Stalled (2013) - Comedy, Horror

Hohum Score



A janitor gets trapped in a women's restroom and encounters an all-out attack by a horde of zombies.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Christian James
Stars: Dan Palmer, Antonia Bernath
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 30 found boring (26.66%)

One-line Reviews (22)

Waste of time ?

This film is equally silly, emotional and action packed and the makers (for the most part)stay true to their all-in-a-stall concept.

On that subject, the 'rave' sequence was very sweet and reminded me of Tyres from 'Spaced' who bursts into dance at traffic lights and any other repetitive noise.

What it's got going against it is, it's fairly predictable and it's just not as funny as it thinks it is...

I will be surprised if his acting career in the future entails anything more exciting than dressing up in a giant animal suit and playing Roger the giant Rabbit in a pantomime for preschoolers, even then he wouldn't be first choice for any director.

There were intense moments which me jump through the roof and then nearly wet myself with laughter.

But then the dialogue kicks in and, since Dan Palmer has no idea how to keep the story going without it, we get endless "f bombs" being dropped every other sentence, horribly muddled and dull lines delivered by people who just can't act, and long interludes of Palmer monloguing and emoting with embarrassing consequences.

It's slow, the plot is filled with excessive absurdities and the "ending"...

An enjoyable zombie film that won't please everyone.

Since this were made by so-called professionals, I would have gave them a kick in the face for making me waste my time, for starters.

I mean, I enjoyed it...

I enjoyed it a great deal and will definitely be going to see it again when it finally gets an official UK release.

with the bore factor.

The comedy is slow and painful, the gore is boring, the plot is full of holes and is so shallow it's not even enough to fill the 75 minute run time.

This film hates women and puts them into two boring tropes.

View on the film:Keeping most of the action blocked in the toilets, director Christian James & cinematographer Sashi Kissoon flush potential boredom away from the limited location by focusing on the claustrophobia,eyed up as W.

Stalled fails to be anything but another un-entertaining horror zombie flick...

Don't waste your time, this is not a ploy.

The ending was a giggle (but the post credit sequence was pointless and irritating) and overall, it's good for a pretty much zero budget piece.

Fortunately for WC, they are, by and large, slow zombies.

There are some scenes that are pretty awesome, but the vast bulk of the time is drawn out (I could not care less about the relationship between WC and the girl in the other stall).

It's very cheap, and the first few minutes went a bit soft-porny, but it was more entertaining than some bigger budget US horror of late.