Squirm (1976) - Horror

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A storm causes some power lines to break and touch the ground, drawing millions of man-eating worms out of the earth, and into town where they quickly start munching on the locals.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Jeff Lieberman
Stars: Don Scardino, Patricia Pearcy
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 20 out of 109 found boring (18.34%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Helped tremendously by likeable leads, an exciting climax, and some true scares, this is one of director Jeff "JUST BEFORE DAWN" Lieberman's best.

Setting the stage for this as well as initiating the story proper is the opening storm which is a nice bit of spectacle with the tumbling towers and spark-showering explosions going off that makes for a rousing opening here.

Boring B-grade horror crap.

This is very slow moving and features really dumb redneck characters with the exception of the two likable lead roles, but Jeff Lieberman's offbeat touches and Rick Baker's "wormface" make-up effects save it from being a complete waste of time.

Writer / director Jeff Lieberman's enjoyable entry into the "Nature Strikes Back" genre is good fun, a very knowing and tongue in cheek homage to B level creature features of earlier decades.

I really wanted to like Squirm, it has a great title, it has a potentially great story that could have been a lot of fun & provided some gory, gooey & squishy special effect scenes but the script is so slow it's almost an hour before the worms strike & even then they don't really do anything other than crawl around.

Bottom line: If you want a fun and entertaining creature flick to watch get this one immediately.

Though none come to mind, I am sure there are more entertaining movies on the subject of flesh-eating worms (If you just HAVE to watch one, that is)!

The slow beginning and thrilling conclusion makes the film very lopsided which is a shame because when it's good, it's real good.

It pumps tons of electricity into the ground, thus exciting the worms in the soil and turning them magically into carnivorous millipedes.

And his much later 'SATAN'S HELPER' is a very odd, quirky, but still somewhat intriguing film.

Boring .

Not exactly riveting, but entertaining.

It had a creepy theme song, but it was too slow and didn't have enough action and the effects weren't too hot.

" The people in this film are so uninteresting that you hope that the worms eat all of them!

Ok, I can swallow downed power lines making killer worms, even though power lines come down all the time and nothing happens.

And even by that time the movie remains boring for the remaining 40 minutes.

The music score (especially the unexpected use of a children's ditty) is quite effective.

The acting ranges from the tolerable--Don Scardino and Partricia Pearcy do what they can with what they're given--to the completely unwatchable--Peter Mac Lean (as "Sheriff") and Jean Sullivan (with the most ridiculous accent of all time).

Lieberman wrote the story, which is clever and suspenseful, as it seems to enjoy its campy elements.

I think I would've enjoyed it more if no one survived at the end.

Surprisingly fascinating "nature goes berserk" film opting to go more towards a character driven piece than you normally see in these kind of films.

It's just too boring and the acting is too awful.

What really stands out is the atmosphere, which remains suspenseful throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A slow as the worms themselves.

Squirm is a low budget movie with bad actors, bad special effects, a boring story line, a ridiculous premise, and bad music.

The first half of the movie drones on and on and since the characters are so poorly defined and uninteresting, Squirm leaves its audience begging for some worms to come along and swallow the cast up.

Did I fall asleep or something.

The overriding impression Squirm left me with was one of boredom waiting for something to happen, this could have been great if the pace was better & the worms had more to do although the ending is alright as the worms come out en mass.

A sure-fire insomnia cure.

Like I said, it's not really a good movie, but if you're bored and curious, you just might want to check it out.

Aside from the negative aspects of the movie, it does have a comedic and somewhat entertaining aspect.

When all of this stuff is combined with Squirm's initial slow-burning horror aspects--including a relatively subtle amount of worms and a well-placed (both literally and in terms of the script) skeleton--it is good, almost sublimely so.

'Squirm' starts out a little slow, with only some atmospheric music and neat set-pieces to enjoy during the first hour.

A whole lot of wriggling worms, juiced into a lethal, carnivorous, mankind-devouring frenzied mass by an electric cable downed in a fierce rain storm, nosh on the sleazy, boorish, hideously unfriendly local yokels which populate a drab little Georgia backwoods armpit hamlet.

Lieberman has done an outstanding job with apparently limited resources; hip, funny and suspenseful, "Squirm" is a highly astute little shocker full of surprises that goes well beyond expectations, and shouldn't fail to impress.

It's far too slow as well, what with Elton and his girl doing exciting things like checking dental records, going fishing and trying to convince the sheriff that something's wrong over and over and over again.

You wouldn't know it from the description, but SQUIRM manages to be scary, fun, gross, and engaging all at once.

Approximately half the story is taken up with a snoozy, pointless Nancy Drew-grade "mystery" that wraps itself up as worm-dirt anyway; the finale is a sad zombie-movie rip.

It has a few decent gross-out scenes (especially if you find millipedes as disgusting as I do), but the acting is still bad and the plot is still slow.

When it's good, it's good, The rest is dull .

The directing is difficult to follow, too many cut-aways to the worms takes away any surprise this film has to offer.

Boring, boring, boring.

We focus on two dull teens that go around trying to stop the invasion.

The script is just sleep-inducing, following formula to the letter without adding anything fresh or even amusing.

When hero burglarizes a dentists office you'll be on the edge of your seat and later when he gets beat up by a flying sheet of plywood?

One of the film's better features is the fact that there's a rather exciting series of action scenes which are quite fun and wholly enjoyable.

I was hoping this would be because of its B-movie status, but it turns out that its earned this reputation because of the fact that it's really, really boring.

This horror film was surprisingly enjoyable, thanks in large part to its tongue-in-cheek approach (the Audio Commentary is equally self-effacing, thankfully).

A cult classic, worth the watch.

" Slow moving rubbish.

Case in point, I actually fell asleep halfway through the eight o'clock showing and had to catch the ending when it re-aired at two in the morning to find out how it ended.

With a very gradual build up, the first half of the film is almost completely devoid of worm action, and matters prove rather tedious until the final act.

Jeff Lieberman's Squirm is a wretched piece of film-making that has sunk the eco-horror sub genre to new lows of boredom.

As well, there's the great attack on the couple out fishing were attacked and swarmed over by the creatures as we see them dangling from their wounds and sores, a chilling encounter in the bathroom where they pour out of the shower faucet preventing a character from showering with the creatures and the thrilling sequence of the creatures eating through a tree-stump and sending it crashing into a nearby house while numerous residents are still inside pondering their next move which is a nice overall shock.

Once again, thank you MST3K for opening my eyes to this entertaining little movie.

I thought this movie was really boring.

The long weeks of enforced celibacy that followed permitted me to isolate some of the many flaws that turn this movie into a tedious, though at moments unintendedly funny, sit-through experience.

Another thing as well that's really mocked by the MST3K is the predominantly redneck group of characters in the film:"I get you some dry clothes in the house" Servo :"I hope you like flimsy dresses"Plus what really sets apart Squirm as a below average B movie is that it is incredibly boring with little motivation to keep watching till the end.

At least that's what I think they were doing, in between bouts of boring me to tears.

With Boredom.

Dow has his face feasted on by the grody flesh-eating buggers), the refreshingly unmacho, but still resourceful Don ("He Knows You're Alone") Scardino as the bright, bookish, hopelessly out-of-his-element college educated New York city boy hero and ravishing redhead Patricia ("Cockfighter") Pearcy as Scardino's sweet, smart, fetching Southern belle girlfriend give nicely appealing performances, Joseph Mangine's crisp, evocative cinematography vividly captures a tangibly grungy and uninviting shabby small stickville town gone to seed atmosphere, Rick Baker's stand-out, often startling special make-up effects are typically first-rate (a post chewed-up Dow, dubbed "Wormface," makes for a notably ghastly sight to behold), there's a beautifully eerie opening credits sequence (the odd, austere children's song played during the credits is positively haunting), and the all-around sound acting is up to snuff.

By comparison the dull grade-school filmstrip that accompanies "Squirm" on MST3K ("A Case Of Spring Fever") is an exciting thrill-ride masterpiece.