it.

This movie was just too predictable, actions scenes were not that great and even acting wise it seemed no one was serious about this movie.

The kids will like it because it deals with kid issues such as teen love, but I found this all INCREDIBLY boring.

All around entertaining from beginning to end.

Jake G is one of the best actors going, yet he was uninspiring in this film, so I think that says a lot about the material he was given.

Spending two hours in the theatre watching this film was total waste of time.

I enjoyed it for what it was.

The plot twist was predictable and unimaginative.

A little predictable .

The plot twist which it features is also a good aspect worth mentioning, totally unexpected for a stranger to Marvel comics as myself, while the explanation of it is even more impressive and satisfying.

The movie is action packed, funny and altogether a swinging summer flick.

But turn out the trailer was totally unpredictable.

Great acting but predictable and lazy writing.

Gyllenhaal was stellar as Quentin Beck, master of illusions, and while its a bit tiresome that Iron Man's dirty laundry keep being the focus of Spider-Man's villains, I thought he did very well and came across truly sympathetic (until he turned out to be a sociopath who was very quick to choose murder as the only solution).

Get bored as everyone spends an obscene amount of time graveling at Robert Down....

Most Intriguing Plot Ever!!.

Judging by the aspect of pacing, it's way better than "Homecoming", but the third act of the film is what really makes it worth watching.

Tom Holland's Spider Boy take on the character is still engaging.

A thoroughly enjoyable blockbuster .

Outside of that it is a very entertaining movie and definitely worth watching.

The plot of the movie is interesting and quite entertaining, with good rhythm, action sequences and good jokes.

And some scenes are very exciting.

Then there's the confusion about who Spider-Man is, resulting in a new hilarious alt-moniker.

It's more of a coming of age, teenage crush movie, with some spiderman thrown in, what a waste of time and effort from the movie studio, bad predictable story, really not much thought has gone into it, seems that's what Hollywood is about now, pump out films with little or no thought with the same predictable characters and stories.

so if you are a spider man fan or a fan of the mcu you will probably like this movie, its fun, entertaining, and new.

Now the negatives: The plot is very predictable, and if you have any knowledge of the characters then you're simply waiting on the twist to reveal itself, which isn't satisfying in the least.

A visual stunning movie, that will make you leave the movie with a smile on you're face!

Spider-Man far from home is one of the worst MCU movies, the movie is boring from begining to end, everything is so predictible, the Peter Parker partners are a group of idiots, the jokes in the movie are so forced, the romance in the movie is so silly, this movie is so overrated, really?

Furthermore, one particular scene laced with confusion and bizarre imagery matches what the Mysterio character was all about in the comics.

Sometimes he writes the best music that i've ever heard that makes me fall in love with him (The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, Medal of Honor series), but then he writes probably the most forgettable and bland music ever and get disappointed by him (Jurassic World movies, Planet of the Apes series and many more) and this movie is no exception.

There's literally nothing to contravene here, it's the perfect superhero flick, with adrenaline pumping battle scenes, twists that doesn't sell themselves too much, three dimensional characters, all juxtaposed against a youthful glow that shines throughout the movie.

This was a most enjoyable Spider-man movie.

This is funny, exciting, have a couple of nice little love stories, and its a nice callback to the comics the movie is based on.

It is boring.. .

A total waste of time...

An exciting emotional ride .

It was well paced, compared to the slow pace in Far From Home.

This was a perfect followup movie, clever, smart, quick witted, and mind blowing special effects like you're on a rollercoaster (must be something in 3D).

The film was funny, spectacular, clever, entertaining.

), the cuts between two characters during a chat can be a tiny bit off with the placement/facial expressoins which makes it a tiny bit confusing but still enjoyable.

..interesting AND entertaining for wider demographics, became one of those "teen-movies", where you know exactly what WILL happen in the next 5-10 minutes increments.

The overall impression is that some very bored people were forced to execute the dull task of filling a production quota.

Enjoyable fast moving film .

As for the final post credits sequences containing a multitude of mind blowing Easter eggs and cameo moments.

This film in particular is a combination between action and teenage romance which is really enjoyable.

Please save your money and do not watch this movie.

The characters had zero chemistry and I found them downright boring and uninteresting.

Sony Pictures, the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Ruling Class still sore about losing a World War Two which THEY started, tramples America's Grapes of Wrath with this SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME preview of our crucial upcoming 2020 POTUS re-election formality.

As soon as you walk out of the theater you'll forget all about it

It is a grand and exciting concept to have such tech available post Stark Industries.

However, purely because of how enjoyable the movie was, I can say that this otherwise painfully mediocre was actually good.

Both actors really enjoyed it, it was fun, awkward, basically teenage crap like that.

It was entertaining for the most part.

CONCLUSION: The movie is 3 stars "cute" and 2 stars "meh you'll see it coming plot twist - yawn" ...

Funny, entertaining, solid watch.

Far From Home is a very worthy and entertaining sequel from Homecoming, as both films are great and different in each case.

Entertaining continuation sticks to what the MCU does best and doesn't stray far from what's worked before - not that that's a bad thing...

The CGI is stunning.

Bad story, very boring.

It's heartwarming, funny, and action packed.

he lost the Academy Award for the Most Contrived Sournois Villany Plot.

I fully expected that Mr. Watts's talents there would have shined through here, but this one feels like it was directed by an entirely different and boring creature with no handle whatsoever on what makes Spiderman, like...

In these movies he is zzzzzzzz.

I rented this film at home and enjoyed it.

Peter's reluctance to fully step into the void Tony's death created in the global landscape is entirely understandable and brings an exciting new dimension to the character.

But as an engrossing film like its predecessors, it fails.

Ragnarök was one of the worst movies of all time, Black Panther was boring, Infinity War was just a high-speed better acted transformers movie, and Endgame sucked big time.

In here, everything is forced and contrived.

I found that Spider-Man: Far from Home is a kind of teen movie and it is entertaining.


Thin plot, good CGI, and feeling sort of empty.

Even though MCU might not have made the right moves with this instalment, at least it stands as an entertaining, daze-looking flick for common viewers.

But yeah it was enjoyable to watch.

This movie's villain, Mysterio, is simply stunning.

The story is quite predictable, except for one moment that involves the villains.

Although silly, the Stark-like millionaire playboy mannerism from Gyllenhaal & lost boy seeking father figure look from Holland made those conflicts seem semi genuine and intense.

I still absolutely love it and would highly recommend it.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

So, engaging is the chemistry of all the players that I forget the whole "Weather had a face" thing and suddenly, it appears, and the action begins.

Don't waste your time.

I fell asleep.

The cliche ferris wheel scene was a bit frustrating not seeing the writers come up with something a bit more fresh or smart.

Until then this movie is one worth watching and putting among the collection of MCU films on your shelf, all to be enjoyed more than once.

As for the plot, it's predictable.

The damn worst movie ive ever seen.

The twist that Quentin Beck aka Mysterio lied about the Elementals and the multiverse was unexpected and shocking.

Now it seems, the machiavellian strategy is to target younger viewers with their propaganda, with infantile tripe like Shazam and this latest Spiderman.

They tried there utmost to make it funny, but it just didn't work, and Tom Holland's constant whining about how much he wanted to be with his school friends, and trying to get the girl, became tedious after a while.

This latest entry into the Marvel movie world is agreeably entertaining and a fun follow-up to this year's Endgame, even if it takes a little while to really get going.

Well worth watching , Fantastic 😁

The teen-centric stuff that worked perfectly in Spider-Man: Homecoming didn't work here at all because everything was rushed and all over the place in the first half including the uninspiring fight scenes that made it quite clear that the first hour of the film isn't the entire film (as if this wasn't already clear!

But the Holland movies are still enjoyable.

Don't waste your time on this.

The action scenes had me on the edge of the seat, in a way that I haven't felt ever sense I went to see Infinity War.

Dreadfully boring.

His classmates aren't developed at all, aside from that wierd Betty-Ned relationship that was pretty much pointless and served the sole purpose - easter egg on their comic relationship.

At the same time as I would have loved the character stories to be more developed I am seriously hoping they would never do that because of the boredom that would entail.

I must be getting old but I do remember the first Spider Man movie to be enjoyable.

The comedy is hilarious, the characters are all loveable with great performances, the story is engaging and this movie probably has the most creative and thrilling action and effects out of any of the Marvel movies since Doctor Strange.

After looking forward to Endgame for a year and wondering how it was going to play out, I have to say, while I enjoyed it I was mildly disappointed with it too.

What did detract was the dialogue, repetitive, unrealistic, uneconomical.

The first 40 minutes was preaty boring and kind of bad.

In the next sequel I surely hope they stop with showing him as an teenager who alternates between being overclumsy or a brilliant scientist (too much cliche).

This movie was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, the first half was a pedestrian display of Peter's non-superhero life, including his friends and Mary Jane (omg shocked).

Still running with it, here is a definitely entertaining yarn.

Another entertaining film in the MCU.

Third movie just made it unbearable with the terrible haircut and acting.

I didn't think they had anything to work with, and yet, found it enjoyable, full of action, humorous, and heart-felt.

Still pretty entertaining and a good post-Endgame MCU flick.

Unfunny, un entertaining and just filled with stupidity and effects which have no reason to be used because the story is just blatantly stupid and therefor needs no script or effects.

Wooden characters, contrived scenarios, box-ticking exercise in sanitised and inoffensive but supremely bland storytelling.

It starts to show the part of Spider-Man which I want to see in such a movie, the one which fights against the bad guys, the one that makes you smile but still stays serious enough to make the action credible and enjoyable.

This is a great summer popcorn movie, enormously entertaining, helped along by a superb soundtrack by Michael Giacchino (if you want to feel some superhero energy for your morning tube ride, listen to his Far from Home Suite Home (LOL) on Youtube).

Most adult actors seems bored and embarrassed to be there .

I also liked the new approach on MJ, an intelligent, grunge girl who is acquainted with the unbearable lightness of being...

To me, this is a very boring film.

Good action and great performances but as usual it follows the marvel formula with a predictable story.

Marvel's final Spider hyphen man film was a thoroughly entertaining movie though I must say.

Plot holes a dime a dozen and the way everything was dumbed down to the point of being unwatchable.

and it was entertaining.

Bore fest extrodinaire.

you know that you are stretching it and it is becoming very boring.

Then save your money.

Overall, Spider-Man Far From Home is a really good movie, it was funny entertaining, exciting, and charming.

I really enjoyed it ...

Bland characters.