Stag Night (2008) - Horror, Thriller

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Four men out on a STAG NIGHT in New York prematurely exit an underground train after the soon-to-be-best-man begins to hassle two women. Trapped at a deserted station these six adults ...

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Peter A. Dowling
Stars: Kip Pardue, Vinessa Shaw
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 38 found boring (26.31%)

One-line Reviews (28)

poor locations and cliché script sink the film .

Dowling makes good use of the underground setting and makes this film entertaining and at times scary.

And it's pretty boring.

Entertaining .

Heart pumping rating 4/10 and bored-NO .

Worth watching at least once.

Stag Night is pretty predictable, there's no logical reason why Brita would open the doors at an abandoned station & then everyone get off the train or how a guy with a serious injury can outrun a dog & a psycho killer who were literally a few feet behind him one scene & then nowhere to be seen in the next.

That is what you will experience if you see "Stag Night" It was one of those boring Sunday afternoons that I glimpsed this flick--believe it or not..on afternoon cable!

The only "effective" scenes in the movie are those where the victims look into the eyes of their killers for a few seconds before they die a slow death.

The whole story is tuned to the unbearable stupidity of these people who get trapped in NY Underground.

The action is fast paced and intense.

So don't waste your time on this stinker.

The film has one good kill scene that is more entertaining than it is inexplicable – and it is quite inexplicable – and an hour of running from bad guys in a film most aptly described as Mimic Vs Wrong Turn.

Already seen many times, predictable and without any imagination.

Ceratinly competently made & quite slick it's a shame the film as a whole is bland, lifeless & ordinary.

If you decide to go watch this film, be prepared to see a lot of repetitive actions; running in endless dark tunnels while being followed by a horde of savage creatures.

There is similarities but that makes it even better as it fits into that horror universe perfectly & still feels exciting & fresh.

The early set-up for getting stuck here in the tunnel is quite plausible but gets this settled on the action early on as they race through the darkened tunnel with the howling, yelling group right on their heels, the encounter with the others at the abandoned station is insanely suspenseful utilized the darkness and the decrepit set-up quite well while also managing to get some good gore gags in here while setting up the later attacks nicely, and the series of extended, extra- long foot-chases through the remaining tunnels here makes for a fun time.

Bad Scripts and no plot whatsoever.

At only just over 80 minutes at least it's short & it moves along at a reasonable pace but by the hour mark I was sitting there thinking how repetitive Stag Night had become, basically the film just descends into scene after scene of a few people being chased around really dark subway tunnels & I just found it got tiresome after a while.

I will keep is simple: terrible script that wants the viewer to be completely void of common sense; situations that are completely out of this world in a bad way; I just want to prattle on but I can't because I'm allowing this film to waste more and more of my time.

As well, the several confrontations in their lair are great fun here with the howling dogs, the demented behavior of the cannibals as well as bringing in some really suspenseful scenes as they try to remain undetected to escape while the second one there is a frantic, brutal series of brawls that get the frenzied action quite well.

It sticks to its tried-and-true guns, even if those guns are somewhat dull and worn thin.

This movie is worth watching, I think, it dose have some good bloody moment here and there.

A very engaging film with a very good atmosphere and feel for the New York subway system if you have even been curious to know what it might be like to navigate beneath the big Apple.

So please by pass this boring slasher flick---Boring mindless violence!

They should've used more of this "startling" technique throughout the film instead of showing the creatures approaching their victims from miles away which made the film very predictable, although the ending was not a cliché and that's what I liked most about this film.

It's gorgeously shot and you can actually "feel" the action and all those fast-moving running scenes and bloody fights add to the action.