Spring (2014) - Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi

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A young man in a personal tailspin flees from US to Italy, where he sparks up a romance with a woman harboring a dark, primordial secret.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Justin Benson
Stars: Lou Taylor Pucci, Nadia Hilker
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 99 found boring (19.19%)

One-line Reviews (73)

I found myself bored by some of the stronger romantic segments of this movie, though, and can envision that other horror junkies will as well.

Spring does have a very slow start and it took me a while to get into.

However, she is able to keep this affliction at bay by injecting herself with some magic serum that immediately reverts her back into a stunning young Spanish woman in her 20's.

Now this is just a personal thing, some of us don't like the oldies, or zombies, I for one dislike the real real slow burners with almost no real conclusion.

It is likely the fact that the actress is in between a zombie and a octopus (lots of special effects), what most attracts lovers of this gender, but the plot is so annoying, and the conversations, and the protagonists reactions, so absurd and empty.

Well made, entertaining romance.

In spite of the special effects, the film moved a bit slow for my taste.

I was intrigued by the prospect of plot and a very intriguing trailer.

Movie is pretty much slow and for some of you may seem boring, but its originality is worth watching it till the end.

No, this is a love story, and it takes such a unique and unexpected angle on the genre that it will require you to think of love in an entirely different way.

It's essentially a rather intense love story.

If you can appreciate a relationship based Horror film with mild Horror elements and you don't mind waiting a little while (about 35 minutes or so) until the scarier things start happening, and if you are NOT expecting a heavy-duty, intense, violent, in-your-face Horror movie, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy this very well made and unusually stylish blend of Horror...

My only other issue was it seemed a little confusing at times as to exactly what her "condition" was.

The preview mis-sells this quiet, intimate and philosophical film as a Species-esque thriller set in a beautiful Italian location, which is a shame as those who are waiting to be on the edge of their seats will be disappointed.

Finally, the ending and alternate ending seemed too sweetly predictable - not creative.

In conclusion, Spring is a fascinating combination of romance and fantasy...

There are some cool Lovecraftian ideas playing out here in the themes of a primordial race, but they have to repeat the plot points multiple times because it's too confusing and convoluted the first time around.

There are several moments in this film, which also proceeds painfully slow (the only flaw I could think of), where you are wondering what the hell is actually going on.

This movie is a slow paced film with just enough gore and pacing to hold my interest.

It's commendable however that the filmmakers resist the urge to delve into the formulaic and tiresome routine which often ruins contemporary horror films (silence… JUMP SCARE) and attempt to establish horror through atmosphere and through gore which appears entirely appropriate for a film exploring sex and relationships (the gore in the film often take shape as the corruption and decaying of flesh, the decay of the body).

The beginning of the movie is raw and slow.

I want a movie that is cool, entertaining, and there is a storyline, is that too much to ask?

After years upon years of pointless torture porn, found footage ad-nauseum and endless Saw sequels, a new movement of original, well thought out horror films are really starting to reignite the genre with originality and atmosphere.

She is so stunning in this, I wish she had more than just the one scene.

of "coming of age" comedy and science fiction.

However, slow and raw enough that pop-corn munching blockbuster- loving idiots will be bored.

It is kind of long, though, at almost two hours, giving it a kind of slow pace.

But when the "big secret" finally comes, Spring acquires a fascinating perspective.

While flowing along at a rather slow pace Spring never feels as though it wanders or strays.

This is a film well worth watching if you like innovative films that draw you in to the story which gradually reveals its mysteries.

The trailer looks engaging.

And to those that enjoy anti-PC culture and thinks it's hilarious, you will too be bored!

The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is more than adequate and the story is thoroughly engrossing.

Surprisingly Enjoyable for a Horror Film With Very Little Horror .

While this film wasn't really for me, its a quality film and I can see why many people have enjoyed it.

The personality she gives to a character that could easily have fallen into the realms of utter cliché is really, really refreshing.

As a result, scenes extend for far too long, for example the time Evan spends with the Brits.

I wasted 2 hours on this trite?!

A few comments I read on here said that it dragged in places.

The writing is uncannily lifelike, the two lead characters have chemistry in spades, and the story is so engrossing it almost takes on an ever changing life of its own as it progresses.

The music is grim, then it perks up - confusing.

Spring mixes genres in a pretty refreshing way beginning as sort of a slow drama, then turning into a romantic film, and eventually turning into a twisted sci-fi horror piece.

From the very opening scene I was immersed just like the first page of a fine book.. I immediately cared for this character within minutes.

Pretty good movie with a nice story that kept you invested and some memorable moments and intriguing ideas (1 viewing)

I'm kinda sick of movies these days, with crappy super-hero movies, a lot of bad remakes, and a complete lack of storyline.

still thoroughly enjoyed it!

The scenery was breathtaking and the cinematography was exceptional.

The reason why she is confusing at times and stands aloof, becomes clearer as soon as the terrible secret is revealed.

Apart from being both touching and thrilling, Spring is visually really appealing.

It's just this new cliché that if you want to become a vampire or meet some strange creatures you have to come from America to Europe, preferably Italy.

It's been a really slow start to the year for horror movies, and I haven't really been expecting much, so this one really was a breath of fresh air.

The film has gorgeous visuals, great direction, and some amazing shots of breathtaking locations in Italy.

During all that while, the movie forges the relationship between the main characters, Evan and Louise, making the danger they face during the third act more intense.

The farm scenes, where he's employed, seemed pointless and the connection to the death of the farmer's wife was, again, seemed to be an afterthought injection.

I found myself laughing at a lot of moments that were supposed to be intense or serious.

Emotions, the word Spring does bear such, are rare in this cliché love affair.

Even though it was a slow burner, my understanding was that all this was taking place in a week or so.

"I'm half undiscovered science, a bunch of confusing biochemistry and some crazy hormones.

The explanations given for the paranormal transformations are absolutely boring.

Watch when you can get it all in with one view as this film will engross you and draw you in from start to finish with it's heartfelt story and intriguing characters.

They consider the spectator a dummy empty brain where to put empty clichés.

And boy do I love horror but this type, this type right here, moves too slow, heads almost nowhere and every time I decide to give one a chance, I always end up disappointed.

This decision was certainly a risk but nevertheless, what initially started as an engaging exploration into a character who is complex psychologically quickly becomes something very different.

Intriguing and effective .

I deliberately didn't go too far into the horrific, venereal nature of some of the content, as to not spoil the cryptic, unexpected surprises that lay in wait.

Instead it opts for endless, uninteresting dialogue straight out of a twee CW supernatural TV show, or worse, a Twilight film.

The dialogue is fascinating.

This has to be one of the most unpredictable movies that I happen to see in a long time.

I highly recommend it.

Usually when people mix things up the result is either something too artsy or deep for its own good or a jumbled mess.

It was pointless eye candy and could hardly be called "original".

The police were on the protagonist's trail, but nothing happened.

I found Pucci's character engaging and likable, though at times he does lean towards the less-than- convincing.