Spinning Out (2020) - Drama, Sport

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A figure skating Olympic hopeful struggles to balance love, family and fragile mental health as her dream of winning takes a dizzying hold.

Stars: Kaya Scodelario, January Jones
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 28 out of 209 found boring (13.39%)

One-line Reviews (84)

It is just the most predictable load of tosh ever The acting is foul, January Jones carries the cast, Kaya's was abysmal!!.

The skating scenes are the most exciting ones in the whole show.

So I was a little bored and I came around this on Netflix.

Expected a bittersweet drama with bad acting, got an intense drama about mental health and sports.

It's hard to keep up with the twists and turns made at every corner of this show, but its incredibly real and intense that it captivates your entire attention.

Don't waste your time.

Even the cinematography is so cliché and basic.

Expected something a little cheesy just to waste some time after recognising Kaya, found out it was about a lot more, focusing on the struggles of being bipolar but also trying to live a life in a competitive sport.

Gripping from the start .

The storyline with Marcus and Alana is rather lame and pointless, whereas there could be more of Jenn's character.

Addictive and entertaining.

And it also adressen mental health, child abuse and other very important topics and it does it in an intruiging and entertaining and way.

It is super serious and entertaining at the same time.

Overall, I enjoyed it so much I almost watched the whole season in 1 day.

With this particular show, its every 'rich kid, poor kid, comeback kid cliche' in the book.

Slow .

The acting, the predictable story line...

There are much better things on which to waste one's watching time.

Entertaining as hell .

Imagine every trope and cliché from every trashy teen/young adult show you've ever seen and slapped figure skating onto it, that's this show.

Started good but becomes very predictable .

Give the show a try, very enjoyable.

Serial contains a lot of "unbelivable" and "unpredictable" turns.

But this is basic, cliche and un-engaging.

If you are looking for a diverting, entertaining show with lots of drama, go for it.

Addictive, artistic and suspenseful .

Bland acting, ridiculous (and I mean RIDICULOUS portrayal of BPD, no real story line.

Other than that it is very entertaining.

Well worth watching .

The storyline, predictable.

I'm disappointed mostly beacuse I'm really into winter sports and feel sad about their misrepresentation in this movie, but there were other problems too, like the predictable plot and the unbearably selfish personality of the main character.

Fun and exciting to watch!!

This show is very exciting!

The main character conversely looks old for her age, so confusing, when i first saw them together thought they were all just skating students.

Extrémalo enjoyable .

It kept me on my toes the whole season, so exciting and sad at the same time.

An exhausting but engaging watch .

The skating is beautiful, but it gets boring.

Spinning Out is overall a worth watching show and deserves a second season.

It seems like it will just be a sappy teen show but does the unexpected.

The skating performances were all unwatchable with terrible body doubles, awkward choreography, and poor cinematography (probably to hide the terrible body doubles and awkward choreography).

Intense drama, I want more!!!!

Worth the watch .

Nice idea, contrived storyline .

Storyline are so predictable .

This started off fine and it's fun to watch the brief skating scenes, but after awhile it seemed like it was trying so hard to be gritty and dark and politically correct that it became contrived and annoying to watch.

The characters are pretty cliche, there really isn't any character development.

Totally predictable and nothing like real life.

There is just enough skating to keep skating fans happy and non-skating fans from being bored.

Boring, awful performance and shallow script .

Very enjoyable..

super confusing and such terrible acting.

For me in particular, figure stakteing has some majestic to it, and both Kat's solos and her pair performances with Justin were outstanding and breathtaking.

Definitely a good watch, but some elements were predictable.

Slow, the mom looks younger than the main character.

Beyond intense.

A compelling story driven by really good acting and awesome performances from the skaters.

Very intense, amazing drama.

The show has a really good soundtrack, the plot is engaging and you will like it.

The conversations are all so predictable, simple and cliché.


It was gripping and quite intense.

But he had 5 separate incidents of 'white people bad' in 5 episodes and it got boring & repetitive real quick.

Spins are slow.

The plot is incredibly predictable which I'm ok with if it was done well.

I like it , but it's too long and gets boring for 50min of hell she goes through.

She seems lazy in every shot and her dialogues are monotone.

Unlikeable Characters and Repetitive Plot .

The lead female character was intense and petulant, with psychotic tendencies.

But if it seems like it might interest you it's a really intriguing show and although not perfect, one I really wanna see continue.

Gripping watch, but predictable.

Gripping story, great ensemble .

The storyline is predictable but the details inside is very mind blowing.

This is my first review ever but this Spinning Out just I feel it, I thought I left my last series "Oniscientef" it was average, but then I clicked something random like "okay let's watch that skate serie", from the first to the last episode it is art enthusiastic exciting scary dramatic and especially ur ask yourself, how will it end?

However, I am getting really bored of the cliché angry at the world girl that can't seem to get over her BS and ends up blaming everyone that comes in her path for her problems.

Netflix unleashed it's new intense, adult ice skating drama on January 1st.

I really enjoyed it!

Fantastsic acting and engaging storyline.

The script is flat and predictable for a 5 year old kid, the acting is awful, even January Jones talent is water here and she is badly directed.

However in the second half of the season this show turned out to be a typical basic amercian soap with predictable plotlines and annoying characters.

Absolutely boring and embarrassing for storytelling and topics.

Very enjoyable .

The relationship mother daughters is exciting.

The writing is so bland and shallow.